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This is a recent expansion and revalidation of the original and
sorely dated ISMM libary page. But we have also now newly placed
the entire original ISMM book here as a historical archive record.

So much has changed in so many ways that much of the archival
content should be treated as being from another time and place.

A few ISMM copies sometimes remain available here.


An Incredible Secret Money Machine (or ISMM for short)
 is your own small scale technical or craft venture.          

An ISMM is also the title of an older Don Lancaster underground
classic on Home Office and Small Business opportunities. 

Many library files require a Acrobat Reader 3.0 plug-in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat reader, or
with use of any program (GhostScript, Transverter, Illustrator... )
that can accept .PDF files as inputs.

  "Must Read" Tutorial:
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   Tech Innovation Secrets TECHINOV.PDF #68
     A major tutorial on the Fundamental Factors driving recent technical
Decoupling. Accurate replication. Elimination of the
     gatekeepers. Computing power beyond awesome. Bunches more...

Click here or here or here or here for additions.

  Intro to the second ISMM edition... .
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   Introduction to ISMM II ISMMINTR.PDF
      The introduction and first chapter to the second edition of
      Don Lancaster's Incredible Secret Money Machine classic
      on starting your own technical or craft venture.

  Fundamentals.... .
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  Resource Bin #59  RESBN59.PDF (December 1996 )*
      Starting your own technical venture
. Some essentials. Strategy
    and tactics. Getting started. Advertising and promotion. Getting
     ideas. Some starters. More information. Three contests.

   Blatant Opportunist #38  MICROWIN.PDF
The key secrets to using and profiting from microcomputers
     and microcontrollers are revealed here in Don Lancaster's
     winning the micro game tutorial.

   Resource Bin #49  RESBN49.PDF  ( February 1996 )
       Fundamentals of nutting and volting.  
Finding places to get stuff
     and learn stuff. Magazines. Trade journals. Other resources. Books.
     Learning electronics. Research fundamentals. Starting a lab, more.

  Insider stuff... .
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   Blatant Opportunist #31 HELPLINE.PDF 
Some Helpline Hints. Know your goals. Have info on hand. Set
    time limits. Be a careful listener. Answer the real question. "4073".
    Tailor response to region. Dealing with problem callers. More

Click here for more Blatant Opportunist tutorials.

   Blatant Opportunist #36  CONTESTS.PDF
        Industrial contests
can end up as very useful and very profitable
     tools. Here's some insider info on winning announced contests,
     unannounced contests, and running your own promotions.

   Blatant Opportunists #7 ADVETORL.PDF
Don's unique secrets for Mastering the Advetorial. Understanding
     RCF reverse cash flow. How an advetorial works. Dealing with
     blatantcy. Using the editorial exchange. Avoiding ripoffs.

  Lifestyle... .
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"As an M.D. who believes that the health of Americans has not measurably
improved in spite of our ballyhooed successes in the technology of medicine,
I am convinced that lifestyle is the key to augmenting health. Don Lancaster's
approach, as outlined in "Don't Get Sick," is a masterpiece of incisive wisdom
and sound advice. If people implemented his suggestions, their well-being would
skyrocket and their need for expensive drugs and surgery would plummet.

Mr. Lancaster knows the path to health. Follow it."     --  Dr. Kevin Pezzi

   Blatant Opportunist #43  DONTSICK.PDF 
The simplest solution to outrageously high medical insurance
     premiums is: Don't get sick. Here's some tested and proven
     alternates involving fitness, exercise, and nutrition.

   Fitness Awareness Quiz   FITAWARE.PDF 
Self-study quiz created specifically for volunteer firemen
    but useful for just about everybody. Expands on the concepts

Click here for the blatant opportunis library
Click here for an aerobic heart rate chart.
Click here for medical website access

  Opportunities.. .
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Many of these are dated and held here as an archive. Military
surplus opportunities have recently become severely limited.
Newer auction opportunities can be found here, here, here, and here.

    Blatant Opportunist #54  AUCTION.PDF   
A look at the Surplus and Auctions scene. Some useful venues.
      Community colleges. Mil surplus. Distress sales. Hamfests and
      online auctions. Some guidelines. The "Never be underbid "ploy

Click here for Military Surplus buying secrets.
Click here for Used test equipment bargains.

