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Hardware Hacker was a monthly set of Don's columns which used

These preceded the current TECH MUSINGS series. Coverage
included electronic and computer fundamentals presented in Don's
unique and lucid technical style.

Long ago, the term hacking meant "pushing the limits of technical
excellence." Preferably by using elegant simplicity to leave all the
supposed experts shaking their heads in stunned disbelief.

Sadly, those media epsilon minuses and several law enforcement
officials stupidly trashed and subverted a once proud name. Since
I got tired of calls from felon wannabees and all those men in black
camped on my doorstop, I changed the column name in 1995.

Most library files require an Adobe Acrobat 4.0 plug in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat Reader or
an eBook Reader or any other .PDF accepting program.

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    Hardware Hacker #87 HACK87.PDF (April 1995 )
AC motor drive fundamentals. New Basic Stamps from Parallax.
PIC Microcomputer resources. Additional details on forced zero
magic sinewaves. Dealing with "too good to be true" results.

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   Hardware Hacker #86 HACK86.PDF (March 1995 )
The DNA computer language. Some wavelet book resources.
Magic digital sinewave codes. Engineering economics review.
Hot new fringe FM RBDS tuner.

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   Hardware Hacker #83 HACK83.PDF (December 1994 )
Halogen cycle mysteries, Science versus pseudoscience, some new
books, Vector-to-step conversion, PostScript use, prog interconnects,
 Weather satellite resources, EITD phone directory, more...

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   Hardware Hacker #82 HACK82.PDF (November 1994 )
Cyborg cosimano helmets, long range remote control, unique direct
toner decals, Powerful new PIC software, "virtual ways" CAM
pseudoscience resources, FCC regs, more...

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   Hardware Hacker #77 HACK77.PDF (June 1994 )
Thermodynamic Second Law violations. Soliton waves, references,
and resources. Superb CD ROM directory. Santa Claus machines
review and update. Some hacker opportunities.

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   Hardware Hacker #68 HACK68.PDF (September 1993 )
Heart rate pulse monitor interface. New wireless communications
magazine. An update on free energy. Aerobic excercise software
thermoelectric module guidelines. Heathkit history.

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  Hardware Hacker #66 HACK66.PDF (July 1993 )
    A flying car newsletter. Photopolymer resources. Amateur
books. Royalty free real PostScript. The Basic Stamp
from Parallax. Thoughts on a printed circuit drill. Two contests.

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   Hardware Hacker #65 HACK65.PDF (June 1993 )
    Short haul telemetry
and comm links. Max-Min slope theory.
 SETI books and resources. Unique new optical link. Understanding
the Maximum Power Transfer Theorm. Gerber file formats.

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   Hardware Hacker #64 HACK64.PDF (May 1993 )
     Steam calliope sources
. Micropower oscillators. Avoiding
energy scams. Thermodynamic basics. Communications trade
journals. Understanding process reversibility.

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   Hardware Hacker #63 HACK63.PDF (April 1993 )
Video game repair videos. Piezoelectric fundamentals. On not
coming unglued. Understanding Curie Points. Simple home
EDM machining. Stunning new integrated circuit opportunities.

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   Hardware Hacker #62 HACK62.PDF (April 1993 )
Using cubic splines. Switchmode resources. Electrorheological
. National's simple switcher. Colorized avuncular sleezoids.
Curvetracing contest. Non-ionizing radiation safety.

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   Hardware Hacker #61 HACK61.PDF (March 1993 )
Epoxy encapsulation myths. Nichrome and resistance wire.
Semiconductor suppliers part III. FCC Part 68 telephone interface.
 copy protection absurdities. Scrambling and satellite news.

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   Hardware Hacker #60 HACK60.PDF (February 1993 )
    Relaxation oscillators. Newtek video toaster. Broadcast trde
journals EDM Electric discharge machining. Synchronizing video
sources. EDM magazines and resources.

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   Hardware Hacker #59 HACK59.PDF (January 1993 )
High side FET drivers. Drawing semilog plots. Laser printer
repair kits. Fundamentals of resonance. Far East computing
resources. Semiconductor manufacturer resources.

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   Hardware Hacker #43 HACK43.PDF (August 1991)
Electric power research info. Focused X-ray breakthrough.
C-60 and the new Buckyballs. Getting telephone information.
Caller ID number delivery secrets and circuits.

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  Archives: .
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Archive files hold previous Hardware Hacker columns that have not
yet been colorized, linked, and updated. Further Hardware Hacker
column improvements & updates await your funding or support.

Please note that these files are protected by copyright, watermarks,
algorithmics and other means and that our IP rights are aggressively
d.  Linking is often welcome. Reposting expressly forbidden.

      Hardware Hacker Columns #01-24 HACKAR1.PDF

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      Hardware Hacker Columns #25-48 HACKAR2.PDF

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     Hardware Hacker Columns #49-72 HACKAR3.PDF

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     Hardware Hacker Columns #73-87 HACKAR4.PDF

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Tech Musings is the continuation of Don's Hardware Hacker
series. Click here to reach all the newer columns and ezines.

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