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Virtual Reality  Books
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           See RESBN75.PDF for tutorials and additional resources.

The Design of Virtual Environments ( Rory Stuart )
Designing 3-D Graphics ( Josh White )
Experiments in Virutal Reality ( David Harrison )
Force & Touch Feedback for Virtual Reality ( Grigore Burdea )
Idiot's Guide to Virtual World Design ( Kathryn Best )
Information Visualization ( Robert Spence )
Pictorial Communication in Virtual & Real Environments ( Ellis )
Simulated and Virtual Realities (Karen Carr)
Using VRML ( Stephen Masuba )
Virtual Reality for Industrial Applications ( John Wilson )
Virtual Reality Homebrewer's Handbook ( Robin Hollands )
Virtual Reality Programmers Kit ( Joe Gradecki )
Virtual Reality Systems ( John Vince )
Virtual Reality Technology (Grigore Burdea)
Virtual Reality -Through the New Looking Glass (K. Pimentel)
Visualizatio (Judith Brown)
VRML - Browsing & Building Cyberspace (Mark Pesce)
VRML 2 Sourcebook (Andrea Ames)