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This Guru's Lair technical library offers unique and original Don
Lancaster content in the form of reprints, publications, and many
related resources. Plus selected third party contributions.  

You can click here for a library sampler of our best files.

Most library files require an Adobe Acrobat  plug in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat Reader or
an eBook Reader or any other .pdf" accepting program.

  Our Library: .
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    The Abeja Shelf
       Bee's own collection of resources -- Arizona, crafts, medical, movies,
       neat stuff, travel, books, weaving, more...

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Click here for Alternate Medicine book info.

   The Adobe Acrobat PDF Shelf
       Key tutorials and utilities to use and apply net-friendly Adobe
       Acrobat PDF. Includes byte serving, url insertion, site analysis

Click here for more Webmastering book info.
Click here for HTML, ASP, and JavaScript book info.

   The Ask The Guru Shelf.
     A major reprint archive of Don Lancaster's print publications.
     Includes LaserWriter Corner , Ask the Guru, Circuit Cellar, more.

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    The Auction Assistance Shelf.
Tutorials on surplus, eBay, and other auctions plus links to useful
      auction access, tools, directories, and sites.

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    Our Bargains & Surplus Shelves.
      Our stock offerings of everything from quality Tek and HP test gear
      to sensors to water soluble swimsuits to remote rural land.

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   The Bitmapped Font Repository.
      A collection of hand crafted utilities to create small fonts of
      exceptional legibility
. For photo retouching, eBooks,etc....

Click here for a Precision Fonts tutorial.
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   The Blatant Opportunist Shelf.
      Tech venture and small scale startup help from Don's Blatant
      Opportunist ezine. Real-world tactics and strategies.

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Click here for Webmastering books info.

   The Book Access Shelf.
       Instant access to popular Don Lancaster books, plus more details
on those other titles Don recommends or has recently reviewed.

Click here for Pseudoscience website access.
Click here for Nikoli Tesla book info.

   The Book-on-demand Shelf.
     The key tools and techniques for small scale self-publishing.
Extensive coverage of printers, binding, Acrobat, lots more.

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Click here for Patent Avoidance info.

     The Captain Video Secret Mountain Laboratory Shelf.
        Tutorials on video, broadcast resources, NTSC, Calibars, and
Video toasters. Plus video links and newsgroup access.

Click here for PostScript details.
Click here for PostScript book info.

   The Consultant's Network Shelf.
     Listing and directory of third party fee based consulting services
     who Don personally knows and recommends.

Click here for Don's Consulting services.
Click here for a Don Lancaster biography.

    The Cubic Spline Shelf.
      Bezier curves or cubic splines are the key to smooth graphic curves
      and surfaces. Here's the secret insider info on how they work

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   The eBay Live Auction Shelf.
     Your ongoing source for outstanding bargains in everything from
     superb electronic test gear to water soluble swimsuits.

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   The eBay Sources of Supply Shelf.
     Create your own regional auction resource directory by
     using this exclusive (and thoroughly proven) service.

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Click here for our GuruGram library.

   The Energy Awarenes Shelf.
    Our latest and best alternate energy info is currently a
    major part of our "Its a gas" hydrogen energy page.

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Click here for our GuruGram library.

   The Electrical Engineering Shelf.
     Links to links farms and other major electronic and electrical
     engineering sites, Chipcenter & Questlink access, more...

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Click here for Don's Non-Technical Links.

    The Flutterwumper Shelf.
        Flutterwumpers are low cost machines that chomp or spit. PC Drills,
       CAD/CAM, animation stands, etc. Done with PIC's and PostScript.

Click here for Robotic book info.
Click here for Pushme-pullyou Hexapod links.

    The Fonts & Image Postproc Shelf.
       Power tools for ultimate screen legibility include true integral
       anti-aliasing, image relettering, and fancy bitmap manipulations.

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    The Gila Valley Day Hikes Shelf.
      Ongoing series of Don's local travel secrets that even the
      natives never heard of!

Click here for Hardware Hacker tutorials.
Click here for Partners & Associates info.

    The GuruGram Shelf.
       Collections of Don's unique technical ap notes.
Also the continuation of the Tech Musings series.

Click here for Hardware Hacker tutorials.
Click here for Partners & Associates info.

    The Guru's Lair Shelf.
       Collections of Don's articles and columns. Includes Popular
       Electronics, RE, EW, Circuit Cellar stories and Computer Shopper.

