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Flutterwumpers are low cost machines that spit or chomp.

Such as printed circuit drills, sign routers, animation stands,
CAD/CAM mills, plotters, Santa Claus machines, etc. A new
approach to designing these machines involves both the PIC
and the PostScript computer language.

This library shelf holds tutorials,  resources, and application
notes you can use to build yourself a flutterwumper. Such as
a $100 printed circuit drill or a $200 Santa Claus machine.

Also included are links on Hexapod devices. This is a stunning
new method of machining that involves no sliding friction or any
side-loading. For elegant simplicity and dramatically lower cost.

Most library files require an Adobe Acrobat 4.0  plug in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat Reader or
an eBook Reader or any other .PDF accepting program.

   Featured Selections: .
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   PIC PostScript Flutterwumpers POSTFLUT.PDF
All of the raw power of genuine 100% authentic Adobe PostScript
      can easily get applied to stunningly low cost PIC robotic systems.
      Royalty free! Tutorial gives examples and insider details.

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    Blatant Opportunist #30  FLUTWUMP.PDF 
A flutterwumper is an X-Y-Z device that chomps or spits. Key
       design secrets include don't sweat the mechanics, minimize chomper
       load, no gantries need apply, use two-brainers, PostScript, and PIC's.

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   Use Distiller as a General Purpose PostScript Computer
Acrobat Distiller or GhostScript makes a superb general purpose
interpreting PostScript computer with amazing capabilities. This
HTML tutorial includes fundamentals and a dozen+ linked demos.

Click here for Don's Gonzo PostScript Utilities.
Click here for Don's PostScript Beginner Stuff.

   Steplocked Magic Sinewave Synthesis STEPSYNT.PDF 
    A tutorial on the properties and synthesis of Steplocked Magic
     Sinewaves Fundamentals. A first look. Cheby to the Leby. Steplock
     synthesis. Becoming Delta Friendly. For More Help.

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   Flutterwumper Tutorials: .
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    Resource Bin #70  RESBN70.PDF (November 1997 )
 Exploring PostScript PIC Flutterwumpers. Getting started with
       PostScript as language. Two examples. Robotic flutterwumpers.
       Flutfiles and PIC's. How it works. For more help. Contest.

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   Vector-to-Step Conversion VECTSTEP.PDF
       Introduction and tutorial shows how to convert slanty lines into
       stepper steps or screen pixels
. Basic conversion. Breshenham's
 method. Table lookup. Adding dimensions. Cardinal moves.

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   PostScript Flutterwumper Utilities  FLUTOOLS.PSL 
A set of flutterwumper tools that convert ordinary PostScript code
     directly intoa flutfile, or series of low level incremental X-Y-Z steps
     needed for low level motion control. Includes circles and typography.

Click for the FLUTDEMO.PDF flutools demo.
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   Tech Musings #140 MUSE140.PDF  (September 1999)
Low cost printed circuit drill. "Laws" as theorems. PostScript
     robotics. Free USGS maps online. More on scanner "photographs.
     Water soluble plastic films. Recommended GPS books.

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    Resource Bin #69  RESBN69.PDF (October 1997 )
An update on robotic resources.  Comp.robotics.misc. The Robot
      Store. Small Parts. Robotic clubs. Books. Some Magazines. Pricey
      scholarly journals. Surplus and auctions. Contest. Infopacks.

Click here for PostScript tutorials.
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   Tech Musings #97  MUSE97.PDF ( February 1996 )
Replacing a transformer; Intro to differential amplifiers;
      variable gain amplifiers; New AGC Chips; Hobby robotics
      resources; Digital potentiometer techniques.

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  Tech Musings #131 MUSE131.PDF (December 1998)
Investigating position sensitive detectors. Error correcting code books.
      Secrets of optical rangefinding. Noisy ac power measurements. Some
      new stereolithography resins. RFID tutorial..

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   Hardware Hacker #66  HACK66.PDF  (July 1993 )
A flying car newsletter. Photopolymer resources. Amateur
      television books. Royalty free real PostScript. The Basic Stamp
      from Parallax. Thoughts on a printed circuit drill. Two contests.

