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There are a number of outstanding Electrical Engineering
websites out there, and I have no intention to attempt to
try and directly compete with them.

Instead, listed here are many of the Electrical Engineering related
resources that I personally need and use the most. Along with
an extensive directory of my own articles and tutorials.

Some library files require an Adobe Acrobat  plug in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat Reader or
an eBook Reader or any other .PDF accepting program.

   University Courseware: .
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Many universities are now offering electrical engineering and other
courses online and free. The giant gorilla here, of course, is MIT.
And there is now an OCW Consortium.

But here are a few others...

Arizona State University
College of Eastern Utah
Johns Hopkins
Kaplan University
Michigan State
New Jersey Tech Institute
Notre Dame
UC Berkeley
University of California Irvine
University of Mass Boston
University of Utah
University of Wisconsin
Utah Valley University
Weber State University
Western Governers University-
Wheelock College

Another linked courseware list can be found here.

   Major Parts Distributors: .
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Here is an excellent resource to find out which part numbers are real,
how much they cost, who makes them, and where to get them.

   Instant Chip Prices & Availability from OEM's Trade
     A great source to determine which chips (and other electronic parts )
     are available from who for how much.

Click here for our Consulting services.

And here are some of my favorite or preferred sources of supply...

Circuit Specialists
Digi Key
Future Electronics
Marlin P. Jones

  Another linked supplier list can be found here.

Along with these "surplus bargain" sources...

Apache Reclamanation
American Science & Surplus
Antique Electronic Supply
Black Hole
C & H Sales
Electronic Goldmine
Fair Radio Sales
Government Liquidation
Herbach & Rademan
Public Surplus
Surplus Traders
Weird Stuff

You can c lick here for surplus auction info.

And these sites useful for prototyping bits and pieces..

Access Woodworking
Advanced Screen Print
AIN Plastics
Bead Electronics
Constantine Wood
Edmund Scientific
Evergreen Models
Hearne Hardwoods
ISG Imaging
K&S Engineering
McMaster Carr
Midwest Products
MSC Direct
Northeastern Scale Models
Player Piano Company
Professional Plastics
Robert A. Main
Small Parts ( Now Amazon )
Thomas Registry
United States Plastics
Value Plastics
West Systems Epoxy
W.W. Grainger

Additional prototyping info can be found here

And these obsolute and outdated semiconductor sources...

4 Star Electronics
Advanced Semiconductor
Bates Components
Electronic Parts Dists
Now Components
OEMs Trade
Obsolete Semiconductors
Rochester Electronics
Smith Semiconductor
Stock Point
U.S. Bid

Obsolete search services can be found here.

   Semiconductor Manufacturers: .
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Here's a few of the major chip and semiconductor houses...

Analog Devices
Dallas Maxim
GEC Plessey
International Rectifier
Linear Technology
Micrel ( Now Microchip )
Microchip Technology
Mini Circuits
National ( now TI )
OKI Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor
Siliconix Vishay
Teccor Littlefuse
Texas Instruments
Tri Quint
Unitrode TI
Western Design Center
Western Digital
Xicor Intersil

An extensive linked directory can be found here.
Magic Sinewave ICs can be found here
Device location services can be found here

   Service Manual Resources: .
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Outdated repair manuals have gotten a lot cheaper and a lot easier
to find these days. The two biggies are Tektronix who have released
all their earlier manuals to the public domain and are typically readily
available on the web. Plus Hewlett Packard, most of whose legacy
manuals are now provided online by Agilent.

A leading web manual source appears to be Artech Media.

Here are some more web based manual resources..

Antique Radio Archive
Arteki Media
Boat Anchor Web Ring
Data Manuals
IET Labs (GenRad)
Tube Radio

Reprints of my early stories can be found here
Manual finding services can be found here

   Trade Journals and Experimenter Pubs: .
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Free print trade journals used to be the mainstay of electronic
resources. They clearly have gotten a tad lean lately. They
are likely to shortly vanish entirely.

Here's a short list. And a few I recommend that might still be
publishing ...

Appliance Design
Battery Power
Design News
E.E Times
Electronic Design
Electronic Products
GPS World
High Frequency
LED Journal
LEDs Magazine
Machine Design
Microwave Journal
Photonics Spectra
Power Electronics
Solar Industry
Oxbridge Mediafinder
Ulrich's Web

Additional trade journals can be found here

More scholarly ( and usually outrageously overpriced ) technical  
journals are often offered by IEEE, Inspec IET, Elsevier, NTIS,
or Dialog. The two leading scientific journals in the world today,
of course, are Science and Nature. While Citizen Scientist seems
to be the best amateur science publication.

Hobbiest and experimenter magazines have long ago gone belly
With the few remaining becoming an endangered species. Here's
today's short list...

   Steve Ciarcia' Circuit Cellar
     Very much hands on mix of construction projects and useful
     electronic theory. Both print and online editions.

