Bezier  Cubic  Splines  Library
       Cubic splines are an excellent way of creating
       curved graphics for everything from CAD/CAM
       to PostScript. The focus here is on understandable
       tutorials that let you fully exploit cubic splines.

      New: Lagrange Bezier thru 4 points demo!

      New: Lagrange Bezuer thru 4 points ps sourcecode!

  The Math Behind Cubic Splines  
  Using Cubic Splines
  Cubic Spline through Four Points
  Cubic Spline Length and Subdivision
  Cubic Spline Minimum Point Distance
  Cubic Spline Circle and Ellipse Approximations
  Pixed Interpolation Algorithms
  Length of a Bezier Curve
  Image Post Processing Tools
  Main Cubic Spline Library