Prehistoric Hanging Canals,
            Gila Valley Dayhikes, and
                Tinaja Questing Info

     Some recent Safford area discoveries have located
     dozens of mountain stream fed prehistoric hanging
     canals that represent utterly mind boggling world
     class stone age engineering. At least 31 canals
     of 75 kilometer(!) total lengths are now known.

     Also included are regional travel and historic links.

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  Glyphs paper
  Prehistoric Hanging Canal Engineering
  Prehistoric Hanging Canal Engineering (sourcecode)
  Prehistoric Bajada Hanging Canals
  Prehistoric Bajada Hanging Canals (sourcecode)
  Prehistoric Hanging Canal Image Tour 
  Prehistoric Hanging Canal Image Tour (sourcecode)
  Prehistoric Hanging Canal Summary
  Prehistoric Hanging Canal Summary (sourcecode)
  Prehistoric Hanging Canal Paper ( Update III )
  Prehistoric Hanging Canal Paper III (Sourcecode )
  Prehistoric Hanging Canal Lecture ( Update III )
  Prehistoric Hanging Canal Lecture III (Sourcecode )
 Prehistoric Hanging Canal images:
       allen0.jpg - Allen Canal takein
       allen1.jpg - Allen Canal below dam
       bestgrid.jpg - Best Northern Grids image
       culebra1.jpg - Culebra cut with Dr. Neely
       culebra2.jpg - Culebra cut raw
       dragan.jpg - Draganfly promotion
       frye1.jpg - Robinson Topo ( misnamed )
       frye2.jpg - Frye Mesa Braided + HS Canal
       gc1.jpg - Golf Course cut image #1
       gc2.jpg - Golf Course cut image #2
       golf3.jpg - Golf Course people image
       hangcan1.jpg - Original Marijilda hanging
       henry1.jpg - Middle of Henry Canal
       jern1.jpg - End of Jerningan Canal
       levita.jpg - Levita Hanging Canal Maderia
       map2.jpg - Screen dump of early kml
       mary2.jpg - Nicer image of Marijilda hang
       mud1.jpg - Middle of Mud Springs below dam
       mud2.jpg - Lower Mud Springs with flowers
       mud3.jpg - Northern Mud Springs known limit
       mud4.jpg - First hanging portion of Mud Springs
       rinc1.jpg - Twin boobs ponding area
       rinc2.jpg - Detail of Twin Boobs + Cactus
       rob1.jpg - Main hanging portion of Robinson
       rob2.jpg - Hung Robinson detail
       rob3.jpg - Robinson top of mesa
       safcan1.jpg - GIS Map
       safcanmap.kml - Google Earth Map
       threeswitch.jpg - Narrow portion of Deadman
       tranq1.jpg - Mid tranquility in urban area
       tranq2.jpg - Tranquility rebuild detail
       trol1.jpg - Troll house mid Mud Springs
       twinb1.jpg - Twin boobs before Safford trashing
   Prehistoric Hanging Canal field notes::
      Allen Canal
      Bear Springs Canal
      Cluffnw Canal
      Freeman Canal
      Frye Complex
      Golf Course Canal
      Jernigan Canal
      Lefthand Canyon West
      Longview Area
      Lower Frye Construct
      Mud Springs
      Minor Webster Ditch
      Robinson Canal
      Sand Canal
      Smith Canal
      Tranquility Canal
      Tugood Canal
      Veech Canal
         ( For sourcecodes, use .psl trailers above. )
      Bear Flat Canal redirects here
      Bigler Canal redirects here 
      HS Canal redirects here
      Tailwater Canal redirects here
  Wesrch Bajada Canal 
  Wesrch Bajada Canal ( sourcecode )
  Wesrch Canal Intro
  Wesrch Canal Intro ( sourcecode )
  2012 Blog Canal Excerpts
  2013 Blog Canal Excerpts
  2014 Blog Canal Excerpts
   Prehistoric Hanging GIS map
   Prehistoric Hanging Google Earth map
   Hanging Canal Image Directory 
  Ongoing Canal Status Updates
  Allen Canal Map 
  Mud Springs Canal Map 
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  Lair Mt. Grahm CNF Survey
  McEniry Triumph Tunnel Scam
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