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This library page holds a collection of hydrogen energy resources.

But please do NOT call Hydrogen a fuel! Hydrogen is only an energy
transport media. It is incapable of delivering net on-the-books BTU's
of energy. Just as with a flywheel or lead acid, you'll first have to fill
hydrogen with energy before you can empty it.

Naturally, no non-nuclear means is known to make terrestrial hydrogen
that does not consume considerably more energy than it delivers. Thus,
terrestrial hydrogen is a "pollution amplifier" that INCREASES the
pollution of the underlying fundamental energy source.

It is utterly ludicrous to claim that terrestrial hydrogen is in any way,
shape, or form "nonpolluting".

Note that commercial hydrogen is nearly always produced through the
of methane. But the methane really has to want to reform.

Please also note that because of the staggering loss of exergy, use of
electrolysis for bulk hydrogen apps is a really, really dumb thing to do.
It is the equivalent of exchanging two US dollars for one Mexican peso.

Please also note that there is more hydrogen in a gallon of gasoline
than there is in a gallon of liquid hydrogen.

Even after all these years, hydrogen is still number one on the charts.

Here are the arguments against the hydrogen economy:

1. Terrestral hydrogen is ONLY an energy
           carrier or transfer media and NOT a
           substance capable of delivering net NEW
           BTU's to the on-the-books economy.

2. Terrestral hydrogen creation is inefficient
as considerably more energy of usually
much higher quality has to be input than
is eventually returnable.

3. No large terrestral source of hydrogen gas
is known. Water, of course, is a hydrogen
sink and, by fundamental chemical energitics,
is the worst possible feedstock.

4. The CONTAINED energy density of terrestral
hydrogen by weight is a lot LESS than gasoline.
And drops dramatically as the tank is emptied.
The energy density of hydrogen gas by volume
is a ludicrous joke.

5. Virtually all bulk hydrogen is produced by methane
reformation. And thus is EXTREMELY hydrocarbon

6. Hydrogen has one of the widest explosive ranges known,
the least spark energy required for ignition, and
has no known colorants or odorants. Its flame is
often invisible or nearly so.

7. There is more hydrogen in a gallon of gasoline
than there is in a gallon of liquid hydrogen.

8. No effective vehicle compatible means of hydrogen
storage is known that is remotely as cheap, safe,
dense, and convenient as carbon bonded hydrides.

9. No infrastructure exists for gaseous hydrogen
distribution. Pipelines in particular raise major
density and embrittlement issues.

10. Electrolysis from high value sources such as
grid, wind, or pv is totally useless as a hydrogen  
source because of the staggering loss of exergy.
There ALWAYS will be more intelligent things
to do with the electricity.

11. Improper burning of hydrogen produces highly
polluting nitrous oxides.

12. Terrestrial hydrogen is basically a POLLUTION
AMPLIFIER that INCREASES the pollution of
its underlying sources. It is utterly ludicrous to
claim that hydrogen is in any manner, way,
shape, or form "nonpolluting".

13. Hydrogen rots most metals through embrittlement.

14. "Carbon Neutral" solutions would appear better
than "Carbon Free" because (A) A significant
measure of the energy of most fuels is in its carbon
fraction, (B) Carbon appears to be essential for
convenient and safe room temperature liquids,
and (C) Reformation is not required or else
is simpler, cheaper, and wastes less energy.

15. An optimal hydrogen storage solution exists by
carbon bonding as in heptane or iso-octane. Both
of these room temperature liquids ain't broke.

Most library files require an Adobe Acrobat 4.0  plug in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat Reader or
an eBook Reader or any other .pdf"accepting program.

