Don Lancaster's Guru's Lair: 
Recommended Books
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      These are the books I actually and personally use day in
      and day out. As you can see, the list is surprisingly short.

      Don't get abducted by aliens without them.

      I'd also include Electrical Engineering Circuits by H. H. Skilling
      and the Doubleday Science edition of Sandforth's Heat Engines,
      but these are getting a tad hard to find.

       Also see our Ed Abbey and Richard Feynman pages.

The Art of Computer Programming  ( Donald Knuth )
The Art of Electronics  ( Paul Horowitz )
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics  ( David R. Lide )
Inside the Auction Game ( Frank Stefanick )
Mathematics 1001 ( Richard Elwes )
Postscript Language Reference Manual  ( Ed Taft )
Radio Handbook  ( William I. Orr )
Reference Data for Engineers  ( Wendy Middleton )
Science 1001 ( Paul Parsons )
Small Is Beautiful : Economics As If People Mattered  ( E. F. Schumacher )
Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae   ( Daniel Zwillinger )
Synergetics  ( Buckminster Fuller )
Television Engineering Handbook  ( Donald Fink )
Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism  ( James Clerk Maxwell )
50,000 words divided and spelled  ( Harry Sharp )