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Over the years, I've managed to make at least one trip
somewhere just about every week forever. Some for
caving, some for prehistoric canals, some for tinaja quests,
some for escape, some for Bed and Breakfasts, and some
as plain old dog walks or day hikes.
I thought I might compile a list of nearby Gila Valley
day hikes
here. Some of which even the natives have
never heard of.

I've newly provided lat-lon text links on many of these
locations, but certain sensitive areas involving Indian
habitation sites, some caves, and a few other areas
have been purposely omitted.

I've personally visited nearly all of these sites at least
While many are close in, a very few of the more
intriguing locations may involve an hour's drive or so
from the greater Bonita-Eden-Sanchez metropolitan

Please report your own additions, corrections, present
conditions, or comments here.

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Find Find Hodge's Arizona as it is here.
And Hinton's Handbook to Arizona here.

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  Gila Valley Day Hikes 1 - 15:
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      FRYE MESA FALLS -- Waterfalls, rock scrambling,
      fishing. Family thru canyoneering. Access recently
      greatly improved, but last 4WD mile can be very rough.
      N 32.74517 W 109.83710 

      RED KNOLLS -- Has many dozens of pseudokarst pits.
      These are very easy  to rig -- just push the bolts in with
      your  thumb. A recent scientific experiment here verified
      that if you are going to blow the top off a mesa, it might
      end up suboptimal to be standing on the mesa at the time.
      WARNING: Pits are highly unstable and dangerous!
      N 32.96087 W 109.94031

     McENIRY TUNNEL - One of many local investment scams.
     This one to tap Mount Graham  for water and gold. You
     simply scraped the gold off the ceiling directly into your
     ore cars. The last quarter mile of 4WD is usually hiked
     instead. AKA the Triumph Tunnel.
     N 32.77583 W 109.86747

     SAFFORD GRIDS -- Incredibly spectacular prehistoric
     ag structures. Many thousands north of the river, and
     a few hundred to the south. Possibly used to  farm aguaves
     for mescal. Or possibly the paleo prototypical Dilbert
     cubicles. Find the definitive book here.
     Such as N 32.93309 W 109.82023

      CCC CAMP -- An amazingly close in "ghost
     town" that seems virtually unknown. Includes buildings,        
     trails, auto service training ramps.
     N 32.86087 W 109.57744

     TENSION STATION -- Much of the Mount Graham
      Tramway is very hard  to access. But the first tension
      station is an easy hike with minimal 4WD.
      N 32.80700 W 109.88106

   COTTON CAVE -- Site of long removed prehistoric cotton and
   pottery artifacts a difficult climb abov
e the McEniry Tunnel

   Actually a void formed from collapse of Gneiss boulders, rather
   than a "true" cave. The historic documents appear here and a
   recent trip report here.

    BONITA CREEK - Nearby wet stream includes Indian ruins,
    birds, hiking, and histor
y. Note that Lee Trail midway access
    is strictly limited to 4WD + Granny ONLY!

    N 32.91551 W 109.49230

    PREHISTORIC HANGING CANALS-- Literally hung on
    the sides of steep bajada mesas as much as 180 feet (!) above
    the surrounding terrain. Creating ag complexes many dozens
    of miles long. This is world class unique engineering beyond
    stunning. Thirty one canals are now known with a total distance
    above sixty miles!


    RINCON SPRING - Mile long dayhike  gives you sweeping
    valley views. Very seldom  traveled. Excellent winter trip. Go
    north  from Marijilda crossing.
    N 32.72353 W 109.79454

    DEAD CAMEL PLACE - Footprints of  paleo animals and
    other Pliocene paleontology. South of the Mackenzie River.

   THOSE "ICE CAVES" -- Spheroidally weathered granite voids
    just below the Grant-Goudy trail once held year long ice. Perhaps
    sixty feet or so of total depth. Rather overrated. Approach from
    Soldier Creek Campground.

    N 32.69479 W 109.91945

   GOAT HILL SITE -- Indian ruin on the summit of a small knoll.
   Dating from the 1300's. Other ruins nearby.

   ZEOLITE MINES -- Thin layers of minerals with an incredible
   variety of
catalytic, filtering, and similar uses. Several different
   sites in intermittent use south of Hot Wells Dunes and north of
   Some locations near N 32.46976 W 109.41021

   CARTER BOX -- Secret hidden pools here once held native fish.
   I am not sure what our drought conditions have done recently. 

   N 32.79435 W 109.97086

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 16-30:
 top   bot 

   MORENCI CRYSTAL CAVE - Several  hundred feet of limestone
    passage, typically with a lake blocking some easier access.
   HIDDEN GILA ACCESS -- Several obscure ag roads lead to
   an amazingly pristine river stretch halfway between Pima and
   Thatcher. Approachable by 4wd from either north or south.
    N 32.89068 W 109.79279

   ASH CAMP - Nice picnic area with a usually running stream.
   Flume and mountain access trails further up. Above Cluff ponds.
   The road above the camp has recently been much improved.
   N 32.79710 W 109.85665

   MOUNT GRAHAM OBSERVATORY -- Incredible technology.
   Guided tours only from Discovery Park. Seasonal.

   APACHE BOX -- A favorite hiking area  of BLM employees just
   over the NM border. Nearby Buddhist monastery tours.
    N 32.93375 W 108.99324

   STOCKTON & GILLEPSIE WASHES --  Nice picnic areas.
   Through hikes down stream are easy but only seldom done.
   N 32.56892 W 109.76138 

   HOT WELL DUNES - BLM hot tubs, sand dunes, off road
   vehicle paradise. Enforced dress code.
    N 32.52349 W 109.42644

   EDEN WATER SPREADERS -- Enigmatic check dams leap
   out at you from satellite photos. These appear to be mostly
   CCC water control structures dating from the 1930's.
   N 32.96768 W 109.83663
   SAN CARLOS FALLS -- Spectacular but rather difficult
   canyoneering on the res. Rec permit required and enforced.
   N 33.43966 W 110.27326

   ALLEN RESERVOIR -- Failed flood control dam is rarely
   visited. Makes for interesting close in exploration. Supposedly
   once used for water skiing!
   N 32.83338 W 109.79374

    OAK GROVE CANYON -- Seldom visited and little known
    feeder canyon  to Aravaipa offers a wet stream, cliffs, riparian.
    Check BLM for access.
    N 32.84564 W 110.44502

    GOAT WELL DETENTION -- Spectacular San Simon erosional
    features caused by extreme long term overgrazing.
    N 32.70529 W 109.55081

    CUNNINGHAM ROADS -- Old logging trails atop Mt. Graham
    are closed to vehicles but offer superb and easy hiking, horsing,
    and mountain biking. North of Swift Trail.
    N 32.67733 W 109.88020

    GRANT HILL ROADS -- Very similar to the Cunningham Roads,
    except earlier and to the South of Swift Trail. Superb views.
N 32.66555 W 109.88320

    SANTA TERESA ROCK CLIMBING -- World class climbing
    granite is little known and seldom visited. Klondyke Wall is
    particularly challenging. As can be parts of Pinnacle Ridge.
N 32.88591 W 110.21275

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 31-45:
 top   bot 
      MARIJILDA PICNIC AREA -- Small pools are perfect for
      kiddies. Lots of  big trees, but fewer because of recent flood
      N 32.69925 W 109.78810

      MORENCI MINE TOUR -- Commercial  tours of one of the
      largest copper mines in the world are not presently available,
      but info on planned new ones might be found here.
      Overview at N 33.08943 W 109.38066

      YELLOWSTONE DAM -- small catchment  in scenic area
      has an unusual flying buttress architecture. Separate from
      Yellowstone Tank, but in the same area.
      N 32.86432 W 109.36343

     SAN CARLOS LAKE -- Often the largest lake in the area
     offers fishing and boating plus unusual Coolidge multiple dome
     dam. Reservation permits required.
     N 33.18140 W 110.51023

     WEST END MINES -- Historic district east of Duncan offers
     all sorts of exploration  possibilities. Avoid tunnels and shafts!
     N 32.81640 W 108.98076

     PIMA BOX -- Unusual geological feature forms a short box
     canyon in the Upper Sonoran life zone. Javelinas and Saguaros
     common here. The Black Hills Arch is further upcanyon.
    Box at N 33.06978 W 109.93902
Arch near N 33.07837 W 109.93464

     ROPER LAKE STATE PARK -- Has developed hot springs,
     lakes with islands, fishing, camping, hiking. Fees charged.
      N 32.75522 W 109.70487

     FLYING BOXCAR - Rare static display of a military C119G
    "flying boxcar" twin boom cargo and paratroop plane at Pima
     International Airport, aka the Flying J. Call in advance.
    N 32.84627 W 109.88065

    LEBANON PONDS - Collection of fairly large  reservoirs that
    hold seasonal water and provide storage for a historic irrigation
    Number one at N 32.73472 W 109.76092
    Number two at N 32.74454 W 109.74718

   GILA BOX -- Hiking access to the box itself is difficult, but the
   white water  takeout  near the Flying W picnic ground includes
   superb swimming.
    Gila Box at N 32.93903 W 109.42824
    Flying W at N 32.88462 W 109.48260

   DEADMAN CANYON -- Offers several waterfalls, mid-route
   access to the Round the Mountain trail, and an irrigation canal
   that  runs along the highest point on its ridge. A "secret" and
   seldom traveled track routes backwards and south off Deadman
   Mesa into the lower canyon.
   Main Deadman at N 32.73890 W 109.81142
   Secret track at N 32.74522 W 109.79824

   EAGLE CREEK BAT CAVE -- Early guano mining combined with
   seasonal bat flights. F-M permit recommended.
   N 33.02369 W 109.41273

   OLD MARBLE QUARRY -- Historic artifacts in Emigrant Canyon
   once included steam engines and other equipment. Also rappelling
   and huge stone blocks. Landowner relations often less than stellar.
   N 32.11505 W 109.40300

   SAN SIMON BARRIER DAM -- Erosion  control structure quickly
   filled with mud the instant it was built. Does prove that one of the
   indicator species of overgrazing is cows.
   N 32.78109 W 109.60895

   DANKWORTH PONDS -- One time warm spring fish farm offers
   hiking and day picnicking, trails, and shady escape. Fee charged.
   Recently improved.
   N 32.71958 W 109.70525

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 46-60:
 top   bot 

   CHINA PEAK OBSERVATORY -- A largely abandoned U/A
   geophysical facility includes a remote airport runway and an
   experimental geodetic dome 
   32.7292347 -110.2964753

   SNOW FLAT -- Small lake near the end of the Swift Trail
   pavement. A hidden trail leads the back way to Treasure Park.
   N 32.65273 W 109.86505

   DISCOVERY PARK -- A failed museum is now part of EAC.
   Nature trails, ranariums, telescope access, flight simulators,
   lectures,  Circle D Ranch facility, more. Train rides are not
   presently available.
   N 32.79852 W 109.72798

   MARIJILDA RUIN -- Multi-family rock architecture prehistoric
    native structures  date from the 13th century. 4WD access to
   start of hike is mesmerizingly awful.

   SAFFORD-MORENCI TRAIL -- An old horse route has been
   developed and marked by BLM. Mine activity limits partial access.
   West end N 32.97274 W 109.62221
   East end N 33.05820 W 109.44051

   ROCKHOUNDING -- Areas include Black Hills and Round
   Mountain for fire agate and chalcedony; Old Highway 70 for
   amygdule specimens; Many other San Simon valley locations
   may show the odd piece of chalcedony. The Grand Reef mine
   once offered spectacular mineral specimens, but may be under
   ADEQ remediation. Note that Stanley Butte garnet and Peridot
   peridots are off limits.
Agate can be found in the Limestone Gulch
   and Mulligan Peak areas More on our local minerals here.

Black Hills N 32.85485 W 109.39210
  Round Mountain N 32.54134 W 109.10530
  Amygdules N 32.77117 W 109.40571
  Grand Reef N 32.88250 W 110.31750
  Mulligan Peak N 33.08165 W 109.26796

   ARAVAIPA GHOST TOWN -- Some  buildings remain from an
   old mining district. Access may be landowner restricted.
    N 32.95714 W 110.35569

   ROUND THE MOUNTAIN TINAJAS Just below the crossing in
   Upper Marijilda. These are world class rock pools.
    N 32.68482 W 109.81136

   FISHOOKS WILDERNESS - Remote area  with solitude, ruins,
   small intermittent streams, riparian. Rarely visited.
N 33.21583 W 109.97862

   RIGGS FLAT LAKE -- Fishing, camping,  hiking on top of Mount
   Graham. Closed in winter.
   N 32.70784 W 109.96514

   NATURESWEET TOURS -- Huge tomato  production facility on the
   other side of the mountain sometimes offers free tours. Acquired
   by NatureSweet. Call in advance.
   N 32.46861 W 109.94141

   PADDIE'S RIVER -- Interesting side canyon in the Galiuros.
   You can approach  from the Sunset area.
    N 32.62344 W 110.26036

   WILD RASPBERRIES -- Late August  in most any old burn area
   on the top of Mount Graham. Also prickly pears and commercial
   apples later and lower.
   raspberries around N 32.65622 W 109.85794, etc...
   pears all along the Swift Trail such as N 32.63767 W 109.82305
  apples at N 32.63988 W 109.81977

   EAGLE CREEK HOT SPRING -- There are several of these. The
   nicest is like soaking inside a giant geode. A F-M mine access permit
   is recommended.
  N 33.04796 W 109.44097

   PIMA BADLANDS -- Huge area to the west is largely roadless.
   Interesting geology full of nooks and crannies of one sort or another.

   area around N 32.88002 W 109.87159

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 61-75:
 top   bot 

    ARAVIPIA CANYON - World class  riparian wilderness
    stream. BLM permits required. 
    east end N 32.88002 W 109.87159
    west end N 32.86449 W 110.60054

   CLUFF PONDS -- Several small reservoirs in an Arizona Game
   and Fish developed  location. Easy access south of Pima.
   N 32.82195 W 109.84446

   NORTH TAYLOR CANYON -- Hiking trails lead to a divide
   in the mountains separating Mt Graham proper from West Peak.
   N 32.74336 W 110.00595

   COPPER CREEK CROSSOVER -- An ancient and vehicle
   impassible wagon road once connected fourmile with the upper
   end of the Copper Creek mining district. Access may be restricted.
   N 32.77238 W 110.41532

   CARTER SAWMILL - One of many earlier sawmill sites that
   are reachable by a hiking trail beyond 4WD access.

   N 32.74369 W 109.99527

   POWERS GARDEN -- Scene in the Galiuros of a major historical
   shootout. Today a pleasant but very long riparian hike.
   N 32.65375 W 110.35973 

   OLD US 70 - Two stretches of long abandoned and and somewhat
   overgrown roadways are perfect  for hiking and mountain biking.
   Amygdules are somewhat collectible and found in the Slick Rock
   Wash area.
   West segment N 32.82446 W 109.50082
   East segment  N 32.80628 W 109.41611

   DUTCH HENRY TRAIL -- The only eastern trail off the mountain.
   Starts in Onion Saddle. Ends up in Stockton Wash.
   N 32.61454 W 109.77565

   BLACKJACK CAVE -- Large shelter cave in the under appreciated
   Big Lue Mountain range near the NM border. Hidden Philips Tank
   makes an interesting destination southeast of Blackjack Campground.
   Off a superb Maverick Hill ATV route.
    Blackjack Cave near N 33.04118 W 109.10656
    Blackjack Campground at N 33.05794 W 109.08036
    Phillips Tank at N 33.04118 W 109.10656

   HANNA HOT SPRING -- One of the most remote in AZ now needing
   a 14 mile round trip hike. Check nearby Little Blue Box and the
   columnar hex basalt a short trip upcanyon from the spring.
    Hot Spring N 33.39980 W 109.15257
     Basalt N 33.40048 W 109.14880
    Little Blue Box N 33.40349 W 109.15918

   FORT BOWIE -- Old military fort is a National Monument. The
   normal access involves a one mile hiking trail. But a"secret"
   paved road goes straight to the visitor center!
  Hiking trailhead N 32.15635 W 109.45277
 "Secret" road N 32.14727 W 109.43423

   NOON CREEK -- The first shady picnic spot on the mountain.
   Two miles further up is the Wet Canyon arm of Jacobson Creek,
   with just enough of a small stream for kiddy puddling. These both
   have good examples of CCC rockwork.
Noon Creek N 32.66784 W 109.79622
   Wet Canyon N 32.65122 W 109.81300

   EL CAPITAN CANYON -- My favorite narrow Escabrosa
   Limestone slot canyon where you can almost touch both walls
   at once. Minimum trip size: four, at least one of whom should
   be rope qualified
. Inappropriate for dogs.
    N 33.17926 W 110.80769

   DEER CREEK CABIN -- The trailhead for several NE Galiuro
   trails that include Kennedy Peak and others.
   N 32.66562 W 110.28651

I can't seem to find this
   one anymore, although it is likely near or at the "old rabbit farm".
   Similar areas in the San Simon valley are fun to explore. They are
   largely failures owing to overgrazing, drought, and excessive optimism.

   N 32.50046 W 109.34005

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 76-90:
 top   bot 

   BELLOWS CANYON -- Start at the West Peak lookout  tower
   and work your way down John's Canyon Ridge and Bellows Canyon
   to the old ranger station site and spring. Topo maps essential on
   this long but easy downhill hike.
   N 32.74580 W 110.08070

   CEDAR SPRINGS -- Popular family and  religious retreat and
   gathering place. Drought has reduced the springs from spectacular
   to  the barest hint of a seep.
   N 32.77680 W 110.15249

   JUAN MILLER -- Primo access route to the  Lower Blue River
   country along with developed campgrounds and some fascinating
   geology. One possible access route to the Blue River Fish Barrier.
  N 33.26936 W 109.34976

   FISHERMAN'S POINT -- Seldom visited area just into New
   Mexico offers fishing, swimming, impressive cliffs. Fuller road,
   then north, then right at wye. In Lower Box Canyon.
  Overview at N 32.63046 W 108.85276
  Access via N 32.63196 W 108.85475

   WHITLOCK CAVES & RUINS -- Nearly inaccessible on east
   face of mountain. See the topo map or Acme Mapper for details.
    N 32.60228 W 109.40265

   SOUTH BUFORD CANYON -- The "back  way" to Aravaipa is
   perfect for mountain biking and remote hiking.
   N 32.81482 W 110.24426

   HOT DOG FORMATIONS -- Mysterious bunkers five miles
   SxSSE of Swift Trail Junction are possibly CCC projects. SWq S9.
   My own theory is that one of these may contain a dead horse.
   Hard to find.
   Examples near N 32.66181 W 109.69657

   McEUEN RUIN -- One of very few local large rock shelters inside
   a cave. Access restricted.

   GRANT CREEK - Very difficult hike involves steep trail. The
    falls themselves demand ropework and canyoneering skills.
    N 32.67016 W 109.91033

    STOCKTON PASS AREA -- Besides picnic and camping areas,
    offers access  to Shake Springs trail and routes south through
    upper Hog Canyon.
    N 32.59173 W 109.85523

    HIDDEN TREASURE PARK -- Obscure rough trails lead to very
    private camping on  flowing but tiny Big Creek. Plus alternate
    foot access to the Grant Hill area.
    N 32.66152 W 109.87618

    REDFIELD CANYON -- The "other" wet stream in the Galiuros
    is my favorite. Private land access can be avoided by the longer
    Jackson Cabin approach. north from the Muleshoe.
    N 32.44405 W 110.31963
    RUG ROAD TO PARSONS -- While this is a mesmerizingly
    awful world class jeep  trail, day hiking to Parsons Grove makes
    for a very reasonable all day foot trip.
    Eastern rug road start at N 32.86647 W 110.43121
    Parsons Grove at N 32.82446 W 110.47657

    THE GREASEWOODS -- Plenty of hiking opportunities, especially
    via the Wood Canyon road. Other approaches are near the
    Jernigan Ranch, Oak Draw, or the Ten Ranch.
Wood Canyon N 32.43511 W 109.74907
     Jernigan N 32.54092 W 109.76375
     Ten Ranch N 32.47176 W 109.70049 
     Oak Draw N 32.59047 W 109.68466

    GUTHRIE PEAK -- Antenna farm offers  sweeping views of
    the Gila Valley and  much of Southeastern Arizona.

