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The Blatant Opportunist is an older group of  Don's columns.  The main
focus is on  product development ideas and on solving real-world
problems of small scale technical ventures and startups.

Note that starting with Blatant Opportunist #74, continuing  columns
will be presented in GuruGram format with GuruGram numbering.

Most library files require an Adobe Acrobat 4.0  plug in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat Reader or
an eBook Reader or any other .pdf" accepting program.

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Starting with Blatant Opportunist #74, continuing columns will
be presented in GuruGram format using GuruGram numbering.

And will not be repeated in this Blatant Opportunist library..

Additional ( and often more technical ) GuruGrams are found here.

   My eBay Photo Secrets EBAYFOTO.PDF #22
     Hightly detailed tutorial on creating successful eBay product
. Fundamentals. The "hex" method. The "square" method.
     Dealing with image theft. Links to dozens of postproc utilities, more...

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Click here for the Son of eBay Secrets tutorial.


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   Blatant Opportunist #73 MOREEBAY.PDF 
Son of eBay Secrets. Update & continuation of MYEBAYS.PDF
    The $19.95 minimum sale. Drop shipping & pallet lots. Trucking info
    Reducing weight. Reducing wait. Not shooting yourself in the foot.

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   Blatant Opportunist #72 FUNSTUFF.PDF 
Fun with Stuff.. Bubble accelerometers. HPNA home phone networks.
    Tut LR2000T's. Acrobat 5.0 upgrades. PostScript transparency.
     Tower fans. Hexapods. Stewart Platforms, Lumeloid, more...

Click here for the Adobe Acrobat library.
Click here for more Hexapod info.
Click here for FUNSTUFF.PSL sourcecode.

   Blatant Opportunist #71 ENERGFUN.PDF  
Some energy fundamentals.. Work, power, & energy. Sources,
    carriers, sinks. Energy density. Thermodynamics. Efficiency. Exergy.
    Hydrogen realities. Electrolysis fantasies, Photovoltaics, more.

Click here for the It's a Gas hydrogen resources.
Click here for ENERGFUN.PSL sourcecode.

   Blatant Opportunist #70 AUCTSCNE.PDF 
The live auction scene. Finding events. How to become a crooked
    auctioneer. Before you bid. Bidding strategies. Seeking value that
    others miss. Random thoughts. Opporknockity tunes but once.

Click here for more Auction Help
Click here for AUCTSCNE.PSL sourcecode.

   Blatant Opportunist #69  MARCIA.PDF 
An annotated collection of The Worst of Marcia Swampfelder.
    Mass teleportation, bob wahr speaker connections, underwater
    pigeon searchlight controls, $9 per kilowatt homebrew solar pv, etc...

Click here for more history of Marcia.
Click here for more More Marcia products.
Click here for MARCIA.PSL sourcecode.

   Blatant Opportunist #68  EMERGOP7.PDF 
Another in a continuing series of Emerging Technical Opportunities.
    Steplocked magic sinewaves. PostScript as Language. Intelligent web
    Technology. Scalable Vector Graphics SVG. Playing with pixels. More..

Click here for the ultrafonts & bitmaps library.
Click for a Magic Sinewave development proposal.
Click here for EMERGOP7.PSL sourcecode.

   Blatant Opportunist #67  STEPPREP.PDF 
Secrets of Step-by-step Image Prep. Postprocessing. Scanner vs
     camera. knockout knockouts. Pixel locking. Adding detail. Improving
      lettering. The small stuff. For more help.

         Click here for a companion bitmap.
            Click here for STEPPREP.PSL sourcecode

   Blatant Opportunist #66  REFURB.PDF 
Don' Thoughts on Refurb. Reselling test equipment on eBay
     and elsewhere. Establishing value. Scoring the goodies. What to
     avoid. Manuals. Actual refurb. Stripping. Oscilloscopes. More...

         Click here for more auction help.
            Click here for REFURB.PSL sourcecode

   Blatant Opportunist #65  MYEBAYS.PDF 
My eBay Secrets. Fundamentals. Getting stuff. Listings. Images.
    Geting paid. Closing your sale. Guarantees & refunds. Reserves,
    Dutch,  BIN. Promotion. Storage. Protection. Snipers. Lots more...

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   Blatant Opportunist #64  DEGUB.PDF 
Debugging Secrets. The LAN of the nineties. Synchronized
    Four-wheeling. Demolishing eexec. Eternally leaking hot tub.
    Tearing method. There it went. Lady, you picked it. Guidelines.

Click here for moreInfoPack details.