   Resource Bin #82  RESBN82.PDF (November 1998 )
New Secrets of mil surplus, part II Uh, where were we? Winners and
      losers. The "never be underbid" ploy. The bidding process. Getting the
      goods. $24 jeeps? Free surplus? For more help. ISMM contest.

   Resource Bin #81  RESBN81.PDF (October 1998 )
New Secrets of mil surplus, part I DRMS web sites. Finding offered
      tems. Local, national, and RCP sales. Other Sales. Understanding
      condition codes. Efficient markets and typical prices. DRMO base list.

   Resource Bin #73  RESBN73.PDF (February 1998 )
Insider secrets of electronic surplus and auctions. Hamfests.
     Government & Military. Electronic surplus. Web sites. Schools.
     "Closeouts." Auction pubs. Auction houses. Contest.

   Tech Musings #107  MUSE107.PDF  (December 1996 )
SX laser printer repairs, linear phase digital filters, home theater
     opportunities and resources , debunking some techno-myths,
     improved access to government surplus electronics.

  Blatant Opportunist #68  EMERGOP7.PDF   
  Another in a continuing series of Emerging Technical Opportunities.
    Steplocked magic sinewaves. PostScript as Language. Intelligent web
    Technology. Scalable Vector Graphics SVG. Playing with pixels. More

   Blatant Opportunist #53  EMERGOP6.PDF   
Some more Emerging Technical Opportunities. These include pulse
      radio, meatlloradicals, "D" cell turbines, carbon nanofiber hydrides,
      EIS spectroscopy, RFID, massive FPGA's, and brain parity.

Click here for Pulse Radio tutorials and resources.
Click here for additional Hydrogen information.

   Blatant Opportunist #44  EMERGOP5.PDF 
New ways to make a buck on upcoming technology. The baby PIC.
     Bodaciously better BOD bindings. Linearized phase controls. Three
     phase magic sinewaves. New directions for PostScript.

Click here for book-on-demand  tutorials.
Click here for bookbinding books info.

Click here for PIC Microprocessor  tutorials.
Click here for PIC Microprocessor books info.

Click here for PostScript tutorials.
Click here for PostScript books info.

   Blatant Opportunist #37  EMERGOP4.PDF
Fourth annual release of emerging technical opportunities.
     Push me pull you. The TeraHertz mystery band. PIC microcontrollers.
     Magic Sinewaves. Solitons. DNA computing. Binary chain codes.

Click here for Magic Sinewave  tutorials.
Click here for robotic books info.
Click here for pushme-pullyou Hexapod  links

     Blatant Opportunist #27  EMERGOP3.PDF   
  Some more Emerging Technical Opportunities. These include short
      haul telemetry, nonlinear editing, the Digital Bogey, FM RBDS,
      cheap air turbines, sonoluminescence, and Postscript robotics.

Click here for PostScript robotic tutorials.
Click here for additional video editing info.

   Blatant Opportunist #17  EMERGOP2.PDF
       A second review of emerging technical opportunities. Dye based
     solar electricity. Wavelets. GPS navigation. Spread spectrum comm.
     Switched reluctance motors. Aerogels

Emergop I can be found in this archive.

  Product Development: .
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   Blatant Opportunist #24  RISKDOWN.PDF
The "real" way to "invent" something is to become a purveyor
     of risk reduction instead. Using and understanding the idea
     mortality curve. Getting paid. Mining fallout. Two examples.

    Resource Bin #87  RESBN87.PDF (April 1999)
Exploring used test equipment options. The foremost rule. The
      blue book. Some sources. Hamfests. Newsgroups. Auctions.
      Mil surplus. Online auctions. For more help. ISMM III contest.

Click here for Oscilloscope restoring book info.

   Tech Musings #96  MUSE96.PDF ( January 1996 )
 Invention marketing firms, new solar energy CD ROM, Exploring
     a bilateral switch, telephone network interface, extension phone
     lockout, secrets of reverse engineering.