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   Energy Intro & Summary NRGLECT2.PDF #100
      Nearly everything you" know" about energy and alternate energy is
     "not even wrong". Slide show type tutorial gets the facts straight for
     you.. Focuses on the importance of exergy and net energy.          11/08      

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  Some Energy Fundamentals  ENERGFUN.PDF  #71
The basics involving work, power, & energy. Understanding sources,
    carriers, and sinks. Energy density. Thermodynamics. Efficiency. Exergy.
    Hydrogen realities. Electrolysis fantasies, Photovoltaics, more.    02/08

Click for a third party Exergy Tutorial.
Click for Wikipedias Exergy Fundamentals.

Click for additional Blatant Opportunist columns.
Click here for ENERGFUN.PSL sourcecode.

  More Energy Fundamentals  MORENRGF.PDF  #86
An update and expansion of our classic Energy Fundamentals tutorial
     Dimes versus kilowatt hours. Exergy. Net Energy. Amortization. pv.
     CIGS and new developments. Economy of scale. Grid Storage.    02/08

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   Tech Musings #153  MUSE153.PDF (September 2001)
      Bouncy brick secrets. Privatizing mil surplus. Bogus water powered
      cars. Fundamentals of electrolysis. Reducing table lookup sizes.
      Quadratic interpolation. Bounty hunting patents for $$$$.

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   Trashing Auto Electrolysizers TRASHELC.PDF #93
     Reviews the fundamental technical reasons why onboard
     alternator driven vehicle hydrogen injection electrolysizers can
     not possibly work
and flat out ain't gonna happen.                        06/08

Click for a Bashing Pseudoscience tutorial.
Click here for the GuruGram 93 source code.
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       Not one net watthour of pv energy has ever been generated! Here are
     the facts on why pv solar electricity today is neither renewable nor
, Emphasis is on fundamental physics and CIGS.       11/08

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  Tutorials: .
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   Resource Bin #88  RESBN88.PDF (may 1999)
      A look at hydrogen resources. Just the facts. Energy carriers.
Fallacies and frauds. Periodical charts. NASA safety site. Peavey,
      Pyle, Sandforth. Journals. RMI. The web. Some real opportunities.

Click here for more Resource Bin tutorials.

   Tech Musings #151  MUSE151.PDF (july 2001)
      Radio Shack Wireless Humidity Data Format. Exergy and energy
. JavaScript Bouncy Buttons. Chebycheff polynomonials.
      Fluxgate & magnetometry books. Plastics suppliers. More...

Click for a third party Exergy Tutorial.
Click here for additional Math Stuff resources.

   Tech Musings #153  MUSE153.PDF september 2001)
      Bouncy brick secrets. Privatizing mil surplus. Bogus water powered
      cars.Reducing table lookup sizes. Fundamentals of electrolysis.
      Quadratic interpolation. Bounty hunting patents for $$$$.

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   Tech Musings #115  MUSE115.PDF (august 1997)
       PIC chips now on CD ROM. Hydrogen car fact and fancy. A brand
new, PIC friendly genlocking tv typewriter! Fuel cells and related
resouces. Decade's BOB-5L design contest.

Click here for more Tech Musings tutorials.

   Tech Musings #120  MUSE120.PDF (january 1998)
    NewTek's new PIC Calibar tv generator, investigating Brown's
Gas, television broadcast magazines, understanding meta studies
    comparing energy densities, plastic injection molding book, more.

Click here for InfoPack resource solutions.

   Tech Musings #152  MUSE152.PDF (august 2001)
      Fundamentals of power and energy. 52 LED's from one port!
      Shuffling alogrithms and pitfalls. Multi-banner auto rotator.
      Thermodynamic Books. Heath and Tektronix access.

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 Tech Musings #132  MUSE132.PDF (january 1999)
A remote control for your cat! Creating log & semilog graphs. Some
Tesla Book References. Hydrogen absurdities exposed. Making Visual
luminosity measurements. Build your own microprocessor.

Click here for energy efficient Magic Sinewaves.

   Tech Musings #148  MUSE148.PDF (may 2000)
Algae hydrogen source. Applying Taylor Series. Surplus and auction
     update. Lithium polymer batteries. Understanding nonlinearity. Some
     Battery books. Cave radio site, Maxim chargers, more...