   Blatant Opportunist #63  WAYWERE.PDF 
Dons unauthorized autobiography that sheds some light on early
    personal computer history. Includes the TV Typewriter, SWTP,
   MITS, columns, books, Marcia Swampfelder, and bunches more.

Click here for a Don Lancaster Book List.
Click here for WAYWERE.PSLsourcecode.

   Blatant Opportunist #62  BOUNCY.PDF 
A tutorial on Bouncy Bricks and related web page insider secrets.
    Meta tags. Safe colors. On-site searches. .ASP files. Includes. Banner
    rotations. JavaScript. Bouncy buttons & bricks. Fast nav. more...

Click here for additional webmastering info.
Click for HTML, IIS, Web, & JavaScript book info.

   Blatant Opportunist #61  STEPLOCK.PDF   
A tutorial on Steplocked Magic Sinewaves for power electronics.
     Secrets of steplocking. Analysis & Synthesis. Getting fancy. Carrier
    suppression. Constant power. Delta Friendly secrets.

Click here for additional Magic Sinewave info.

   Blatant Opportunist #60  EBAYPHEN.PDF   
The eBay Phenonomen opens up new possible revenue streams.
     Intro. Photos and art images. Promoting the goodies. Mining the
     seconds. Some secret guidelines. For more help.

Click here for more Money Machine tutorials.

   Blatant Opportunist #59  WEBIMAGE.PDF 
Don looks at web imaging secrets. New "scanner" method. Image
     data formats. Bitmaps, GIF, JPEG, Acrobat. Getting your image on the
     web. Some eBay specifics. Image prep secrets. Editing methods. 

Click here for more Webmastering tutorials.

 Blatant Opportunist #58  STEZINE.pdf"  
 Some thoughts on ezines. Benefits to advertiser, reader, author, and
     publisher. Dynabooks and the straw man. Subpixel tricks. "wag the
     dog" survival strategies. Getting paid. For more assistance.

Click here for more Publishing tutorials.

   Blatant Opportunist #57  IMAGIMAG.PDF 
A scanner makes a ridiculously better digital camera than digital
     camera does. Here's Don's insider secrets on propping, scanning,
     enhancement, and conversion of digital images.

Click here for more Webmastering tutorials.

   Blatant Opportunist #56  FUNDWEB.PDF 
Secrets of Funding your Personal Web Site. Be worthy of funding.
    Three tier sales. Banners. Other ads. Hard copy & CD's. Consulting.
     Referrals. Community listings. Syndication. Site design., more...

Click here for Webmastering books.

   Blatant Opportunist #55  EMAILETI.PDF 
 Some Eminently Effective Email Etiquette Avoiding addiction. Keep
      messages short. Proof carefully. Watch humor.
Age responses. No
      spam. Shopping carts. Regions. Stalking the emailee. Tips. More...

Click here for additional webmastering tutorials.

   Blatant Opportunist #54  AUCTION.PDF 
 A look at the Surplus and Auctions scene. Some useful venues.
      Community colleges. Mil surplus. Distress sales. Hamfests and
      online auctions. Some guidelines. The "Never be underbid "ploy.

Click here for military surplus buying secrets.
Click here for Used test equipment bargains.

   Blatant Opportunist #53  EMERGOP6.PDF 
Some more Emerging Technical Opportunities. These include pulse
      radio, metalloradicals, "D" cell turbines, carbon nanofiber hydrides,
      EIS spectroscopy, RFID, massive FPGA's, and brain parity.

Click here for Pulse Radio tutorials and resources.
Click here for additional Hydrogen information.

   Blatant Opportunist #52  PDFLINK.PDF   
Secrets of PDF Links and PDF Link Checking. Reference docs.
      Creating Acrobat PDF Links. Exchange. Document Generators
      Gonzo utilities. Internal linking solutions. Link checking routines.

Click here for PDF Link Checking sourcecode.
Click here for Adobe Acrobat utilities and tutorials.

   Blatant Opportunist #51  BWHISTLE.PDF 
Adding Website Bells and Whistles. Tables. Acrobat. Byterange.
      Last loading banners. Searches. Fast nav. e-commerce. What's New?
      Kaizan. Referral logs. Bookstore Redirects. Roller mice. Link patrols.

Click here for home page creation books info.
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   Blatant Opportunist #50  TWENTY47.PDF  
Secrets of 24/7 publishing where content is continuously provided
      to online and hard copy venues. 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
     Advantages. The downside. Income options. Insider techniques.

