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There is often a need for technical detail beyond what can quickly
be given on a helpline call. Yet is less than full blown consulting.

I now have an InfoPack service. Ask me any reasonable technical
question, and I will provide you with a well thought out report that
gives you custom and explicit fundamental resource information.

The detail and content would normally be comparable to a Tech
section. And usually would include the fundamental concepts
of the field, the key players, source docs, trade journals, scholarly
pubs, supply houses, web links, and a personal feasability analysis.

I have a MSEE, 33 books, 2 videos and 2000+ technical articles now
in print. I have the proven ability to rapidly pin down complex technical
content. Review the rest of this Guru's Lair website for samples.

Or click here for a bio.

Several recent InfoPack topics included...

    Active noise cancellation for large ventillators
    Advanced algorithms for Bezier cubic splines
    Broadband 90 degree phase difference networks
    Cost effective flat panel instrumentation displays
    Custom handheld data acquistion computer survey

    Cyclic Redundancy Coding and Trellis techniques
    Digital camera high resolution test chart sourcing
    Evaluation of a hydrological audio alarm system
    Fundamental physics of railgun type devices
    Handwritten signature capture methods & options

    High efficiency three phase magic sinewaves
    Laser engraving graphical interface algorithms
    Piezoelectric atomizer physics and resources
    PIC friendly period-to-frequency algorithms
    PostScript custom laser scanner interface

    Simultaneous telephone voice and data options
    Sports radar suppliers and design resources
    Static optical rangefinding techniques
    Precise temperature sensing for wireless remotes
    Virtual Reality extended web resource gathering

For more details on exactly what an InfoPack is and how it is put
together for you, please view INFOPACK.PDF.

The cost of a custom InfoPack is $89. Topics deemed unanswerable,
of questionable legality, bogus pseudoscience, or beyond my expertise
will be declined. The normal response time is one week.

US requests only.

To get a custom InfoPack, just tell me your research topic in as much
detail and as narrowly defined as possible. Then provide me suitable
VISA or MC prepayment per the Synergetics Order Desk.

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Extended Don Lancaster Consulting Services are also available
at our offsite base rate of $129 per hour.

Other consultants appear on our Consultant's Network page.

Don's Tutorial Seminars and Group Consulting Sessions are now
offered at $990 per person per day for most topics. These are often
held at the Black Range Lodge, a superbly remote New Mexico
Wilderness retreat. 

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