Click here for my own Circuit Cellar reprints .

  O'Reilleys Make Magazine
     Do-it yourself projects involving computers, electronics, robotics,
     metalworking, woodworking, and such.

Click here for my own Classic Reprints.

   Hands-on Nuts & Volts Magazine
     Monthly combined shopper and tech magazine for the hobbiest,
     design engineer, technician, and experimenter.

Click here for my own Nuts & Volts reprints .

   Some EE Related Reprints of Mine: .
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    Here's a sampler of a few of our "more important" papers that
    are electrical engineering related..

   Tech Innovation Secrets TECHINOV.PDF #68
     A major tutorial on the Fundamental Factors driving recent technical
Decoupling. Accurate replication. Elimination of the
     gatekeepers. Computing power beyond awesome. More...             08/08
Click here for the Blatant Opportunist library.
Click here for the Tech Musings

Click here for the GuruGram 68 source code.
Click here to Contact the Author

   Energy Intro & Summary NRGLECT2.PDF #100
     Nearly everything you" know" about energy and alternate energy is
     "not even wrong". Slide show type tutorial gets the facts straight for
     you.. Focuses on the importance of exergy and net energy.          11/08

Click here for an Energy Fundamentals I tutorial..
Click here for an Energy Fundamentals II tutorial..

Click here for the GuruGram 100 source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

   PV Panel Intro & Summary PVLECT2.PDF #100
     Not one net watthour of pv energy has ever been generated! Here are
     the facts on why pv solar electricity today is neither renewable nor
     sustainable, Emphasis is on fundamental physics and CIGS.       11/08
Click here for an Energy Fundamentals I tutorial..
Click here for an Energy Fundamentals II tutorial..

Click here for the GuruGram 101 source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly

   Blatant Opportunist #71 ENERGFUN.PDF
     Some energy fundamentals.. Work, power, & energy. Sources,
     carriers, sinks. Energy density. Thermodynamics. Efficiency. Exergy.
     Hydrogen realities. Electrolysis fantasies, Photovoltaics, more.

Click here for the It's a Gas hydrogen resources.
Click here for ENERGFUN.PSL sourcecode.

   More Energy Fundamentals MORENRGF.PDF #86
     An update and expansion of our classic Energy Fundamentals tutorial.
     Dimes versus kilowatt hours. Exergy. Net Energy. Amortization. pv
     CIGS and new developments. Economy of scale. Grid storage.   02/08

Click for the original Energy Fundamentals paper.
Click here for the GuruGram 86
source code.
Click here to Contact the Author

   Magic Sinewave Summary MSINEXEC.PDF #65
     An "executive summary" on magic sinewaves that gathers together
     the key features and development history from several earlier files
     Magic sinewaves offer efficiency and quality advantages.         06/08

Click here for the Magic Sinewave library.
Click here for a Magic Sineave
intro tutorial.

Click here for the GuruGram 65 source code.
Click here to Contact the Author

   Ultra Fast MagSine Calculator FASTMSSOL.PDF #73
     The very first in a new series of ultra fast and nearly deterministic
     Magic sinewave calculators. These are hundreds to thousands of
     times faster and more convenient than before. Tutorial review     . 05/07

Click here for the Ultra Fast MS Calculator.
Click here for the Angle Position Plots

Click here for the Magic Sinewave library.
Click here for a Magic Sinewave
Click here for a Magic Sinewave
slide show.
Click here for a Magic Sinewave

Click here for the GuruGram 73
source code.
Click here to Contact the Author

   Improved Magic Sinewave Chip NUMSCHIP.PDF #38
     Combined data sheet and application note for a second and improved
     Magic Sinewave demo/evaluation chip. This MSD28D-05X combines
     3-phase zeroing of harmonics 2-22 with improved inputs.    05/04

Click here for the Magic Sinewave library.
Click here for a Magic Sinewave intro.
Click for a 3-phase Magic Sinewave tutorial.
Click for a Magic Sinewave development proposal.

Click here to Order MSD28-05X chips & source code.
Click here for the NUMSCHIP.PSL source code.
Click here for additional Consulting services.
Click here to Contact the Author

   Fun With Fields FUNFIELD.PDF #39
     Using PostScript to quickly solve advanced field problems with some
     astonishingly simple math. Gradients, Equipotentials, Laplacians.  12/04

Click here for the FIELDS01.PDF field generator.
Click here for the FIELDS01.PDF field from.

Click here to reach the Math Stuff library.
Click here to reach the PostScript library.
Click here for additional Consulting

Click here for the FUNFIELD.PSL source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

   Simple new EM field solutions REBOUND1.PDF #43
     Total Heresy new "Rebounding" method of solving electromagnetic
     fields that requires NO fancy math!
Zero Laplacian solution tutorial
     includes printed circuit, busbar, and 3-phase conduit examples.  05/05

Click here for the PostScript library.
Click for the PS Rebounding utility.

