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For most individuals and small scale startups, patents are virtually
certain to result in a net loss of time, energy, money, and sanity.   

One reason for this is the outrageously wrong urban lore involving
patents and patenting. A second involves the outright scams which
inevitably surround "inventions" and "inventing". 

A third is that the economic breakeven needed to recover patent costs
is something between $12,000,000.00 and $40,000,000 in gross sales.

It is ludicrously absurd to try and patent a million dollar idea.

This library explores many tested and fully proven real-world alternates
to patents and patenting.

Many library files require an Adobe Acrobat 5.0 plug in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat Reader or
an eBook Reader or any other .pdf" accepting program.

   "Must Read" Tutorials: .
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We can start off with these classic papers...

   The Case Against Patents  CASAGPAT.PDF
      b>For most individuals and small scale startups, any involvement with
      the patent system is almost guaranteed to cause a net loss of time,
      money, and sanity
. Here's why in Don's classic paper.

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   When to Patent  WHEN2PAT.PDF
Guidelines for when to patent. Do not even think about
      patents and patenting unless you can honestly give yourself
      positive answers to all of these key questions.

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   How to Bust a $650 Patent  BUSTPAT.PDF 
      Essential Tools to Bust a $650 Patent
. Showing prior art. Showing
      failure to disclose. Obviousness to a practitioner. Technical errors.
      Procedural errors. Lack of due diligence. The paper blizzard.

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   Patent Horror Stories PATNTHOR.PDF
Some Patent Horror Stories. The solar burn. A contest winner.
      The Grand Duchy of Fenwick. The night the music died. Ignoring
      Sallen & Key. The little engine that couldn't. For more info..

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   Tech Innovation Secrets TECHINOV.PDF #68
     A major tutorial on the Fundamental Factors driving recent technical
Decoupling. Accurate replication. Elimination of the
     gatekeepers. Computing power beyond awesome. More...             08/08

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 "The Case Against Patents" eBook: .
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At one time, I had a Book-on-Demand published reprint collection
called The Case Against Patents. Which contains much of what you
are viewing here.

I've made The Case Against Patents available here in an eBook format.
I've pretty much left this the way it was, so some of the info may be out
of date, and we are not quite up to modern eBook standards.

But here goes anyway...

   The Case Against Patents eBook
Older collection of patent avoidance related reprints. Includes The
     Case Against Patents
, When to Patent, How to Bust a $650 Patent,
      Patent Horror Stories, and dozens of additional resources

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  Other Patent Avoidance Resources: .
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Here are some additional product development and patent avoidance
tutorials and papers in no particular order...

   Blatant Opportunists #8 PARADIGM.PDF
Don's tutorial on stalking the wild paradigm. Small scale startups
      and tech ventures do best during times of change. Dealing with shifts.
      Business as usual. Avoiding sucker bets. Some GoFers.

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    Blatant Opportunist #48  INFOPACK.PDF    
Don's secrets of "Cash and Carry Consulting". InfoPack
      concepts. Efficiency. Putting the Info into the Pack. Some
      mechanics. For more help. Extensive web hot links.

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   Blatant Opportunist #24  RISKDOWN.PDF
The "real" way to "invent" something is to become a purveyor
      of risk reduction instead. Using and understanding the idea
      mortality curve. Getting paid. Mining fallout. Two examples.

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   Blatant Opportunist #25  ELESIMP.PDF
The quest for elegant simplicity. Doing more with less.
      The P-38 can opener. Schmidt oscillator. Vortex cooler.
       H-P audio oscillator. Duracell tester. NE-2 neon lamp.

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   Blatant Opportunist #71 ENERGFUN.PDF 
Some energy fundamentals.. Work, power, & energy. Sources,
    carriers, sinks. Energy density. Thermodynamics. Efficiency. Exergy.
    Hydrogen realities. Electrolysis fantasies, Photovoltaics, more.

Click here for the It's a Gas hydrogen resources.
Click here for ENERGFUN.PSL sourcecode.

   Blatant Opportunist #32 RATHOLES.PDF
Avoiding Engineering Ratholes. Charging madness. U-turn insanity
      Thermoelectric coolers. Sterling engines. Subsurface radars. High
      power piezo. Anti-Qwerty. How to avoid bad engineering
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  Blatant Opportunists #7 ADVETORLPDF
Don's unique secrets for Mastering the Advetorial. Understanding
     RCF reverse cash flow. How an advetorial works. Dealing with
     blatancy. Using the editorial exchange. Avoiding ripoffs.

