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Antenna Books
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Treatise on Electricity & Magnetism I (James Clerk Maxwell)
Treatise on Electricity & Magnetism II (James Clerk Maxwell)
AM Broadcast Station Antenna Systems (Patrick M. Griffith)
Antenna Design : A Practical Guide (George J. Monser)
Antenna Engineering Handbook (Richard C. Johnson)
Antenna Theory : Analysis and Design (Constantine A. Balanis)
Antenna Theory and Design (Warren L. Stutzman)
Antenna Toolkit (Joseph J. Carr )
Antennas (John Daniel Kraus)
Antennas and Waveguides for Nonsinusoidal Waves (Harmuth)
Arrl Antenna Book (Amer Radio Relay League)
Integrated Active Antennas (Julio A. Navarro)
Limited Space Shortwave Antenna Solutions (Frank Hughes)
Microstrip Antenna Analysis and Design (Daniel Schaubert)
Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook (K. Fujimoto)
Modern Antennas (A. Papiernik)
Phased Array Antenna Handbook (Robert J. Mailloux)
Practical Antenna Handbook ( Joseph J. Carr)
Practical Wireless Communication Antennas (Leo Setian)
The Radio Amateur Antenna Handbook ( William I. Orr)
The Right Antenna (Alvis Evans )
Yagi Antenna Design  (Lawson)