    N 32.59047 W 109.68466

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 91-105:
 top   bot 

     DAY MINE AREA -- Seasonal wet streams, oak woodland, solitude.
    Access starts just north of Fort Thomas. Do NOT try to return via
    Markham Creek! 4wd tracks do not connect in any obvious way.

    N 33.13691 W 109.87859

    BATTLE MOUNTAIN -- The actual location of this Apache-U.S.
     Calvary skirmish ranged from Cedar Springs to K-H Butte.
    The injuns won this one 4-0 in double overtime.
    Cedar Springs N 32.77685 W 110.15235
    K H Butte N 32.71007 W 110.0842

    TRAMWAY ACCESS -- The best areas  demand extreme effort.
    These do include the high towers, the escarpment leap, Alabam
    Point, and fourth transfer station.
    HOOKER HOT SPRINGS -- Aka the Muleshoe Ranch. Includes
    interpretive hikes and rentable Nature Conservancy casitas.  
    N 32.33621 W 110.23856

   LADYBUG PEAK -- Stunning views plus seasonal namesake insects
   in vast quantities. Gives access to Dutch Henry, Bear Canyon, and
   the actual and quite steep Ladybug trail.
  N 32.62250 W 109.81898

   SPRING CANYON -- Little known and seldom visited birding
   area north of the Mesquite Bosque. Last visit included two
   penguins and a great auk.
   N 32.89473 W 109.50153

   LITTLE DRAGOON ARCH -- One of the  larger natural stone
   arches in SE Arizona. Bushwacking required for access. Can be
   seen from I-10. Sort of.
   Near N 32.05214 W 110.09423

   PEYOTE WAY CHURCH OF GOD -- Definitely a trip. Probably
   the only remaining hippy commune in the area. Unique pottery.
   Near N 32.73641 W 110.23210

   P RANCH MINE -- One of very few mines in the largely
   unmineralized Grahams. Also nearby is a very early irrigation canal.
  N 32.65096 W 109.74067

   TOPPY'S CAVE -- Huge shelter cave on the eastern slope of
   upper Bonita Creek. Steep hike off a difficult 4WD route.
   Named, of course, for Presley Cantrell.
    N 33.03561 W 109.52051

   TANQUE -- Little remains at this railroad site that once provided
   water for steam engines. Alternate road to Hot Well Dunes.
    N 32.60885 W 109.53825
    COPPER CANYON -- Old mining district at the far end of the
   Rug Road 4WD route.  Wet stream, riparian, anglo ruins.
   Easiest approach is near Mammoth.
    N 32.75036 W 110.47412

    SAN JOSE HOT WELL -- Yet another local hot artesian water
    source. OK Picnic spot is not really swimmable or soakable.
    N 32.82991 W 109.57891

   TURTLE MOUNTAIN -- Long 4WD route gives  possible mine-
   free alternate access to the lower Eagle Creek area.

  N 32.99035 W 109.46018

   SHINGLE MILL CANYON -- Site of the original toll road up
   the Grahams. Now  vehicle impassible in seven places. Also
   gives access to much of the Tramway.
The shingle mill itself was
   possibly in the Hulda Gap area.
  Shingle Mill Canyon Turnoff:: N 32.80777 W 109.87182
  Shingle Mill Canyon:: N 32.77288 W 109.90787
  Possible actual mill location: N 32.75062 W 109.91637

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 106-120:
 top   bot 

   WINGS OVER WILLCOX -- Annual January birding event on
   the Playa celebrates Sandhill Crane flyway.

   SAND TANK -- The primary eastern Santa Teresa access point
   to cross the  range or access Pinnacle Ridge climbing. Also is the
   Cottonwood Peak trailhead.  
   N 32.84962 W 110.20001

  SOUTHERN GILA BOX -- Access roads South of the river are
  much less used. A  reasonable 4wd route near San Jose; a more
  challenging one down Deadman Canyon off the Back Country
  via San Jose: N 32.88233 W 109.48915
  via Deadman: N 32.89383 W 109.46413

  THE ROAD TO NOWHERE -- A "new" road was started up
  the Grahams by prison labor, stalled when funding did. It is not 
  clear how or where both ends were going to meet. Home of "the
  wall", a tweenybopper party site favorite.
  N 32.68559 W 109.78

  THE BLUE PONDS  -- Popular tweenybopper party site south
   of Daley Estates. Lakes are apparently no longer full or well
  maintained. Prehistoric grids, ruins, rock alignments, canals,
  artesian wells, and roasting  pits nearby.
  N 32.78266 W 109.77405
  N 32.78856 W 109.76866

  ARCADIA TRAIL -- One of the easiest of Graham Mountain
  trails goes from Shannon to Arcadia. But avoid wandering off
  into super rugged Upper Marijilda canyon.
  N 32.65624 W 109.85041

  BACK COUNTRY BYWAY -- Steep dirt alternate route to
  Morenci offers 21 miles of access to hiking, whitewater, trains,
  kiosks, cinder pits, history, CCC, ranches, and vistas.
  N 32.84147 W 109.42229
  N 32.96542 W 109.30917
  N 33.00775 W 109.28136

 THATCHER SEWER PONDS - An unlikely but popular birding
  spot. Sometimes are frequented by Great Blue Herons, by far our
  classiest local bird. New viewing tower.
  N 32.86402 W 109.76730

  THE OLD TUNNELS -- Abandoned railroad  route on lower San
  Francisco river included these plus five 360 degree climbing loops.
  Of the 15 known loops on all US railroads, five of them were here.
  One loop remains. Possible mountain biking route.  
  N 33.00651 W 109.31808
  N 33.00645 W 109.31547
  N 33.01442 W 109.31127

  TWILIGHT AREA -- Underappreciated and  easily accessed picnic
  and camping area  above Turkey Flat. The other end of the "no
  middle" road to and from nowhere.
  N 32.63327 W 109.82446

  BENEATH FRYE DAM -- Western fork off  the Deadman Canyon
  road leads up and under  the reservoir in an interesting riparian canyon.
  Watch out for rattlesnakes!
  N 32.75607 W 109.82034

  WEBB PEAK -- No longer used but hiker accessible lookout tower
  in the top center of the Grah
ams. Sweeping views. Much more on
  southwest lookout towers here.

  N 32.71130 W 109.92278

   OLIVER TRAIL -- Very remote canyon in one of the wildest parts
   of the Gila Mountains on the Left Fork of Markham Creek. Note
   that the upper and lower Markham 4WD tracks do NOT connect
   in any obvious way!
   N 33.07213 W 109.79979

  WATCHIBLE WILDLIFE PLATFORM -- Treetop level interpretive
  site is handicapped accessible. Near the junction of Bonita Creek and
  the Gila River.
  N 32.89622 W 109.48127

   HARRIS CAMP CANYON -- Eminently hikable and mountain
   bikable tracks just south of Tollgate Pass. Deepening canyon
   looks interesting on topos.

   N 32.84367 W 109.22129

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 121-135:
 top   bot 

   TURKEY CREEK RUIN -- A second cliff dwelling  inside a cave.
   BLM interpretive site upcanyon from Arivaipia.

   LITTLE TABLE MOUNTAIN -- Sweeping views and early mine
   historic artifacts just off the legendary and mesmerizingly awful
   world  class 4WD Rug Road. You can't get there from here.  
   N 32.81716 W 110.48605

   JOHNNY CREEK -- Interesting area on the far side of back of
   beyond. Mining activity may limit loop trips. Approach from
   Solomon Pass. 
  N 33.00224 W 109.59736

   H-X DAM -- Large and remote seasonal tank  in the upper Timber
   Draw area makes for a possible 4wd picnic site. Ruins nearby.
    N 32.44447 W 109.50891

   BEAR SPRINGS TRAIL - Easternmost southern  trail off of the
   Grahams steeply goes through many life zones. Car shuttle advised.
   N 32.61062 W 109.80713

   OLD BANANA FARM - Yet another Gila Valley scam just above
   the Thatcher Diversion dam.  Close-in riparian and river access but
   is still recovering  from a major fire.
   N 32.85959 W 109.74274

   BACK ROUTE TO MUD SPRINGS -- Little known and seldom
   explored impassible jeep  trail west from the Frye Mesa Road
   makes for  quiet winter hiking. Prehistoric Allen Canal nearby,
    as are many minor CCC water spreader projects.
    N 32.79846 W 109.82436

   BRAMAHAM CAVE -- Longish hike off obscure, nonobvious,
   poorly mapped, and confusing jeep trails on the res. Rec permit
   N 33.33129 W 110.21574

   BLACK HILLS ARCH -- Smaller natural arch in the Pima Box
   Canyon north of Fort Thomas. A five mile round trip. A very
    good ATV route.    
   near N 33.07837 W 109.93464

   SHEEP TANK --Small reservoir two miles east off the Frye Mesa
   road makes for a close in and easy picnic lunch site. Frye Creek
   is alternately diverted through here when it is flowing. Some
   checkdams nearby that may be either prehistoric or CCC.
   N 32.77037 W 109.80224

   BLUE JAY PEAK -- This top of mountain hiking trail starts at
   West Peak Lookout. Sweeping vistas, Government Spring.
   N 32.74352 W 110.02934

   DEVAL RUIN - BLM interpretive rock shelter site in the upper
   in the Bonita Creek area.

   NO NAME TANK -- Offbeat raw picnic location two miles east of
   the prison. South of old and abandoned US 70.

   N 32.82545 W 109.52590

   GILA RIVER FLOAT TRIPS -- Range from placid to whitewater,
   depending on seasonal flow. Contact BLM for current conditions
   and permits.

   Typical: N 32.96534 W 109.30894 to N 32.89220 W 109.47900

   ADAMS FLAT -- Waterfalls and rock scrambling area above
   Angle Orchard in Jacobson Canyon. Seasonal flow.

   N 32.65672 W 109.79773

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 136-150:
 top   bot 

   BONITA CEROMONIAL CAVE - Site of a one time stash of
   very early indian artifacts. A beautiful riparian area with a
   flowing stream.

   CHESLEY FLAT -- Superb north views via easy hike to the
   Grandview Peak. Also gives you top access to the remote and
   very difficult Blair Canyon Trail.

   Chesley N 32.71690 W 109.93901
   Blair N 32.72491 W 109.93270

   CAVE CREEK MYSTERY - Cavers have found nothing in this
   small canyon between Deadman and Frye in gneiss. Why was it
   named by who? Lighting at certain seasons gives the illusion of
   a large shadow entrance.

   N 32.74433 W 109.82400

   LEBANON RUIN - Medium sized site possibly dates from the
   1200's and sits on a high bluff. Has the usual pot hunting damage.

   MOUNT GRAHAM SAWMILL - Largest  and most important
   sawmill on the mountain. Both the tramway and the flume started
   here. But the tramway crossed "up" and over into Shingle Mill
   Canyon. More tramway details here.  
   N 32.71870 W 109.90515

  VIRDEN NM - Not really a ghost town, but definitely a "hidden"
   architectural blast from the past. Nearby are fireworks sales, ruins,
   riparian canyon hikes, swimming, and fire agate.

   N 32.68837 W 108.99826

  ASH CREEK - The steep primary trail from Columbine to Pima
  follows a live stream much of the way. Site of the log flumes, of
  which only scant traces may remain
Lower portions of the road
  have recently been substantially improved.

  N 32.75542 W 109.87867

  THE "OTHER" ASH CREEK - This one gives eastern access to
  the Galiuros via a shady partial 4wd riparian route.

  N 32.50745 W 110.25220

  THE SOUTHERN GRIDS - While not as orderly or spectacular
  as the main Safford Grids site, a wider variety of structures is
  included. As are mulch rings, canals, pits, and check dams.

  N 32.78757 W 109.73906
  N 32.79437 W 109.75200

   PELONCILLO WILDERNESS -- Area west of the  Lords-burg
   Playa and northeast of Bowie offers mountain sheep, remote
   hiking, vista peaks, rock hounding. Some access restrictions.
   N 32.38419 W 109.08904

  room complex has long been heavily pot hunted with appalling

   BIBLE CAMP -- Religious facility in the Old Columbine area
   hosted by a Tucson Congregation. Summer youth programs.
   More details here.
   N 32.71580 W 109.90061
-- These are all over the
   place, but the long triplet found west of Freeman Flat and just
   southwest of the power line show exceptional stone masonry work.
   See if you can find "Alberto's" signature.

   N 32.79615 W 109.75371
-- A BLM group picnic area near the
   confluence of Bonita Creek and the Gila River. Rather than being
   a ranch brand, the name comes from the obvious structural steel
   shapes supporting the roof.
   N 32.88462 W 109.48260

COLUMBINE RANGER STATION -- Seasonally manned mini-
   museum is a good starting point for most any top-of-mountain

  N 32.70398 W 109.91318

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 151-165:
 top   bot 

   CLARK PEAK 4WD LOOP -- A second and little traveled rough
    4WD route loops back from the western end of the Swift Trail. It
   goes through dense forest and some marsh with three interesting
   side tracks.

   N 32.71488 W 109.97133

   TWIN BOOBS PONDING AREA -- Amazingly well preserved,
   and seldom visited prehistoric water project. Apparently a ponding
   area fed by two prehistoric canal systems. Rough access trail,
   as the paved one is usually locked.

   N 32.76609 W 109.73602

-- The area is also superb for mid-length
   bicycle trips. Some routes I have tested include...

      Paved Loops...

          Safford to Thatcher
                   N 32.83129 W 109.73769
                   N 32.88462 W 109.48260

          Thatcher to Pima:
                  N 32.86751 W 109.80009
N 32.90285 W 109.77682
          Pima to Eden:
                  N 32.91399 W 109.85685
                  N 32.93974 W 109.84908
          Safford to Eden ( duh! )
          Reay Lane to Upper Solomon to Airport:
                N 32.84242 W 109.75003
                N 32.80217 W 109.68874
                N 32.85605 W 109.66085
          San Jose to 3-Way to Duncan

                N 32.81032 W 109.50240
                N 32.93071 W 109.21161
                N 32.73693 W 109.14458
          Duncan to Virden to Franklin
                N 32.72538 W 109.08896
                N 32.63131 W 108.97738
                N 32.62488 W 109.00501
          Willcox to Kansas Settlement to Cochise
                N 32.20856 W 109.77631
                N 32.07049 W 109.76252
                N 32.08042 W 109.90127

     Paved One way...

           Safford to Thatcher Urban Trail
N 32.80252 W 109.70802
                  N 32.81492 W 109.73562
N 32.80796 W 109.76296     
N 32.80793 W 109.76295
          Mount Graham hill climb
                  N 32.70429 W 109.73973
           Big Lue hill climb
                  N 33.04108 W 109.11694
           Granville hill climb
                  N 33.16629 W 109.36799
          Calva to Coolidge Dam
                   N 33.15781 W 110.13652
                   N 33.17060 W 110.50645
           Willcox to Bonita
                   N 32.26786 W 109.86083
                  N 32.58627 W 109.97383
           Blackjack to Mule Creek
                  N 33.05725 W 109.08112
                  N 33.12233 W 108.95636
           Haekel to Hot Well Dunes
                  N 32.80202 W 109.58181
                  N 32.52389 W 109.42653
           Hannagan to Rose Peak
                  N 33.63939 W 109.32714
                  N 33.44021 W 109.37486

           Barney Lane to High Mesa
    N 32.81472 W 109.66505
                  N 32.76076 W 109.66503
           Hinton Road to Sanders Road
                  N 33.03426 W 109.98531
                  N 33.00898 W 109.98365
           Old central  lan
N 32.85977 W 109.8142

      Mountain Biking ( rougher or dirt )...

Sunset Loop
                N 32.51043 W 110.16237
                N 32.53778 W 110.20408
                N 32.55760 W 110.11774
           Cluff Ponds Loop
                N 32.86093 W 109.80137
                N 32.84362 W 109.83536
           Patterson Cottonwood Loop
                N 32.85992 W 109.88891
                N 32.84759 W 109.89484
           Black Hills Loop

                N 32.85523 W 109.39243
                N 32.85667 W 109.41217

           Skyline / Ward Canyon Loop

  N 33.03984 W 109.28089
                N 32.99306 W 109.24776

           Old Highway 70
     N 32.83215 W 109.53036
                N 32.80644 W 109.41633

           Tanque Road to Hot Well Dunes
                N 32.60478 W 109.68581
                N 32.52389 W 109.42653

           Back Country Byway
                 N 32.84147 W 109.42229
                 N 32.94860 W 109.32153
                 N 33.00775 W 109.28136
           Black Rock Road
                  N 33.03479 W 109.96982
                  N 32.94657 W 110.19410
           Morenci Southern Railroad
                  N 32.97476 W 109.30068
                  N 33.00727 W 109.31055

           Sheldon Peak Routes
  N 32.80478 W 109.26506


--Yet another collection of Southern
   grids, ruins, trincheras, and circular features. At least four areas.

   N 32.79065 W 109.73750

   SAFFORD URBAN TRAIL -- As close in as you can get, this
   multi use path is great for jogging, bicycling, dog walking. Just
   has been expanded to Daley Estates ( sort of ) and Thatcher.
   Safford N 32.80252 W 109.70802 to N 32.81492 W 109.73562
   Thatcher N 32.80796 W 109.76296 to
N 32.80793 W 109.76295

  BEAR BASIN -- The most obscure trail access on the North side
  of the Grahams. May have water and tinajas higher up.
  N 32.76536 W 109.95045

  SLICK ROCK AMYGDULES-- These volcanic inclusions are
  somewhat collectible as geologic specimens. Off old hiway 70.

  N 32.77117 W 109.40571

   checkdam and erosion projects with dozens more up on the north
   bajada. These leap out at you from the satellite photos. Some   
   even include "drawbridges".
   N 32.95837 W 109.88056

   LOWER DEADMAN TANK -- Long dry water catchment makes
   for a secluded 4WD picnic goal. At one time the prehistoric Deadman
   Ditch split three ways, going here, to Upper Deadman tank, and the
   Porter Spring Tank.
   N 32.77111 W 109.75147

   OLD MORENCI BRIDGE -- Restored historic bridge on the
    backcountry byway is also a shady picnic area and a Gila
    River whitewater put in. Also called the Pumroy Canyon Bridge
    or the Black Gap Bridge.

    N 32.96514 W 109.30901

   DRY LAKE -- A military rifle range just east of Daley Estates is
   both closed and unsafe. But new public access areas are found at
   Dry Lake south of Safford Airport.

   N 32.83896 W 109.65830

   THE CLIFFHANGER -- Prehistoric water delivery system literally
   hung on the side of a steep mesa. Up to NINETY FEET above
   the valley floor. An even more amazing and "above grade" aqueduct
   portion is nearby.
More here.
   N 32.73505 W 109.75567

   BLACKROCK CCC DAM -- Centerpiece of a bizarre collection of
   Fort Thomas CCC water diversion and erosion control projects. Some
   of which seem more artistic than useful.
   N 33.01739 W 109.99490

   UPPER SAN FRANCISCO -- Mine road above Clifton leads to caves,
   swimming, hot springs, and Blue River confluence.

   N 33.12836 W 109.28368

-- Not sure what if anything remains at this
  poorly documented historic site near the extremely remote Whitlock

  N 32.55203 W 109.33599

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 166-180:
 top   bot 

   GRANTHAM CAVE --  Large main room and some tight passage
   in this Escabrosa Limestone feature.  At the base of the "Vee".
   FURTHER AFIELD -- Here are some of my obscure favorites that
   involve longer out-of-area trips...