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   Tech Musings #146  MUSE146.PDF (march 2000) 
Myths involving pulse electrolysis. Contactless charger update.
Extracting Acrobat PDF url's. Versatile capacitor switching circuits.
Electrochemical books, journals, and websites, more...

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  Tech Musings #141  MUSE141.PDF (october 1999) 
Secrets of sub-pixel resolution improvement. Diode rf switches and
attenuators. Anti-aliasing and grayscaling. Possible hydrogen storage
breaktrhough. Some ultrasonic books. Hydrogen car fallacies.

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   Tech Musings #150  MUSE150.PDF  (july 2000) 
Some RFID resources. PostScript trig functions Hydrogen
      scams and fiascos. Steplocked Magic Sinewaves. Are
      VMPSK/2 and AAPSK bogus? Industrial wax sources.

Click for our Pseudoscience Bashing library page.

   Tech Musings #149  MUSE149.PDF  (june 2000) 
Where to get parts. Acrobat web searches. New touch screen
chip. Reformation free fuel cells. PostScript proc diversion.
of transmission line transformers. NDT resources More...

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  Links: .
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    Resources from the American Hydrogen Association 
A non-profit organization of individuals and institutions
dedicated to the advancement of hydrogen energy systems.

    Battery Info: Battery Power Products & Technology.
Industrial trade journal covering sources for the latest developments
      in batteries, fuel cells, and related items..

    2004 DOE Emergency Response Guidebook.
Do not even think of researching hydeogen without owning
       a personal copy of the hazmat "Orange Book"

Click here for the free Downloadable Version.

    Energy Web Directory California Energy Commission.
A great links to links site with hundreds of alphabetized entries.
Primarily directed at alternate fuel vehicles.

    Exergy Tutorial from University of Waterloo.
Superb Mark Simpson and James Kay paper reviews exergy,
        and the second law
. Verifies the utter futility of electrolysis.

    Exergy Intro from Wikipedia.
Fundamental definition of exergy as the thermodynamically
        irreversibly recoverable energy fraction
. Sets energy quality.

    The hydrogen Hoax from Robert Zubrin.
Yet another superb tutorial showing exactly why
        the hydrogen economy flat out ain't gonna happen.

    Leading energy publisher Elsevier.
The world's largest publisher of energy related scientific
        peer reviewed publications
. Most are quite expensive.

     Elsevier's many pubs include...

Applied Energy
Biomass & Bioenergy
Energy Conversion & Management
Fuel & Energy Abstracts
Fuel Cells Bulletin
Intl Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Journal of Wind Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Photovoltaics Bulletin
Solar Energy
Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells
Sustainable Energy Review 

   Howard Hayden's Energy Advocate.
     Monthly newsletter promoting energy and technology. Includes
free Energy Fact of the Week archive.

   Electric Power Research Institute EPRI.
       Research consortium of electric utilities has all sorts of resources
on hydrogen, traditional, and alternate energy.

   Electric vehicle info from from EV World.
      A Self-proclaimed future in motion site with superb links to electric
cars and alternate vehicle technology. News and stories, too.

   Industrial trade journal e-Drive.
      For "buyers, specifiers, and integators of electric motors, drives,
     and electric drive systems

     Breakthrough Technologies Institute Fuel Cells 2000.
       Provides info to policy makers and the public supporting the
early utilization of fuel cells. Education, training, and support..

   US Department of Energy Fuel Cell Handbook
Free online PDF file of the 352 page fifth edition of a highly
     useful fuel cell technical reference.
 By EG&G Services.   

Click here for more Hydrogen book info.

    Employment links from Green Energy Jobs.
A Lists job opportunieis in covering hydrogen, solar, wave,
       tidal, and hydro alternate energy industries.

   Richard and Karen Perez's Home Power Magazine.
        Foremost "them that's doin" real world magazine on solar energy,
hydrogen, electric cars, energy conservation, alternate lifestyles.