Click here for the
REBOUND1.PSL source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

   The Saga of the Dripping Stalactites STALAC.PDF #35
     Celebrating the beauty of applied mathematics, first through a catalog
     of our more obscure "fun with long strings of numbers" topics and
     then by way of the Magic Sinewave timeline history.    03/04

Click here to reach the Math Stuff library.
Click here for the Magic Sinewave library.
Click here for a Magic Sinewave intro.
Click for a Magic Sinewave development proposal.

Click here to Order MSD-28X chips & source code.
Click here for the SIGVIEW.PSLs source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

   Blatant Opportunist #49  BASHPSEU.PDF
     How to Bash Pseudoscience. Meta studies. Looks like a duck. Binary
     consequence tree. Ockham's razor. Follow the Cash . Avoid negatives.
     Roswell. Dowsing. Brown's Gas. Homopolar gens. Magic lamps.

Click here for bizarre pseudoscience website access.
Click here for Nokoli Tesla book info.

   Blatant Opportunist #32 RATHOLES.PDF 
     Avoiding Engineering Ratholes. Charging madness. U-turn insanity
     Thermoelectric coolers. Sterling engines. Subsurface radars. High
     power piezo. Anti-Qwerty. How to avoid bad engineering.

     Click here for more ISMM tutorials.

   Blatant Opportunist #25  ELESIMP.PDF
     The quest for elegant simplicity. Doing more with less.
     The P-38 can opener. Schmidt oscillator. Vortex cooler.
     H-P audio oscillator. Duracell tester. NE-2 neon lamp.

Click here for our auction bargains.

  Blatant Opportunist #24  RISKDOWN.PDF
     The "real" way to "invent" something is to become a purveyor
     of risk reduction
instead. Using and understanding the idea
     mortality curve. Getting paid. Mining fallout. Two examples.

Click here for test equipment bargains.

  Blatant Opportunist #6  CASAGPAT.PDF
     For most individuals and small scale startups, any involvement with
     the patent system is guaranteed to cause you a net loss of time,
     money, and sanity. Here's why in Don's The Case Against Patents

Click here for more patent avoidance info.
Click here to place a Case Against Patents order.

  Blatant Opportunist #29  WHEN2PAT.PDF
     Guidelines for when to patent. Do not even think about
     patents and patenting unless you can honestly give yourself
     positive answers to all of these key questions.

Click here for additional patent avoidance info.

  Blatant Opportunist #45  BUSTPAT.PDF
      Essential Tools to Bust a $650 Patent. Showing prior art. Showing
      failure to disclose. Obviousness to a practitioner. Technical errors.
      Procedural errors. Lack of due diligence. The paper blizzard.

Click here for additional patent avoidance info

  Almost all of your Guru's Lair ends up involved with electrical
  engineering in one way or another. Here's a summary of a few
  of our major reprint areas...

            The GuruGram Library
     Much of our current work centers on our GuruGram
     Library.  These are typically single topic papers and
in a web-attractive format and covering a
     wide variety of subjects. Most are fairly technical.