Oak Flat tinajas ( endangered! )
         N 33.30730 W 111.04806
         N 33.30356 W 111.03442

Dum Ditty cave
          South of the Mackenzie River
Cherry Creek cliffs

         N 33.82465 W 110.86920
Salome Creek
          N 33.83721 W 111.08016
Santa Maria canyon
         N 34.40728 W 113.17189
Redlake karst area
        N 34.18290 W 110.79272
Mineral Creek

        N 33.42219 W 108.80563
West Clear Creek
       N 34.55527 W 111.54775
Natural Drainages
       N 33.77341 W 110.97764
Glenwood Catwalk
       N 33.37294 W 108.84188
Espiritu Canyon
      N 32.30609 W 110.48513

Paige Canyon
       N 32.21385 W 110.39826
Barnhardt to Sheep Bridge
        N 34.09177 W 111.42920
        N 34.07765 W 111.70797

Tonto Hell's Gate
        N 34.21748 W 111.09497
Slavin Gulch
        N 31.88952 W 110.01120
Mescal Crack ( Lone Pine Divide )
        Near N 33.87363 W 110.80808
Rucker Box
        N 31.80326 W 109.26842 
Wet Beaver Creek

        N 34.67535 W 111.67649

   CANADOR PEAK -- Sits high on a bluff above the Gila River. Some
   Outstanding swimming, fishing, and spectacular cliffs only a few miles

  BYWAY CAIRNS -- The subtle mulch rings near the northern kiosk
  are genuine and prehistoric. The big obvious Trinchera looking projects
  south of the Pumroy Canyon Bridge are really
CCC busyworks.
  Mulch rings N 33.00317 W 109.28639
  CCC Boondoggles N 32.95848 W 109.30423

- Many 4WD tracks in
  the Peloncillos are outstanding. From Tollgate Canyon to Sheldon
  Loop to Shoat Tank Wash to Old Hiway 70. Great winter hiking, too.
  Tollgate N 32.84192 W 109.40277
  Sheldon N 32.81158 W 109.25877
  Shoat N 32.79568 W 109.28059
  Old 70
N 32.80646 W 109.41462

  TIMBER DRAW - The site of a further BLM proposed erosion
  control structure. The previous ones instantly filled with mud.
  N 32.54211 W 109.49179

  SOLOMONVILLE BRIDGE - Historic iron truss bridge has been
  moved to an obscure eastern area of Roper Lake State Park for
  storage and eventual restoration.

  N 32.75418 W 109.70013

--  Ride the rails on your own obsolete power
  handcar! But do so ONLY as part of a sanctioned event!
 Two local
  routes are spectacular.

- The FAA identifier of "SAD" for Safford
  Regional pretty much sums it up. The Flying J sometimes is a
  good choice  for aerial surveys or local photography. The High
 Mesa airpark is a private homeowners  association and sees
  little traffic. Greenlee sees even less. The Duncan construction
  of O'Conner airport seems to be faltering. Eden International includes
  some odd CCC constructs. Sharp eyed pilots flying into Thatcher
may note minor debris on the runway, such as a few
  refrigerators or evaporative coolers. Nightly DC3 flights from
Further info at Airnav.
  Safford N 32.85315 W 109.63619
  Flying J N 32.84652 W 109.87819
  High Mesa N 32.76944 W 109.65589
  Greenlee N 32.95847 W 109.20974
  O'Conner N 32.69366 W 109.12883
  Eden International N 32.95793 W 109.88068
  Thatcher International N 32.82025 W 109.79155

  SIXPACK HABITATION - Small classic six room ruin  in the area
  of exceptionally engineered  prehistoric canals and ag sites.

TOLLGATE CANYON TOLL ROAD -- Long rock borders still
   mark the Western portions of this early commercial route. Along
   with other enigmatic remains including some rather impressive
   dams. Hang right through the gate just past the Backcountry
   Byway turnoff.

   N 32.84144 W 109.40314

  BIBLE CAMP CUTOFF -- The fastest and easiest access to the
  Mt. Graham Sawmill, Ash Creek trail, Upper Shingle Mill Canyon,
  and the tramway escarpment and upper towers is to slant steeply
  down canyon from immediately before the Bible Camp. Largely
  off trail.
  N 32.71364 W 109.90272

CLARK PEAK TRAIL -- Highest of the Mt. Graham trails offers
  spectacular views. Best done as "out and back" from the east due
  to lack of water, extreme elevation changes, and difficult vehicle
  N 32.72281 W 109.98645

"POTHOLE COUNTRY" -- This is a little out of range and I
  have yet to reach it, but the topo map features six miles north of
  Mule Creek include our title plus "cave canyon" and "pothole
". This Gila NF area seems unknown to local cavers.
  But the likely volcanic mudstone probably does not bode well.
  N 33.19582 W 108.94808

 ARCADIA CAMPGROUND -- Lowest "full service" campground
  is open year round except during fires. Gives access to Adam's
  Flat, Arcadia Trail, Angle Orchard apples, and Ladybug trail.
  Paved access.
  N 32.64853 W 109.81977

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 181-195:
 top   bot 

"THUMPER LOOPS " -- There are a dozen or more of these
"roads to nowhere" that are always on a flat mesa, always
  close on themselves, and always are within a few feet of a
  steep mesa edge. One guess is that they are "post GPS"
  geophysical access for seismic exploration or core drilling.
  Satellite Imagery sometimes suggest CCC projects or
  prehistoric ag artifacts in the area.
  N 32.87002 W 109.56647

  GILA BOX RIVER TRAIL -- The first Arizona water trail is
  three miles long and goes from Bonita Creek to Dry Canyon.
  Whitewater rating is usually Class II or less, but always verify!
  Use only "real" watercraft and approved flotation.
   N 32.89301 W 109.47829
   N 32.88479 W 109.50039

   WHITE STREAKS CANYON -- This rock scramble is best
   viewed from a distance. Easily combined with a
   TUNNEL, Shingle Mill toll road, or Cotton Cave trip.
   N 32.76975 W 109.88706

   CUNNINGHAM CAMPGROUND -- The most "horsey" of
   top-of-mountain sites with public corrals. Near various logging
   roads and flowing Moonshine Creek. Dirt access road is closed
  in winter and during fires.
  N 32.67836 W 109.89381

   restored shady oak woodland forms a year round and nearly
   ideal unimproved camping and picnic area. Small springs
   are usually reliable for dog water.

   N 32.77741 W 110.06560

   SKY GYPSIES -- Ultralight facility in the Amigos De Cielo airpark
   also includes an open-Sunday's internet cafe and a free classics/arts
   theater. Longish drive. ( Has been sold -- future uncertain, so check
   before visiting ).

   N 31.90481 W 109.02541

   COTTONWOOD TRAIL -- New two mile BLM loop trail in the
   Gila Box links the Flying W, Riverview Campground, Kearny
   Monument, Serna Cabin, and the Bonita Watchable Wildlife Area.
   Flying W N 32.88462 W 109.48263
   Riverview N 32.88733 W 109.47986
   Serna N 32.89401 W 109.47954
   Watchable N 32.89622 W 109.48129

SOLDIER CREEK -- Top of mountain full campground gives
   access to Grant/Goudy trail, Grant Creek Falls, the Ice Caves,
   and similar areas. Dirt access road is closed in winter and
   during fires.
   N 32.69921 W 109.92051

   LOCAL HOT SPRINGS -- Some of these have been closed due
   to nudes-vs-prudes squabbles. Notably Thatcher Hot Well and
   Watson Wash. Remaining are Roper Lake State Park, Hot Well
   Dunes, San Jose Hot Well, Whitlock Hot Lake, Daley, Eagle
   Creek, Hooker, and ultra hot Gillard. Hanna Hot Spring remains
   pristine but very hard to access. Commercial sites include Indian  
   Hot Springs, Essence of Tranquility, Kachina, and Muleshoe.
   Others are hidden in the Artesia area.
   Roper N 32.75522 W 109.70487
   Hot Well Dunes N 32.52349 W 109.42644
   Whitlock Hot Lake  N 32.50132 W 109.33963
   Daley N 32.79332 W 109.76590 ?
   Eagle Creek N 33.04796 W 109.44097
   Hooker aka Muleshoe N 32.33621 W 110.23856
   Gillard N 32.97298 W 109.35031
   Hanna N 33.39980 W 109.15257
   Essence N 32.75749 W 109.72496
N 32.75109 W 109.72089

   ROUND THE MOUNTAIN TRAIL -- Ties in the Swift Trail
   highway with Marijilda, Deadman, and Frye Canyons. Also
   links the Gibson trail which is blocked at its top. A short spur
   goes to the Noon Creek picnic area. Superb tinajas are in
   upper Marijilda and middle Frye.
   Swift N 32.66323 W 109.80073
   Noon N 32.66746 W 109.80884
   Marijilda N 32.68278 W 109.81364
   Deadman N 32.71784 W 109.83802
   Frye N 32.72264 W 109.85785

   ASH CREEK OVERFLOW -- Heavily riparian area north of
   Cluff Ponds is little known and seldom visited, yet sometimes
    has an impressive flowing stream. Very shady.
    N 32.82497 W 109.84388

   SHANNON CAMPGROUND -- At the end of the Swift Trail
    pavement. Closed winter roads beyond make this a good access
    point for cross country skiing, winter sports, and snowmobiles.
    Trails include Arcadia, Heliograph and Snow Lake. Wild
    raspberries in late August.
    N 32.65774 W 109.85861

   PUEBLO VIEJO-- Originally referred to the Epley ruin between
   San Jose and the Gila. Long trashed by ag development. But the
   term can also mean "anything prehistoric in the Gila Valley."
   Translates as "old house".

   TOLLGATE TANK -- Seldom visited location of an impressively
   high concrete dam blocking an interesting and rarely explored
   canyon. The toll road itself bypassed to the south.
   N 32.84227 W 109.40097

   HELIOGRAPH PEAK -- Site of an amazingly effective military
   communications facility from the 1880's. Also an antenna farm
   and a very high CCC built lookout tower. Access is usually by
   foot or mountain bike only. Sweeping views.

   N 32.64996 W 109.84867

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 196-210:
 top   bot 

   I've yet to visit may have cave and geologic potential. Permits
   required and might be off limits. Mineral specimen collecting is
   a big no-no.
   N 33.03715 W 110.33854
   N 33.03391 W 110.32069

   HOSPITAL FLAT -- Ten unit campground includes a nature trail
   and a flowing stream, gives access to Grant Hill, meadows, cienegas.
   Dirt access road is closed in winter and during fires.
   N 32.66603 W 109.87501

   TOLL ROADS -- The Weech road up Shingle Mill is easily 4WD
   followed at first, but is long, very rough, steep, and becomes vehicle
   impassible in seven places. Also home of the tramway. The Montes
   Road once ran up Tollgate Canyon. It is largely non-obvious, hard
   to follow in most areas, and vehicle impassable.
Eventually got to

   Weech N 32.80476 W 109.87915
   Montes N 32.84143 W 109.40322

   DIAMOND BAR AREA -- Remote and seldom explored area west
    of the Fishooks is definitely on the "out west" side of back of beyond.
    Check out Steer Springs canyon and its feeders.

    Diamond Bar N 33.19705 W 110.02962
    Steer Springs N 33.22707 W 110.02756

   LOST MINES & TREASURE -- Packsaddles of stolen Mexican
   gold are supposedly buried in, of all places, Treasure Park. Much
   of the "Shame of Pima" stolen cash from the Wham Paymaster
   robbery may still be unaccounted for. At least  some researchers
   feel the Lost Adams diggings are in Lower Eagle Creek rather than
   New Mexico's Malapais. Outright swindles included McEniry,
   Spenazuma, and the Banana Farm. My own vote for the most credible  
   Arizona treasure legend remains the Seymour Safe.
   Treasure Park N 32.66175 W 109.87169
   Wham Site N 32.83402 W 110.12609
   Eagle Creek N 32.98182 W 109.41247
   McEniry N 32.77583 W 109.86747 
N 33.85240 W 112.66004

   WILDERNI -- Local Wilderness Areas include Aravapia Dos
   Cabezas,  Fishooks, Galiuro, North Santa Teresa, Peloncillo,
   Redfield, Needle's Eye, and Santa Teresa. Of these, Fishooks is
   probably the best choice that is both accessible and seldom
One local WSA is Pinalino Mountain.
   Aravapia N 32.91369 W 110.49170
   Dos Cabezos N 32.21492 W 109.51890
   Fishooks N 33.22139 W 110.02269
   Galiuro N 32.58986 W 110.31418
   North Santa Teresa N 33.21583 W 109.97862
   Peloncillo N 32.37961 W 109.08920
   Redfield N 32.44547 W 110.31418
   Needles Eye N 33.13526 W 110.58995
   Santa Teresa N 32.89480 W 110.28396

    NANCY'S ROCKPILES -- Certainly these are among the
    strangest of local artifacts. Seven somewhat irregular walls up
    to four feet high by a hundred long formed of loosely piled rocks.
    With no apparent use or purpose. Upside down desert varnish
    suggests human origins. Classic punched oilcan artifacts and
    machine marks suggest a CCC origin. Along rather than cross
    the drainage.
    N 32.95126 W 109.80710

CORONADO AND KEARNY -- Historians like to argue about
    these historic exploratory routes through the Gila Valley. Coronado
    most likely came up Tres Alamos wash, crossed Eagle Pass on the
     Klondyke road, entered the Safford valley and headed north.
    Kearny's route was basically down the Gila River, dragging two
    useless howitzers with him.
    Tres Alamos N 32.06139 W 110.23208
    Eagle Pass near
N 32.80962 W 110.17981 ?

BURMA ROAD BRIDGE -- Now inaccessible due to spectacular
    flood damage. But in gentle times, the reach of the Gila here offers
    shady hiking, picnicking, exploration, and even kiddy wading. Easily
    looped during low water times.
Extremely dangerous otherwise!
    N 32.83225 W 109.17938

PIMA MUSEUM -- Has an excellent and definitive collection of
   tramway photos, along with many agricultural artifacts. Limited hours,
   so phone first. Do not confuse with the also superb but much larger
   Pima air and space Museum in Tucson
   Local Pima Museum N 32.89649 W 109.82751
   Tucson Pima Air and Space Museum N 32.13899 W 110.86683

NEEDLE'S EYE-- The most spectacular part of
the Gila River
    Canyon below Coolidge Dam. Very difficult access. Escabrosa
    Limestone cave potential is largely unexplored here. Off res,
    but a permit is likely needed to get there.
    N 33.13557 W 110.58930

-- A very steep ( 4WD low range with
    granny ONLY! )
track drops you into the middle of Bonita Creek.
    Outstanding riparian, flowing stream, rarely visited picnic areas,
    kiddy puddling. Plus routes to even more remote areas. Sometimes
    called the Lee Trail.

    N 32.95502 W 109.53220

    FRYE MESA RESERVOIR -- Small fishing lake and dam has
    nearby tinajas, waterfalls, canyoneering, and riparian access.
    Road quality may vary.
Ropework recommended a quarter mile

    N 32.75371 W 109.83403

    exhibits are now in storage because of the rebuilding of Thatcher
    middle school. A few artifacts are available at Discovery Park.
Meetings sometimes at Circle D Ranch
   N 32.79614 W 109.72672

    MARKHAM CREEK -- Remote perennial stream in the Gila
    Mountains offers ruins, riparian reaches, narrows, springs, more.
    Note that upper and lower 4WD tracks do not directly connect!

    Seldom visited.

    N 33.05104 W 109.78612

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 211-225:
 top   bot 

    MILLS COLLECTION -- Definitive and spectacular but poorly
    organized and interpreted local prehistoric collection of pottery,
    basketry, and similar artifacts is haphazardly scattered hither and
    yon in the EAC student services building. Study area newly open to
    serious researchers Free access.
    Student services building exhibits N 32.84382 W 109.76242
    Professional study area N 32.79891 W 109.72781

    APPLE ANNIE'S -- Largest and best of the Bonita Road U-Pick
     farms is well suited to family excursions with smaller children.
     Can be extremely crowded.  Also can be expensive.
Check out
     the amazing maize maze.
( Maze may have been discontinued )
    Orchard N 32.35357 W 109.86473
    Produce & Pumpkins N 32.38289 W 109.93112

    COLTER SPRING TRAIL -- Topo Maps show a jeep trail from the
    76 ranch clear north to Taylor Pass. I'm not sure of the present access
    and condition.
    N 32.68161 W 110.01785
    N 32.73563 W 110.01215

    FREEMAN FLAT -- Very close in area is an offroad favorite.
    Includes erosional canyons, ruins,  grids, mulch rings, and old
CCC water diversion projects.
Some "hidden" ones have quite
    impressive stonework.
    N 32.79673 W 109.74367

-- These are seeing less and less use and many
    are an endangered species. Local Mt. Graham examples are CCC
    built Heliograph, Webb, and West Peaks. Next closest are Rose
on the Apache and Signal Peak on the Tonto, Sugarloaf
    and Barfoot ( recently burned ) in the Chirachuas. Plus
     harder-to-reach Silver Peak ( now demolished ) and Monte
. A superb guidebook can be found here.  
    Heliograph N 32.65011 W 109.84881
    Webb N 32.71162 W 109.92284
    West Peak N 32.73751 W 110.03875
    Rose Peak N 33.43986 W 109.37069
    Signal Peak N 33.29273 W 110.83835
    Sugarloaf N 32.01408 W 109.32490
    Silver Peak N 31.90587 W 109.19924
    Monte Vista
N 31.82507 W 109.31524

-- Lineaments are cave like
    but open earth cracks often orthogonal to a geologic fault. These
    rare limestone examples are found on this map. . One is "in the
    saddle". Another is "down the hill" to the south.
    near N 33.16482 W 110.70876
    near N 33.16333 W 110.70946

WEST PEAK -- The road becomes quite steep just before reaching
   the lookout tower and extends as 4WD to Government Spring. The
   area around Dry Lake makes for nice unimproved summer camping
   in tall pines.

   Dry Lake N 32.75346 W 110.05180
   West Peak N 32.73765 W 110.03785
   Government Spring N 32.74116 W 110.02618

   BED & BREAKFAST -- Somewhat local places include the Olney
   House, Black Rock Ranch, and Hooker Hot Springs ( Muleshoe ).
   Further afield is the superb Casitas de Gila in Cliff and older Bear
   Mountain Lodge in Silver City. Newly opened is the very remote
   Q Ranch.   Los Olmos may be recently reopened in Glenwood.
   Our favorite remains Black Range Lodge in Kingston. Of many
   Greer sites, we found Snowy Mountain to be of interest. Great hot  
   tubs, but their restaurant may be closed and property sold at auction..
   Rodeo has a new Casa Adobe. Paradise has the George Walker
   house. Pricey but impressive is
Sunglow Ranch And, of course,
   Hannigan Meadow has Hannigan Meadow.
     Olney House N 32.82738 W 109.71155
     Hooker Muleshoe N 32.33830 W 110.24022
     Casitas de Gila N 32.79888 W 109.72820 
     Bear Mountain Lodge N 32.81555 W 108.30964
     Q Ranch N 34.07127 W 110.79993
     Snowy Mountain N 34.05902 W 109.45777
     Black Range N 32.91625 W 107.71001
     Casa Adobe N 31.83354 W 109.03276
     George Walker N 31.93512 W 109.21905
     Hannigan Meadow. N 33.63952 W 109.32759

     Los Olmnos N 33.32025 W 108.88214
     Sunglow Ranch N 31.85077 W 109.42214

THUMB BUTTE -- Cliffs near the Black Hills rockhound area are  
   often used for rappelling practice and rescue training. Do NOT
   attempt this without a qualified instructor, proper gear, and safety
   belay associates
   N 32.85996 W 109.38195

   GEOCACHING -- These high tech GPS based scavenger hunts
   have become quite popular. There are hundreds of local sites and
   you are welcome to add your own. But Discovery Park remains
   off limits due to vandalism.

   SPRING CANYON -- Area near the P ranch is rumored to be the
   site of an early historic ( and possibly prehistoric ) canal and water
   management system. Adjacent Veech Canyon offers impressive  
   cliff walls.

   Spring Canyon N 32.64882 W 109.75763
   Veech Canyon N 32.63856 W 109.74574

   ARIVAIPA PRESERVE -- 7000 Acre holding that is hosted by the
    Nature Conservancy east of and adjacent to the main canyon. No
    camping, offroad travel, or picnicking, but hiking and photography is
    apparently allowed by prearrangement. Rustic meeting facilities
    are sometimes available.

    N 32.89374 W 110.41292

  TINAJAS - Natural rock basins made famous by Ed Abbey make for
   superb swimming and wading holes. The easiest to reach are Frye
  Mesa Falls
. Best on the mountain are in Upper Marijilda just below
  Round the Mountain crossing. Most difficult are in Grant Creek.
  Others are in Deadman, Shingle Mill, Adams Flat, etc.-- Further afield
  legendary tinajas are found below Oak Flat ( endangered! ) and in
  West Clear Creek
. My secret remote favorites  include Paige Creek 
  and Espiritu Canyon.
  Frye Mesa N 32.74517 W 109.83710
  Upper Marijilda  N 32.68482 W 109.81136
  Grant Creek  N 32.67016 W 109.91033 
  Deadman  N 32.72759 W 109.82077
  Shingle Mill N 32.77294 W 109.90639
  Adams Flat N 32.65672 W 109.79773
  Oak Flat N 33.30356 W 111.03442
  West Clear Creek  N 34.55527 W 111.54775 
  Paige Creek N 32.21385 W 110.39826 
  Espiritu Canyon N 32.30609 W 110.48513

 VOLUNTEER WORK - Both BLM and CNF have formal and  
  informal programs such as trail building, site hosting, and such.
  Other possibilities might include State Parks, Search & Rescue,
  Game & Fish, Nature Conservancy or the Sierra Club.
  Both CNF and BLM are at N 32.83200 W 109.72410

  CAVES AND CAVING - There's not much local limestone, so
  most of this is out of the immediate area. Contact ARA, CAG,
  EGI, CCC, MMCC, or the national NSS for further info.