    Developments from the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter.
     Said to be the voice of the international hydrogen and fuel cell
communities. Mostly news -oriented announcements and analysis.

   Useful Safety Links from Hydrogen Safety Report.
      Has a dozen links to leading safety organizations involved in one
      way or another with hydrogen safety.

   International Journal of Hydrogen Energy at Elsevier.
     Pricey ($1470 per year) journal seems to be the definitive source for
peer reviewed papers on hydrogen generation and storage.

    Major Advocacy Group National Hydrogen Association
       Publishes the NHA Advocate and info on safe handling of
hydrogen. Includes useful links. Now FCHEA.

    From the Feds: National Renewable Energy Lab
      Clearing house that promotes renewables science and technology.
Various publications, links, tutorials, and journals.

   Abstracts and papers from Nature Magazine.
      Leading International scientific journal
occasionally has definitive
      papers on
hydrogen and related technology.

Click here for an Electrolysis Fundamentals tutorial.

   Papers and Abstracts from pubsci.osti.gov
       A Department of Energy service that gives you free access to many
technical and scientific papers and abstracts.

    An online Delphion (was IBM) Patent Repository
Studying patents is almost always an utterly mind-rotting waste of
Site offers instant patent searches and full text downloads.

Click here for Patent avoidance info.

   Amory Lovins' Rocky Mountain Instiitute
      Home of the "real" supercars and ultra efficient hybrid vehicles.
Energy efficiency consultation, publications, more..

   Abstracts and papers from Science Magazine.
      Leading US scientific journal
occasionally has definitive papers on
hydrogen and related technology.

    Shawn Carlson's Society of Amateur Scientists.
Network with followers of Shawn's Amateur Scientist
columns that once appeared in Scientific American magazine.

    Electrolysizers from Hydrogenics.
A leading supplier of commercial electrolysis gear, normally used
      on-demand where hydrogen value far exceeds its energy content.

Other electrolysizer sourcs include Proton.

   Vehicle info from the Society of Automotive Engineers.
       Actually, these days they call themselves SAE for sea, air, and earth
 transportation solutions. Books, resources, and publications.

   Congressional Report Hydrogen Technology Policy
       A publication of the Committee for the National Institute for the
       Environment. Looks vaguely lobbiest oriented.

     Hydrogen Energy Center from ECO.ORG
       A regional New England group on hydrogen history, investing,
       ideas, links, and related topics
   Hydrogen & Fuel cell info from Reb Research
      A collection of dozens of useful Hydrogen, Fuel Cell and
      Renewable Energy Links.
   Hydrogen & fuel cell info from Hyweb Resources
       A German site offering hydrogen information and links. Companies,
       products, news, research. tutorials.
   Papers and Abstracts from Worldwatch Institute
     Dedicated to fostering the evolution of an environmentally
     sustainable society.

  Books: .
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Battery Applications & Advances ( Radhe Das )>
Battery Reference Book ( Thomas Crompton )
Battery Technology Handbook  ( H.A. Kiehne )
Electric Vehicle Battery Systems ( Sandeep Dhameja )
Electrochemical Cell Design ( Ralph White )
Electrochemical Power Sources ( M. Barak )
Electrochemical Supercapacitors  ( B. E. Conway )
Electrochemistry of Novel Materials ( Jacek Lipkowski )
Handbook of Batteries ( David Linden )
Handbook of Battery Materials ( Jurgen Besenhard )
Hydrogen Metal Hydride Batteries ( P. D. Bennett )
Lithium-Ion Batteries ( Masataka Wakihara )
Lithium Polymer Batteries ( J. Broadhead )
Modern Batteries: Intro to Electrochemical... ( C. Vincent )
Practical Photovoltaics ( Richard J. Komp )
RVer's Guide to Solar Battery Charging ( Noel Kirkby )
Sealed Battery Selection ( Michael Meurer )
2000 Battery Industry Directory  ( Webcom )