  GuruGram #104 -- uv lamp ballast debugging
  GuruGram #103 -- Book Scanning "Gutter Math"
  GuruGram #102 -- PS Web validation utilities
  GuruGram #101 -- PV panel intro & summary 
  GuruGram #100 -- Energy intro & summary
  GuruGram #99 -- Filterless magic sinewaves?
  GuruGram #98 -- Mt. Graham aerial tramway
  GuruGram #97 -- GGMS magic sinewaves
  GuruGram #96 -- Enhancine eBay skills VII
  GuruGram #95 -- Spread Spectrum Magsines?
  GuruGram #94 -- New Magic Sinewave calculator
  GuruGram #93 -- Trashing Auto Electrolysizers
  GuruGram #92 -- Bitmap circular lettering
  GuruGram #91 -- Bitmap perspective lettering
  GuruGram #90 -- Architect's perspective utilities
  GuruGram #89 -- Mt. Grahm lumber tram history
  GuruGram #88 -- Image post processing tools
  GuruGram #87 -- A digital airbrushing algorithm
  GuruGram #86 -- More energy fundamentals
  GuruGram #85 -- Inverse Graphics Transforms
  GuruGram #84 -- Bitmap to PS array conversions
  GuruGram #83 -- Pixel interpolation algorithms
  GuruGram #82 -- False color & rainbow mods
  GuruGram #81 -- 2-way HTML & PDF linking
  GuruGram #80 -- Cubic spline min point distance
  GuruGram #79 -- Gonzo PostScript utilities guide
  GuruGram #78 -- Enhancine eBay skills VI
  GuruGram #77 -- Gauss Jordan equation solver
  GuruGram #76 -- PostScript numeric reporter
  GuruGram #75 -- Acrobat PDF post doc editing
  GuruGram #74 -- What is the best eBay price?
  GuruGram #73 -- Ultra fast magsine calculator
  GuruGram #72 -- Deterministic Magsine solutions
  GuruGram #71 -- Enhancing your eBay skills V
  GuruGram #70 -- Enhancing your eBay skills IV
  GuruGram #69 -- Cubic spline catenary approximation
  GuruGram #68 -- Tech innovation secrets
  GuruGram #67 -- Solving puzzles with PostScript
  GuruGram #66 -- A newbies intro to the web
  GuruGram #65 -- Magic Sinewave summary
  GuruGram #64 -- Gonzo utility log plots
  GuruGram #63 -- Two phase magic sinewaves
  GuruGram #62 -- Enhancing your eBay skills III
  GuruGram #61 -- Book Cover Layout Utilities
  GuruGram #60 -- Cubic spline length & subdivision
  GuruGram #59 -- Cubic Spline through 4 points
  GuruGram #58 -- The Math behind cubic splines
  GuruGram #57 -- Cubic Spline Circles & Ellipses
  GuruGram #56 -- Universal bitmap manipulator
  GuruGram #55 -- Improved keystone corrector
  GuruGram #54 -- Perspective lettering utilities
  GuruGram #53 -- Revised bitmap typewriter
  GuruGram #52 -- Raw PostScript full transparency!
  GuruGram #51 -- Ongoing Refurb Log
  GuruGram #50 -- Extreme display legitibility secrets
  GuruGram #49 -- Enhancing your eBay skills II
  GuruGram #48 -- Flashing Text in Acrobat
  GuruGram #47 -- Real time Acrobat Animation
  GuruGram #46 -- Acrobat PDF Content Extraction
  GuruGram #45 -- Word Frequency Analysis Tools
  GuruGram #44 -- Arizona Auction Resource Guide
  GuruGram #43 -- Simple new EM field solutions
  GuruGram #42 -- PS Array-to-Image Conversion
  GuruGram #41 -- Enhancing your eBay skills I
  GuruGram #40 -- MagSin PIC Prgming Sourcecode
  GuruGram #39 -- Fun with fields
  GuruGram #38 -- New Magic Sinewave Eval Chips
  GuruGram #37 -- High legibility fonts tutorial
  GuruGram #36 -- Logfile Reporter History Addon
  GuruGram #35 -- Saga of the dripping stalactites
  GuruGram #34 -- SigViewing of Magic Sinewaves
  GuruGram #33 -- Magic Sinewave demo hardware
  GuruGram #32 -- A Heap Sort for PostScript
  GuruGram #31 -- Fast & Efficient PostScript Sorts
  GuruGram #30 -- PostScript String & Array Hacks
  GuruGram #29 -- Using Distiller to run PostScript
  GuruGram #28 -- Logfile reader & eBay analyzer
  GuruGram #27 -- Magic Sinewave Quantizations
  GuruGram #26 -- Successful eBay buyer strategies
  GuruGram #25 -- Successful eBay seller strategies
  GuruGram #24 -- Magic Sinewave Visualizations
  GuruGram #23 -- Fancy .JPG to .PDF Conversions
  GuruGram #22 -- My eBay photo secrets
  GuruGram #21 -- Website video fades & wipes
  GuruGram #20 -- Gonzo PS PowerPoint Emulator!
  GuruGram #19 -- Reducing 8-bit Magsin Distortion
  GuruGram #18 -- Fitting power curve data points
  GuruGram #17 -- Dodge & Burn tutorial & utility
  GuruGram #16 -- PS Runtime Speedup Secrets
  GuruGram #15 -- Digital camera swings & tilts
  GuruGram #14 -- Exploring the .BMP data format
  GuruGram #13 -- PS Disk Access Tutorial
  GuruGram #12 -- PS Search & Replace Utility
  GuruGram #11 -- Exploring the Acrobat 5 SDK
  GuruGram #10 -- Internaldict & pdfmark Cmnds
  GuruGram #9 -- PostScript Transparency !!!
  GuruGram #8 -- Flate Compression Viewer
  GuruGram #7 -- Overunity Batteries
  GuruGram #6 -- Acrobat "Galley Slave" layouts
  GuruGram #5 -- Auto-tracking PDF web links
  GuruGram #4 -- Cubic spline image interpolation
  GuruGram #3 -- Magic Sinewave Fourier checkplot
  GuruGram #2 -- Magic Sinewave harmonic spectra
  GuruGram #1 -- Intro to steplocked magic sinewaves

Click here for my Early Classics reprints .

           The Resource Bin Library
     These are reprints from our older Resource Bin
     Library that originally appeared as print articles
     in Nuts & Volts magazine. The primary focus was
     on "where to go to get stuff".