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 226-240:
 top   bot 

     THE LAST SAGUARO? -- Sonoran Desert Saguaro Cactus
     forests are readily found on the res, around Pima Box or near
     Oliver Knoll. But where is the easternmost native individual  

     Pima Box N 33.06978 W 109.93902
     Oliver Knoll N 33.06173 W 109.84675

    EAGLE CREEK -- Long all day hike or difficult 4WD trip to a
    spectacular riparian wet stream area that includes shelter bat
    caves, hot springs, lost treasure lore, swimming, and impressive
    cliffs. F-M permit recommended.

     N 32.98280 W 109.40505

    BEAR SPRINGS FLAT -- Elaborate abandoned canal system  
    attempted to deliver artesian water to large and remote desert
    earthen dam tanks. Apparently failed with dropping water tables.
    Certainly overoptimistic, possibly a scam. Not very scenic.
    N 32.87139 W 109.93338

    AREA GEOLOGY -- You will find a wide variety of sedentary,
    metaphoric and ingeneous rocks. The Pliocene is well represented
    in fossils from Glyptodonts to Camels. Heavy mineralization to
    the north produces copper, silver and even gold. But the Grahams
    themselves are ancient Precambrian Gneiss and Granite and thus
    largely unmineralized. Shelter caves abound, but more significant
    ones are minor and scarce, owing to very little local limestone of
    isolated occurrence.
A number of zeolite mines remain in the San
    Simon valley area. Geothermal springs are common. Highly
    unusual minerals were often found in the Klondyke area.

    3 ENTRANCE & 5 ENTRANCE CAVES -- A "Swiss cheese"
    limestone cliff just above the river is fun to explore but has no
    known depth. Ropework and climbing skills required plus proper
    safety training.
    N 33.12434 W 109.28181

    ASH CREEK FALLS -- Highest on the mountain at over 100 feet,
    but more of a cascade than a true falls. Hard to photograph. Site
    of the one time logging flumes.
Other falls are in Grant Creek,  
    Frye Mesa, etc....

    Ash Creek N 32.72962 W 109.89359
    Grant Creek N 32.67014 W 109.91015
    Frye Mesa  N 32.74547 W 109.83728

    OAK CREEK & HIGH CREEK -- Additional 4WD routes give
    eastern access to the Galiuros between Ash Creek and Paddy's
    River. Mostly riparian and oak woodland.

    Oak Creek N 32.53088 W 110.25706
    High Creek N 32.58058 W 110.26307

    OLD CLIFTON-- Part ghost town, part economic disaster, part  
    emerging arts and crafts enclave, the original Clifton business
    district has bunches of old and odd buildings ( and inhabitants! )
    to explore. "Colors of Copper" art and wine show appears to now
    be an annual November event.

    N 33.05628 W 109.30258

   STREAM GAUGES-- These real time reports of both local and
   regional water flow can end up most useful for determining
   4WD access ease, swimmability, white water class, and general
    trip planning. Local gauges are on the Gila, San Francisco,
    Eagle Creek, Bonita Creek, Frye Mesa, San Carlos, etc..

    Many gauges are endangered and may shortly be discontinued.

    PUMPING PLANT -- Elaborate water exchange scheme starts
    by transferring water from Blue Ridge to Horseshoe, along with
    Black River pumping to Willow Creek. Then a 51 mile journey to
    become Morenci water. Eagle Creek above the pumping plant is  
    seldom explored. F-M permit recommended.
    N 33.05991 W 109.43884

   FISHING -- Popular local spots include Roper Lake, Cluff ponds,
   Frye Mesa, Riggs Lake, and San Carlos Resovoir. Native trout
   are in some Mt. Graham streams, and legendary catfish supposedly
    in secret Gila River pools near Ft. Thomas. Also Fisherman's
    Point just into New Mexico. Some smaller tanks on and off res may  
    also be stocked.
   Roper  N 32.75522 W 109.70487
   Cluff  N 32.80511 W 109.86180
   Frye N 32.75371 W 109.83403
   Riggs N 32.70784 W 109.96514
   San Carlos   N 33.18140 W 110.51022 
   Fisherman's Point N 32.63196 W 108.85475

    GEOLOGICAL ROAD LOGS -- Can make for some very interesting
    shorter and easier trips. Such as these interesting three examples from
    the Friends of the Pleistocene.

    "CAVE IN A MINE" -- A horizontal mine shaft above and west
    of Morenci Crystal cave broke through into a rather short Escabrosa
    Limestone void. Other "cave mine caves" exist elsewhere in the
    mountain west.

    N 33.16691 W 109.38425

    LONGVIEW SITE -- Mid sized and heavily pothunted classic ruin
    exhibits evidence of exceptional trading activity. Check dams and
    aprons in the vicinity.

    AMERIND FOUNDATION -- Museum and archaeological research
    facility noted for both the quality and controversy of their work. Also
    has authentic southwestern Indian craft sales.
Triangle T B&B nearby.
    N 32.04534 W 110.07918

   "RINGCONE" TANK -- The name likely started out as "Rincon".
    Makes for an  interesting winter offtrail hike destination via either
    Cottonwood Wash or Goat hill Trail.
    N 32.81559 W 109.89691

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 241-255:
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     SERNA CABIN-- BLM restored historical structure at the mouth
    of Bonita Creek is on the Cottonwood Trail. Kearney monument is
    in the area. Often superb swimming nearby in the Gila.

   N 32.89405 W 109.47951

Yet Another cliffhanging canal along the
    edge of a steep mesa. Pioneers likely "stole the plans" from an
    existing prehistoric ag development. There is also a pair of unusual
   CCC dam projects along the cowpath access route.
     N 32.75996 W 109.81145
     N 32.77267 W 109.79665
     N 32.79374 W 109.79184
     N 32.80254 W 109.78917

    THE HOT WELL IN HOT WELL DRAW -- Old maps show this as
    artesian. Now dry as a bone following a succession of small, medium,
    and large windmills, and medium, large, and huge pump derelicts.
    Seldom visited.
N 32.66049 W 109.24137

     COTTON GIN TOURS -- Long staple Pima cotton was one of the
     secret weapons of World War II. Ginning season is often from
     October through December. Always phone ahead to (928) 428-0714
     ( Safford ) or (928) 485-9255 ( Glenbar ) for free tour info.
Safford N 32.83016 W 109.70560
      Glenbar N 32.91776 W 109.86750

    NEWSPAPER ROCK -- One of the more significant local petroglyph
    sites. South of the Mackenzie River.

    AIRPLANE CRASH SITES -- I've yet to visit any of these, but a
     few details appear here, here, and here. A B-24 bomber off of
     Bassett peak in the Galuiros, a navy N3N Canary well off of
     Heliograph, a F-16A Falcon in the Whitlocks, a PB4Y2 ( navy
     B-24 ) large air tanker somewhere in the Grahams, a second B-24
     crash southeast of Wilcox, and a
more recent SEAT air tanker off
     the Back Canyon Byway.

    CHECK DAMS WITH APRONS -- Prehistoric ag features South
    of Longview seem totally different than others in the area. Some
    have splash aprons, others a full downstream double retainment.
    Size suggests plant nurseries.

N 32.77798 W 109.76549

    SUNSET LOOP -- Dirt roads west of Bonita define the upper
    Sulphur Springs Valley and give access to Eastern Galuiro
    hiking, horse, and 4WD trails. Plus Basset Peak. Also a "high
    lonesome" mountain biking loop. No services.

    N 32.51043 W 110.16237
    N 32.53778 W 110.20408
    N 32.55760 W 110.11774

   LEDFORD FIELDS-- Yet another "off the bajada" prehistoric ag
   water development. At least 31 of these canal systems are known,
   at least one for each perennial stream off the northeast slopes of
   the Grahams. Many miles of total length combined with engineering
   beyond stunning.

  N 32.68285 W 109.74418

   COAL CREEK -- The last campground on AZ 78 near the New
   Mexico border often sees little use. Coal Creek itself usually offers
    intermittent pools in an ever deepening canyon.
Campground N 33.10320 W 109.06043
   Canyon N 33.12222 W 109.07501

Reasonably reliable water near the 4WD
    limit of the Shingle Mill Canyon road. Larger canyon pools are
    sometimes full and  third tramway tension station is nearby.

    N 32.77380 W 109.90577

    RED KNOLLS ANNEX -- There is a second set of mudstone
    pseudokarst pits in the cliffs half a mile SSE of the Red Knolls
    Amphitheater proper. Aerial photos show more but much harder-
    to-reach cliffs even further south and east. I once encountered
    an all white ( and very pissed ) large owl here.

    N 32.95409 W 109.94203

    THE THREE WAY SWITCH -- Somebody went to a lot of trouble
    to route a canal along the HIGHEST point of a long ridge to a
    three-way diversion to Porter Springs and both Deadman tanks.
    Is it in fact prehistoric? Similar constructs and technology in nearby
    canyons strongly suggest so.
More here.
    N 32.76067 W 109.78131

   NEEDLE'S EYE TUNNEL- A volcanic piton was bored through
   when the Mule Creek road ( Arizona 78 ) was first built. You can
   find an image here and a thumbnail here. Sadly, nearly the
   entire piton was destroyed
on a later paving and expansion and
   only a vague fragment remains on this spectacular and extremely
   challenging bicycling route . For a while  there, this might have
   been the world's shortest tunnel!


    ALBERTO'S SIGNATURE -- Some of the CCC diversion dams
    show exceptional stone masonry work. Alberto deeply incised his
    using this rock monument.

    near N 32.79618 W 109.75381 ?

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 256-270:
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     "HUM ON THE DESERT" -- Enigmatic "lopeing generator"
     sounds are heard by some in the Desert Southwest. Myself
     included. With no generally acceptable explanation. These
     could be real or variations on tinnitus or individuals that have  
     exceptional infrasonic capabilities.
Meanwhile, the classic
     southwestern sounds of coyote pup yip yarfs, the call of the
     canyon wren, and the creaking and groaning of an Aeromotor
     windmill should be lovingly cherished.

    GIMEE'S-- The best and most secret restaurant on the the Salsa
    Trail is cleverly hidden in downtown York between the theater and
    industrial districts on the loop thruway bypass. The website seems to
    be down.
   N 32.91862 W 109.19731

    TWO REMOTE CCC DAMS -- Viewable to the east of the mesa
    edge 0.8 miles northeast of the junction of Deadman Canyon Road
    and the Lower Frye Creek Road. A locale frequently bypassed by
    the casual tourist.

    N 32.76588 W 109.79011

    WEBSTER CIENEGAS -- Long term drought has left these artesian
    pools smaller, shallower, and fewer than before. Between and east
    of the Cemetery and the Central Wash Detention Dam.
Be sure to
    Avoid driving anywhere wet!
N 32.85217 W 109.79769

   GILLARD HOT SPRING -- One of the hottest anywhere at 180
   degrees. Mixes rapidly with the cooler Gila River.

   N 32.97293 W 109.35041

    TRAIN BOOKS -- Myrick's Railroads of Arizona volumes II
    and ( especially ) III include all sorts of exploration and dayhike
    possibilities. Finding the cover photo of volume III is apparently
    tricky. This is probably 5 miles north of Duncan and can be best
    approached cross river from the east.

    near N 32.77487 W 109.17215 ?

    SULPHUR SPRINGS -- These appear to be long gone, despite
    being the namesake of the largest geographical area feature of
    southeastern Arizona. Probable location w
the topo map place
    name one mile SW of Kansas Settlement
. Or perhaps another
   two miles or so further SSW. Or even one north of I-10. Some
   Fascinating water info can be found here.

   near N 32.00704 W 109.73166 ?

    THE ORANGE CLIFFS -- 4WD Caliche trail off the Bull Gap
    road gives impressive views of the Gila Box  below the actual
    Camelsback are
a. Direct ri
ver access is difficult but possible.
    Some mining artifacts may remain.

    N 32.91979 W 109.46448

    PREHISTORIC BAJADA AG -- Many southern mesas host
    prehistoric artifacts and structures. These now include grids,
    hanging canals, aproned check dams, mulch rings, habitation
    sites, and even world class aqueducts. Some of these are
    confused by later pioneer and CCC rebuilds and overlays. A
    master survey is underway. Please report any odd or obscure
    findings. An early paper appears here.

    THREE TEMPLE TOURS -- Visits may remain available to all
of those new Gila Valley Temples located in Central in
   Artesia, and in Apache Grove. Decorum and dress code are
   strictly enforced.
A fourth possibility might be Diamond Mountain
   near Bowie
   Central N 32.86295 W 109.78993
   Artesia N 32.69936 W 109.67824
   Apache Grove N 32.90702 W 108.99842
   Diamond Mountain N 32.13986 W 109.42699

    EASTERNMOST SAGUARO II -- Latest candidates are off the
    lower Frye Creek road.
But these may be hugely tall Barrel Cacti
    instead. Interesting mid-sized CCC dam rebuilds are also in the
    area. Please email your saguaro sightings.
    N 32.77151 W 109.79512

    GOLF COURSE RUIN -- Highly trashed and baldly pothunted
    habitation site
is further threatened by close and imminent
    development projects.

    SMITH DAM --On Jacobson Creek, a seasonal wet stream just
    off the "serious" start of the Swift Trail. Access track is extremely
    rocky and demands very high clearance. Best park elsewhere.
    N 32.68490 W 109.76183

    BEAR SPRINGS KNOLL -- Seldom traveled 4wd track  passes
    "badlands" overlooks, then drops to artesian warm springs in the
    valley floor. Not sure how the recent drought  has treated these.

   N 32.84455 W 109.96323

    MORE CLIFF HANGING CANALS! -- At leas 31 of these
    world class prehistoric features are currently known. With total
    lengths now apparently over EIGHTY kilometers! Some flow
    to this day, while the fill in others makes for ideal hiking. But
    most access is difficult. Additional detail here.


  Gila Valley Day Hikes 271-285:
 top   bot 

   TOOLS AND RESOURCES -- Your foremost tool for local
    exploration is Acme Mapper on the web. Which has just improved
    its best local resolution. And helped along by Google Maps and
    Google Earth. Should you get serious about exploring really
    difficult terrain, check out the Draganfly. And learn KML.

    THE ALLEN CANAL -- One of many of the prehistoric hanging
    canals and may extend more than eight miles! Its purpose remains
    enigmatic. Starts at Spring Canyon and may end in the Central
Includes the extremely impressive Culebra Cut.
    N 32.74388 W 109.83951
    N 32.78239 W 109.83531
    N 32.81156 W 109.81154
    N 32.83565 W 109.79809
    N 32.83257 W 109.80483

    EVEN MORE CCC PROJECTS -- Several mid-size dams and
    water control structures appear slightly south of and somewhat
    west of "the split Y" in West Layton Road.

    N 32.82725 W 109.82918

    DEADMAN FALLS -- These two locations  demand major bush
    whacking in heavy brush off the main Deadman trail. Ideal for
    hikers who bring along their own catclaw, just in case there is not
    enough along the route. Steep and often dry..
    N 32.72759 W 109.82077
    N 32.73250 W 109.81635

    OLD SPRING CANYON NATURE TRAIL -- Quarter mile trail or
    half mile loop is still easily followed but apparently is no longer
    maintained. Just west of the low point of the Frye Mesa road.
    N 32.78396 W 109.82909

    R/C AIRCRAFT MODEL FIELD -- Newly added to the existing rifle
    ranges, targets, archery, and such in the Dry Lake area south of the
    Safford airport.

    N 32.83878 W 109.65850

    JERNIGAN PREHISTORIC CANAL -- Makes a quarter mile "U" loop
    hung on the side of a small mesa. Ends in a French Drain structure that
    feeds ancient fields. Part of the Mud Springs Bajada canal system.
    More here.
  N 32.82756 W 109.81946
    N 32.84092 W 109.81265
    N 32.84158 W 109.81661

   AUCTIONS -- Yeah, these might push the envelope of a "dayhike"
   somewhat, but they certainly can be a trip and offer many opportunities.
   Our closest major auctioneer is Bruce Tingle and high profile local
   auctions involve EAC, Graham County, and the State Fairgrounds.
   Charles Dickerson usually handles the Morenci Mine and some farm
   auctions. There are also numerous storage auctions and yard sales,
   with the Courier being a useful resource. Much more here.

    CIENEGAS -- Spring driven marshes once formed major local
     water sources, but very few examples remain and many of these
     are dry or rapidly drying up. Examples include Artesia, Roper
     Lake, Cluff Ponds, Dankworth, Golf Course, Allen Reservoir (?),
     Thatcher Yard, Webster, and a few small and scattered tanks.
    N 32.85027 W 109.78936
N 32.85204 W 109.79623
    N 32.80251 W 109.78089
    N 32.79580 W 109.78568

    WILDFLOWERS -- Vary with the season and particularly with
    the spring rains, but this year has been at least a forty year peak.
    There's little advance warning of major displays. In a small area
    this fall, there were over FIFTY BILLION yellow lemonweed

    MUD SPRINGS BAJADA CANAL -- Possibly the most highly
    engineered variant on the prehistoric hanging canals.
    possibly the earliest. Routes Ash Creek water "up" over the
    bajada and delivers it far to the north."Side drain" option may
    be for flood control or mud removal.

    N 32.79161 W 109.85359
    N 32.82757 W 109.81947
    N 32.84240 W 109.81055
    N 32.84798 W 109.81105

    THE LOGGING FLUMES -- A series of flumes were built in Ash
    Creek from the 1880's onward. These were largely failures and
    eventually got replaced by the tramway in Shingle Mill canyon.
    While excellent photos remain in the Pima Museum, only a rare
     and occasional loose board remains on site. Difficult access.

     Believed once near N 32.73206 W 109.89134
     Pima Museum at N 32.89646 W 109.82752

    BIRDING -- The "best" birding areas in Arizona are usually the
    Huachuchas and Chirachauas. But, as this out of print guide suggests,
    Graham County can hold its own. Good local spots include the Thatcher
    Sewer Ponds, the Watchable Wildlife Platform, and the Spring
    Canyon near the Mesquite Bosque. Our classiest local bird is
    the Great Blue Heron.

    N 32.86402 W 109.76731
    N 32.89622 W 109.48128
    N 32.89473 W 109.50175

    "THE WALL" -- Popular party location near the end of the FS 861
    "road to nowh
Competes with Clay Knolls and the Blue Ponds.
     N 32.68139 W 109.78476

    BANDOLIER SITE -- Short but deep riverine prehistoric canal and  
    related ag fields in the Eden area
    N 32.94534 W 109.91163.

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 286-300:
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     HELIOGRAPH LOCATIONS -- While Heliograph Peak was
    the most obvious, there were over 50 Solar Communications
    stations in the 1890's. Grandview Peak to Mount Ord did set
    distance record of over 100 miles. The Fort Huachucha link was
    was almost as lon
Per this report.
    N 32.65000 W 109.84897

    LOCAL FOSSILS -- I know of no major and public accessible
    local fossil gathering sites. Part of the problem is that Mississippian
    limestone deposits are few and far between. But the Pliocene is
    well represented with such megafauna sites as the 111 Ranch,
    the San Pedro Glyptodont site, and the Dead Camel Place.
    Your best access to these locations is as a BLM Volunteer.

    N 32.83189 W 109.72415
    N 32.71805 W 109.47681

    N 32.60909 W 109.56354

    APACHE PASS -- Site of a Butterfield Stage Station and an Apache
    skirmish that created the perceived need for Fort Bowie.
A small
    spring was the crucial resource.

