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Reviewed Books
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      These are some of the books I've reviewed in our Tech
      Musings columns and elsewhere. Especially those that
      do not fit in any other particular category.

      For the reviews themselves, punch the author ~near~ title
      keywords into this search engine...

17 Equations that Changed the World (Ian Stewart)
2004 Emergency Response Guidebook (US DOT)
Age of intelligent machines
 (Ray Kurzwell)
Age of spiritual machines (Ray Kurzwell)
Art of Intrusion (Kevin Mitnick)
Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook (Doug Self)
Battle at K H Butte (Larry Ludwig)
Big Coal: Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future (J. Goddell)
Books in the Digital Age (John Thompson)
Crash Course in PC & Microcontroller Technology (Lou Frenzel)
Crystal Fire ( Michael Riordan )
Dark Life: Martian Nanobacteria, Rock-Eating... ( Michael Taylor )
Dead Pool; Lake Powell & Global Warming ( James Powell )
Digital Filters and Signal Processing (Leland Jackson)
Digital Image Transfer (Ellen Horovitz)
Dissapearing Spoon  (Sam Kean)
Electric Interurban Railways in America (George Hilton)
Feeding the Fire ( Mark Eberhart )
Free Culture (Lawrence Lessig)
Fab (Neil Gershenfield)
Growing up Digital: Rise of the Net Generation (Don Tapscott)
How Everything Works (Louis Bloomfield)
How to drive into Accidents and How Not To (Bob Pease)
Inside Intel (Tim Jackson)
Interurban Era (William Middleton)
KML Handbook (Jose Wernecke)
Maxwell's Demon II (Neil Bearce)
Minerals and Fluorescents of Arizona (Harvey Leff)
Musical Instrument Design (Bart Hopkin)
Newtonian Electrodynamics (Peter Graneau)
Nudist on the Late Shift ( Po Bronson )
Oscilloscopes - Selecting & Restoring a Classic ( S. Griffiths )
Parallel Port Complete ( Jan Axelson )
Planetary Astronomy ( Ronald Schorn)
Radio for the Millions ( Popular Science )
Railroads of Arizona Vol III ( David Myrick)
Safford Valley Grids  ( James Neely )
Serial Port Complete ( Jan Axelson )
Simple, Low-Cost Electronics Projects ( Fred Blechman )
Syndicating Websites with RSS Feeds ( Ellen Finkelstein )
Troubleshooting Analog Circuits ( Bob Pease )
Ultimate Modem Handbook ( Cass Lewart )
Up the Infinite Corridor: MIT and the... ( Fred Hapgood )
Video Demystified ( Keith Jack)
Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial Comm ( R. Grier )
West View Park Goodbye ( Charles Jacques )
When Things Start to Think ( Neil Gershenfeld )
Windows Annoyances ( David Karp