  ResBin #92 -- Some PostScript Possibilities
  ResBin #91 -- Exploring Antenna Resources
  ResBin #90 -- GPS and Navigation
  ResBin #89 -- Boat Anchors
  ResBin #88 -- Hydrogen Resources
  ResBin #87 -- Used Test Equipment
  ResBin #86 -- Dowsing for Brown's Gas in Roswell
  ResBin #85 -- Some favorite web sites
  ResBin #84 -- Exploring Medical Electronics
  ResBin #83 -- Fun with neat stuff
  ResBin #82 -- Secrets of military surplus II
  ResBin #81 -- Secrets of military surplus I
  ResBin #80 -- Test Equipment manuals
  ResBin #79 -- Finding semiconductor & IC data
  ResBin #78 -- Starting your own web page
  ResBin #77 -- Accessing offshore electronics
  ResBin #76 -- Opportunities in home automation ( ask )
  ResBin #75 -- Virtual reality illusions
  ResBin #74 -- Seismic & earthquake resources
  ResBin #73 -- Electronic surplus & auctions
  ResBin #72 -- Some wireless resources
  ResBin #71 -- Secrets of web based research
  ResBin #70 -- PostScript PIC flutterwumpers
  ResBin #69 -- Robotic resources update
  ResBin #68 -- Terrific toner techniques
  ResBin #67 -- Getting started in amateur astronomy
  ResBin #66 -- Book-on-demand publishing
  ResBin #65 -- Video game tools & techniques
  ResBin #64 -- The human side of the web
  ResBin #63 -- Painlessly scamming a student paper
  ResBin #62 -- Exploring trade journals
  ResBin #61 -- Some favorite web sites
  ResBin #60 -- Finding answers on the web
  ResBin #59 -- Starting your own tech venture
  ResBin #58 -- Getting a charge out of batteries
  ResBin #57 -- Resources for electronic servicing
  ResBin #56 -- How to start your own web page
  ResBin #55 -- Exploring the web for the first time
  ResBin #54 -- Pick a peck of PIC's
  ResBin #53 -- PDF and other info distribution tools
  ResBin #52 -- Choosing a personal computer
  ResBin #51 -- Son of alternate energy 13th, part 6
  ResBin #50 -- Injection molding & plastic prototyping
  ResBin #49 -- Fundamentals of nutting and volting
  ResBin #48 -- Solar and alternate energy resources
  ResBin #47 -- Another look at telecomm
  ResBin #46 -- New opportunities in poer electronics
  ResBin #45 -- Manic multimedia media magazines
  ResBin #44 -- Disability and handicapped resources
  ResBin #43 -- Electronic music then and now
  ResBin #42 -- Alternate desktop publishing options
  ResBin #41 -- Security & alarm resources
  ResBin #40 -- New opportunities in home automation
  ResBin #39 -- Getting started in auto electronics
  ResBin #38 -- Exploring high frequency resources
  ResBin #37 -- A look at sensors & sensing
  ResBin #36 -- Book-on-demand publishing update
  ResBin #35 -- The best hardware parts of all time
  ResBin #34 -- New developments in remote controls
  ResBin #33 -- Optoelectronics and fiber optics
  ResBin #32 -- Direct toner homebrew printed circuits
  ResBin #31 -- A "magic machine" for desktop pub
  ResBin #30 -- Conducting your own personal research
  ResBin #29 -- Cable & video insider sources
  ResBin #28 -- Secrets of electronic breadboarding
  ResBin #27 -- Electronic servicing opportunities
  ResBin #26 -- Pseudoscience scams & ripoffs
  ResBin #25 -- Essential homebrew test equipment
  ResBin #24 -- A look at electronic collectibles
  ResBin #23 -- Tools for electronic prototyping
  ResBin #22 -- Online resources & opportunities
  ResBin #21 -- Book-on-demand publishing
  ResBin #20 -- Starting an IC data book collection
  ResBin #19 -- Royalty free real PostScript
  ResBin #18 -- The furry with the syringe on top
  ResBin #17 -- Exploring ham radio publications
  ResBin #16 -- Opportunities in hacker robotics
  ResBin #15 -- Secrets of professional prototypes
  ResBin #14 -- Starting up your own technical venture
  ResBin #13 -- Perils of patents and patenting
  ResBin #12 -- Secret desktop publishing sources
  ResBin #11 -- Technical books that made a difference
  ResBin #10 -- Oddball sources for just plain stuff
  ResBin #09 -- Exploring PostScript for fun & profit
  ResBin #08 -- Looking into electronic trade journals
  ResBin #07 -- Unique opportunities in auto electronics
  ResBin #06 -- Wondrous world of electronic surplus
  ResBin #05 -- Labor-of-love technical newsletters
  ResBin #04 -- Semiconductor & IC sources
  ResBin #03 -- Hacker friendly printed circuits
  ResBin #02 -- Finding obsolete integrated circuits
  ResBin #01 -- Starting your resource quest

Click here for my Circuit Cellar reprints .

      The Blatant Opportunist Library
     These are reprints from our older Blatant Opportunist
     Library that originally appeared as my print articles
     in Midnight Engineering magazine. These were mostly
     topics of interest to individual entrupreneurs and other
     small scale technical startups.