    N 32.15206 W 109.48130

   PREHISTORIC SITES -- The Gila Valley has an amazingly
   rich and world class prehistory. Including nearly fifty miles (!)
   of mountain stream fed canals, tens of thousands (!) of ag
   grids, lowland river canals, aqueducts.(!), mulch rings, and check
   dams. Plus numerous habitation sites that include Marijilda,
   Goat Hill, Spear Ranch, Golf Course, Beer Bottle, McEuen,
   Lebanon, Sixpack, Owens-Colvin, Deval, Longview, and
Turkey Creek. Some details on ongoing research for
   which field mice are desperately needed can be found here.


    SWMMING -- The safest and sanest swimming in the Gila
    Valley would likely remain the Safford, Pima, and (sometimes)
    EAC pools. Useful wilder locations might include Cluff Ponds,
    Roper Lake, San Carlos Reservoir, portions of the Gila,
    especially near Spring Canyon, the San Francisco river a few
    miles above Clifton, little known Fisherman's Point, and possibly
    the hard-to-access San Carlos Falls area. Best wildland kiddie
    wading remains the Wet Canyon arm of Jacobson canyon, with
    Marijilda Canyon, Round the Mountain tinajas, and Frye Mesa
    Falls useful seconds.

     Safford N 32.83375 W 109.71939
     Pima N 32.89012 W 109.82450
     Thatcher Splash N 32.83464 W 109.76309
     Cluff Ponds N 32.80511 W 109.86180
     Roper Lake  N 32.75522 W 109.70487
     San Carlos Lake  N 33.18140 W 110.51022 
      Fisherman's Point  N 32.63196 W 108.85475 
      San Carlos Falls  N 33.43966 W 110.27326
      Wet Canyon N 32.65122 W 109.81300

Spring Canyon N 32.88705 W 109.49749
      Marijilda  N 32.69925 W 109.78810
      Round the Mountain N 32.68482 W 109.81136
      Frye Mesa Falls  N 32.74517 W 109.83710

-- 3000 foot square has three
   prehistoric canals going in and at least two coming back out. Without
   a trace of anything inside.
One map here.
   N 32.83476 W 109.81553

-- Quasi religious event usually happens in late
   July and alternates between Safford, Thatcher, and Pima. Parades,
   food, fireworks, competitions, shows. Also check out  the Daley
   Estates National Night Out, usually held in early August in their park.

   Daley Estates park a t N 32.80148 W 109.76641

    HISTORIC SITES -- Your best starting points should always
    be the Graham County Historical Society and the Pima Museum. 
    Sites of interest include the CCC Camp, the Power's
    Garden shootout site, the "shame of Pima" Wham Paymaster
    robbery location, the Olney House, the Battle Mountain skirmish
    track, the Old Clifton district, the Aravapia ghost town ( access
    may be limited ), the Emigrant Canyon marble quarry, Fort
    Bowie, the Morenci Southern Railroad loops, the Montez and
    Weech toll roads, Serna Cabin, Solomonville's Gila Valley
    Bank, and, of course, the Mount Graham Tramway.

    See locations elsewhere in this directory.

   MONDO CCC BOONDOGGLE -- Half a mile SSE of the fork
   in West Layton Road. Dozens of huge canals, spectacularly failed
   dams, fancy rockwork, and bunches more. The prehistoric Mud
   Springs canal runs through the middle of all this grunge.
   N 32.82266 W 109.82466

   NEW LOCAL BLM WEB PAGES -- Can be found here, here, here,
   and here.
Lots of maps and free handouts at the office.
   Safford Office at N 32.83197 W 109.72407

   EVEN MORE CCC PROJECTS -- Hidden in a seldom visited area
   southwest of Thatcher International Airport and south of the back
   trail to Mud Springs. A curious mix of hard-to-find check dams
   ( some with aprons; others with layered masonry ) combined with
   mysterious huge field-bordering rockpiles.
The prehistoric Allen
  Canal also traverses the area.

  Many near N 32.78957 W 109.83068

   LEGENDARY CATFISH -- Not sure if this is urban lore or not, but
   there are consistent rumors of three and four foot long catfish that
   lurking in "secret" Gila pools north and west of Fort Thomas. The
   San Carlos Lake record for a Flathead Catfish is a "fair to middlin"
   70 pounds.
    Near N 33.05049 W 109.97402 ?

   GEOCACHING CONFLUENCE -- GPS enthusiasts seem
   to get off on pinning down only those exact whole number lat-lon
   locations. Our nearest candidate is 33 degrees north and 110
   degrees west in unexceptional flat desert somewhat
southeast of
   Fort Thomas. BTW, my own preferred GPS
handheld is a Garmin
   eTrex. This has proven most useful for our Prehistoric Canal work.

  N  33.00000 W110.00000 etc.

   CANAL TAKEINS -- These are popular as party, swimming,
   picnicking, and ( sometimes ) fishing locations. The Safford
   diversion dam is at the northeast end of San Jose road. The
   comparable Thatcher one centers on the "banana farm scam"
   a mile east of the northern end of First Stree
Rare sightings
   of beavers and Texas softshell turtles are sometimes seen.

   San Jose N 32.86137 W 109.54412
   Thatcher N 32.85966 W 109.74302

   MOUNT GRAHAM SAWMILLS -- There were many of these
   and most are hard to pin down. Best known is in Ash Creek
   south of Old Columbine, which was also the head of both the
   tramway and the flume. Others were in Fort Grant, Frye Canyon,
   Gibson, Nuttall Canyon, Blair Canyon, Tripp Canyon, Sawmill
   Canyon, Taylor Canyon, Shingle Mill Canyon, Jacobson
   Canyon above Cluff Dairy, Carter Canyon, and elsewhere

   There are very few remains at most sites.

   Ash Creek N 32.71895 W 109.90516
   Shingle Mill N 32.75036 W 109.91554 ?
   Carter N 32.74390 W 109.99472

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 301-315:
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  MYSTERY MESA -- This aerial map shows a mesa top that
   appears to have an inaccessible thumper loop, many CCC water
   control structures, and possibly some prehistoric ruins and ag
   constructs. What is really there? Some of this area may be within
   mine boundaries and may end up restricted.
   N 32.86302 109.57016

   FIRE DEPARTMENT TOURS -- The Safford, Thatcher, and
   Pima Fire Departments sometimes offer free informal tours of
   their equipment and capabilities. Early Tuesday nights are
   typically the most convenient. Thatcher is especially proud of
   their new 85 foot aerial platform.
And Safford has a pair of new
   Safford N 32.83246 W 109.71519
   Thatcher N 32.85003 W 109.76132
   Pima N 32.89469 W 109.83186

   Rhyolite rocks offers superb hiking, camping, vistas, and historic
   tours. Scheduled shuttles simplify longer hikes. Nearest services 
   are Willcox.
Over-the-mountain route to Portal is difficult and
   tedious but spectacular.
   N 32.00466 W 109.35837

   RESERVATION LINE CAVE -- Minor mineshaft-like cave in
   Escabrosa Limestone is half a mile NNE of Grantham Cave.
   Other very small caves in area include Al's Hip Pocket and a few
    others. Area is still not yet fully explored by Arizona Cavers.

   MORE GRIDS? -- The main collection of many tens of thousands
   of prehistoric agricultural grids are well northwest of Safford, and
   many dozens more exist spread out to the South. But this document
   suggests yet others in the area that may or may not still
   be findable.

   Such as N 32.93309 W 109.82023

   KENNEDY FALLS -- Not sure what is in this riparian canyon north
   off the Bonita-Klondyke road that may include an intermittent stream.
   The two 4WD tracks may or may not loop.

   N 32.76452 W 110.18162

   MUD SPRINGS CROSSOVER -- The prehistoric Mud Springs
   hanging canal starts in Ash Creek and works its way through a
   saddle "up" into the Mud Springs bajada, before extending
   ( and splitting and "climbing" ) some seven miles further. The
   crossover is amazingly optimum,  taking place in a narrow window
   of opportunity at the lowest possible altitude and shortest distance.
   This is clearly stone age engineering beyond world class.

   N 32.79151 W 109.85375

   ADAM'S CAVE -- Fewke's 1897 Archaeological Report gives
   credible details on an apparently "lost" shelter cave somewhere
   between Thatcher and the sawmill in Frye Canyon. Possibly this
   was the "cave" that Cave Canyon was named after. No location
   details seem to survive.

   HENRY'S CANAL -- Yet another new discovery in the ongoing
   prehistoric hanging canal series. This appears to be Marijilda
   sourced and has some lower hanging portions along with some
   significant cuts, is about a mile south of Lebanon Reservoir #2,
   and over three miles lo
Sourcing remains untraced, and this
   might have been an earlier canal replaced by a major hanging

   N 32.73712 W 109.74230
   N 32.74563 W 109.72641

   BIRDWATCHING TOWER -- Newly added to the Thatcher
   Sewer Ponds to give elevated views and gives you a stable and
   unobstructed platform for photography. Also do check out the
   treetop BLM Watchable Wildlife Platform.
   Tower  N 32.86402 W 109.76730
   Watchable N 32.89622 W 109.48129

    HONEYMOON CAMPGROUND -- Superb and very remote site
    near the upper end of flowing Eagle Creek. Entire area is seldom
   explored. Wolf packs nearby.
   N 33.47546 W 109.48072

   SHINGLE MILL CANAL -- Newly "rediscovered" and appears
   to be an anglo rework of one of dozens of world class prehistoric
   water projects designed to exploit virtually every drop of available
   Mount Graham water.
The name of the rework is the Minor
   Webster Ditch System

   N 32.79793 W 109.87258
   N 32.81103 W 109.86726

  CORONADO TRAIL -- Yeah, US 191 ( old 666 ) is long and urpey
  north of Cliffton. And going around three sides of  a square into New
  Mexico can be much faster. But the scenery is superb in this remote
  area. A favorite of motorcycle  tours, while Hannigan to Rose Peak
  makes a really nice mountain or touring bicycle trip.
No services.
  Hannigan N 33.63939 W 109.32714 
  Rose Peak N 33.44021 W 109.37486

AERIAL PHOTO PATERNS -- Acme Mapper can be your foremost
  tool to explore little known areas. Be especially on the lookout for things
  that do not look "natural" Such as
these areas. But note that their
  Google watermarking
can deceive you into thinking you are looking at
  something real. What ( if anything ) is really here?


  FREE AREA LECTURES --Discovery Park has a free lecture series
  every second Saturday night in the Jupiter Room during fall and
  spring sessions. Topics include history, prehistory, hiking, eBay,
  energy, travel, heliographs, historic photography, and bunches more.

  Also checkout BLM's brown bag lectures, which sometimes are noon on
  Discovery Park: N 32.79894 W 109.72817
  BLM Safford: N 32.83179 W 109.72413

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 316-330:
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   CLUFF RESERVOIR #3 -- Largest and southernmost of the Cluff  
  Ponds facilities is a local favorite for fishing and swimming. Includes
  dam and boat launching dock.

  N 32.80511 W 109.86180

  GRANVILLE RECREATION AREA -- Just into the trees on the
  Coronado Trail north of Cliffton and easily combined with a Morenci
  Crystal Cave trip.

  N 33.18728 W 109.38321

  CLAY KNOLLS - Illicit teenybopper party site can be extremely
   popular and also sees a lot of ATV and 4-wheeler use. Some
   unusual desert plants are in area. Further east is a superb and
   hassle free place to watch 4th of July fireworks.

  N 32.79273 W 109.72323

  BETTER MAPS & AERIAL PHOTOS -- Google Maps, which are
  also used by Acme Mapper j
ust got a lot better and a lot newer
  over much of Southeastern Arizona.  From Artesia to Portal and
  the NM line to the San Pedro.

  HILLTOP MINE -- One mineshaft here went all the way through
  the mountain, and kids would ride ore cars through it to get to
  school. Very rough 4WD tracks are better hiked. Hands Pass
  area in upper East Whitetail canyon. Also reached via North
  Fork of Pinery Canyon. Topo shows this as the  Kasper Tunnel.

  N 31.98535 W 109.29023

  ALLEN DAM FAILURE -- It is hard to find much useful info on
  this spectacular local dam collapse.
Apparently it was built by the
  SCS in the 1930's and its overflow was ( possibly intentionally )
  clogged in the 1950's. Failure was in the late 1960's. Water source
  may have been either a cienega or a prehistoric canal. Both are
  now quite dry. Urban lore has water skiing here!

  N 32.83337 W 109.79366

  CORONADO VINYARDS -- Once was the finest restaurant in
  Southeastern Arizona, but newly converted to a superb tapas
  and wine lounge. Also wine tasting, grape stomps, music, and
  unique scheduled events. South of the easternmost Willcox
  I-10 exit. Verify website for current hours.

  N 32.30329 W 109.79052

  PORTAL -- Small community and fire camp gives spectacular
  eastern access to the Chirachuas. Fine camping, trogons, caves,
  hamburgers, falls, trails, and a research institution newly opened
  as a bed and breakfast on space available.
Nearby Paradise
  townsite offers a birding bed and breakfast and a historic cave.

  N 31.91399 W 109.14126

   BLODDY RUN AMBUSH -- Location of the Wham Paymaster
   Robbery, aka the "Shame of Pima". Near the Cottonwood
   Canyon area of the Klondyke Road. A short summary here
   and the definitive book here.

   N 32.83402 W 110.12609

  RUCKER BOX -- Spectacular and difficult "secret" innermost
  heart of the Chirachua mountains. Riparian, flowing streams,
  impressive cliffs. Final portion is well off trail. Stay in the canyon

  N 31.80326 W 109.26842

  COCHISE STRONGHOLD -- Very scenic oak woodland offers a fine
  but pricey Bed and Breakfast, cross mountain hiking trails, small
  caves, granite climbing, bouldering, and more. Dry, so bring adequate
  water. The Council Rocks seemed downright spooky to me.
  B&B  N 31.92743 W 109.96521
Stronghold N 31.92113 W 109.97897
  Council Rocks N 31.90922 W 110.03300

  ASTRONOMY -- Casual dropin visitors are most definitely not
  welcome at the Mount Graham International Observatory. But
  van based all day winter guided tours are sometimes offered
  through Discovery Park. Meanwhile, the Desert Skygazers
  club usually meets every second Saturday in the Jupiter Room
  of Discovery Park during fall and spring school sessions and
  can give you free access to a 20 inch 'real" telescope and other
You can also take an EAC course to become a 20 inch
  telescope operator and docent. Further afield are Casitas De
  Gila and the San Pedro Valley Observatory.

  Casitas De Gila N 32.79888 W 109.72820
  San Pedro Valley Observatory N 31.95099 W 110.26581

  RUSTLER PARK -- Top of the mountain campground in heavy timber
  gives birdwatching, access to the Chirachua Crest and other trails,
  limited snow activities, and more. Nearest food is Willcox or Portal.
  Recent fire damage has been extensive. Barfoot lookout has burned.

  N 31.90409 W 109.27876

 SHINGLE MILL - I'm not sure of the exact location, but the Shingle
 Mill namesake of the same canyon was likely somewhere around the
 Hulda Gap Corral. This would place it adjacent to the original Hiram
 Weech toll road, and close to the fourth tramway tension station.

 N 32.75037 W 109.91543 ?

LEOPARD FROG RENARIUM - One of the newer biological
experimental additions to the Discovery Park Campus natural
area. A renarium is a frog nursery intended to restore endangered
species for eventual release in the wild. Visitors are welcome.

N 32.79898 W 109.72815

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 331-345:
 top   bot 

ANGLE ORCHARD - This historic site halfway up the Swift Trail
traditionally offers you-pick mountain apples in a wide variety of
choices in early fall. But 2011 was a rare off year with a near  total
crop failure.
N 32.66121 W 109.79363

DOS CABEZAS - This can be your choice of a bed and breakfast
that is  for sale, a combined ghost town and small artistic community,
or a fairly dry mountain range that holds a large wilderness area.
Because of some locked gate hassles and less than stellar landowner
relations, the wilderness is best approached from the Indian
Bread Rocks
Picnic Site on the eastern end.
B&B N 32.17337 W 109.61106
Town N 32.17505 W 109.61384
Wilderness N 32.21849 W 109.53664
Bread Rocks N 32.23835 W 109.49962

 TAYLOR TERRACES -- It is unlikely these are a UFO fish fillet
recipe. Instead, they seem to be a  major CCC project, possibly
reworking a prehistoric original. Lichen edge orientations provide
strong evidence of recent age.
N 32.81539 W 109.97052

GPS HANDHELDS - These are extremely useful for finding your
way back to your vehicle in heavy brush. Or to return to a more
interesting spot or tell others about them. Or to simply and safely
pick an alternate return route. The latest Garmin eTrex-30 adds
a barometric altimeter much more accurate than GPS vertical info.
It also optionally will hold four states worth of topo maps for you.

TRANQUILITY CANAL - Recently rediscovered and apparently
prehistoric hanging canal seems to have artesian origins and once
may have routed to fields in the Cook's Reservoir area over its
one mile length. Portions were apparently rebuilt by anglo pioneers.
Observe any posted property signs.
N 32.75756 W 109.73297 to
N 32.77438 W 109.72774

RED CANYON - Interesting site just north of the Ward Canyon
Road in Cliffton offers thru trip possibilities.

N 33.05044 W 109.27676

BAKERIES - The local bakeshop scene is, to say the least,
rather grim. But two outstanding locations elsewhere are more
than worth the effort to travel long distances to them. Especially
as part of a daytrip. Best local is the Cottage Bakery. Check
out the Roundup Bakery ( formerly the Bakery Haus ) in Elfrida
for just about anything, or the Breadbasket in Sierra Vista for
superb and unique pretzel rolls. Which usually sell out by 8 am.
Roundup N 31.68663 W 109.68776
Bread Basket N 31.55239 W 110.30431

OLIVER KNOLL - Seldom visited area just south of the res
features a Saguaro forest and is often frequented by Javelinas.
Classic Lower Sonoran lifezone. The narrows of Markham Creek
are nearby. Jeep trails in the area may not connect.
N 33.06173 W 109.84675

METATE PEAK - One time site of prehistoric artifacts. The Ledford
prehistoric hanging mountain stream canal is also nearby. Difficult
to access.

N 32.67993 W 109.73926

BROWN'S FISH FARM - Aquaculture site in Cottonwood Wash
west of Pima sometimes has events, often welcomes visitors.
N 32.86861 W 109.85972

SHAKE SPRINGS - Steep hiking trail off south central Grahams
follows a buried power line and connects the Swift Trail to Stockton
Pass. Five mile route is best done downhill. Trough spring is midway.
N 32.60724 W 109.83670

HANGING CANAL DIRECTORY - A list of the thirty one(!) known
Gila Valley prehistoric mountain stream fed hanging canals can be
found here.  With additional papers here. Total length now appears
to exceed 60 miles!

CASTELLATED CCC DAMS - There's half a dozen or so of these an
eighth mile northwest of the Discovery Park turnoff. They are typically
a few hundred feet of six foot high earthen dam with distinctive hand laid
stone turrets protecting each end. From there, cables, fencing, and set
railroad tracks somehow do water spreading. These stimulus spending
bureaucratic boondoggles gives new meaning to "Your tax dollars
at work." Some prehistory also in the area.
N 32.80782 W 109.73764

ARIZONA GIS LAND OWNERSHIP - This new interactive state GIS
mapping resource can be useful to determine who owns what. But there
can be a frustrating lack of detail in certain areas. And GIS is clearly
about to be blown out of the water by "flyable" KML.

GIS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geographic_information_system
KML http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyhole_Markup_Language

MOONSHINE CREEK - Usually small but flowing tributary to Grant
Creek is fairly easy to access high up. Nearby Cunningham trails are
superb for hiking, mountain biking, or horsing around.
portions would appear quite challenging.

N 32.68416 W 109.89880

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 346-360:
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ACME MAPPER IMPROVEMENTS - The resolution and recency of
their imagery in the Gila Valley has just been dramatically improved. Such
as here, here, here, here, or here.


