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From the Castillian Spanish. Meaning vessel or tank                      

Mountain canyons here in the Desert Soutwest are often subject
to violent flash floods. Floodwaters that can carve out monolithic
rock basins. These tinajas hold water during drought times.  

Given enough luck, a  tinaja  can rarely be found that is severely
infested with nude females. Of varying shapes and sizes.  

A tinaja quest is simply a search for tinajas.  The all time grand
champion tinaja questor of all times was Ed Abbey. Who wrote
numerous books on them during his lifetime. 

This library page holds info on the Mount Graham Aerial Tramway,
my Gila Valley Day Hikes, some Wellness tutorials and tools, a
number of humor pieces, access to Ed  Abbey books, and whatever
else off-the-wall that may crop up from time to time.

Most library files require an Adobe Acrobat 4.0  plug in for online
viewing. Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat Reader or
an eBook Reader or any other .PDF accepting program.

  Some Gila Valley Day Hikes: .
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   Some Gila Valley Day Hikes GILAHIKE.SHTML
A collection of my favorite local day hikes gathered and tested
      over the years. Many of which the locals never heard of. The
      number and variety of these is astonishing.

Click here for the Gila Dayhikes library.

  The Mount Graham Aerial Tramway: .
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   Mt. Graham Aerial Tramway TRAMSHOW.PDF" #98
    A combination of artwork and resources used for a lecture on the
    Mount Graham Aerial Tramway. Combines new artwork with my
   own papers and historical documents.                                                 08/08

Click for our Gila Valley Dayhikes library.
Click here for the GuruGram 98 source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

   Mt. Graham Lumber Tram History TRAMHIST.PDF #89
     A machine readable and online reprint of a hard to find key
     historical document for the Mt. Graham Tramway. L.O. Martini's
     Partial History of the Gila Lumber and Milling Company.             05/08

Click for my Mt. Graham Tramway story.
Click here for the GuruGram 89 source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

   Blatant Opportunist #33  GRAMTRAM.PDF
An engineering analysis of the Mount Graham Aerial Tramway,
a 7.5 mile long lumber delivery system with a vertical drop of over
one vertical mile. With lessons for today's product devleopmen.t

Click here for more Blatant Opportunist tutorials.

  Wellness Lifestyles : .
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"As an M.D. who believes that the health of Americans has not measurably
improved in spite of our ballyhooed successes in the technology of medicine,
I am convinced that lifestyle is the key to augmenting health. Don Lancaster's
approach, as outlined in "Don't Get Sick," is a masterpiece of incisive wisdom
and sound advice. If people implemented his suggestions, their well-being would
skyrocket and their need for expensive drugs and surgery would plummet.

Mr. Lancaster knows the path to health. Follow it."     --  Dr. Kevin Pezzi

   Blatant Opportunist #43  DONTSICK.PDF 
The simplest solution to outrageously high medical insurance
     premiums is: Don't get sick. Here's some tested and proven
     alternates involving fitness, exercise, and nutrition.

   Fitness Awareness Quiz   FITAWARE.PDF 
Self-study quiz created specifically for volunteer firemen
    but useful for just about everybody. Expands on the concepts

Click here for the blatant opportunis library
Click here for an aerobic heart rate chart.
Click here for medical website access

  Humor: .
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   Blatant Opportunist #69  MARCIA.PDF 
An annotated collection of The Worst of Marcia Swampfelder.
    Mass teleportation, bob wahr speaker connections, underwater
    pigeon searchlight controls, $9 per kilowatt homebrew solar pv, etc...

Click here for more history of Marcia.
Click here for MARCIA.PSL sourcecode.
Click for more Blatant Opportunist columns.
Click for more Marcia Swampfelder projects.

   Resource Bin #63  RESBN63.PDF (april 1997)
     A painless way to scam a student paper. Fast web searching.
Archaeomagnetism. Buckyballs. mass teleportation,
refrigeration, mystery band, Santa Claus machines.

Click here for more Resource Bin tutorials.

  Ed Abbey Books: .
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Abbey's Road : Take the Other (Edward Abbey)
Appalachian Wilderness : The Great... (E.Abbey & E. Porter
The Best of Edward Abbey (Edward Abbey)
Beyond the Wall : Essays from the Outside (Edward Abbey)
Black Sun (Edward Abbey)
The Brave Cowboy : An Old Tale in a New Time (Edward Abbey)
Confessions of a Barbarian : Selections from... (Edward Abbey)
Coyote in the Maze : Tracking Edward Abbey (Peter Quigley)
Desert Solitaire (Edward Abbey)
Down the River (Edward Abbey)
Epitaph for a Desert Anarchist : The Life... (James Bishop)
Fire on the Mountain (Edward Abbey)
The Fool's Progress : An Honest Novel (Edward Abbey)
Good News (Edward Abbey)
Hayduke Lives! : A Novel (Edward Abbey)
The Journey Home : Some Words in Defense... (Edward Abbey)
The Monkey Wrench Gang (Edward Abbey)
One Life at a Time, Please  (Edward Abbey)
The Serpents of Paradise : A Reader (Edward Abbey)
Voice Crying in the Wilderness (Edward Abbey)

  For more help: .
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