Click here for book-on-demand publishing info.

   Blatant Opportunist #49  BASHPSEU.PDF   
How to Bash Pseudoscience. Meta studies. Looks like a duck. Binary
      consequence tree. Ockham's razor. Follow the Cash . Avoid negatives.
      Roswell. Dowsing. Brown's Gas. Homopolar gens. Magic lamps.

Click here for bizarre pseudoscience website access.
Click here for Nokoli Tesla book info.

    Blatant Opportunist #48  INFOPACK.PDF   
Don's secrets of "Cash and Carry Consulting". InfoPack
      concepts. Efficiency. Putting the Info into the Pack. Some
      mechanics. For more help. Extensive web hot links.

Click here for more InfoPack details.

   Blatant Opportunist #47  TRIMODE.PDF 
Guidelines for tri-mode publishing. Advantages of electrons
      and plastic over paper. Use Acrobat. Optimize for PostScript.
      Colorize. Link up. Provide search options. Optimize web viewing.

Click here for more Acrobat details.
Click here for more PostScript details.
Click here for PostScript book info.

   Blatant Opportunist #46  BANNYEAR.PDF 
      Insider banner advertising secrets.
Opportunities. The downside.
      Creating a banner. Measuring response. Using log files. Redirection.
       Payment options. Some hints. Additional help.

Click here for more banner ad info.

   Blatant Opportunist #45  BUSTPAT.PDF 
      Essential Tools to Bust a $650 Patent
. Showing prior art. Showing
      failure to disclose. Obviousness to a practitioner. Technical errors.
      Procedural errors. Lack of due diligence. The paper blizzard.

Click here for additional patent avoidance info.

   Blatant Opportunist #44  EMERGOP5.PDF 
New ways to make a buck on upcoming technology. The baby PIC.
      Bodaciously better BOD bindings. Linearized phase controls. Three
      phase magic sinewaves. New directions for PostScript.

Click here for book-on-demand tutorials.
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Click here for PIC Microprocessor tutorials.
Click here for PIC Microprocessor books info.

Click here for PostScript tutorials.
Click here for PostScript books info.

   Blatant Opportunist #43  DONTSICK.PDF 
The simplest solution to outrageously high medical insurance
      premiums is: Don't get sick. Here's some tested and proven
      alternates involving fitness, exercise, and nutrition.

"As an M.D. who believes that the health of Americans has not measurably
improved in spite of our ballyhooed successes in the technology of medicine,
I am convinced that lifestyle is the key to augmenting health. Don Lancaster's
approach, as outlined in "Don't Get Sick," is a masterpiece of incisive wisdom
and sound advice. If people implemented his suggestions, their well-being would
skyrocket and their need for expensive drugs and surgery would plummet.

Mr. Lancaster knows the path to health. Follow it."     --  Dr. Kevin Pezzi

Click here for a fitness awareness quiz.
Click here for an aerobic heart rate chart.
Click here for medical website access.

   Blatant Opportunist #42  PRIMREST.PDF 
My primary research tools to find who is doing what to whom
      in any subject. Trade journals, Ulrichs. Alta Vista. CD ROM phone
      books, EITD, data books, amazon.com, Dialog, others.             

Click here for web research access tools.

     Blatant Opportunist #41  WEAVEWEB.PDF
Secrets of webmastering in this weaving a tangled web tutorial.
      Content, profit, promotion, "demand pull" advertising, speed,
      glitz, avoiding HTML, log files, hits, Kaizen.

Click here for home page creation book info.
Click here for webmastering book info.

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   Blatant Opportunist #40  SPOTCOLR.PDF  
Insider secrets to making B/W print more colorful include
      papers, preprints, toners, diecuts, color toners, Kroy Color,
      Bakerizing, highliters, and a sneaky new PostScript Colorizer.

Click here for bookbinding books info.

   Blatant Opportunist #39  PUBALTS.PDF
The five main options for self publishing these days include
       ink, toner, electrons, video, and CD ROM. The strengths and
       limitations of each alternate are explored in depth.

Click here for book-on-demand tutorials.

       Blatant Opportunist #38  MICROWIN.PDF
The key secrets to using and profiting from microcomputers
                  and microcontrollers are revealed here in Don Lancaster's
                  winning the micro game tutorial.

Click here for PIC microprocessor tutorials.
Click here for PIC microprocessing book info.

   Blatant Opportunist #37  EMERGOP4.PDF  
Fourth annual release of emerging technical opportunities.
      Push me pull you. The TeraHertz mystery band. PIC microcontrollers.
      Magic Sinewaves. Solitons. DNA computing. Binary chain codes.