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   Tech Musings #93 Muse93.PDF (october 1995)
     More on magic sinewaves, stepper motor driver chips, yet
another patent horror story, mid range Mench computer, a
     collection of PCMCIA plug-in card resources.

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    Tech Musings #95  Muse95.PDF (december 1995)
       Superb aviation history book, new RGB to NTSC encoder,
       lamps and lighting efficiency, emerging ultra-fast computers,
       product development concepts.

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   Magic Sinewave Demo Hardware! MSCHIPS.PDF #33
     Combined data sheet and application note for the very first available
     Magic Sinewave demo/evaluation chips. This MSD28D-04X offers full
     3-phase compatibility + best efficiency zeroing of harmonics 2-22.

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   Resource Bin #71  RESBN71.PDF (December 1997 )
My secrets of web based research. Search engines. Ezines,
      newsgroups, and newletters, Finding people. Basic research tools.
      Finance, jobs, medicine, Acrobat, PIC, humor, more.

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   Resource Bin #59  RESBN59.PDF (December 1996 )
      Starting your own technical venture.
Some essentials. Strategy
      and tactics. Getting started. Advertising and promotion. Getting
      ideas. Some starters. More information. Three contests.

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   Emerging Technical Opportunities  EMERGOP7.PDF
Another in a continuing series of Emerging Technical Opportunities.
    Steplocked magic sinewaves. PostScript as Language. Intelligent web
    Technology. Scalable Vector Graphics SVG. Playing with pixels. More..

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   Emerging Technical Opportunities EMERGOP6.PDF 
Some more Emerging Technical Opportunities. These include pulse
      radio, metalloradicals, "D" cell turbines, carbon nanofiber hydrides,
      EIS spectroscopy, RFID, massive FPGA's, and brain parity.

Click here for Pulse Radio tutorials and resources.
Click here for additional Hydrogen information.

    Emerging Technical Opportunities  EMERGOP5.PDF 
New ways to make a buck on upcoming technology. The baby PIC.
      Bodaciously better BOD bindings. Larized phase controls. Three
      phase magic sinewaves. New directions for PostScript.

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   Emerging Technical Opportunities  EMERGOP4.PDF
Fourth annual release of emerging technical opportunities.
      Push me pull you. The TeraHertz mystery band. PIC microcontrollers.
      Magic Sinewaves. Solitons. DNA computing. Binary chain codes.

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    Emerging Technical Opportunities  EMERGOP3.PDF  
Some more Emerging Technical Opportunities. These include short
      haul telemetry, nonlinear editing, the Digital Bogey, FM RBDS,
      cheap air turbines, sonoluminescence, and Postscript robotics.

Click here for PostScript robotic tutorials.
Click here for additional video editing info.

    Emerging Technical Opportunities  EMERGOP2.PDF
     A second review of emerging technical opportunities. Dye based
     solar electricity. Wavelets. GPS navigation. Spread spectrum comm.
     Switched reluctance motors. Aerogels.

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   Emerging Technical Opportunities  BLAT1-5.PDF
Temporary older file of the earliest five Blatant Opportunist columns.
      Book-on-demand publishing. Stupendous stuff sources.  Desktop
ideas. Emerging Technical Opportunities I.

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   Blatant Opportunist #72 FUNSTUFF.PDF 
Fun with Stuff.. Bubble accelerometers. HPNA home phone networks.
    Tut LR2000T's. Acrobat 5.0 upgrades. PostScript transparency.
     Tower fans. Hexapods. Stewart Platforms, Lumeloid, more...

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   Tech Musings #113 MUSE113.PDF (june 1997)
          A superb new color printer. Pager motors and vibrators. An
       online patent repository
. Two more patent horror stories
PostScript as language. Finding rms voltages and currents.

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   Blatant Opportunist #13  RESSCRTS.PDF
Classic Lancaster pre-web tutorial on Insider Research Secrets.
      The research continuum. The greatest resource. Library stuff.
      Dialog. UMI. tech books. Service info. Networking. Consultants net.

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   Blatant Opportunist #42  PRIMREST.PDF
My primary research tools to find who is doing what to whom
      in any subject. Trade journals, Ulrichs. Alta Vista. CD ROM phone
      books, EITD, data books, amazon.com, Dialog, others.             

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   Blatant Opportunist #30  FLUTWUMP.PDF
A flutterwumper is an X-Y-Z device that chomps or spits. Key
      design secrets include don't sweat the mechanics, minimize chomper
      load, no gantries need apply, use two-brainers, PostScript, and PIC's.

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   Resource Bin Archive I (1-24)
      Early columns includes getting started, ic's printed circuits,
      newsletters, secrets of professional prototypes, auto electronics,
      trade journals, opportunities in hacker robotics, more...

