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Magnetic Recording Books
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Complete Handbook of Magnetic Recording (Finn Jorgensen)
Ferromagnetic Materials: Structure aned Properties  (R. A. McCurie)
Ferromagnetism (Richard Bozorth)
The Foundation of Magnetic Recording (John Mallinson)
Handbook of Electromagnetic Materials (Perambur Neelakanta)
Magnetic Disk Drive Technology: Heads...  (Kanu Ashar)
Magnetic Storage Handbook  (Eric Daniel)
Magneto-Resistive Heads: Fundamentals... (John Mallinson
Modern Recording Techniques  (D. M. Huber)
The Physics of Magnetic Recording  (C.D. Mee)
Practical Recording Techniques  (Bruce Bartlett)
Theory of Magnetic Recording >(Neal Bertram)
Theory of Magnetism (Kei Yosida)
Troubleshooting and Repairing Audio & Video.... (Homer Davidson)