Click here for Magic Sinewave tutorials.
Click here for robotic books info.
Click here for pushme-pullyou Hexapod  links.

  Blatant Opportunist #36  CONTESTS.PDF
      Industrial contests
can end up as very useful and very profitable
      tools. Here's some insider info on winning announced contests,
      unannounced contests, and running your own promotions.

Click here for some recently reviewed books.

   Blatant Opportunist #35  MAGSINE.PDF
      Magic sinewaves
are a brand new method of driving ac induction
      motors, solar panels, inverters, or electric cars. Offering outstanding
     simplicity and efficiency. Introductory Don Lancaster tutorial..

Click here for Magic Sinewave  tutorials.
Click here for a Magic Sinewave development proposal.

   Blatant Opportunist #34 ACROCAT.PDF
An Adobe Acrobat tutorial that shows how to upgrade existing
      printed catalogs into interactive online net marketing tools. Has
      been newly revised to include Acrobat 3.0 capabilities.

Click here for more Acrobat details.

  Blatant Opportunist #33  GRAMTRAM.PDF 
An engineering analysis of the Mount Graham Aerial Tramway,
a 7.5 mile long lumber delivery system with a vertical drop of over
     one vertical mile. With lessons for today's engineering development.

Click here for more tinaja questing secrets.

   Blatant Opportunist #32 RATHOLES.PDF 
Avoiding Engineering Ratholes. Charging madness. U-turn insanity
      Thermoelectric coolers. Sterling engines. Subsurface radars. High
      power piezo. Anti-Qwerty. How to avoid bad engineering.

     Click here for more Incredible Secret Money Machine tutorials.

   Blatant Opportunist #31 HELPLINE.PDF 
Some Helpline Hints. Know your goals. Have info on hand. Set
      time limits. Be a careful listener. Answer the real question. "4073".
      Tailor response to region. Dealing with problem callers. More...

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   Blatant Opportunist #30  FLUTWUMP.PDF 
A flutterwumper is an X-Y-Z device that chomps or spits. Key
      design secrets include don't sweat the mechanics, minimize chomper
      load, no gantries need apply, use two-brainers, PostScript, and PIC's.

Click here for flutterwumper tutorials.
Click here for robotic books info.
Click here for Santa Claus machines tutorials.

   Blatant Opportunist #29  WHEN2PAT.PDF
Guidelines for when to patent. Do not even think about
      patents and patenting unless you can honestly give yourself
      positive answers to all of these key questions.

Click here for additional patent avoidance info.

   Blatant Opportunist #28  BLATCAT.PDF
Some Catalog Musings. Perception is the reality. Catalog as a
      business plan. Your best names. Avoid post office hassles. Make
      it easy to order. Do on-demand publishing. Make it a keeper. More.

Click here for more on Book-on-demand publishing.

   Blatant Opportunist #27  EMERGOP3.PDF   
Some more Emerging Technical Opportunities. These include short
      haul telemetry, nonlinear editing, the Digital Bogey, FM RBDS,
      cheap air turbines, sonoluminescence, and Postscript robotics.

Click here for PostScript robotic tutorials.
Click here for additional video editing info.

   Blatant Opportunist #26  PICOJUST.PDF
Don's "third stage" text justification scheme gives you outstanding
      results. Justification fundamentals. Fill justify basics. Adding bells
      and whistles. Picojustification concepts. Sourcecode listings.
Click for Gonzo picojustification sourcecode.
Click here for more PostScript info.
Click here for more Acrobat info.
   Blatant Opportunist #25  ELESIMP.PDF
The quest for elegant simplicity. Doing more with less.
      The P-38 can opener. Schmidt oscillator. Vortex cooler.
       H-P audio oscillator. Duracell tester. NE-2 neon lamp.

Click here for our auction bargains.

   Blatant Opportunist #24  RISKDOWN.PDF
The "real" way to "invent" something is to become a purveyor
      of risk reduction instead. Using and understanding the idea
      mortality curve. Getting paid. Mining fallout. Two examples.

Click here for test equipment bargains.

   Blatant Opportunist #23  REV1001.PDF
Book promotion and publishing options include the thousand
      and one reviews. Explores traditional and self publishing, book
      packagers, service bureaus, marketing and promotion.

Click here for Book-on-demand tutorials.

   Blatant Opportunist #22  PATNTHOR.PDF
Some Patent Horror Stories. The solar burn. A contest winner.
      The Grand Duchy of Fenwick. The night the music died. Ignoring
      Sallen & Key. The little engine that couldn't. For more info..