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   Resource Bin #07 RESBN07.PDF (August 1992)
     A look at Unique Opportunities in Auto Electronics. Starting with
     the obvious. TCS & SCS valves. Abusing car alternators
     for fun and profit. Books & trade journals. Junkyard dog contest.

More alternator-to-stepper info in HACK44.PDF.
And a nice conversion video is in HACK69.PDF.

 Resource Bin #50  RESBN50.PDF  ( March 1996 )
      Injection molding & plastic prototyping.
Plastics and polymers.
      The usual suspects. Getting started. Injection molding. My glue
      gun trick. Rigid vinyl. Vacuum forming. Santa Claus machines.

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Click here for our Santa Claus library.

  Resource Bin #46  RESBN46.PDF  ( November 1995 )
     New opportunities in power electronics.  
Power electronics. Magic
     sinewaves. Car alternator steppers. Isopod current monitors.
     PostScript robotics. PCIM. Surplus bargains. Galco. Grainger...

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   Hardware Hacker #82  HACK82.PDF  (November 1994 )
Cyborg cosimano helmets, long range remote control, unique direct
     toner decals, Powerful new PIC software, "virtual ways"CAM machine,
     pseudoscience resources, FCC periodic regs, more...

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   Hardware Hacker #60  HACK60.PDF  (February 1993 )
Relaxation oscillators. Newtek video toaster. Broadcast trade
      journals EDM Electric discharge machining.  Synchronizing video
      sources. EDM magazines and resources.

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   Tech Musings #145  MUSE145.PDF (february 2000) 
Four point Bezier curve fit Mitutoyo Digimatic specs.PIC, AVX,
and Basic Stamp books. Lord magnetorheology demo RS232
machine tool interface. Silicon valley nudity.

Click here for PIC Digimatic sourcecode.
Click here for PIC Digimatic VB Demo.

    Tech Musings #142  MUSE142.PDF  (november 1999)  
Contact-free battery chargers. Gage and SPS machine tool interface.
Useful energy resources. Some induction heating books.
Using Gauss Jordan Elimination to solve linear equations.

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Click here for Induction Heating book access.

    Tech Musings #113  MUSE113.PDF  (June 1997 )
A superb new color printer. Pager motors and vibrators. An
       online patent repository. Two more patent horror stories
       PostScript as language. Finding rms voltages and currents..

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   Resource Bin Archive I (1-24)
      Early columns includes getting started, ic's printed circuits,
      newsletters, surplus, automotive electronics, trade journals,
      PostScript, desktop pub, patents, prototypes, ham radio, more...

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  Hexapods: .
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Hexapods are a brand new method of "virtual ways" machining, using
"pushme-pullyou" techniques that make use of mostly linear
translation and very little wear. They are revolutionizing machining,
materials handling cranes, telescopes, vibration isolation, and robotics.

Note that some six legged robots also use the term "Hexapod" in
violation of Hexel's trademark's. These use a different concept.

Hexapods are also sometimes called Stewart Platforms or Parallel
Link Manipulators

Here's some intros...

   Blatant Opportunist #72 FUNSTUFF.PDF 
   Fun with Stuff. Bubble accelerometers. HPNA home phone networks.
    Tut LR2000T's. Acrobat 5.0 upgrades. PostScript transparency.
     Tower fans. Hexapods. Stewart Platforms, Lumeloid, more...

Click here for the Adobe Acrobat library.
Click here for more Hexapod info.
Click here for FUNSTUFF.PSL sourcecode.

   Hardware Hacker #82  HACK82.PDF  (November 1994 )
Cyborg cosimano helmets, long range remote control, unique direct
     toner decals, Powerful new PIC software, "virtual ways"CAM machine,
     pseudoscience resources, FCC periodic regs, more...

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Here is the main Hexapod manufacturing site...

   Machine Tool Supplier Hexel 
Manufacturers parallel link manipulators for machine tools and
     various special applications. A normal robot uses six series axes;
     these use six parallel ones for simplification and improved accuracy.

And the main web info gateway...

