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PIC  &  Basic  Stamp Books
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AVR RISC Microcontroller Handbook   (Claus Kuhnel)
Basic Stamp   (Claus Kuhnel and Klaus Zahnert)
Basic Stamp II - Tutorial and Applications  (Peter Anderson)
Design With PIC Microcontrollers   (John Peatman)
Easy PIC'n, A Beginners guide to the PIC   (Dave Benson)
Microcontroller Beginner's Handbook   (Lawrence Duarte)
PIC Microcontroller Serial Communications   (Roger Stevens)
Microcontroller Projects With Basic Stamps   ( Al Williams )
PIC'n up the Pace PIC 16/17 Applications   (Dave Benson)
PIC Microcontroller Applications Guide   (Dave Benson)
PIC micro Microcontroller Pocket Reference  (Myke Predko)
PIC Personal Introductory Course   ( John Morton )
Pic Microcontroller Project Book   ( John Iovine )
Programming & Customizing the Avr Microcontroller   (D. Gadre)
Programming &Customizing the Basic Stamp   (Scott Edwards)
Programming & Customizing the Pic Microcontroller   ( M. Predko )