  Blat #73 -- Son of eBay Secrets
  Blat #72 -- Fun with stuff
  Blat #71 -- Some energy fundamentals
  Blat #70 -- How to become a crooked auctioneer
  Blat #69 -- The worst of Marcia Swampfelder
  Blat #68 -- Emerging technical opportunities VII
  Blat #67 -- Step by step image prep
  Blat #66 -- Thoughts on refurb
  Blat #65 -- My eBay secrets
  Blat #64 -- Debugging insider info
  Blat #63 -- Don's unauthorized autobiography
  Blat #62 -- Bouncy bricks and other web tricks
  Blat #61 -- Steplocked magic sinewaves
  Blat #60 -- The eBay phenomen
  Blat #59 -- Web imaging secrets
  Blat #58 -- Some thoughts on ezines
  Blat #57 -- Imaginative imaging
  Blat #56 -- Funding your personal web site
  Blat #55 -- Eminently effective email etiquette
  Blat #54 -- The surplus and auction scene
  Blat #53 -- Emerging technical opportunities VI
  Blat #52 -- PDF & PDF link checking
  Blat #51 -- Adding website bells & whistles
  Blat #50 -- Secrets of 24/7 publishing
  Blat #49 -- How to bash pseudoscience
  Blat #48 -- Cash & Carry consulting
  Blat #47 -- Guidelines for tri-mode publishing
  Blat #46 -- Insider banner advertising secrets
  Blat #45 -- Essential tools to bust a $650 patent
  Blat #44 -- Emerging technical opportunities V
  Blat #43 -- Don't get sick
  Blat #42 -- My primary research tools
  Blat #41 -- Weaving a tangled web
  Blat #40 -- Making B/W print more colorful
  Blat #39 -- Options for self-publishing
  Blat #38 -- Winning the micro game
  Blat #37 -- Emerging technical opportunities IV
  Blat #36 -- Con Tests
  Blat #35 -- Magic sinewaves
  Blat #34 -- Catalogs using Adobe Acrobat PDF
  Blat #33 -- The Mount Graham aerial tramway 
  Blat #32 -- Avoiding engineering ratholes
  Blat #31 -- Some helpline hints
  Blat #30 -- Flutterwumpers
  Blat #29 -- When to patent
  Blat #28 -- Some catalog musings
  Blat #27 -- Emerging technical opportunities III
  Blat #26 -- Picojustification techniques
  Blat #25 -- Elegant simplicity
  Blat #24 -- Becoming a purveyor of risk reduction
  Blat #23 -- One thousand and one reviews
  Blat #22 -- Patent horror stories
  Blat #21 -- Book-on-demand publishing resources II
  Blat #20 -- Book-on-demand publishing resources I
  Blat #19 -- Bound & Determined
  Blat #18 -- Inventor's organizations
  Blat #17 -- Emerging technical opportunities II
  Blat #16 -- Post justification editing
  Blat #15 -- Terrific tone techniques
  Blat #14 -- Revisiting Book-on-demand publishing
  Blat #13 -- Insider research secrets
  Blat #12 -- Why I like PostScript
  Blat #11 -- New ISMM II introduction part 2
  Blat #10 -- New ISMM II introduction part 1
  Blat #09 -- Direct toner printed circuits
  Blat #08 -- Stalking the wild paradigm
  Blat #07 -- Mastering the advetorial
  Blat #06 -- The case against patents
  Blat #05 -- Son of desktop finishing
  Blat #04 -- Emerging technologies I
  Blat #03 -- Desktop finishing ideas
  Blat #02 -- Stupendous stuff sources
  Blat #01 -- Book-on-demand publishing

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          The Tech Musings Library
     These are reprints from our older Tech Musings
     Library that originally appeared as my print articles
     in Electronics Now and its reincarnations. Each issue
     covered many subjects both of electronic hobbiest
     and electrical engineering interest.