TRIANGLE "T" - Dude Ranch style Bed and breakfast lies in a wonderland
of granite boulders and live oak woodland. Easily combined with an
Amerind Foundation trip. Check restaurant hours before visiting. Off
Dragoon exit on I-10 in Texas Canyon. Natural arch also nearby.
Triangle T N 32.04411 W 110.08567
Amerind N 32.04554 W 110.07898

GILA VALLEY BANK - A two-thirds scale replica of what became
the Valley National Bank in downtown Solomon is now a University
of Arizona Extension Service
site. Visitors are welcome. Superb La
Paloma Mexican restaurant nearby.
Bank N 32.81548 W 109.63100
Restaurant N 32.81264 W 109.62752

LANDSMAN CAMP - Unimproved camping area just north and east of
Aravapia. Permits required if you wander off onto the res. Gathering
Stanley Butte garnets is a no-no.
N 32.96757 W 110.32644

RIGGS PREHISTORIC CANAL - This new discovery is smaller and
steeper than most of our prehistoric "hanging" canals. The workmanship
also seems of lower quality. And it still is not yet apparent where it comes
from or what its purpose was. Multiple canals appear to cross each other!
N 32.77846 W 109.78945

MOUNT GRAHAM GOLF COURSE - Second rate City of Safford facility
has a long history of scams and mismanagement. When open, the restaurant
is not half bad. Some ducks and waterfowl in ponds. Nearby prehistoric
habitation sites are nearly totally trashed.

N 32.80761 W 109.76869

BONKERS CCC SPREADERS - The new Acme Mapper high resolution
images have revealed hundreds ( and possibly thousands (!) ) of previously
unknown CCC area projects. Especially erosion preventing water spreaders.

N 32.78843 W 109.83090

BLUE CONFLUENCE - Just about our most remote local trip. Swimming,
hiking, 4WD exploration. Note that the Martinez Ranch Road ( also known
as the Dix Mesa Road ) is extremely steep and pretty much four wheel drive
with granny only. The major new construction project here is apparently
a fish barrier.

Confluence at N 33.20985 W 109.19240
Fish Barrier at N 33.21431 W 109.19646 

THE LIME CHIMNEY - Hollow natural limestone column fired and once
presumably used to manufacture lime. Well west of Bylas on the res.
Permit required. Apparently difficult to research.  

near N 33.26847 W 110.30577 ?

FRYE MESA ROCK ALIGNMENTS -- These mysterious features  show
evidence of both being prehistoric canals and of overlain CCC water
spreader rework.
They also suggest a prehistoric ( but presently unverified )
hanging  canal once bypassing the reservoir.  Amazingly similar alignments 
also occur three miles downstream.

N 32.75970 W 109.81622

CRAZY HORSE CANYON - Steep and little explored wet stream off the
Klondyke road offers bouldering, narrows, pools, wading, and even slots.
Best done downhill one way.
N 32.78636 W 110.19254 

SAN FRANCISCO APACHE TEARS - These are rumored to exist and
listed "in passing" in at least one field guidebook. South of the river
and east of  Cliffton. Prehistoric local use of obsidian or pearlite is
very rare, so this is likely a limited or lower quality source. A good
source for smoky tears is a mile south of the Superior airport.
Similar opaque specimens abound a mile south of the Burro Creek
The Bluebird Mine Mindat listing is uselessly disappointing.
Clifton near N 33.06921 W 109.28596
Superior near N 33.26902 W 111.13526
Burro Creek near N 34.52228 W 113.42601

OLD SAN CARLOS - The original town was torn apart and moved
12 miles north during the construction of Coolidge Dam. A few
remaining foundations can sometimes be viewed during exceptionally
low water times.
A little known natural chimney lime kiln is nearby.
Permits required.
Old San Carlos near N 33.20177 W 110.40455
Lime Kiln near N 33.26847 W 110.30576

SOUTHERN GRIDS - Our Northern Grids are fairly well known and
spectacular in their arrangement and organization. It turns out that
there are also Southern Grids, but these are fewer and spaced out.
This location seems to have been newly rediscovered and may end
up being the largest known Southern grouping .
N 32.78636 W 109.74327

SUNGLOW RANCH - Pricey "dude ranch" in the Turkey Creek area
of the western Chirachuas offers full meals, upscale experiences
N 31.85058 W 109.42230

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 361-375:
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NEW PIMA LAKE AT 1200 WEST - An old artesian gravel pit is
apparently in the process of being converted into a boatable lake with
ramadas and islands and such, but it seems closed and unfinished and
its present use status remains unknown.
N 32.90621 W 109.85401

TUNNELS- Most famous is the McEniry Tunnel, a scam to go
through Mt. Graham to tap untold riches. Long gone is the route
78 piton tunnel in the Big Lue mountains
. Only a  vague fragment
remains. For a while there, this may have been the world's shortest
Interesting hiking or mountain biking tunnels are on the
Morenci Southern railway
. Further afield are the Gilman Tunnels
in New Mexico, the Copper Basin Railway tunnel near the coke
ovens at Cochran. Or the original Queen Creek ( Claypool ) tunnel
near Superior
McEniry N 32.77583 W 109.86747 
Big Lue was near N 33.05355 W 109.08444
Morenci Southern N 33.00652 W 109.31817
Gilman  N 35.73443 W 106.76507
Copper Basin  N 33.09479 W 111.18463
Claypool N 33.30336 W 111.08061

GILA OUTDOOR - A useful outdoor store is located in downtown
Thatcher and includes an inside archery range. The real state
biggie is REI, with locations here, here, and here. My favorites
are either of the two Summit Hut Tucson locations.

N 32.84941 W 109.76145

ARIZONA LIGHTHOUSES - A tad out of the way, but believe
it or not, the US town with the most lighthouses is Lake Havasu
There's even a Lighthouse Club that builds these fully nav
functional scale models of classic lighthouses. Even stranger is
the lighthouse in the Superstition Wilderness.

N 34.48200 W 114.31880

and re-organized listing of our prehistoric canal field notes, images,
and similar resources. A major upgrade to this paper and this
slide show can be found here. With an interactive Master Map
using Google Earth can be found here. And a video here

SANTA MARIA CANYON - Yeah, it is a very long drive, but it is
also one of the best kept hiking secrets in all of Arizona. Seasonal
pools in a truly remote deep gorge. Nearby are lots of opaque
Apache Tears, a warm spring, and a pair of world class bridges.

N 34.51794 W 113.02379

RIGGS RESERVOIR- Smaller recreation lake portion of Safford
Water complex south of Daley Estates. Do not confuse with Riggs
Flat Lake on top of Mount Graham. The nearby Blue Ponds are
only sometimes active. Area is popular with shooters and teenyboppers.

Prehistoric canals
N 32.78390 W 109.77735

county fair, July fireworks, fishing, horse racing,  athletic fields,
picnicing, rodeos, the Miss Graham Cracker Pageant, old time
fiddlers, band battles with nickel hot dogs, auctions, and  various
other scheduled activities.  US 191 South of  Discovery Park Blvd.
N 32.78711 W 109.70551

KEEPERS"- This is the canyoneering term for tinajas that
you can get into but not out of
. Less obvious examples are
cattle tanks, mineshafts, progressively deepening canyons,
water hypothermia, or stuff that dogs or weaker or less
trained party members cannot deal with.

OAK DRAW- Fairly decent forest road gives northeastern
access to the Greasewoods and sees use by trail bikes and
such. Other linked trails are interesting but more challenging.

N 32.53373 W 109.71757

PARADISE- Off-forest group of cabins hosts a Birding Bed and
. Nearby Outlaw Cave includes some signatures of
nineteenth century bad guys Curly Bill and John Ringo. Galeyville
ghost town and smelter site is also nearby. Nearest services are
( sometimes ) in Portal.

Paradise N 31.93631 W 109.21831
Galeyville N 31.95208 W 109.22076

COCHISE WIND FARM- Newly planned near the junction
of Muleshoe and Warbonnet roads. More details here, with a
county wind assessment here, and Arizona wind potential here.
The fifty story(!) towers and 190 foot blades sound a tad
ambitious to me. A somewhat similar working wind site can
be found here.

N 32.28914 W 110.12613

Q RANCH- Extremely remote and isolated bed and breakfast
offers prehistory, birding, classes in scientific illustration, and
gourmet meals. Located in the secret part of Arizona that you
cannot get to. More segments of the routes to Pleasant Valley
are now paved. And the Sierra Anchas remain a trip unto
themselves. If you really want a 4WD challenge, visit the Q via
Rockhouse to Rockhouse by way of Lone Pine Divide and
Mescal  Crack.
N 34.07127 W 110.79993

HS CANAL- Spectacular world class mystery prehistoric and
counterflowing canal structure off Frye Mesa is the crown jewel
of the sixty miles (!) of mountain stream fed local canals. What
was its purpose? Suspected water source is Spring Canyon,
but can you prove it? More on hanging canals here.

N 32.75815 W 109.81504

SINGING WINDS BOOKSTORE --A legendary southwestern
books resource in an extremely remote ranch house. Take Ocotillo
Road north from Benson, turn right just past the fifth cow.

N 32.01415 W 110.31247

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 376-390:
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refurb has recently been completed. Per these details. Improvements
include trail rebuilding, fish stocking, and cattail reduction. This
was once a warm spring fish farm.

N 32.72066 W 109.70686

CASCABEL COMMUNITY FAIR- Rural arts and crafts celebration
often held in the first week in December. Go twenty miles north on
the Pomeranian Road out of Benson.

N 32.29146 W 110.37952

MORE SOUTHERN GRIDS - Recent rediscoveries just east of the
Porter Springs road have upped the known number of southern grids
well into the several hundreds. Compared to many thousands north
of the river. These were apparently used prehistorically to dry farm
in a combination of a giant booze factory and the original
Dilbert office
N 32.79419 W 109.75251

SINKHOLES - A few remote areas include multiple large sinkholes.
Some that suggest deeply hidden limestone caverns. Check here
for a Sedona area report and here for one on Holbrook. Three of
the Hoblrook areas include McCauley, Zeniff, and Snowflake. Or
here for the classic RAND paper which I believe has been challenged
and possibly discredited. A nearby ( and exceptionally dangerous ) pit
collection is at Red  Knolls. More on caves here and here
McCauley N 34.79888 W 110.58750
   Zeniff N 34.69798 W 110.49251
   Snowflake N 34.56415 W 110.23793

   Red Knolls N 32.96083 W 109.94061

WATERFALLS - Nearest is Frye Mesa falls, while other Mt.
Graham candidates include Ash Creek, Grant Creek and the
pair in Deadman Canyon. Greenlee County has two very remote
falls here and here. Other regional candidates include Winn falls
near Portal, San Carlos Falls, spectacular but very little known
Seneca falls
also on the res, plus Workman Creek and Reynolds
Creek falls in the Sierra Anchas. A summary of Arizona waterfalls
can be found here.

Frye Mesa N 32.74547 W 109.83728
Ash Creek N 32.72962 W 109.89359
Grant Creek N 32.67014 W 109.91015
Deadman #1 N 32.73244 W 109.81655
Deadman #2 N 32.72753 W 109.82080
Greenlee #1 N 33.19166 W 109.27570
Greenlee #2 N 33.53909 W 109.39622
San Carlos N 33.44124 W 110.27066
Winn N 31.86595 W 109.25821
Seneca N 33.77242 W 110.51773
Workman N 33.81875 W 110.93002
Reynolds N 33.87560 W 110.98722

KARTCHNER CAVERNS - The finest and most spectacular of
Arizona's commercial caves. A few miles southwest of Benson on
Arizona 90. The other commercial caves include Grand Canyon
near Peach Springs on old 66; and Collossal Cave east
of Tucson. Wild and sport caving info is available here, here,
and here.

Kartchner N 31.83671 W 110.34894
Collosal N 32.06190 W 110.63325
Grand Canyon Caverns N 35.52873 W 113.23114

CLUFF RUIN - Heavily pothunted and otherwise trashed late
classic habitation site in the vicinity of Cluff Ponds. Extensive

JUANITAS - Amazingly, Pima now has SIX Mexican restaurants
in varying shades of newness. But Junitas is overwhelmingly in a
class by themselves. For price, quality, authenticity, speed and
ambiance. Junitias is cleverly hidden in Bush and Sherts in the
secret part of Pima that only a cotton farmer can find. To fit in 
with the locals, knowing the difference between "mosey" and
"hunker" is an absolute must. Valet parking is strictly limited
to John Deere tractors only.
Recently moved to Sunrise Cafe.
Main near 300 West.
N 32.89104 W 109.82172

RUSTLER PARK UPDATE - Now being extensively rebuilt with
new ramadas and bear proof garbage cans in place. There is no
water yet, and area remains an utterly depressing moonscape.
Recovery can reasonably be expected to take a hundred years.
At top of Chirachuas via Pinery Canyon Road. The "secret" back
road between the church camp and the boy scout camp was passable
the last time I checked, but that was long ago. Hands Pass is
definitely not recommended for vehicles.

Barfoot N 31.90369 W 109.27816
Back Road N 31.92212 W 109.29202
Hands Pass N 31.99203 W 109.29559

YELLOW HAMMER MILL - Only an older water tank seems to
remain on this upper San Simon river site. The strange name does
suggest something to do with zeolite mining and might have been
a water source back when the river flowed reliably.

N 32.36300 W 109.28902

WARM SPRINGS - It's been years since I visited this site. It is
located in Deer Creek two miles northwest of  Aravapia. The water
temperature is only a few degrees above the average ambient.

There is a second warm spring at the headwaters of the San Carlos
river with a very high flow rate. Permit required. There's also a
warm spring east of Brushy Mountain, but I never actually got there,
despite several tries. It should be an excellent ATV project. Much
more on water resources here.
Deer Creek N 32.98361 W 110.37395
San Carlos N 33.44010 W 110.21186
Brushy N 32.88127 W 108.88747

MAY MEMORIAL WILDLIFE AREA - Viewing area two miles
northeast of Paradise is a very little known Arizona Game and Fish
resource. Many native animals make use of the developed water,
including coatis.  Access permits required.

N 31.95230 W 109.19876

BLUE RIVER FISH BARRIER- Newly completed small dam is
possibly the longest and most remote Gila Valley Dayhike. About
half a mile north of the San Francisco river confluence. You can't
get there from here.

N 33.21419 W 109.19614

SAN PEDRO RIVER- Ongoing restoration of spectacular riparian
and wetlands area has all sorts of opportunities for hiking and for
volunteer projects. Because of the length, hikes are often best
split up into seven or eight sequential pieces. More info here
N 31.37544 W 110.11071
N 31.86098 W 110.20932

at the South end of  Stadium avenue. Seasonal.

N 32.83478 W 109.76352

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 391-405:
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HORSING AROUND- Many local areas are ideal for horseback
riding and training, even though we don't seem to have very much
in the way of rental or riding stables. Tracks off the West Layton
Road seem to be a popular combination of trailer friendly access
and rideable areas. Of the top of the mountain sites, Cunningham
Campground has the best public access corrals.

West Layton N 32.83092 W 109.81857
Cunningham N 32.67836 W 109.89381

RICHARDSON ORCHARD SITE- Yet another heavily pothunted
and trashed late classic prehistoric occupation site. Presumably
dating from the 1300's. Area also includes numerous water control
structures, apparently both historic and prehistoric.

CENTRAL DUMP ROAD - Access now seems to be unlocked.
This is a superb low traffic paved short bicycling route. It also
gives access to several offroad ATV or 4WD loop trails. The
dump remediation borrow pit to the south tends to fill up with
seasonal water, forming intermittent lakes of varying size and

N 32.85985 W 109.81415

ILLICIT TEENYBOPPERING - Favorite underage party sites
include Clay Knolls, Riggs Reservoir, and The Wall at the end
of the road to nowhere.

Clay N 32.79252 W 109.72330
Riggs N 32.78412 W 109.77707
Wall N 32.68242 W 109.78488

BLUE PONDS CANAL - This route apparently was used historically
to switch sourced water between the north and south blue ponds.
Whether this was part of a major prehistoric canal delivering from
Frye Mesa and whether the blue ponds overlay prehistoric fields
remain to be determined.

Near N 32.78136  W 109.77685

SELDOM VISITED ARTESIAN PONDS - Seem to be just barely
surviving the drought. Major prehistoric canal also in area.
N 32.80252 W 109.78087 and
N 32.79564 W 109.78582

NEW HIKING CLUB FORMING - Contact Visit Graham County
for its present status and activities.

across the San Francisco is long gone, as are all of the trestles
further North. One tunnel loop remains just north of the river. But
two interesting bridges remain
. These are both best viewed at a
distance as they are rather likely to be extremely unsafe.
Bridges at N 32.97348 W 109.29908 and
N 32.94664 W 109.2685.
Tunnel loop at N 33.01433 W 109.31106

GOLF COURSE CANAL  - Prehistoric Canal find #29 appears to be
seven miles long and apparently serviced Daley Estates area from
Spring Canyon. Surviving portions so far appear to be few and far
between and difficult to trace. Possible source might be HS Canal
off of Frye Mesa! More on these world class spectacular hanging
canals here.
Field mice welcome.
Includes N 32.79837 W 109.78259 to
N 32.79993 W 109.78019 to
N 32.79886  W 109.77611.

THE "LOVE" ROCKPILES - Who built these huge messages on the
next mesa to the southeast of
Hall's Mesa? Why? Oops - they now
seem to have been removed. Vanished without a trace.

N 32.79060 W 109.76902

THORPE TANK ENIGMAS - What are these mysterious nearby
? CCC Flood Control water spreaders or something entirely
N 32.80219 W 109.78767

GRIPE - Population three ghost town and gas station from the 1950's
remains on the topo maps and was the location of the old Hiway 70
ag inspection station. A fragment of the old concrete still remains
somewhat west of San Jose.
N 32.81290 W 109.60091

CANAL NUMBER 30? - An obviously historic canal can be found
once routing water from Ash Creek to the two easternmost Smith Ponds.
While a prehistoric origin would seem eminently likely, this remains
conspicuously and frustratingly unproven.

N 32.81928 W 109.84515

SANTA CLAUS REINDEER - And other assorted odd critters
can sometimes be viewed midway just off the Cluff Ponds Road.
N 32.83263 W 109.83522

JACKSON CABIN ROAD - Very long 4WD route literally into
the middle of the Redfield Canyon Wilderness may no longer
be maintained. Some structures are believed to have been
N 32.43949 W 110.27087

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 406-420:
 top   bot 

MESCAL CRACK - Very rare and hard to reach and harder to
find find 95 foot deep pit in Precambrian Mescal limestone.
Quite narrow. A legendary companion pit 2 miles NW tentatively
called Strawberry Awful has yet to be located. Superbly remote
Q Ranch Bed and Breakfast also in the area.

Crack Near N 33.87363 W 110.80808 ?
Q Ranch at N 34.07127 W 110.79994

NUTTALL CANYON TRAIL - One of the most remote and
most difficult trails in all of Mt. Graham. Steep and may need
significant route finding. Present condition unknown, but likely
to be poor. Access to either end is difficult.

N 32.74003 W 109.97224

TRIANGULAR TRINCHERAS? - Remote mesa top construct
consists of four highly enigmatic nested triangles and may be
of ancient prehistoric ag.

VEECH CANYON - Spectacular typography in this very hard
to access and seldom visited locale. Are there any prehistoric
in the area and can you find them?
N 32.63916 W 109.74528

O'CONNOR FIELD - Major airport project seems to have
faltered with the partial grading of two dirt runways. West of
Duncan on ( golly gee! ) Airport Road. Other Greenlee
development projects here.

N 32.69360 W 109.12872

A SECOND DEAD CAMEL PLACE? - Camel and llama
tracks are referenced in this Zeolite document.

GONZO WATER SPREADERS - One of the highly ambitious
and apparently most useless CCC projects ever seems to center
in the Wood Canyon area east of Duncan over several square
miles. Very obvious in Acme Mapper. Many dozens of structures!
N 32.70276 W 109.17619

GRAHM COUNTY VINYARDS - Off to a fledgling start with
fifty tons of grape harvest by Bonita Springs Vineyard just north
of the tomato factory.
N 32.47444 W 109.92945

THATCHER URBAN TRAIL - Is newly completed for running,
hiking, doggerel, or bicycling uses. A short and a county unfunded
section between the Safford and Thatcher portions remains to
be built on Golf Course Road. A new Church Avenue sidewalk
links the trail to EAC.
Safford N 32.80252 W 109.70802 to N 32.81492 W 109.73562
Thatcher N 32.80796 W 109.76296 to
N 32.80793 W 109.76295

  LOWER JACOBSON CREEK - Seldom visited perennial stream
  with tinajas makes for interesting winter rock scrambling. Note
  that eastern access road demands an extremely high clearance
  vehicle. Otherwise, head southeast from the start of the road
  to nowhere.
  N 32.68403 W 109.76387

  GOAT TANK CANAL - Newest entry #31 to our prehistoric
  hanging canals and apparently complements those already
  known in the Ledford Tank area.
  N 32.68243 W 109.75862 , etc..

  bridge still remains in a "secret" and hidden loc
ation. Best
  viewed from a distance because of safety issues.