Click here for more avoidance tutorials.

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   Blatant Opportunist #20  BODRES1.PDF
First half of an annotated directory of Book-on-demand publishing
      resources. Includes a discussion of selecting a BOD printer and
      links to a few related files.

Click here for recently reviewed book info.

   Blatant Opportunist #19  BOUNDDET.PDF
Workable binding options for Book-on-demand publishing. Tutorial
      covers Velobind, various thermal binding options, and commercial
      alternatives. Improving cover durability. Shear nonsense. Directory.

Click here for book-on-demand tutorials.
Click here for bookbinding book info.

    Blatant Opportunist #18 INVENORG.PDF
     A state-by-state listing of Inventor's Organizations. Along with
     a comprehensive review of the perils of patents and patenting.
     Essential reading for any wannabe product developer.

Click here for additional patent avoidance info.

    Blatant Opportunist #17  EMERGOP2.PDF
     A second review of emerging technical opportunities. Dye based
     solar electricity. Wavelets. GPS navigation. Spread spectrum comm.
     Switched reluctance motors. Aerogels.

Click here for wavelet tutorials.
Click here for wavelet books info.

    Blatant Opportunist #16  POSTJUST.PDF
Insider secrets of post justification editing. Typeset first and edit last.
     Match form AND content. Fill justify with care. Playing with fonts. Edit
     down, not up. The phrase bomb. A last pass by hand.

Click here for more Acrobat  details.
Click here for more PostScript details.
Click here for PostScript book info.

   Blatant Opportunist #15  TONERTRX.PDF
Supplier directory for terrific toner techniques. What is toner?
      Photorealism. Specialty toners. Transfers. Hot stamp foils. Improving
      durability. Thermography. Water transfer decals. Printed circuits.

Click here for some other superb bargains.font>

   Blatant Opportunist #14  REVISBOD.PDF
Don Lancaster tutorial on Revisiting Book-on-demand. The bad stuff.
      Key secrets. Economic factors. Selecting a printer. Speed issues.
      Bound and determined. Who needs it? For more help.

Click here for book-on-demand tutorials.

   Blatant Opportunist #13  RESSCRTS.PDF
Classic Lancaster pre-web tutorial on Insider Research Secrets.
      The research continuum. The greatest resource. Library stuff.
      Dialog. UMI. tech books. Service info. Networking. Consultants net.

Click here for web research access tools.
Click here for cost effective research solutions.

  Blatant Opportunist #12  WHYLIKE.PDF
Superb Why I Like PostScript intro to an incredible general purpose
      computer language that also can dirty up otherwise clean sheets of
       paper. Fundamentals, options, and emerging opportunities.

Click here for more Acrobat details.
Click here for more PostScript details.
Click here for PostScript book info.

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   Blatant Opportunists #10 & #11 ISMMINTR.PDF
The introduction and first chapter to the second edition of
       Don Lancaster's Incredible Secret Money Machine classic
       book on your own small scale technical or craft venture.

Click here for additional ISMM info

  Blatant Opportunists #9 DIRTONER.PDF
Classic tutorial on direct toner printed circuits has been edited
      and updated. Review of old pc methods. Benefits of PostScript..
      Transfer media and machines. Supplies. Insider secrets.

Click here for surplus bargains info.

   Blatant Opportunists #8 PARADIGM.PDF
Don's tutorial on stalking the wild paradigm. Small scale startups
        and tech ventures do best during times of change. Dealing with shifts.
       Business as usual. Avoiding sucker bets. Some GoFers.

Click here for instant research answers.

  Blatant Opportunists #7 ADVETORL.PDF
Don's unique secrets for Mastering the Advetorial. Understanding
     RCF reverse cash flow. How an advetorial works. Dealing with
     blatancy. Using the editorial exchange. Avoiding ripoffs.

Click here for Don Lancaster Books info.

   Blatant Opportunist #6  CASAGPAT.PDF
For most individuals and small scale startups, any involvement with
      the patent system is guaranteed to cause you a net loss of time,
      money, and sanity. Here's why in Don's The Case Against Patents

Click here for more patent avoidance info.
Click here to place a Case Against Patents order.

   Blatant Opportunist ARCHIVE #1-5  BLAT1-5.PDF
Temporary older file of the earliest five Blatant Opportunist columns.
      Book-on-demand publishing. Stupendous stuff sources.  Desktop
ideas. Emerging Technical Opportunities I.

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