   Parallel Mechanisms Information Center ParralelMIC 
Includes databases for related publications and patents, as well as a
     terminology list. Also hosts the ParalleMIC newsletter and has
     a book, publication, and reprint store.

And some hexapod books...

Mechanics of Parallel Manipulators ( Lung-Wen Tsai )
Parallel Robots  ( Jean-Pierre Merlet )
Preliminary analysis of a hexapod pointing system  ( G. Isella )
  Flutterwumper and Robotics Links: .
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  All sorts of stuff from American Science & Surplus
      Once known as Jerryco, this Chicago area surplus house is
      what Edmund Scientific pretends to be but is not.

Click here to visit the GuruGram library

  "Big Mutha" Raw Iron from C&H Sales
       Stocks heavier surplus items such as motors, syncros,
      solenoids, valves, sensors
, and assorted goodies.

Click here to view our eBay live auctions.

  Top Construction Projects from Circuit Cellar
      Lots of great robotics theory and practice, along with bunches
      of first rate designs. Completely blows away the hobby mags.

Click here for more Circuit Cellar reprints.

  Sanely Priced Material from Delvies Plastics
  Sells plastics primarily to the technical and vocational educational
      market with reasonable sizes and minimums.

Click to reach our Blatant Opportunist library.

  That old standby Edmund Scientific
      Long a source of optics and scientific devices, although much
      of their "surplus" or "distress" items are not.

Click for Custom Research solutions.

  Superb Construction Projects from IASCO
      Another vocational ed supplier, these folks sell vacuum forming,
      casting, injection molding, fiberglass resin, and similar items.

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  Major Industrial Supplier McMaster-Carr
      Stocks just about everything in the way of tools, hardware,
, shelving, etc.. Where else for alligator lacing?

Click to reach the Resource Bin library.

  Exceptional resources from Model Railroader
      Besides the finest technical writing in the world bar none, they
      have all sorts of unusual materials, tools, and techniques.

Click for Custom Research solutions.

  Horses Mouth PIC stuff from MicroChip Technology
      By far the best microcontroller line for robotic applications. They
      include an extensive technical data library and ap notes.

Click to reach the PIC Microprocessor library.

  Useful Robotics Magazine Robot Science & Technology
      Midrange publication covers both industry and individual hobbiests.
      Includes a bookstore and article summaries.

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  Robot kits and books from The Robot Store
    Lots of superb robotics stuff here. Products, kits, technical support,
    data libraries
, Q&A, bunches more.

Military Surplus via our Auction Help page.

    Custom cut materials from Small Parts
      The place to go for robotic bits and pieces of every shape and
Hardware, tools, materials, fastners, etc...

Click to reach the Tech Musings library.

  Everything Electrical from W.W. Grainger
      Ships from warehouses in most larger cities. Not cheap, but has
      motors, controls, hardware, wire, tools, and much more.

Click here for Surplus Bargain info.

  Books: .
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Mechanics of Parallel Manipulators ( Lung-Wen Tsai )
Parallel Robots  ( Jean-Pierre Merlet )
Preliminary analysis of a hexapod pointing system  ( G. Isella )

Home Automation:

Approaching Home Automation (Bill Berner)
Complete Guide to Home Automation (David Wacker)
Complete Idiot's Guide to Networking Your Home (Mark Thompson)
Ergonomic Living...User Friendly Home (Gordon Inkeles)
A Guide to X-10 Technology (Bill Berner)
Home Automation and wiring (James Gerhart)
Home Automation Lighttouch System (James Van Laarhoven)
Home Automation with Visual Basic (Tom E. Leon)
Home Networking Bible (Sue Plumley )
Radio Control Model Manual (David Boddington)
Smart Homes for Dummies (Danny Briere)
Smart House Wiring (H. Stauffer)
Troubleshooting Home Automation (Jeff Fisher )
Understanding and Installing Home Systems (David Gladdis)

PIC Microprocessing:

