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This was an earlier library page on video resources and
tutorials that is not currently active.

We have revalidated it to modern web standards and are
presently keeping it as a historical archive. We may or may
not expand and update it further given interest and funding.


Meanwhile, two "real" Captain Video episodes can
be found here and here. These conclusively prove that the
concept of "mesmerizingly awful" is in fact time invariant.

The problem with Captain Video is simply this: They
are "for real" our goodwill ambassadors to outer space!
Along with Roller Derby and Kukla, Fran, and Ollie.

In 1949, our sun suddenly became a radio star, blasting
out vast quantities of new VHF energy. In 60 years, this
has swept out one million cubic light years of space and
has been sent to roughly 2700 candidate star systems.

And still at a sensitivity level detectable with our
current technology. And new candidate star systems are
being contacted at a cube law rate, while the energy
levels are only dropping square law.

What if...

What if a candidate star system receives a perfectly
lucid twelve second clip of "Roller Derby" as the
sum total of all that is known about Earth culture?


( Picking up original library and a few additions... )

This is a gathered collection of video topics, which includes NTSC
tutorials, NewTech video toaster stuff, newsgroups, and links.           

Most library files require an  Adobe Acrobat 3.0 plug in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat reader, or
with use of any program (GhostScript, Transverter, Illustrator... )
that can accept v 3.0 or higher .PDF 3.0 files as inputs.

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   Build This TV Typewriter ( Radio Electronics, Sept 73 )
     The opening shot fired in the microcomputer revolution. NIckel a
    bit shift registers was the only cheap memory at that time.

Click here to reach the GuruGram library.

   Image Post Processing Tools POSTPROC.PDF #88
    A tutorial review of all of our post processing and bitmap
     manipulation current tools.
Includes details of key variables
    and proc use details.                                                                            03/08

Click here for the GuruGram 88 source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

   Pixel Interpolation Algorithms PIXINTPL.PDF #83
       A review of popular pixel interpolation schemes including Bilinear,
     Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear with lookup, Modified 3x3, and Bicubic.
     Includes detailed bicubic math derivation. .                                    11/07

Click here for the Pixel Interpolation utility.
Click here for the Pixel Interpolation demo..

Click here for the PostScript library.
Click here for the GuruGram 83 source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

   False Color & Rainbow Mods FALSECLR.PDF #82
       Tutorial and sourcecode shows how to improvea false color and
     rainbow effects by equalizing saturation and modifying hues.
     Includes table lookups exportable to most any language.          11/07

Click here for the PostScript library.
Click here for the GuruGram 82 source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

    Tech Musings #120  MUSE120.PDF  (January 1998)
NewTek's new PIC Calibar tv generator, investigating Brown's
       Gas, television broadcast magazines, understanding meta studies,
        comparing energy densities, plastic injection molding book, more

ss    Tech Musings #115  MUSE115.PDF  (August 1997 )
 PIC chips now on CD ROM. Hydrogen car fact and fancy. A brand
          new, PIC friendly genlocking tv typewriter! Fuel cells and related
          resouces. Decade's BOB-5L design contest.

ss   Tech Musings #111  MUSE111.PDF  (April 1997 )
Evaluating energy claims. the CIE Chromaticity diagram. Superb
         digital video book. Understanding color spaces. Innovative auto
         electronics. A new current monitor. A skeleton for your closet.

ss  Tech Musings #110  MUSE110.PDF  (March 1997 )
A new PostScript video character generator. NTSC tv fundamentals.
       Aerial photos priced as low as $10 per square mile.. Resources for
        video and tv. New analog video fader chip.

ss     Tech Musings #95  MUSE95.PDF ( December 19965)
Superb aviation history book, new RGB to NTSC encoder,
          lamps and lighting efficiency, emerging ultra-fast computers,
          product development concepts.

ss    Tech Musings #90  MUSE90.PDF ( July 1995)
 Fourier Series analysis, alternatives to plated through holes,
         classic computer resources, a $200 GPS receiver, Newtek's
          new video toaster for Windows. 

ss   Hardware Hacker #60  HACK60.PDF  (February 1993 )
Relaxation oscillators. Newtek video toaster. Broadcast trade
       journals EDM Electric discharge machining.  Synchronizing video
        sources. EDM magazines and resources.

ss  Resource Bin #75  RESBN75.PDF (April 1998 )
Shattering a few virtual reality illusions. Virtual reality today. VR
      Publishing. Web Sites. 3D Graphics. Some magazines. Siggraph. Books
      VRML Newsgroups. Mechanical stuff. Dildonics Contest.

  Some Books :
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Video Books: 

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Virtual Reality Books: 

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  Video Links :
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   Tim Jenison's NewTek Video Toaster.
        Video production and editing devices that are very cost effective.
         Linear and nonlinear editing. Now for Atari, Mac, and PC

    PostScript video applications at Videonics.com
        The PowerScript 1000 is one of the first PostScript speaking
        video character generators. Including alpha transparency!

     PIC video displays at Decade Engineering.
         Their BOB-5L interface gives a 10 line by 24 character full color
         genlocking video text display that is highly PIC compatible.


  Newsgroups: .
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Subscription details will vary with your choice of news server...
Possibilities appear here and here.


Custom video consulting is available per our Resource InfoPacks. 

  For more help: .
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