   Tech Musings #95  MUSE95.PDF ( December 19965)
 Superb aviation history book, new RGB to NTSC encoder,
      lamps and lighting efficiency, emerging ultra-fast computers,
      product development concepts.

   Resource Bin #50  RESBN50.PDF  ( March 1996 )
         Injection molding & plastic prototyping.
Plastics and polymers.
      The usual suspects. Getting started. Injection molding. My glue
      gun trick. Rigid vinyl. Vacuum forming. Santa Claus machines.

    Blatant Opportunist #25  ELESIMP.PDF
  The quest for elegant simplicity. Doing more with less.
      The P-38 can opener. Schmidt oscillator. Vortex cooler.
      H-P audio oscillator. Duracell tester. NE-2 neon lamp.

   Hardware Hacker #86  HACK86.PDF  (March 1995 )
The DNA computer language. Some wavelet book resources.
      Magic digital sinewave codes. Engineering economics review.
      Hot new fringe FM RBDS tuner.

  Research... .
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   Blatant Opportunist #42  PRIMREST.PDF  
My primary research tools to find who is doing what to whom
      in any subject. Trade journals, Ulrichs. Alta Vista. CD ROM phone
      books, EITD, data books, amazon.com, Dialog, others.

    Resource Bin #79  RESBN79.PDF (August 1998 )
Secrest of finding semiconductor and ic data. The end of bingo
      cards? Questlink. Chip Directory. EE Sites. ECG and NTE. IC Master.
      Obsolete semi sources. Trade Journals. Newsgroups. A contest.

    Resource Bin #77  RESBN77.PDF (June 1998 )
A look at accessing offshore electronics. Asian Sources Electronic
     Components. Related pubs. Some directories. International magazines.
     Technical support. Some additional web sites. Further help

   Resource Bin #80  RESBN80.PDF (September 1998 )
How to locate elusive test equipment manuals. Newsgroups.
      TV notes Radio Era Archives. Extensive supply tlisting he numbers.
      Some probe Another ISMM II contest. .

   Resource Bin #57  RESBN57.PDF (October 1996 )
Useful resources for electronic servicing.  Electronic repairs. A few
     trade journals. Getting integrated circuits. Getting parts. Printer repair.
     Godzilla versus the Night Nurses contest.

   Resource Bin #62  RESBN62.PDF (March 1997 )
A new way to explore trade journals.. Getting trade journal literate.
     Miller Freeman. Cahners. IDG. CMP. Penton. Chilton. Pennwell. Hearst.
     Story. Asian Sources. Helmers. Ziff Davis. Also Rans. Contest

   Resource Bin #51  RESBN51.PDF  (April 1996 )
       Son of alternate energy 13th, part 6
. Sterling engines. Economic
     analysis. Four books. Electric cars. Human power. Bits and pieces.
     Expansion and continuation of RESBN48.PDF.

   Resource Bin #48  RESBN48.PDF  ( January 1996 )
        Solar and alternate energy resources.  
Solar energy economics.
     Home Power. Solar II CD. World Directory. Real Goods. Online
     resources. Solarjack. Zomeworks. EPRI. AEE. Straw bale homes...

   Blatant Opportunist #13  RESSCRTS.PDF
Classic Don Lancaster pre-web tutorial on Insider Research Secrets.
     The research contiumium. The grestest resource. Library stuff.
     Dialog. UMI. tech books. ervice info. Networking. Consultants net

   Resource Bin #45  RESBN45.PDF  ( October 1995  )
        Mightily manic multimedia magazine madness.
Factsheet 5 and
     Ulrichs. U&lc. Wired. Computer Graphics. Video Toaster User. New
     media. Multimedia producer. Bove & Rhodes, more..

   Resource Bin #44  RESBN44.PDF  ( September 1995 )
        Disabled and handicapped resources.  
Disability bookshelf. Trace
     center CD. Nichcy. Task. Magazines. National Directories. Online
     help. Some web links. New Mobility. Recreation Access, more...

  For more help: .
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  Ask an ISMM question.. 
  Explore an Energy Efficiency Solution.
  Find Instant Research Answers.


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