Free eBooks

     We are in the process of putting just about all of our
     classic reprints on the Guru's Lair in free eBook form.

     We've learned quite a bit about presenting pre-computer
     "Linotype era" texts in attractive eBook form and can
     now do so for you on a custom consulting basis.

    By combining Acrobat 10 with our Gonzo Utilities, we
    have come up with a pre-cyber scanned eBook system
    whose quality, file sizes, searcability, and value added
    is just about the best available anywhere. Here's a
    demo that can show you what we can exclusively do
    using our new "Director's Cuts" techniques .  

    email us for further details or call (928) 428-4073,

   Nearly all of these files are available as a USB thumb
   drive as well.

The free eBook web library page ( still being built )
      Apple Assembly Cookbook I 
      Apple Assenbly Cookbook II
      Applewriter Cookbook
      Cheap Video Cookbook
      Enhancing your Apple II Volume I 
      Enhancing your Apple II Volume II   
      ISMM Incredible Secret Money Machine
      Machine Language Programming Cookbook I
      Machine Language Programming Cookbook II
      RTL Cookbook  
      Son of Cheap Video 
      TTL Cookbook  
      TV Typewriter Cookbook
      IC-67 Metal Locator Thesis 
      U.S. Patent 3,149,561
      Early Construction Projects & Tutorials
      West Coast Computer Fair II on Cheap Video
     Don Lancaster's Intro to PostScript video
"Director's Cut" Restorations ( .psl for sourcecode )
       AACB1"Level II" Rework
       Applewriter Cookbook
       MLPCI "Level II" Rework
       Paleomagnetism & Archaeomagnetism
       SigForth Intro to PostScript
       Tearing Method from Enhance I
       TVT Image
       Winning the Micro Game