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   Resource Bin #83  RESBN83.PDF (December 1998 )
Having fun with some neat stuff. Build your own microprocessor.
      PSD rangefinding. Find that %&$# cat! Luminance probes. Class
      D Amplifiers. Load banks. A few new chips. Some other toys.

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  Patent Repositories and Links: .
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For many years, the "IBM Womplex" website was an outstanding
free patent repository. Sadly, this surl is now dark and has rolled over
into Delphion. Which is largely a fee based service. Meanwhile, the
USPTO now has a reasonable and free web presence.

The very first patent I got from the IBM site had ripped off my own
high profile
public domain material from a decade earlier! From the
September 1969 Popular Electronics, page 30.

The second patent I looked for was even sadder, since it started with
a 1938 Radio News article that became a mainstay of 1940's industrial
electronics books. And involved stupid gruesome mistake that all modern
electronics texts warn you as Beginning EE Student Blunder #001A.
Did I mention that their circuit is also now illegal these days?

Prior art gets you every time!

Here are a few useful patent repositories and related resources...

  Free Patent Repository via USPTO
      Official US Patent and Trademark office site offers patent searching.
      Images of all patents from 1790. Full text from 1976.

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  Fee Based Patent Repository via Delphion
      Includes both US and many international patents. Some
      limited free services will require preregistration.

Click to reach the Tech Musings library.

  Intelectual Property Resources via IP Watchdog
      "The source for Intellectual Property, Internet and Antitrust Law.
       All of the info can be accessed for FREE".      

Click to reach the Blatant Opportunist library.

  Intelectual Property Resources via Patent Cafe
      Offers a wide variety of free and fee services including concept
      based searches
, association directories, IP publications, more.

Click here for our Auction Help library.

  Fight bad or invalid patents using BustPatents
     "Legal resources and tools for surviving the patenting frenzy of the
       Internet, and electronic

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  Free Canadian Patent Repository at CIPO
      The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is similar to the US Patent
      & Trademark Office. Basic, number, boolean, and advanced searches.

Military Surplus via our Auction Help page.

   European Patent Repository at epo.org
      Collection of patents from most European countries. Language
      selections may be limited.

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  A Patent Link Farm from Yahoo
      Includes dozens of patent related web links converting everything
      from biotechnical patenting to young inventor's international .

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  Inventor's Associations: .
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There are many hundreds of inventor's association of one sort
or another around. I seriously question their usefulness. Many
have hidden agendas and ALL perpetuate the utter myths that
surround patents and patenting.

Here's an older tutorial and directory I did long ago...

    Blatant Opportunist #18 INVENORG.PDF
     A state-by-state listing of Inventor's Organizations. Along with
     a comprehensive review of the perils of patents and patenting.
     Essential reading for any wannabe product developer.

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A newer list of current inventor's association can be found by using
either Google or These Lists found at http://www.ipwatchdog.com.

  Newsgroups: .
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Here are some Usenet newsgroups that may be of interest to individuals
doing their own product development...


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  Patent Related Books: .
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Because I strongly feel that patents are utterly worthless for the
individual or small scale startup and are guaranteed to end up as a
net loss of time, energy, money, and sanity, I cannot in any manner
recommend ANY of these popular patents and patenting books.

But here they are anyway...

Cashing in On Your Inventions (Richard Levy )
Determine If Your Invention Is Profitably Marketable ( James White )
How to License Your Million Dollar Idea ( Harvey Reese )
Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright ( M. Davis )
Inventor's Notebook ( Fred Grissom )
Patent It Yoursel ( David Pressman )
Patents : A Practical Handbook ( U.S. Dept Commerce )
Patent, Copyright & Trademark ( Stephen Elias )
Patent Fundamentals for Scientists and Engineers> ( Thomas Gordon )
Patent Law Essentials ( Alan Durham )
Patent Pending in 24 Hours ( Richard Stim )
Patent Searching Made Easy ( David Hitchcock )
Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks for Dummies ( Henri Charmasson )
Secrets from an Inventor's Notebook ( Maurice Kanbar )
Toy and Game Inventor's Handbook ( Richard C. Levy )
Turn Your Invention into Millions ( Don Kracke )
Unlocking the Hidden Value of Patents ( Kevin Rivette )
  For More Help: .
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Product concept evaluation and similar development
assistance is offered through our InfoPack service.  

Other Guru's Lair library pages of interest include Tech
Musings, Hardware Hacker, Blatant Opportunist, Don's
Resource Bin, Math Stuff, PostScript, GuruGrams, Ask
Guru, Santa Claus, and Flutterwumper resources.

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