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Carbon Nanotubes (Carbon , Vol 33) (Morinubo Endo)
Carbon Nanotubes and Related Structures (Peter Harris)
Carbon Nanotubes : Preparation and Properties (T. Ebbesen)
Fullerine Fundamentals (Henry Ehrenreich)
Fullerine Polymers (Joseph Shinar)
History & Physics of Fullerine C60 (Djuro Koruga)
Lecture Notes on Fullerine Chemistry (Roger Taylor)
Optical & Electronic Properties of Fullerines (Joseph Shinar)
Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes (R. Saito)
Physics of Fullerine Based Materials (Wanda Andreoni)
Science of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes (S. Dresselhaus)
Science &Technology of Carbon Nanotubes (K. Tanaka)
Science & Technology of Fullerine Materials (Patrick Bernier )
Synthesis & Structure of Carbon Nanotubes (M. S. Dresselhaus)