   N 32.94947 W 109.27845

  40 (!) prehistoric canals of 60 miles (!) total length, this one
  is the easiest to reach with short 2WD and the simplest hike.

  More on these canals here and an invitation for your participation
  in utterly fascinating world class research here.
  N 32.83162 W 109.92471

 CHECK DAMS - There are literally hundreds of these prehistoric
  constructs all over everywhere. One of these three features a mid
  channel Barrel Cactus. Which strongly supports their prehistoric
  rather than CCC origins.
Many include distinctive aprons.
  N 32.79250 W 109.87288

an infinite supply of these utterly worthless boondoggles. Such as
a group i
n Lower Merrill Wash and a few west of Taylor Pass Road.
Merrill N 32.82043 W 109.87759 and N 32.82019 W 109.87600
Taylor N 32.82178 W 109.97676

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 421-435:
 top   bot 

THE "ROSETTA" CANAL - Proof has been lacking for the premise
that virtually all historic bajada canals were based on "steal the plans",
"borrow the blueprints", or "dig out an old ditch".
But this pair of Cluff
NW historic canals has two short included segment that appear to be both
prehistoric and unalteredly original.

N 32.82641 W 109.84673

and the Workman Hell Hole in the Sierra Anchas win hands down, but
also great are West Clear Creek, Wet Beaver Creek, Tonto Hells
Gate and Fossil Creek.
Salome Jug N 33.79948 W 111.0963
Workman Hell Hole -
N 33.87933 W 111.04098
West Clear Creek - N 34.54322 W 111.6238
Wet Beaver Creek -  34.67490 W 111.65962
Fossil Creek - N 34.42210 W 111.57535
Tonto Hells Gate - N 34.22115 W 111.09374

MIDDLE NUTTAL CANYON - cattle tank makes an interesting,
seldom visited but longish hike or ATV route. Can you verify there
was a prehistoric hanging canal water diversion project in this area?
N 32.77783 W 109.95534

FIRE LOOKOUT TOWERS - are rapidly besoming an endangered
species. Miller Peak and Silver Peak are long gone and Barfoot
recently burned. Key historical documents are
and http://ir.library.oregonstate.edu/xmlui/handle/1957/9577

RED HORSE WIND FARM - is under construction near the
junction of Hooker Hot Springs Road and War Bonnet Road
and can be distantly viewed from I-10 if you know where to look.
Not sure of present access and visitation rules.

N 32.28871 W 110.12988

prehistoric hanging canals has been newly rediscovered bringing
the total near 41 canals for a length around SIXTY MILES!
This one is near pristine and features moderate 4WD and
easy foot access, but is on the wrong side of posted private
and state land. This find strongly strengthens "steal the
plans" of several nearby historic canals.

N 32.81611 W 109.86926

POSSIBLE MONTEZ TOLL ROAD - remains do appear
immediately above and north of US 191. They shortly are
presumed to  cut north across the mesa to Guthrie and the
Gila shortly aft
erward. Mystery unexplored "pothole" is
also  in the area, but is likely just a natural tank.

N 32.90295 W 109.26505

prehistoric canal in the P Ranch area seems to be located
here, but remains field unverified.
Are the rock alignments
further east prehistoric or CCC?
N 32.64300 W 109.74265

HANGING CANAL DIRECTORY- Newly created index
also includes exclusions and near misses of our prehistoric
hanging canals
. Now up to
SIXTY THREE entries and
at least
SEVENTY miles, possibly bunches more.

BLUE RIVER FISH BARRIER- New docs give an interesting
summary of this hard to reach ( you can't get there from here )
destination. Judging by a new mud flat, the design may end
up having problems caused by the eastern scouring structure.

N 33.21454 W 109.19637  

up this trail from the prison. Fairly gentle road hike followed
by steep scramble with ropework recommended at the falls
themselves. No special permit is normally needed to drive
through the prison residential area.
N 32.66763 W 109.91664

THE WHITE HOUSE- Once appeared but long gone from
Thatcher 1960 15 minute quads. Roofless anglo ruin is still
viewable on Acme Mapper.
Should be a good ATV project.
N 32.89169 W 109.96585

THE BIGLER CANAL- Also once appeared but long gone from
Thatcher 1960 15 minute quads. Huge size for its source
suggests it may have been an investment scam of some sort.
Prehistoric predecessors would be highly conspicuous by their
absence, but remain unproven. Ponds may have been prehistoric
N 32.87958 W 109.92144

YET ANOTHER HANGING CANAL - Tentatively called
The Freeman Canal and number sixty eight! Might be as long
as eight miles and definitely has well defined destinations.

Still under active exploration. Portions have been buried by
the CCC. Other Bajada Canals now exceed a hundred miles!
N 32.79056 W 109.76165 to N 32.80019 W 109.75025
  so far.

NEW FREE eBOOKS- of two classic "must read" Arizona
historical records. Find
Find Hodge's Arizona as it is here.
And Hinton's Handbook to Arizona here.

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 436-450:
 top   bot 

SKY ISLAND TRAVERSE- Renaming of the Round the Mountain
Trail mid-height links Swift Trail to Frye Canyon while crossing
Marijilda and Deadman canyons. Since southern parking is poor,
it is often best to start with a short feeder trail from Noon Creek.
World class
"secret" tinaja pools lie just below the Marijilda
Swift Trail Start -N 32.65237 W 109.81080
Noon Creek Feeder - N 32.66769 W 109.80883
Marijilda Tinajas - N 32.68466 W 109.81149
Deadman Crossing - N 32.71702 W 109.83792
Frye End
- N 32.72273 W 109.85861

"NEW" FREE HISTORIC MAPS - Clear back to way back when
are now available online from USGS. Just dial your year.

ANOTHER "LOST" CCC CAMP - This one north of  Canador peak
just over the NM border. Also includes quite a few water diversion
N 32.66335 W 108.91472

RED HORSE TOURS - Free guided tours of the combined wind
and pv facility northwest of Willcox is offered by Mallory Safety
Management Services
Contact Aubyn Avery at (205) 919-7936.

While somewhat obvious as the tallest structures in all of Southern
Arizona, they still do not show up yet on Acme Mapper. Start at the
junction of Warbonnet and Hooker Hot Springs roads. Northeast
of Allen Flat.

VEE WEIRS - These strange strictures show up on a historically
refurbed prehistoric bajada canal northwest of Cluff Ponds...
       N 32.82643 W 109.84579
       N 32.82802 W 109.84607
       N 32.82834 W 109.84603
       N 32.82875 W 109.84579
       N 32.82873 W 109.84583
       N 32.82922 W 109.84548
       N 32.83037 W 109.84475
       N 32.83049 W 109.84469|

MERRYLAND - Long disused dance pavilion in Eden
apparently now serves as a farm storage area. Does not
appear to have ever been a real Merry-Go-Round.
N 32.96153 W 109.89411

MEXICAN SUSHI - Newly available next door at the old
Big O Tires. ( MOVED! Now in the old Cholos building
with a full oriental menu .)
And Jobi's now has Eegees  (!).
And, in the neighborhood, check out the
Mt Graham
across from the prison for superb deli sammiches
for any mountain trip.

MOVIE SETS - Best, of course, is Old Tucson. Two Benson
area sites include Gammon's Gulch and Mescal. The latter
requires special visitation arrangements via Old Tucson.
Gammons Gulch
Old Tucson

literally thousands of CCC water management structures
in the area. An interesting dozen or so can be found on
the Bear Springs Road on the flat above ( and mostly
west ) of the locked gate.

N 32.84847 W 109.93391

ASH CREEK CASCADES - A dam plus a highly scenic
collection of small waterfalls. tinajas, and smaller size pools
at the southern end of the newly improved ( but still 4WD
recommended ) south end of the Ash Creek road. South
of Cluff Ponds, which also has been recently improved.
Cascades N 32.76310 W 109.87110
Cluff #3 N 32.80569 W 109.86276

FREEMAN PREHISORIC CANAL - Brand new imagery in
both Acme Mapper and Google Earth has revealed an
additional extension to the Freeman Canal that suggests a
total possible record length of eight miles and a possible
prehistoric origin for the historic blue ponds canal.

Includes portions between N 32.78741 W 109.76594
and N 32.78881 W 109.76427

MULCH RINGS - There are many of these prehistoric
ag constructs
, but by far the largest known group are near the
No Name Reservoir. These are single height rockpiles typically
three feet in diameter and a dozen feet apart. Rain gets under the
rocks and stays there as an ag water management ploy.
N 32.78819 W 109.76862

OLD IMAGERY AND NEW CONTOURS! -- Both are newly added to
Google Earth. The former via a dial-your age slider and the latter via
blendable topo maps by way of a free downloadable Earth Point ap. We
suggested blendable topos years ago with this Pacman AZ image.

NINA'S KITCHENETTE - Yet another food truck, this one at
the finest golf course in the entire Bonita-Eden-Sanchez
metropolitan area . Somewhat pricey and upscale but not quite
gourmet hamburgers plus breakfast stuff. Open Sunday, closed Mondays.

( MOVED! Ask around for current location.)
N 32.80758 W 109.76796

QUACKERDUCKS - There's a surprising number of still
water duck ponds locally that sometimes include Mergansers,
Mallards, Shovelers, Grebes, Coots, Canvasbacks, Buffleheads,
Teal, and ( while not quite a duck ) Cormorants. For best photos,
use a high zoom lens and tripod with image stabilization.
Thatcher Sewer Ponds N 32.87023 W 109.76827
Golf Course Southern Ponds N 32.79945 W 109.77308
No Name Reservoir N 32.78819 W 109.76862
Riggs Reservoir N 32.78429 W 109.77695
Discovery Park N 32.80089 W 109.72399
Blue Pond
N 32.78271 W 109.77394

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 451-465:
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on Google Earth or Acme Mapper and similar services.
Tours available through
Mallory Safety Management Services'
Aubyn Avery at (205) 919-7936.
Other things to do in the area
would include Muleshoe Ranch,
Triangle T, and the Amerind

DRONE SURVEY SERVICES - Are sometimes available through
Jeremy Green of Eastern Arizona AG. Their drone is particularly
good at stitching together composite ag fields, but it lacks any
real time ground based video feedback. Infrared scanning is
also offered.

spectacular hanging canals need verified in extremely
difficult terrain. And I sure could use your help in pinning
these down and verifying that they are real.
Veech Canal N 32.64310 W 109.74261
Ledford Canal N 32.68605 W 109.74551
Deadman Canal East
N 32.75631 W 109.77759

MULTI USE PATH EXPANDED- The "missing" county
portion is now complete
, and the path now runs from
mid Safford to Discovery Park to Daley Estates to EAC.

      Multipurpose Trail Map.

newly summarized in this document. Your help on all
this is needed here. And the main access page here.

SAND CANAL EXTENDED - Now apparently sources
from Carter Canyon and may have two additional branches
tentatively called Carter and Nuttall. These discoveries
minimize the unverified need for a mid canyon Nuttall
watershed crossing.

seasonal and are tucked behind the Thatcher Flood Control
Dam. Might sometimes include duck habitat.
Best approach
is probably by way of West 14th Street.
The immensely useful
History Feature of Google Earth suggests this was a sand and
gravel operation that got flooded.

N 32.82424 W 109.75857

little out of range, but it still has by far the best Arizona
lost treasure story in the form of the
Bob Brow Saloon
. Additional info is is found in the Journal of Arizona
, Autumn 1987. David B. Dill Jr's
"Terror on the
Hassayampa: The Walnut Grove Dam Disaster of 1890"

pp 283-306. H
ard to find,  but the EAC library has it.
see the 2005 Whtnu blog entries for May 16th and May 19th.

Much closer, the Thatcher Dam Disaster can be found here.
Walnut Grove N 34.19995 W 112.54247
Thatcher N 32.83341 W 109.79348

impressive planetary spaceship tours. Check website for
present hours. Also available are museum exhibits, your
hands on personal access to a 20 inch professional telescope,
astronomy club meetings, and a free seasonal lecture series.

    N 32.79872 W 109.72787

NEW SKATEBOARD PARKS - One each. Safford's
is in Firth Park, Thatcher's near the ballparks and
kiddy splash pool.
      Safford Skate Park
      Thatcher Skate Park

FISH BARRIER DISASTER? - Things seem to have gone
wildly wrong with the new Blue River Fish Barrier. The
intended accessory anti scour structure seems to have
exceeded its expectations by something like five orders
of magnitude.
My other favorite disasters can be
found here and here. Or my personal involvement with the
Great Kentucky Fried Chicken Gravy Explosion.

JUST FOR - Yeah, it is a long trip, but largely unexplored and
unknown Burro Creek in Western Arizona offers many interesting
features. Such as the warm spring in Kaiser Springs Canyon,
a pair of world class bridges, some superb hidden swimming, rarely
visited Zenaropolis Ghost Town, and lots of big tree shade at six
. A nice BLM campground west of the bridges, Plus largely
abandoned Nothing Arizona with amazingly prolific opaque Apache
nearby. Historic peak flood flows were spectacular. Plus
this secret place
. Nearest services are in Wikiup.

rare private property for sale on the East Fork of the Gila River
immediately adjacent to New Mexico's Gila Wilderness. Outstanding
as survivalist, remote, potential trading, or very long term investment, but
presently strictly restricted access by way of foot or horse over National
Forest lands. 4.7 acres. Taxes seem manageable at $3.74 per year.

Arizona semi ghost towns are around 65 miles apart by way
of mid-elevation paved and seldom traveled roads. They should
make a nearly ideal winter bicycling sanctioned event.
is 1600 feet higher than Nowhere.
Restaurants halfway.

REAY LANE WETLAND BIRDS - Otherwise known as the
Thatcher Sewer Ponds. This is a photo catalog of the usual
suspects. A recent viewing tower is at the wrong end.
N 32.86691 W 109.76697

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 466-480:
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HOWARD WELL - Trees and lake in an otherwise desert
area make for an interesting birding and picnic spot.
Zeolite mines nearby in this San Simon Valley site. A pair of
smaller pools are somewhat to the south.
N 32.43848 W 109.34675

Includes many dozens of both obscure and popular viewing

LAKE TAKALAR - I've yet to visit this newer resource
on the river two miles north of San Carlos. It presumably
includes birding and fishing. Indian permit required.

N 33.38827 W 110.42212

these busywork boondoggles in a seldom explored
region southwest of Pima's Lamb Tank. See if you
can also find rumored but unverified prehistoric
hanging canals
also in the area.
N 32.82217 W 109.92447

PARKS LAKE -Sometimes intermittent tank on the far east
side of the Whitlocks is an unlikely waterfowl spot. Also
in the area is the site of a stage station. Area vegetation
is rather sparse. Topo maps indicate several largely
unexplored shelter caves and ruins of apparently highly
difficult access.

N 32.55792 W 109.30730

NATURAL ARCHES-There' s quite a few of these in
Southwestern Arizona, but they tend to be smaller and
somewhat hard to find. The Black Hills Arch a few miles
up Pima Box. A larger arch a mile north of Dragoon Exit
on I-10. A small arch in East WhiteTail Canyon. A natural
( not really ) bridge
in Chiracahua National Monument.
The Portal in South fork and its Little Portal companion.
Plus, further afield, Tonto Natural Bridge.
Black Hills Arch N 33.07836 W 109.93465
Dragoon Arch N 32.05213 W 110.0942
East WhiteTail Arch N 32.00476 W 109.27396
Chiricahua "Bridge"  N32.01511°  W109.35824° 
The Portal and Little Portal  N31.88914°  W109.16655° 
Tonto Natural Bridge N 34.32277 W 111.44835

THE RABBIT FARM -At one time, this San Simon
resource included large artesian lakes and many
giant trees, but drought and falling water tables
have taken their toll. Remediation efforts are underway,
which presumably you can participate in.
N 32.50135 W 109.33844

field verifications suggest this westernmost known of the
Bajada Hanging Canals is surprisingly long at over five
miles and rather complex despite its easy visitation. It
also seems to be a "sampler" with at least one each of
everything in the other canals. Your help is needed in
further world class research survey work.
N 32.82673 W 109.93283

U/A facility near Superior also includes trails, plant sales,
arts, music, and crafts exhibitions. While in the area, also
visit the superb Jade Grill and the smoky Apache Tears.
Arboretum - N 33.28014 W 111.15909
Jade Grill -N 33.28775 W 111.10279
Apache Tears - N 33.26903 W 111.13454

here, but some of them are not faring well. The Sibley
Castle in Copper Creek has major washouts along with
locked and posted gates. But the ancient and hiking-
only route from here to Four Mile remains largely
unexplored and untraveled. The Aqua Verde Castle
in Vail is still there, but a more western Tucson castle
has apparently been newly demolished.
Secret Hike - N 32.76789 W 110.43379

A GILA RIVER TRAMWAY? - Apparently routed
ore from Copper Creek to Winkleman, but seems
very difficult to research. The manufacturer was
apparently Leschen. More hints here and here.
What can you find out about this and what, if
anything, remains?

temporarily stashed in the Marsh Station area
owing to the collapse of the coal industry. These
are undoubtedly patrolled and any trespassing is
likely vigorously enforced, so telephoto lenses are
a must. Also in the area is the actual Marsh Station
water tower, which is no longer functional.
N 31.99980 W 110.57945

ARIZONA TUNNELS - Are rather scarce, especially
those of hiker interest. A list of the top ten AZ tunnels
can be found here. Of local interest is the McEniry
, which is really a short mineshaft left over
from an outrageous investment scam. Also locally
are several remaining tunnels on the Morenci Southern
Railroad route. The Mule Creek Tunnel is long gone,
but some additional photos can be found here. For a
while there, this was almost certainly the world's shortest
tunnel. Wider afield is the Claypool Tunnel reachable by
foot or mountain bike only. The railroad tunnel near the
coke ovens can be an interesting trip. Plus the Mongollon
. Whose 390 trail starts from Washington Park.
Some little known and highly scenic Gilman Tunnels
are over in New Mexico.
McEniry Tunnel  N 32.77583 W 109.86747 
Morenci Southern Tunnels N 33.01706 W 109.29760
Mule Creek Tunnel Site N 33.04987 W 109.0
Claypool Tunnel N 33.30344 W 111.08050
Coke Oven Tunnel N 33.09465 W 111.18406
Mongollon 390 Tunnel N 34.43467 W 111.27297
Gillman Tunnels N 35.73394 W 106.76492

ZEOLITE PAPERS - A good intro to the San Simon
Zeolite deposits can be found here. And a second
paper that includes zeolite related fossils here. And
previously mined deposits can often be identified on
Acme Mapper by large regular areas that are quite white.
32.45018 -109.37979

the San Simon aquatic resources are now dry,
caused by drought and declining water tables.
But one group of a dozen small ponds remains
in the Salt Well area and sometimes still does
attracts waterfowl.
32.49748 -109.36588

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 481-495:
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MORE ON FOSSILS - The nearest public access
fossil site I know about lies northeast of Payson.
And your best ( and most reasonable ) beginner's
project would be the crinoid stems common to the
Mississippian Escabrosa Limestone. There are several
fossil study areas in the Gila Valley, and your best
route to participation is likely as a BLM volunteer.
Here are some published resources...
Fossil #1
Fossil #2
Fossil #3
Fossil #4
Fossil #5

BLUE - A tiny post office and a very few residents
second only in remoteness to Supai.  The Blue River
and its Blue Range Primitive Area, a wilderness
a public library, lots of ruins, and Frieborn 
Hot Spring
are all located here in the Greater Blue
Metropolitan area. Other services are likely to be
minimal or not there at all. While you are in the
neighborhood, also check out Hannigan Meadow.
Blue 33.61068 -109.10722
Frieborn Hot Spring - 33.70823 -109.02886
Hannigan Meadow - 33.63953 -109.32760
Supai - 36.23693 -112.68908

FOUR WHEELING - Endless opportunities here
in the Gila Valley, most notably the legendary Rug
. ( You can't get there from here! ) ALWAYS
use at least two and preferably three of somebody
else's vehicles! As beginner's projects, try the
Mesa Road
or either of the Ash Creek Roads. For
an intermediate challenge, there's the superb
in Bonita Creek. And what remains of the
now largely impassable
Weech Toll Road. Further
afield and
demanding gonzo vehicles are the Box
Canyon / Martinez
area near Florence. But their
Luge is now both impassible and closed to
vehicles. Lots more, of course, in the superb
and the "must do" Bloody Basin Road.
Rug Road 32.82741 -110.46379
Frye Mesa 32.75536 -109.83547
Ash Creek #1 32.77301 -109.86092
Ash Creek #2 32.51351 -110.25973
Lee Trail 33.06146 -109.57901
Weech Toll 32.79765 -109.88830
Box Martinez 33.15924 -111.20342
Lower Bradshaws 34.05305 -112.32126
Bloody Basin 34.15668 -111.82288

UNDERGROUND MAPS - Of local geological
and mining activities are found in this extensive
and fascinating collection of local resources.
Sadly, the quality and legibility and coverage
varies all over the lot.
WARNING: Mineshafts ( particularly older
abandoned ones ) raise SEVERE safety and
property rights issues.