  Muse #153 -- Electrolysis, patents, surplus, tables..
  Muse #152 -- Power, energy, shuffling, banners...
  Muse #151 -- Chebycheff, magnetometry, humidity...
  Muse #150 -- RFID, VMSK, Hydrogen, waxes...
  Muse #149 -- Touch screens, fuel cells, transformers...
  Muse #148 -- Taylor series, algae hydrogen, batteries..
  Muse #147 -- Accellerometers, navigation, selsyns...
  Muse #146 -- Electrochemistry, capacitor switching...
  Muse #145 -- Digimatic code, magnetorhelogy, .... 
  Muse #144 -- Thermodouples, gambler's ruin, ...
  Muse #143 --   ( not currently available )
  Muse #142 -- Gauss-Jordan, induction heating, ...
  Muse #141 -- Sub pixel res, rf switches, ultrasonics,...
  Muse #140 -- PC drill, USGS maps, water soluble, ...
  Muse #139 -- Hot tubs, radio astronomy, plastics...
  Muse #138 -- Web logs, miracle antennas, impulse, ...
  Muse #137 -- EIS spectrascopy, radiation detectors, ...
  Muse #136 -- Boat anchors, twinkle lights, tachometers
  Muse #135 -- Brain parity, impulse radio, Feynman,..
  Muse #134 -- SETI, video overlay, aerial photos, ...
  Muse #133 -- Dimmers, mil surplus, mag recording,..
  Muse #132 -- Remote control, log graphs, Tesla, ...
  Muse #131 -- Position detectors, rangefinding, RFID,..
  Muse #130 -- Rail guns, Modutrols, Faraday, DNA, ...
  Muse #129 -- DMX lighting, network comm, ...
  Muse #128 -- Tesla turbine, impulse radio, class D, ...
  Muse #127 -- Capacitor bounceback, DAA chips, PIC,..
  Muse #126 -- Nitrogen cars, magnetic refrigeration,..
  Muse #125 -- Crest factors, SAW filters, temp sensing,
  Muse #124 -- Pseudoscience, wind energy, LED lamps,
  Muse #123 -- AC power, A/D converters, DNA,...
  Muse #122 -- Satellite imagry, phase shifters, Hilbert..
  Muse #121 -- PFM wireless, homopolar, power meas...
  Muse #120 -- PIC Calibar, brown's gas, meta studies,..
  Muse #119 -- Data acquisition, reactance limiting,...
  Muse #118 -- Laser testing, hydrogen, radio astronomy
  Muse #117 -- PostScript robotics, melody IC's,....
  Muse #116 -- Log files, error codes, low level measur...
  Muse #115 -- PIC chips, hydrogen car, genlocking,...
  Muse #114 -- Energy density, temp sensors, strawbale,
  Muse #113 -- Pager vibrators, rms voltages, printers,..
  Muse #112 -- AC power measurements, aerogels, ....
  Muse #111 -- CIE diagrams, energy claims, video,...
  Muse #110 -- NTSC, aerial photos, faders, chargens,..
  Muse #109 -- Table lookup, idea mortality, audio,...
  Muse #108 -- Baby PIC's, color organs, phase control,.
  Muse #107 -- Linear digital filters, techno myths, ...
  Muse #106 -- Determinants, induction heating, binding,
  Muse #105 -- Navigation resources, digital filters, ...
  Muse #104 -- Compass sensor, UFO's, vacuum form,..
  Muse #103 -- Fluxgates, magnetometry, vectors, .....
  Muse #102 -- Bionomials, colorizer, printer repair,,,,,
  Muse #101 -- Delta-Wye, audio, Acrabat, Tesla, ....
  Muse #100 -- BPower factor, mag levitation, web, ...
  Muse #99 -- Hot chassis hazards, switchmode, fuse....
  Muse #98 -- PIC programming, musis chips, tv sites,..
  Muse #97 -- Transformers, agc, robotics, digital pots,..
  Muse #96 -- Solar energy, bilateral switching, phone,,,
  Muse #95 -- Lighting efficiency, product development,.
  Muse #94-- MIDI electronic music, Basic Stamp,...
  Muse #93 --Magic sinewaves, PCMCIA docs, ...
  Muse #92 --GPS navigation, terahertz, pitot, ...
  Muse #91 -- All channels FM, switched capacitors, ...
  Muse #90 -- Four series, platethru, video toaster,...
  Muse #89 --Basic Stamp, Fibonacci, Cubic splines...
  Muse #88 --Acoustic cancelling,PIC micros, adaptors...

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        The Hardware Hacker Library
     These are reprints from our older Hardware Hacker
     Library that originally appeared as my print articles
     first in Modern Electronics and later in
. The name was changed after the media utterly
     and totally trashed and subverted the word "hacker".  