Click here for PIC Microprocessor tutorials.
Click here for PIC Microprocessor book info.

   The Golly Gee Mister Science Shelf
      Tutorials, files and annotated links of primarily scientific interest.
Includes extensive .sci hot linked newsgroups list.

Click here for Pseudoscience tutorials and links.
Click here for Pseudoscience book info.

   The Hardware Hacker Shelf.
      Electronic and computer fundamentals from Don's older Radio
Electronics and Electronics Now print columns & archives.

Click here for Web Research access tools.
Click here for Medical Website link info.

    The Incredible Secret Money Machine Shelf.
       Support for Don's underground classic book on forming your
own small scale technical, artistic, or craft ventures.

Click here for Home Page Creation book info.
Click here for Webmastering book info.

   The InfoPack Shelf.
         Instant solutions to most any technical problem with Don's
"cash and carry" consulting service.

Click here Other Consultants info.
Click here for Wavelet book info.

   The Its a Gas Shelf.
Information on hydrogen resources for alternate energy and
transportation. Includes tutorials, links, books, newsgroups.

Click here Bookbinding books info.
Click here Don Lancaster
books info.

   The Magic Sinewaves Shelf.
      Key resource collection for a unique billion dollar opportunity that
      ups efficiency and simplifies virtually all power electronics.
    The Math Stuff Shelf.
       Tutorials and utilities on fundamental and applied mathematics.
Mostly by Don Lancaster or Jim Fitzsimons.

Click here PIC Microprocessor tutorials.
Click here PIC Microprocessor books.

     The Navicube Shelf.
       Navicubes are three inch cubes that always know where they are.
Lots of info here on navigation, compasses, gyros, and GPS.

Click here for Patent avoidance info.
Click here Robotic Books access.

     The Opportunity Shelf.
         Become a Guru's Lair banner advertiser, sponsor, or participate in
one of Don's ongoing seminars.

Click here for an Energy Efficiency opportunity.
Click here for Bezier & Cubiic Spline

    The Patent Avoidance Shelf.
Avoid patent scams and ripoffs by using these tested and
proven real-world alternatives to patents and patenting.

Click here for Blatant Opportunist reprints.
Click here for Resource Bin

    The Pick a Peck of PIC's Shelf.
       The PIC microprocessor is the hardware component of the
decade. Find out why these unique support tutorials.

Click here for PIC Microprocessor books.

    The PostScript Shelf.
        One of the foremost resources in the world for use of PostScript
as a superb general purpose computing language.

Click here for PostScript books.
Click here for Acrobat PDF tutorials.

    The Pseudoscience Shelf.
        Fascinating readings on mesmerizingly awful "research" and on
related topics that "aren't even wrong".

Click here for Pseudoscience books.
Click here for Pseudoscience links.

    The Resource Bin Shelf.
        Don's "Where to go to get stuff" columns from Nuts & Volts.
Has everything from trade journals to robotics to auto electronics

Click here for Tech Musings ezines.
Click here for Blatant Opportunist ezines.

   The Santa Claus Machines Shelf.
      The roast beef sandwiches still leave a distinct acrylic aftertaste,
      but great things are happening in Rapid Prototyping these days.

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   The Synergetics Shelf.
      Services, directories, and other product info from Don 's
Synergetics and Synergetics Press tech resource sources.

Click here for Test Equipment bargains.
Click here for Cost Effective Research solutions.

   The Tech Musings Shelf.
    Electroinic and computer fundamentals ezine that are a continuation
    from Don's
Electronics Now and Poptronix print columns.

Click here for earlier Hardware Hacker columns.
Click here for ASP & JavaScript book details.

   The Third Party Shelf.
      Unique submissions from other contributors. Includes
Jim Fitzsimons math and several other authors.

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Click here for Offshore Electronics book details.

   The Tinaja Questing Shelf.
     A collection of "just for" and humor items. Includes Gila Valley
    Day Hikes and
Mount Graham aerial tramway resources

Click here for InfoPack details.
Click here for Patent Avoidance info.

   The Wavelets Shelf.
     Tutorials, resources, and web links for wavelets, a powerful
new math tool for video compression and other major uses.

Click here for more Math Stuff.
Click for Bezier Curves & Cubic Spline info.

   The Webmastering Shelf.
       Tutorials and key needed tools to start and maintain your
own personal or professional web home page.