Arizona Geology Index
Thatcher Geology Map
Safford Geology Map
Artesia Geology Map

CAVES - "Arizona has no caves to speak of".
For more details contact or join any of these...
National Speleological Society
NSS Arizona Grotto Page
Arizona Regional Association
Central Arizona Grotto
Escabrosa Grotto
Southern Arizona Grotto

Cochise County Cavers
Northern Arizona Grotto
Mickey Mouse Grotto
UAAC Songbook

Kartchner Caverns
Collosal Cave
Grand Canyon Caverns

LEDFORD MESA -The most developed and
most stunningly engineered and most intense
portion of our prehistoric bajada hanging canals
seasonably flows to this day. And is visitable
primary by long hikes or very challenging ATV
centers on 32.68827 -109.73411

WHO OWNS WHAT? - I know of no detailed
and open directory of total county or state land
ownership. But quite useful are this directory of
Graham County tax roles
, this state GIS directory,
and this additional Graham County resource.

and here.

WHITEWATER DRAW - Arizona Game and Fish
resource southwest of McNeal often features zillions
of sandhill cranes and various other quackerducks.
There's currently a flap over an ongoing water supply.

31.56687 -109.71871

SIERRA ANCHES- Broad mountains on the
southern and only partially paved route to Young.
Includes natural drainages ropework, Workman
Creek falls, lookout towers, access to Salome Creek,
rare Precambrian caves, campgrounds, Cherry Creek
Cliffs, ruins, a bible camp, and many other explorable
and rarely visited wonders. Possibly combinable with
a Q Ranch bed and breakfast.
Sierra Anches - 33.87231 -110.97480 etc...

Q Ranch
- N 34.07127 W 110.79993

to some Sinagua Cliff Dwellings. Try to score the
lesser done upper ruin tour. Also in the area are
Roosevelt lake swimming and boating, other
ruins, a hot spring, an amethyst mine, a significant
dam, the Apache Trail, and an impressive bridge.

33.65649 -111.09209

SHEEP BRIDGES - The Salt River Blue Point
sheep bridge long ago washed out and only an
abutment and a guiding structure is still there.
Wild horses and tubing opportunities may remain.

The Verde River sheep bridge was replaced by
a replica pedestrian only bridge. Besides a nearby
warm spring, this makes a superb destination for
an ultra macho Rye to Barnhardt reverse
( literally tied in knots! ) to cross
three day trek over the Willow Springs
Hint: when you get to Midnight Mesa, you
are definitely "out west". Absolutely pure and
unadulterated raw Arizona.
The two bridges
were on apparently separate trails.

Salt Sheep Bridge - 33.55551 -111.58742
Verde Sheep Bridge -
34.07756 -111.70718

CHERRY CREEK CLIFFS -Arizona's spectacular
secret riparian place centers on Devils Chasm, Pueblo,
and Cold Springs Canyons. Offered are cliffs, caves,
swimming, ruins, trees, literally off the wall exploration,
and even Uranium Mines. 4WD and climbing skills
recommended. An alternate but much slower route
to Young. A nice horsey B&B further north.
Devils Chasm - 33.81960 -110.86539
Pueblo Canyon - 33.84413 -110.87015
Cold Springs Canyon - 33.83026 -110.87045

Very rare geology literally tied in knots on the
north canyon slope. Hang west on a ranch road
about 1.2 miles south of Rye to the trailhead,
then an easy hike to somewhat before the
big switchbacks. A seasonal waterfall further
up the trail.
34.09278 -111.44109

WTF UFO CENTRAL -Because it is on posted
private property and involves a three hour drive,
I'll  leave this one as an exercise for the serious
student. Previous arrangements are required
if you want to ride the underground Area 51
shuttle. As will a release form from your therapist.
This is located south of the Mackenzie River.
Much closer UFO fish fillets here.
And more on
drawing distinctions between useful adjuncts to
porcine whole body cleanliness from total hogwash

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 496-510:
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SOME FOOD UPDATES - After circling for a landing
for a while, the Mexican Sushi Ono truck has newly
moved into the old Cholos building. And now offers
a full sitdown Japanese menu including Teriyaki,
Sashimi, and Tempura. Ichiban. The hamburger truck
is still wandering and it was last seen at the Thatcher
And sadly, Bricks seems once again vacant.
Our suggestions for superb eats well worth the travel
includes La Paloma in Solomon, Toni's Kitchen in Thatcher,
Juanitas in Pima, the Coronado Vineyards tapas outside
Willcox, Gi-Mees in York, and the Jade Grill in Superior.

Curiously, the original purpose of tapas was to keep flies
from getting drunk and falling into your wine.

FOUR PEAKS AMETHYST - Helicopter tours
are newly available to this world class gem mine.
Which is an otherwise private wilderness inholding
reachable only by a difficult access restricted trail.

INDE MOTORSPORTS RANCH - A huge, pricey, and
upscale new race track cleverly hidden in the desert
northwest of Willcox on the way to the Red Horse Wind farm
and Hookers Hot Springs. Just south of the Winchester
Mountains and west of Cochise Airport. Also in the
neighborhood: Triangle T, Dragoon Arch, Cascabel
Community Fair
, and the Amerind Foundation.
Inde Ranch - 32.22700 -110.00703

over the impressive and seldom visited Verde Rim,
and you should still be able to get that far. Beyond
that, a steep 4WD maint road for a historic power
line may or may not still form an alternate and river
crossing free route to Verde Hot Springs. This
is definitely on the far side of back of beyond.
Both the historic Childs power plant and its town
have been demolished. From Childs, the hot springs
are still visitable on foot with several usually
difficult river crossings.
Dugas - 34.36282 -111.97884
Verde Rim - 34.37100 -111.81417
Childs - 34.35106 -111.69929

primitive picnic area is fine for 2WD, except
possibly for the occasional Arizona Pinstriping.
Sadly, many of the biggest trees have died.
Seldom done but easy out-and-back or thru
hiking trips to Southern P-Ranch roads are
an option. As are rarely visited CCC water
spreader projects. Even more rarely visited
is a Hog Canyon spring and stream that
may even have been a prehistoric canal.
Gillespie - 32.56887 -109.76127
Stockton Wash Hike - 32.58243 -109.74432
CCC Spreaders - 32.55957 -109.76919
Hog Canyon Mystery -
32.55379 -109.76432

THIS - is one of those.    Or is it?

be found here.

HIDDEN GEMS - There's likely more than 2000 (!)
CCC water diversion projects in the area. You can
find most of these on Acme Mapper. There are
two main "flavors" consisting of wide mesa constructs
and narrower cross dam washes.
It might be interesting
to create a master catalog of these largely worthless
government boondoggles. One seldom visited and
fascinating dammed wash group can be found around
32.81264 -109.83189.7 There's also a "hidden" but
rather impressive hanging  canal in the area
. With
more prehistoric canals here.

apparently a new and still low key program that
has not yet reached their website, so do call
(928) 428-6760 or email first for times and rates.
32.75510 -109.70353

study area candidate research areas include still
( barely ) flowing artesian numbers #76 at 32.75469
and #77 at 32.75704 -109.71886. There
are also some access restricted grids in the vicinity.
Projected system length is now over one hundred
and fifty miles (!)
of these spectacular and largely
unstudied world class  stunning prehistoric engineering
. A list update can be found here and a
main list here. Serious research opportunities abound.

COLD SPRINGS AND POND - Might make for
a seldom visited, fairly short, and offbeat hike or
picnic destination.
33.00671 -109.90314

found here, the latest field notes on the newest

discoveries here,
other field notes here, and bunches more on all
of the hanging canals here. Your ongoing help is
very much needed.
32.76769 -109.79231

of these these are obscurely all over the far side of
hell and gone. Check out the incredible assortment
at 32.80187 -109.82507, the highly unusual pair
found near 32.77399 -109.78746, or the lone sample at
32.80152 -109.74922.

VIDEOS - Quite a few YouTube videos of the area are
starting to appear.
Some random samples...

"McNary" Tunnel  ( should be McEniry )
Ash Creek Flash Flood 
Climbing Frye Mesa Reservoir
Hiking the Gila Box River Trail 
Frye Mesa Natural Waterslides

Wilderness First Recovery 
Road Less Traveled US191 

Exploring Mount Graham 
Frye Mesa Video #1 
Frye Mesa Video #2 
Frye Mesa Video #3 
Frye Mesa Video #4 
Frye Mesa Video #6
Frye Mesa Video #7
Frye Mesa Video #8
Frye Mesa Video #9
Frye Creek Potholes
Safford Hanging Canals 
Mount Graham Ice Cave 
Mount Graham Streams
Frye Canyon
Smores Canyon 
Waterfall Hike 
Hike to the Potholes 
Frye Mesa Cruise 

Stone Fire 
Dankworth Pond 

RESEARCH HIKES - Your chance to combine genuine
world class research with short but very challenging local
hikes and GPS locater practice can be found here. Our GPS
recommendation is still something like the Garmin eTrex 30x
or newer.

  Gila Valley Day Hikes 511-525:
 top   bot 
NEW INDEX - Of our hanging canal field notes can now
be found here.

FRYE MESA DAM CATWALK - Oddball adventure
gives unique downcanyon views. But the best catwalk
of all is over in New Mexico.   Check out Los Olmos
while you are in the area.
Frye Dam Catwalk M32.75357 -109.83315
New Mexico Catwalk 33.37585 -108.83494

DRY LAKE PARK - City of Safford facility near the
airport includes ramadas, archery, paintball, RC model
landing strip, pistol range, rifle range, skeet range
and lots of open space.
32.84324 -109.66111

ASLD PARCEL VIEWER - Shows some of the
Arizona State Land ownership submenu details
you can pick up on. Note the contrast control.

BETER ACCESS - to both the CNF and BLM
Santa Teresa wilderni should happen following
BLM's buying the ET Ranch ( aka the Pace
Ranch ). Issues may remain with crossing the
res and one or more 4WD tracks.

32.90150 -110.10768

of prehistoric, historic, and modern are summarized
here with its sourcecode here. The bajada hanging
canals, of course, completely and utterly blow just
about everything else away. Anytime, ever.

BIRDING INFO - The "best" local resource can
be found here, the also rans here, and national
stuff here.

LIDAR - Lidar is an interesting alternative to the 
imagery of Acme Mapper or Google Earth. It is
monochromatic aerial infrared illumination and can
offer significant benefits. See  this directory, or this 
2016 sample printout

at the remote NM Potholes country back in hike
#179. But there are also some volcanic vents and
obsidian in the same area that are well covered by
this document.
33.18009 -108.99156

LOCAL ARTESIAN SPRINGS- These can be found
commercially as
Tranquility and Kachina and Roper.
Some "raw" artesian driven canals that can be fun to
explore can also be found in the same area as
Artesian 1,
Artesian 2
, and Artesian 3. And field notes on the now
dry prehistoric Tranquility Canal are also available. Be
sure to respect all property rights and postings.

adjacent to the UFO Fish Fillets of hike #333. This
still needs further field verification and its source and
destination determined as one or more challenging
hiking projects. There are also zillions of strange
CCC artifacts in the area. More on the UFO fish
fillets can be found here. And more hanging canals here.
32.81564 -109.97366

OLD SAN JOSE CANAL - Easy access to this prehistoric
but lower technology riverine canal seems to include a
significant hanging portion more common to the bajada
hanging canals.
Much more here and in Researchgate.
32.84575 -109.55728

BIRDING BED and BREAKFAST - Has been offered
in Portal by the American Museum of Natural History.
Reasonable prices include three full meals, snack lunches,
and more.
31.88398 -109.20605

CAVE SUMMARY - Arizona has no caves to speak of,
so for further details on the 600+ major AZ caves not spoken
of, you should contact NSS, ARA, CAG, or EGI. The "best"
caves are usually in limestone with a few lava and even rarer
gypsum  exceptions, so there is not much here in the Gila
Valley. The nearest "real" but quite small caves are in the
Morenci or Globe Area.  The Mount Graham Ice Caves of
Soldier Creek
are just in spheroidally weathered granite, while
no credible cave in the Graham's Cave Canyon is known. Oh
yeah, we do have the very dangerous Red Knolls pseudokarst.

discovered and still largely unexplored "closes the loop" with
bajada hanging canals now almost all the way around the
Grahams and exploiting virtually every drop of water.
Much more here and in Researchgate.
32.80968 -110.04766

  Gila Valley Latest Day Hike Additions:
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FOSSIL CREEK - Hard to get permits are newly required for
this popular central Arizona riparian desert swimming retreat
that is fairly easy to combine with Verde Hot Springs. The
historic power plant and t
he entire town of Childs are no more.
34.42274 -111.57332

sure looked like a canal to me, but it actually crosses the
Jernigan Canal. Starts at West Layton Road and goes
just over one mile through otherwise seldom visited and
rather remote terrain to the Central Dump Pond.
32.84135 -109.81224 to
32.85287 -109.81441

FIVE SECRET POOLS - The only tiny thing wrong with
this spectaular world class group of tinajas is that
can't get there from here!
In Devil's Canyon below the
now controversial Oak Flat and suitable
ONLY for fully
rope and swim qualified gonzo canyoneer
TEAMS. Photos
here. A tamer but still challenging alternate would be El
Capitan Canyon mentioned above as hike #73.
Secret Pools - 33.25668 -111.02144
El Capitan -
 N 33.17926 W 110.80769

BRIDAL WREATH FALLS - One of the more obscure Rincon
Mountain destinations. Seasonal. Shared with Tanque Verde
Falls in the same range. WARNING: Tanque Vede Falls can
be EXTREMELY dangerous!
Many fatalities happened here.
Bridal Wreath - 32.22677 -110.65014
Tanque Verde
- 32.25525 -110.65548
Rincon Mountains. 32.17292 -110.52009

CIBECUE FALLS - Spectacular swimming hole north of Salt
River Canyon. Permits required from White Mountain Apache
. Expensive. Some photos here.

33.86087 -110.53280

                     ( update continuing )

           Please email your suggestions to me.

  Coronado National Forest Trails:
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The condition, ease of use and maintenance of Coronado National
Forest trails
is very much dependent on floods, fires, and funding.

Here is a list of some of their currently maintained trails:

                                         East Divide
                                         Holdout Spring
                                         Powers Garden
                                         West Divide 

                                         Ash Creek
                                         Bear Canyon
                                         Clark Peak
                                         Dutch Henry
                                         Frye Canyon
                                         Gibson ( top access blocked )
                                         Grant Creek
                                         Grant Goudy
                                         Grant Hill Loop
                                         Round the Mountain
                                         Shake springs
                                         Webb Peak

                                        None listed, but there is a fairly good
                                        trail to and over the top.      

  BLM Trails:
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While there are numerous hiking trails of varying conditions
on local BLM lands, the only signed and promoted nearby
ones I know of are their...

Dankworth Village Cultural Trail
Safford-Morenci Trail
Turkey Creek Cliff Dwelling
Watchable Wildlife Platform

Cottonwood Trail
Gila Box Water Trail

  Gila Valley Places to Best Avoid:
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We might complement our above lists of Gila Valley day
hikes with this list of places to avoid that you will NOT
want to visit..

   SPEAR RANCH -- Both access roads to Goat Hill and Lefthand
   Canyon are now posted, one with a new gate.
    N 32.83805 W 109.91396
    N 32.83825 W 109.91668

    SPENAZUMA MINE -- 1900's gold mining scam is a private
    working ranch on which visitors are strongly discouraged.

   ARIVAIPA CANYON -- The eastern access  problem caused
   by a locked gate from a few-chips-shy-of-a-full-board land
   owner has been resolved. But you should always have a BLM
   permit and should always check for access.

   TOP OF MT GRAHAM -- Red squirrel refugium access
   closed by the Bureau of sports fisheries and wildlife,
   among other agencies. Trailhead access to some northern
   trails ( especially Gibson ) are blocked and prohibited.

   MINE TOURS -- As of this posting, there are no formal tours
    of either the FM Safford or the FM Morenci mines. A
    reopening of the Morenci tour is possibly planned. An overview
    site of the Morenci Mine remains accessible.

   OWENS-COLVINS -- Casual visitors are discouraged at this
   private ranch site.

   EDEN HOT SPRINGS -- Once hippy paradise  is now part
   of a working cattle ranch. Apparently large group reservations
   remain possible on an advance fee basis. The hotel itself
   recently burned.

   FREEPORT McMORAN -- Due to copper mine development,
   many access points north to the Gila Mountains now have
   locked gates, guardhouses, or are otherwise restricted.

   THATCHER HOT WELL -- Has been plugged with concrete
   over a nudes-vs-prudes squabble. You still can visit, but there
   is nothing there.

   TERRORTOWN -- Once the Playas smelter company town is
   now used by the Department of Homeland security as a a
   training facility for counterterrorism and urban hostage situations.

   BEAR SPRINGS -- Old hippy commune and declining artesian
   spring site seems to have locked access gates and very little
   left. May be under new private development.

   MESCAL WARM SPRINGS -- It is only 85 degrees, has
   very little water and is extremely brushy. Very difficult
   access involves res permits, rough, and quite steep roads
   before a long hike. Plus posted property. Neither soakable
   nor swimmable.

   MT. GRAHAM OBSERVATORY -- While scheduled tours
   and individual invitees are welcome, trespassers will be
   prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by an aggressive
   24/7 onsite police force.

   THE BLUE SILO  -- Until visitation rights become obvious,
   this one is best treated and respected as a private home. It
   sure looks like it would make a dandy WiFi coffee house
   with a superb view.

   THE LOWER COALFIELDS  -- Arizona's "other" coal
  mining area lies on the res in the mineral strip. Most access
   is strongly discouraged. The coal is apparently of very little
   commercial value. Otherwise, it would have been stolen off
   the indians long ago.

   GUTHRIE -- One time ghost town and train watering
   station is now a group of ranchettes, complete with
    "Neighborhood Watch" signs.

   111 RANCH PALEO SITE -- This scientific paleo fossil
   research study in the Dry Mountain area remains access

   BLM GLYPTODONT SITE -- This scientific paleo fossil
   research area in the San Simon River basin remains access

  DISCOVERY PARK RAILROAD -- Inactive because of
  outrageous insurance issues.

   CARPENTER'S CAVE -- Between the ranch and res access
    hassles and the technical climb, this tiny shelter cave is not
    worth visiting.

   TRAMWAY PIMA BASE STATION -- This appears to
   have been recently sold and seems to be private property 
   under development. The  two story duck blind is somewhat
   of a mystery. More on the tramway here.

   WATSON WASH HOT WELL -- Now sealed by BLM
   over wild parties, drugs, shootings,  fires, and nudes-
   versus-prudes issues. The Daley Hot Well also seems
    to have been downgraded.

   RES ACCESS -- There are all sorts of recent horror
   stories over visits to the San Carlos indian reservation.
   Ranging from gang intimidation to  shakedowns to
   extreme permit enforcement to outrageous fines. But
   their casino will still be happy to take your money.

  BRUSHY MOUNTAIN -- Casual drop in visitors are
  rather unlikely to be welcome at this ancient cold war
  relic. Oversize kitchen and dorm facilities are sometimes
  used for such nefarious government purposes as BLM
  team building exercises.  A perfect location for a pulp
  novel UFO stash.

   WINTER ON THE MOUNTAIN -- Mount Graham access
   is closed during winter to vehicles beyond Shannon
   Campground. Skiers, snowmobiles, and hikers are usually

                         ( update continuing )

Please send any additions, comments, or corrections to mailto:don@tinaja.com.

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