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The Guru's Lair is funded in part by our eBay Auctions and
Surplus Sales. Much of this is super premium quality military
surplus or bankruptcy distress or community college excess
stock. Your typical prices may average five to nine cents on
the dollar of original cost.
Unused ( but older ) first quality
electronic parts  are typically one sixth of distributor list.
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eBay auction bargains
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We recently started up our new eBay store that you will find at

eBay store advantages include fixed price access and fast Paypal,
closure. Combined with powerful seller feedback features and several
buyer protection advantages.

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our eBay store

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So many people have gone to Paypal that is is no longer cost
effective for us to accept VISA or MasterCard. Our terms
are now Paypal only
. We strongly discourage cash, checks, or
money orders. We will accept purchase orders if we have to.

We also have direct web sales on anything we have in stock beyond
eBay listings. Small discounts are usually offered for orders above
$49 and much more substantial ones above $199. We particularly
welcome "closeouts" where you buy all we have of any item.

Our electronic components and similar are typically guaranteed
pristine. But external packaging may include cosmetic issues.

We try to list our remaining inventory quantity in our eBay listings.

email us for item
status and availability.
email us to request our
ongoing new product info
Click here for our Refurb Log.

You can call (928) 428-4073 or email us to place an order. Or ask
any question on any of our items
. In general, most of our items
are listed on eBay.

On higher ticket items, we do offer you a fifteen day inspection
( you pay all shipping ). Because of our contractual
military end user agreements, these items are strictly offered
to actual US buyers shipping to US in-state address ~only~.

Yes, we will gladly combine shipping charges on items for you.
We basically have an unconditional guarantee on all of our
products. If you cannot use it, we do not want to sell it to you.

We usually ship next day and have a very good rep for very
fast shipping. However, our shipping department employees
are on extreme flex time and we do a lot of travel. We do
not offer UPS Air or other expensive expedited services
as these often will slow down your delivery.

We welcome reasonable email questions on any and all items.
Consulting and development services are also available.

Some items are available in larger quantities and may include
substantial lot price breaks. Please email us with your needs.

Certain items may require advanced technical skills to get them
fully operational. Please DO NOT BID on these items if you do
not have the necessary tools and expertise to fully utilize them.

Test equipment is usually checked for "major functions appear
to be ok". Calibration may be needed and obscure functions may
not be operational. Our prices usually reflect the risks comparable
to "full cal lab" sources.

Additional eBay and resource info appears on our About Me page.

We normally pack and ship via Priority Mail. With larger items going
via United Parcel Service. Exceptionally heavy or bulky items may end
up FOB Thatcher, AZ only and will be clearly marked as such. On these
items, we will gladly assist in any loading and will waive shipping charges.

Truck and trailer rentals are available nearby.
As are bunches of
new freight options. We can also deliver to certain Phoenix or
Tucson addresses at very low cost but at our convenience.

Certain medical items may require a FDA certificate. These will also
be plainly marked as such. Yes, there is a provision on the cert that
lets you declare you will not use the item for medical purposes.

We pride ourselves in offering only first quality merchandise. Any
seconds are farmed out to Another eBay Seller. Where you'll find
some great prices on our "surplus surplus" higher risk items.

Please note that our products are offered to US buyers only. Some
of our suppliers contractually forbid foreign sales We positively
have NO foreign bidders, buyers, or transshipments.

If you do not see what you need, please be sure to email us.
Or make use of our custom  InfoPack service.

  Bargain Gallery Tour Software Demo: .
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Before we moved over to eBay Stores, I developed some fancy
Galley Slave bargain gallery guided tour software. Full details
appear in our GALLERY.PDF file in the GuruGram library.

The big advantages of the Galley Slave include data base sourcing,
single file delivery, superb graphics, and very fast imaging. They
are more suitable when used outside of eBay.

I've left the software installed here as a demo. Please note that
this is a demo only! Few if any of these items remain in stock.

click for our gallery
software demo tour
 Click for additional GuruGrams.

Consulting and development services are also available. 


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