AVR RISC Microcontroller Handbook   (Claus Kuhnel)
Basic Stamp   (Claus Kuhnel and Klaus Zahnert)
Basic Stamp II - Tutorial and Applications  (Peter Anderson)
Design With PIC Microcontrollers   (John Peatman)
Easy PIC'n, A Beginners guide to the PIC   (Dave Benson)
Microcontroller Beginner's Handbook   (Lawrence Duarte)
PIC Microcontroller Serial Communications   (Roger Stevens)
Microcontroller Projects With Basic Stamps   ( Al Williams )
PIC'n up the Pace PIC 16/17 Applications   (Dave Benson)
PIC Microcontroller Applications Guide   (Dave Benson)
PIC micro Microcontroller Pocket Reference  (Myke Predko)
PIC Personal Introductory Course   ( John Morton )
Pic Microcontroller Project Book   ( John Iovine )
Programming & Customizing the Avr Microcontroller   (D. Gadre)
Programming &Customizing the Basic Stamp   (Scott Edwards)
Programming & Customizing the Pic Microcontroller   ( M. Predko )


Electromagnetoelasticity ( V.Z. Parton )
Electromagnetoelasticity of Piezoelectronics ( V. Z. Parton )
Fracture Mechanics of Piezoelectric Materials ( Qing-Hua Qin )
Fundamentals of Piezoelectricity ( Takuro Ikeda )
Materials for Smart Systems ( Marilyn Wun-Fogle )
Medical Applications of Piezoelectric Polymers (K. Schengil-Roberts)
Piezoelectric Materials ( Carmen Galassi )
Piezolectric Actuators and Ultrasonic Motors ( Kenji Uchino )
Piezoelectric Ceramics (K. Schengil-Roberts)
Piezoelectric Ceramics ( Bernard Jaffe )
Piezoelectric Resonators and their Applications ( Jiri Zelenka )
Piezoelectricity ( Carol Zwick Rosen )
Piezoelectricity  ( R. Smithe )
Smart Materials ( K.H. Hoffmann )
Theory of Piezoelectric Shells and Plates ( R. Smithe )


Postscript Beginner Projects  (Don & Bee Lancaster)
Postscript and Acrobat/Pdf Bible  (Thomas Merz)
PostScript by Example  ( Henry McGilton)
PostScript Reference Manual  ( Adobe Systems )
PostScript Tutorial & Cookbook   ( Adobe Systems )


Advances in Robot Kinematics ( J. Lenarcic )
Artificial Intelligence & Mobile Robots ( Dave Kortenkam )
Building Robot Drive Trains ( Dennis Clark )
Build A Remote-Controlled Robot (David R. Shirclifft )
Build Your Own Robot! ( Karl Lunt )
Constructing Robot Bases ( Gordon McComb )
Control of Mechanical Systems ( E. Salam )
A Few Steps Towards 3D Active Vision ( Thierry Vieville )
Geometric Computation for Machine Vision  ( Kenichi Kanatani )
How To Build a Robot   ( Clive Gifford )
I Robot ( Isaac Asimov )
Industrial Robotics Handbook ( Daniel Hunt )
Interpretion of Visual Motion ( Subbaro Muralidhara )
Killer Robot Projects ( Dave Johnson )
Modeling & Control of Robot Manipulators ( Lorenzo Sciavicco )
Obstacle Avoidance in Multi-Robot Systems ( Albert Zomaya )
Preliminary Analysis of a Hexapod Pointing... ( G. Isella )
Programming Robot Controllers ( Michael Predko )
Representing & Acquiring Geographic Knowledge ( Ernest Davis )
Robot Applications Design Manual ( Jon Hoshizaki )
Robot Builder's Bonanza: 99 Inexpensive... ( Gordon McComb )
Robot Builder's Sourcebook ( Gordon McComb )
Robot Challenge Kit ( David Eckold )
Robot Dynamics and Control ( Mark Spong )
Robot Inventor's Workshop: An Explorer's Kit ( Greg Vogt )
Ultimate Robot Kit ( David Eckhold )
World Robotics: Statistics, Market Analysis... ( UN IFR )
  Flutterwumper & Robotic Newsgroups: .
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Subscription details will vary with your choice of news server...
Possibilities appear here and here.


  For More Help: .
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    the Guru, and Santa Claus resources.

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