  Hack #87 -- AC motor drives, basic stamps, magsines
  Hack #86 -- Wavelets, DNA, engineering economics
  Hack #85 -- TV data displays, brain inplants, sinewave
  Hack #84 -- Auto computers, servicing intermittents,...
  Hack #83 -- Halogen cycle, vector to step, PostScript..
  Hack #82 -- Remote controls, virtual ways, FCC regs...
  Hack #81 -- Helical resonators, laser service, reprints
  Hack #80 -- Binary chain codes, SETI, batt charging...
  Hack #79 -- Cold fusion, video driver, trans lines....
  Hack #78 -- Recycling toner carts, research tools,...
  Hack #77 -- Thermodynamics, solitons, Santa Claus, ...
  Hack #76 -- Air turbines, FM dx, invention scams...
  Hack #75 -- RBDS, human power, bus switches,...
  Hack #74 -- Cogeneration resources, SCSI comm,...
  Hack #73 -- Jukeboxes, aerogels, sonoluminescence. ..
  Hack #72 -- Voice messaging, special effects, Acrobat...
  Hack #71 -- CTCSS squelching, coin mechanisms,...
  Hack #70 -- Digital photos, fluxgates, mag fields,...
  Hack #69 -- Data compression, comm transparency,..
  Hack #68 -- Pulse monitors, thermoelectric modules,...
  Hack #67 -- FM traps, GPS, nonlinear graphics,...
  Hack #66 -- Photopolymers, flying cars, pc drills, ...
  Hack #65 -- Telemetry, maxmin, SETI, power xfer,...
  Hack #64 -- Thermodynamic basics, reversibility,...
  Hack #63 -- Video game repair, piezoelectrics, Curie...
  Hack #62 -- Cubic splines, electrorhelogical fluids, ...
  Hack #61 -- Nichrome, FCC part 68, scrambling, copy,.
  Hack #60 -- Video toaster, EDM machining, broadcast.
  Hack #59 -- Semilog plots, resonance, IC resources,...
  Hack #58 -- Yagi antennas, navicubes, rate gyros,...
  Hack #57 -- Distant FM reception, UFO's, boosters,...
  Hack #56 -- Alternate latches, histograms, IC houses,..
  Hack #55 -- Electronic halftones, idea marketing,....
  Hack #54 -- Correllation fundamentals, Santa Claus,...
  Hack #53 -- Dye based solar, RGB monitors, avionics,.
  Hack #52 -- FM stereo broadcasters, Ockham's, ...
  Hack #51 -- Laser printer repairs, sync separation, ....
  Hack #50 -- Wavelets, piano & organs, musical notes,..
  Hack #49 -- Caller id, wavelets, lumeloid, lab tests,...
  Hack #48 -- Shielding, VGS, GPS, flyback sweeps,...
  Hack #47 -- Fractals, FM stereo, home energy, ....
  Hack #46 -- SMPTE time codes, solar energy, cases,...
  Hack #45 -- Fuzzy data, tesla Coils, FCC regs, E-fields,
  Hack #44 -- Inductive loads, Bakerizing, alternators,...
  Hack #43 -- EPRI, focused X-rays, Buckyballs, .....
  Hack #42 -- Power electronics, video crosshatch, ...  
  Hack #41 -- Electronic tuning, parametric amplifiers,...
  Hack #40 -- VHF & microwave resources, toner carts,..
  Hack #39 -- Infrared people detectors, liquid crystals,..
  Hack #38 -- Visible lasers, motor resources, wavelets,.
  Hack #37 -- Decibels, level meters, patent avoidance,..
  Hack #36 -- DCT, sinewave gens, video compression,..
  Hack #35 -- Vortex coolers, polyphase gens, mag refr..
  Hack #34 -- SAW devices, active filters, DSP, temp,...
  Hack #33 -- Magnetocaloric effect, log voltmeter, ...
  Hack #32 -- Huffman codes, video drivers, runlength,..
  Hack #31 -- Tune chips, blender controls, power basics,
  Hack #30 -- Electronic levels, memory, cases, lasers,..
  Hack #29 -- Hall effect, shape memory, lownoise amps,
  Hack #28 -- Vapor detectors, lowmelt alloys, uv flames,
  Hack #27 -- LDVT position, treasure finders, sync,... 
  Hack #26 -- Dew sensing, cold fusion, alarm resources,.
  Hack #25 -- Fractal Ferns, Thermoelectrics, chaos, ....
  Hack #24 -- Double sided pc boards, optical reprints...
  Hack #23 -- Linear stepper motors, modelmaking, vid..
  Hack #22 -- Filter capacitors, visible lasers, wireless...
  Hack #21 -- Cheap digital compass, humidity measure...
  Hack #20 -- Electrolytic chemistry, light show BBS,...
  Hack #19 -- Bar code resources, oscilloscopes, CMOS..
  Hack #18 -- Digital audio, Delta-Sigma A/D, sensors,..
  Hack #17 -- SAW devices, call progress, state var filter.
  Hack #16 -- Refilling SX carts, teleportation, upower...
  Hack #15 -- Zero crossing detection, phase dimming,...
  Hack #14 -- Pseudorandom sequences, white noise,....
  Hack #13 -- Surface mount parts, IR filters, sinewaves..
  Hack #12 -- Digital compass circuits, prototypes, ...
  Hack #11 -- Navicube, Kroy Kolor, RGB TV, trade....
  Hack #10 -- Lan of the 80's, pressure transducer,....
  Hack #09 -- Synchronous inverters, Apple books, 16-bit
  Hack #08 -- Remote controls, IR receivers, A/D conv..
  Hack #07 -- Phone recording, nav, printed circuits...
  Hack #06 -- Perspective, RS232, parts sources,,.
  Hack #05 -- Ring detectors, toner carts, PostScript,...
  Hack #04 -- Bar Codes, transducers, pneumatics...
  Hack #03 -- Posistors, video ics, IIGS monitors,...
  Hack #02 -- uv resins, electronic music, supercond...
  Hack #01 -- Auto Electronics, tech lit, Santa Claus, pots

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