Carbon Nanotubes:

Carbon Nanotubes (Carbon , Vol 33) (Morinubo Endo)
Carbon Nanotubes and Related Structures (Peter Harris)
Carbon Nanotubes : Preparation and Properties (T. Ebbesen)
Fullerine Fundamentals (Henry Ehrenreich)
Fullerine Polymers (Joseph Shinar)
History & Physics of Fullerine C60 (Djuro Koruga)
Lecture Notes on Fullerine Chemistry (Roger Taylor)
Optical & Electronic Properties of Fullerines (Joseph Shinar)
Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes (R. Saito)
Physics of Fullerine Based Materials (Wanda Andreoni)
Science of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes (S. Dresselhaus)
Science &Technology of Carbon Nanotubes (K. Tanaka)
Science & Technology of Fullerine Materials (Patrick Bernier )
Synthesis & Structure of Carbon Nanotubes (M. S. Dresselhaus)

Electric Autos:

Batteries and Fuel Cells for Stationary and... (Electrochemical Soc)
Build Your Own Electric Vehicle (Bob Brant)
The Car that Could: Inside Story of GM's... (Michael Shnayerson)
Convert It! (Michael Brown)
Electric Vehicle Battery Systems (Sandeep Dhameja)
Electric Vehicles: Driving Towards Commer.... (Ronald Simms)
Electric Vehicles: Technology, Performance... (Intl Energy Agency)
The EV Encyclopedia: A Guide to Electric... (Bob Batson)
Future Drive: Electric Vehicles and Sustai... (Daniel Sperling)
Green Cars: Earth-Friendly Electric Vehicles (John.Coughlan)
History of the Electric Automobile: Battery... (Earnest Henry)
The Keys to the Car: Electric & Hydrogen.. (James MacKenzie)
Life with an Electric Car (Noel Perrin)
Near-Term Electric Vehicle Costs  (Janet Sawin)
The New Electric Vehicles: A Clean & Quiet... ;(M. Hackleman)
Taking Charge: The Electric Automobile in... (Michael Schiffer)


Advances in Electrochemical Science (R. Alkire )
Analytical Electrochemistry ( Joseph Wang )
Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry ( Brian Conway )
CRC Handbook Series in Inorganic Electroc... (Louis Meites)
Electroanalysis ( Christopher Brett )
Electroanalytic Chemistry ( Allen Bard )
Electrochemical Cell Design (Ralph White)
Electrochemical Hydrogen Technologies ( Hartmut Wendt )
Electrochemical Interfaces: Modern Tech... ( Hector Abruna )
Electrochemical Engineering Principles ( Geoffrey Prentice )
Electrochemical Engineering : Science & Tech... ( Hartmut Wendt )
Electrochemical Methods: Fundamentals.. ( Allen Bard )
Electrochemical Process Engineering: A Guide... ( F. Goodridge )
Electrochemistry (Philip H. Rieger)
Electrochemistry for Chemists (Donald Sawyer)
Electrochemistry in Mineral & Metal Process... ( R. Woods )
Electrochemistry on Liquid:Liquid Interfaces ( P. Vanysek )
Fundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition ( Milan Paunovic )
Liquid State Electronics of Insulating Liquids ( W. Schmidt )
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry #33 (Ralph White)
Modern Batteries : An Introduction to... ( ColinVincent )
Principles of Electrochemistry ( Jiri Koryta )
Solid State Electrochemistry ( Peter G. Bruce )
Structural Effects in Electrolysis ( D. Scherson )

Fuel Cells:

Batteries and Fuel Cells for Stationary and... (Electrochemical Soc)
Fuel Cells: A Handbook (R. Engleman)
Fuel Cell Handbook (A. Appleby)
Fuel Cell Power for Transportation (SAE)
Fuel Cell Systems (Leo Blomen)
Fuel Cell Systems Explained (James Larmie)
Fuel Cell Technology Handbook (Gregor Hoogers)
PEM Fuel Cell Systems... (Allison Gas Turbine)
Powering the Future. Ballard and the... (Tom Koppel)
Technology Development Goals for Auto.. (Inc. Dir. Tech)
Towards a Fuel Cell Future: Planning.... (Inst. Trans Studies)