Click here for Flutterwumper info.
Click for Santa Claus Machine resources.

    The What's New? Shelves.
     Find out our latest and best info, along with a historical archive
     of what got added when.

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  A Sampler of our best files: .
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  Acrobat .PDF editing tools
  Acrobat .PDF text extractor/word frequncy gen
  Bitmap Typerwriter (updated & improved)
  Case Against Patents Classic Paper
  Case Against Patents eBook
  Degubbing Secrets  
  Dodges & Burns for your Digital Camera! 
  Don't Get Sick
  Elegant Simplicity
  Engineering Ratholes
  Enhancing Your eBay Tactical Skills I
  Enhancing Your eBay Tactical Skills II
  Enhancing Your eBay Tactical Skills III
  Fun with Fields
  How to Bash Pseudoscience
  Introduction to Magic Sinewaves
  Investigating Brown's Gas
  JavaScript Magic Sinewave Calculator
  Length of a Cubic Spline & its Subdivision
  Magic Sinewave Demo Hardware
  Magic Sinewave Executive Summary
  Math Behind Bezier Cubic Splines
  Mount Graham Aerial Tramway
  My eBay Secrets
  My eBay Photo Secrets
  Newbie's Intro to the Web
  PIC PostScript Flutterwumpers
  PostScript Insider Secrets
  Power Measurement Fundamentals
  Precision Bitmap Fonts
  Real Time Acrobat Animation
  Rebound Electromagnetic Field Solutions
  Refurb Log
  Refurb Thoughts
  Saga of the Dripping Stalactite
  Scamming a Student Paper
  Secrets of Extreme Screen Legibility
  Secrets of Technical Innovation
  Some Energy Fundamentals
  Son of eBay Secrets
  Steplocked Magic Sinewaves
  Step-by-step Image Prep
  Successful eBay Buying Strategies
  Successful eBay Selling Strategies
  Supraluminal Dowsing for Brown's Gas in Roswell
  Swings & Tilts for your Digital Camera
  The Way Things Were
  The Worst of Marcia Swampfelder
  Thermodynamics Tutorial
  Three Phase Magic Sinewaves
  Ultra Fast Magic Sinewave Calculator
  Ultra Fast Magic Sinewave Tutorial
  Understanding Fourier Series
  Universal .BMP Image Manipulator
  Using Distiller as a PostScript Computer
  Web Logfile Analyzer & eBay Theft Detector
  When to Patent.

And here's some of our newest uploads...

