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Banner type display ads are now welcome on the Guru's Lair.

A major upgrade to our banner program is in process. There are
newly eight banner slots per page, and all banners automatically
in random order through all available slots for full coverage.

You can repeatedly click on your Reload button for a demo. All
banners will appear on virtually all first and second level Guru's Lair
site pages. Giving many hundreds of possible page views per visit.

Through use of a banner data base, any banner can now be instantly
updated site-wide at any time.

This unique sole-sourced content site is currently receiving around
500,000 hits per month with a hits to total impressions ratio of 7.3:1.
We are currently getting 1800 visitors and 2600 page impressions daily.
There are well over one thousand external hot links to this site. These
are increasing at a verified average rate of five per day.

The Guru's Lair is aggressively indexed in Hotbot, Google, Alta Vista
and other major and minor search services.

The targeted audience is intelligent and mostly male readers with
strong computer and electronic interests. Many are smaller scale
startups and technical entrepreneurs. See the Guru's Lair library
shelves for the many other special tech interest topics covered.

The site is usually updated daily with new and unique material. There
is a current 1200+ file backlog yet to be uploaded. The rate at which
new content can be added depends upon your strong support.

Current banner rates are $89 per month. This includes placement on
virtually all pages, What's New? mentions, home page sponsor's live
links, and occasional newsgroup, forum, or print coverage.

These rates are equivalent to $1.14 per thousand impressions and
(depending on your message) around seven cents per click thru.

One banner advertiser reports over 100 click-throughs per day at a
cost per click-through of 3.6 cents each! This dramatically shows
what can be done with an exceptional and tightly targeted offer.

Only compatible ads for products I can honestly endorse are accepted.
All banners are top quality; No exchanges or co-ops are permitted.

Banner size is 65 pixels high by 280 pixels wide, 5600 bytes max. We
can design a banner for you at a one time $64 charge.

Click You can email me for our latest logfile reports and user stats for
the Guru's Lair website. A free logfile reporting utility appears as our
ANALOGEB.PDF found in our GuruGram Library.

See BANNYEAR.PDF for the insider secrets of banner advertising.
Or DONBIO.PDF or WAYWERE.PDF or our ISMM Library to see
where we're coming from. 

   Regional Auction Resource Sponsorships .
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You can sponsor a local auction resources area on our Auction Help
page for a one time fee of $89. This gives you a convenient local link
listing of 50 to 75 genuinely useful local live auction resources. You also
get a long term crediting link to a home page or website of your choice.

Eventually, we hope to have a clickable map of these that will cover the
entire country on expansion. Please email me if you want to participate.

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You can also support the Guru's Lair through use of our InfoPack,
Consulting, Research Partner, or Seminar services. Or simply by
participating in any of our Bargain Sales or eBay Auctions. Or
by visiting our new eBay Store.

Or by adding your own appropriate links and newsgroup comments.

But best of all, you can now support the Guru's Lair at zero cost to
yourself by using This Link to buy any and all of your books.

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