Hybrid Autos:

1994 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Challenge (D. Stephens)
Advanced Components for Electric & Hybrid... (K. Stricklett)
Advancements in Electric & Hybrid Vehicle... (SAE)
Design Innovations in Electric & Hybrid... (B. Bates)
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Design Studies (SAE)
Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology (N. Bagot)
Electric & Hybrid Vehiles: Implementation... (SAE)
Forward Drive: The race to build the car... (Jim Motavalli )
Hybrid Vehicle Engines and Fuel Technology (SAE )
Lightweight Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Design  (John Fenton )
Strategies in Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Design (B. Greene)
Technical Assesment of Switched Reluctance Drives (E.A. Engineering )


Alternate Energy Sources VII Bioconversion... (T. Veziroglu)
Combustion (Irvin Glassman)
Corrosion of Metals and Hydrogen-Related Phenomena (J. Flis)
DOE Hydrogen Fuel Energy Info Series.. (NREL)
Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles... (James MacKenzie)
Fuel From Water (Michael Peavey)
Gaseous Hydrogen Systems at Consumer Sites (NFPA)
Hearnessing Hydrogen (James Cannon)
Heat Engines (John Sandfort)
Hydrocarbon Synthesis from Hydrogen (Edwin Kugler)
Hydrogen & Metal Hydride Batteries (P. Bennett)
Hydrogen as a Transportation Fuel (Gene Berry)
Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier (Carl Winter)
Hydrogen Embrittlement: Prevention & Control (L. Raymond)
Hydrogen Energy and Power Generation... (T. Veziroglu)
Hydrogen Fuel for Surface Transportation (James Hefflel)
Hydrogen Power: An Introduction... (L. Williams)
Hydrogen Storage Materials (R. Barnes)
Hydrogen Storage Materials Batteries & ... (Electrochem Soc)
Hype About Hydrogen (Joseph J. Romm)
Symposium on Hydrogen Storage, Batteries, & ... (D. Corrigan)
Solar Hydrogen Chronicles (Walt Pyle)
Solar Hydrogen Energy System (Eduard Justi)

  Newsgroups: .
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Subscription details will vary with your choice of news server...
Possibilities appear here and here.

sci.energy.hydrogen alt.energy.homepower

  Methane Hydrates: .
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Methane Hydrates (also known as Clathrates) are deep sea and
Arctic tundra deposits of methane locked in ice.

These appear abundant and offer energy densities approaching
gasoline. Serious problems involving purity, net energy recovery,
instability, and environmental disaster have yet to be resolved.

    Methane Hydrate Fact Sheet from the USGS
       Gas hydrate energy is estimated to total twice the amount of
       carbon to be found in all known fossil fuels on Earth

   Methane Hydrate Tutorial from ORNL
        A clathrate is a structure in which water molecules
bond to form an
ice-like cage that encapsulates a gas molecule

   Methane Hydrate Research Initiative by ORNL
        These have unusually fast sonic properties. Their instabilities
        could cause sudden release environmental disasters.

    Methane Hydrate Hazard Evaluation by CNIE
       There is today no safe way to produce the gas. Destabilization
      of the hydrates is a significant hazard.

Huncreds of additional references can be found using Google or Hotbot.

  Liquid Nitrogen Powered Cars: .
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Liquid Nitrogen cars are "gee whiz" student projects that offer
the energy density of lead acid batteries at one tenth the cost.

   A Cool Nitrogen Car from the University of North Texas
A second exploration of liquid nitrogen cars. The "engine" is
just a plain old air motor. Air conditioning ends up trivial.

  For more help: .
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