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Active Filter Cookbook (Don Lancaster)
The Case Against Patents (Don Lancaster)
CMOS Cookbook (Don Lancaster)
Incredible Secret Money Machine (Don Lancaster)
TTL Cookbook (Don Lancaster)
All About Applewriter (Don Lancaster)
Apple Assembly Cookbook  (Don Lancaster)
Applewriter Cookbook (Don Lancaster)
Ask the Guru (Don Lancaster)
Blatant Opportunist (Don Lancaster)
The Big CMOS Wallchart (Don Lancaster)
The Big TTL Wallchart (Don Lancaster)
Cave Crawler's Gazette (Don Lancaster)
Cheap Video Cookbook (Don Lancaster)
Enhancing your Apple II vol I (Don Lancaster)
Enhancing your Apple II vol II (Don Lancaster)
Hardware Hacker (Don Lancaster)
Hexadecimal Chronicles (Don Lancaster)
Introduction to PostScript (video) (Don Lancaster)
Laserwriter Secrets (Don Lancaster)
Manual De Circuitos Integrados TTL (Don Lancaster)
Micro Cookbook I (Don Lancaster)
Micro Cookbook II  (Don Lancaster)
PostScript Beginner Projects (Don & Bee Lancaster)
PostScript Show and Tell (Don Lancaster)
Resource Bin (Don Lancaster)
RTL Cookbook (Don Lancaster)
Son of Cheap Video (Don Lancaster)
Tech Musings (Don Lancaster)
TV Typewriter Cookbook (Don Lancaster)
Webmastering Secrets (Don Lancaster)