  GuruGram #72 -- What is the best eBay price?
  GuruGram #71 -- Enhancing your eBay skills V
  GuruGram #70 -- Enhancing your eBay skills IV
  GuruGram #61 -- Book Cover Layout Utilities
  GuruGram #59 -- Cubic Spline through 4 points
  GuruGram #58 -- The Math behind cubic splines
  GuruGram #57 -- Cubic Spline Circles & Ellipses
  GuruGram #55 -- Improved keystone corrector
  GuruGram #54 -- Perspective lettering utilities
  GuruGram #52 -- Raw PostScript full transparency!
  GuruGram #48 -- Flashing Text in Acrobat
  GuruGram #46 -- Acrobat PDF Content Extraction
  GuruGram #45 -- Word Frequency Analysis Tools
  GuruGram #44 -- Arizona Auction Resource Guide
  GuruGram #42 -- PS Array-to-Image Conversion
  Your own custom Auction Resource finder
 GuruGram #40 -- MagSin PIC Prgming Sourcecode
 GuruGram #38 -- New Magic Sinewave Eval Chips
 GuruGram #36 -- Logfile Reporter History Addon
 Precision Ultra Legible Bitmapped Fonts Library
 GuruGram #34 -- SigViewing of Magic Sinewaves
 GuruGram #32 -- A Heap Sort for PostScript
 Combined Magic Background & Vignette Utility
 Combined Swingtilt & Whitefill Utility
 GuruGram #31 -- Fast & Efficient PostScript Sorts
 GuruGram #30 -- PostScript String & Array Hacks
 GuruGram #27 -- Magic Sinewave Quantizations
 GuruGram #24 -- Magic Sinewave Visualizations
 GuruGram #23 -- Fancy .JPG to .PDF Conversions
 GuruGram #20 -- Gonzo PS PowerPoint Emulator!
 GuruGram #19 -- Reducing 8-bit Magsin Distortion
 GuruGram #18 -- Power Curve Fitting Data Points
 GuruGram #14 -- Exploring the .BMP data format
 PS Image Utility -- .BMP Image Dodges & Burns!
 GuruGram #16 -- PS Runtime Speedup Secrets
 PS Image Utility -- Digital Camera Swings & Tilts!
 PS Image Utility -- .BMP properties reporter
 PS Image Utility -- .BMP white punchthru avoider
 GuruGram #13 -- PS Disk Access Tutorial
 Blatant Opportunist #73 -- Son of eBay Secrets
 Magic Knockouts for fewer JPEG edge artifacts
 GuruGram #12 -- PS Search & Replace Utility
 GuruGram #11 -- Exploring the Acrobat 5 SDK
 GuruGram #10 -- Internaldict & pdfmark Cmnds
 GuruGram #9 -- PostScript Transparency !!!
 GuruGram #8 -- Flate Compression Viewer
 GuruGram #7 -- Overunity Batteries
 Blatant Opportunist #72 --Fun With Stuff
 Flutterwumper Library Upgrade
 Book-on-Demand Library Upgrade
 Resource Bin Library Upgrade
 Acrobat Library Upgrade
 PostScript Library Upgrade
 Blatant Opportunist #71 -- Energy Fundamentals
 Autotracking Acrobat url link generator
 New GuruGram library page
 Acrobat Galley Slave thumbnail generator
 Blatant Opportunist #70 -- Live Auction Scene
 Using Cubic Splines for Image Interpolation
 Hostess Twinkies Szechwaun Style
 Guru Archive Reprints
 Blatant Opportunits #68 -- Emergop 7
 Blat archive 1-5
 Bunches of new/improved PostScript stuff
 Fractal Fern to Image and Sourcecode
 PostScript Font Path Grabber
 PostScript Beginner Projects
 PostScript Show & Tell
 Revised & Updated Math Library
 Hardware Hacker Archive IV (75-87)
 PostScript Fractal Fern PDF and Sourcecode
 PostScript Secrets eBook Archive
 Blatant Opportunist #67
 Blatant Opportunist #66
 Fourier Series Magic Sinewave Checkplot
 Parabola through three data points 
 JavaScript calculator user guidelines
 PostScript code to write JavaScript programs!
 MSCAL28Q.ASP New Magic Sinewave Calculator
 DELTAPAT.PSL Magic Delta Sourcecode
 DELTAPAT.PDF Magic Delta Demo
 AAFONT.ASP Precision font & bitmap library
 BLENDER.PSL Image/Map Combiner
 ALPHAOUT.JPG Image/Map Demo
 Aerial Photo of Pacman, Arizona
 PDF-2BMP.PSL PDF to Bitmap PS Utility
 PDF-2BMP.PSL PDF to Bitmap PS Demo
 Galley Slave PS Utility
 Galley Slave PS PDF Demo
 Degubbing Secrets
 Tech Musings #153
 Tech Musings #152
 Bouncy Bricks

And some of our PostScript-as-Language projects...

   NEW:  Gonzo PostScript Tutorial & Directory
   Acrobat .PDF Content Extractor
   Auto-tracking .PDF Web Links
  Beginner Projects
  Bezier Curve thru Fuzzy Data
  Bionomial Goes Binary
  Book Cover Layout Utility
  Digital Camera Swings and Tilts
  eBay Image Theft Detector
  Elaborate Cubic Spline Manipulations
  Fibonacci Sunflowers
  Flutterwumper Utilities
  Fractal Fern and Image
  Free Font Collection
  Galley Slave Thumbnail Touring
  Gambler's Ruin Simulation
  Gonzo PostScript Utiities
  4x4 Linear Equation Solver
  Logfile History Analyzer
  Log Log Engineering Plots
  Nonlinear Graphic Transforms
  PIC PostScript Flutterwumpers
  Pulse Monitor Software
  Puzzle Solving with PostScript
  Real Time Acrobat Animation
  Ridiculously Better PowerPoint Emulator
  Simplified Electromagnetic Field Plotter
  Smith Chart Generator
  Ultra-Legible Tiny Typography
  Universal Bitmap Manipulator
  Vignetting Image auto-backgrounder
  Writing Complex JavaScript Programs
  Word Frequency Analyzer

  For more help: .
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