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Bee is kind of an unindicted co-conspirator here at Synergetics
and the Guru's Lair. Needless to say, her  choice  of useful web
sites and books are wildly different than mine would be...

  Some Arizona Related Resources : .
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   Some Gila Valley Day Hikes GILAHIKE.SHTML
A collection of favorite local day hikes gathered and tested
       over the years. Many of which the locals never heard of.
 Or click here for a Gila Valley Restaurant guide.
   Eastern Arizona College's Discovery Park
       Public observatory, science exibits, astronomy club, weekly
      lectures, nature trails, MGIO tours, flight simulators, bunches more.

  Mount Graham International Observatory MGIO
      Sites on Mount Graham include the LBT large binocular
      telescope, The SMT submillimeter telescope, and the VAT Vatican.

    Matthias Giessler's Arizona Web Hub
       Master directory to 2000+ Arizona related or Arizona
       located Internet sites of all types and flavors.

   Arizona Central Travel, etc from Phoenix Newspapers
       Another extensive listing of Arizona resource sites. A service
       directory listing of travel, restaurants, entertainment, etc....

   Southwestern travel from Arizona Highways
     Links on wild west, recreation, adventure, Ecotourism, Native
     American culture, astronomy, museums, militiary history, more.

  Arizona & national Media Links
     Links and directories to Arizona and national newspapers, tv
     stations, radio stations, restaurants, colleges, etc..

    "How high's the water Momma?" from USGS
          Real time displays of Arizona stream gauges for all major
          rivers and some minor streams. Handy for backcountry travel.

 Or click here for the streams in your neighborhood.

  Bed and Breakfast Favorites : .
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   Escape to the Black Range Lodge
     Our favorite B&B lies craftily hidden in the secret part of New Mexico
     that you can't get to. Ask about the Percha Creek salmon run.

Click here for a review of the Black Range Lodge.
Click here for Black range Lodge email access.

  Crafts, Riparian Hikes, Astronomy at Casitas De Gila
     Remote B&B outside of Cliff, NM offers some of the finest dark skies
     in the country. Check out the planetarium simulator above the hot tub!

  Another astronomy B&B at Astronomer's Inn
     This one near Benson, AZ includes numerous telescopes
     and related instruments up to twenty inch

  Our best local B&B at Olney House
     Classic artitecture in downtown Safford. Convenient
     anbase for exploring the Gila Valley.

  High Country Escape to the Snowy Mountain Inn      Cabins feature outstanding hot tubs near the Greer area
     in Arizona's White Mountains.
Sorry- recently sold at auction.

  More sites through the Arizona B&B Association
     A directory of many ( but not all) Arizona Bed and Breakfast

Clisk for the New Mexico B&B Association.
Or for this B&B guide site. Or this one.

  Alternate and regular Medical info : .
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"As an M.D. who believes that the health of Americans has not measurably
improved in spite of our ballyhooed successes in the technology of medicine,
I am convinced that lifestyle is the key to augmenting health. Don Lancaster's
approach, as outlined in "Don't Get Sick," is a masterpiece of incisive wisdom
and sound advice. If people implemented his suggestions, their well-being would
skyrocket and their need for expensive drugs and surgery would plummet.

Mr. Lancaster knows the path to health. Follow it."     --  Dr. Kevin Pezzi

   Blatant Opportunist #43  DONTSICK.PDF 
The simplest solution to outrageously high medical insurance
     premiums is: Don't get sick. Here's some tested and proven
     alternates involving fitness, exercise, and nutrition.

   Fitness Awareness Quiz   FITAWARE.PDF 
Self-study quiz created specifically for volunteer firemen
    but useful for just about everybody. Expands on the concepts

Click here for the blatant opportunis library
Click here for an aerobic heart rate chart.
Click here for medical website access

   Free Medline (!) from HealthWorld
       Great site includes Free Medline Access. Medline is the usually
       expensive top resource that doctors themselves use.

Click here for additional medline access sites

   Healthy ideas from Prevention Magazine
       The latest happenings in alternate and conventional medicine.
       Strongly oriented towards lifestyle modifications.

   Alternate medical opinion from Ask Dr. Weil
       Promotes body self-healing. Author of healthy lifestyle and
       spontaneous healing texts. Diet, asthma, more...

   Supplement research from USDA
       Federal site references credible ongoing mainstream research on
       most supplements, vitamins, minerals, etc... 250,000 citations.

  Recommended Medical Books : .
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Beyond Pritikin : A Total Nutrition Program for... (Ann Gittleman)
Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease  (Dean Ornish)
Eat More Weigh Less : Life Choice Program... (Dean Ornish)
Everyday Cooking With Dr. Dean Ornish (Dean Ornish)
Kitchen Table Wisdom : Stories That Heal (Rachel Remen)
Love and Survival (Dean Ornish)
Mediterranean Light : Delicious Recipes from... (Martha Shulman)
New Pritikin Program : The Easy and Delicious... (R. Pritikin)
Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise (Nathan Pritikin)
Pritikin Weight Loss Breakthrough (Robert Pritikin)
Stress, Diet, and Your Heart (Dean Ornish)


  Gardening : .
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  Arizona Directory of Master Gardners
       Master Gardners undergo extensiv e University based
      traning and do many not-for-profit agricultural projects.

Click here for national master gardner site links.

   Superb arboreteum at Boyce Thompson
      A "zoo for trees" east of Phoenix and just west of Superior
      Definitive collection of arid land plants. Special exotic sales.


  Movies, videos, and web downloads : .
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We'll start off with these online video links also found on our home page...

Archaeology Vid
AZ Canals
Cinema Now
Engineer TV
History Chanl
Movie 25
My Theater
NBC Sports
Online Cinema
Our Own Vids
OV Guide
Project Free
Science Hack
Scivee TV
Side Reel
Surf Channel
Travel Channel
Tru TV
TV Guide
TV Duck
TV Land
USA Network
V Downloader
Web Video
You Tube

   Movie reviews from the Internet Movie Database
     Very extensive directories to just about everything involving
     anything you'd want to know about movies and videos.

   Still more movie reviews from www.film.com
       Bunches of reviews of movies and videos. Plus coming attractions,
       box office reports, upcoming videos, lots more.

   Favorite movie & videos from Nexflix
       Thru-the-mail and online rentals of zillions of movies
.      and videos in a variety of program options.

  Some assorted neat stuff : .
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   Straw bale homes and Alternate Construction Resources
      Uh, mentioning the Big Bad Wolf here is a four paw. Besides lots
      of books and videos, they do great seminars.
Click here for more Alternate Constructionlinks.
    Impressive collection of Fractal Art
        International site holds many downloadable works of fractal art.
        Seems to be a definitive collection.
Or tour 70 more fractal sites with these fractalus links.

  A Marbelous Link
     A detailed math exploration of the marbeling once used in
     antique book cover liners
. Stunning images.

Click here for more MIT Courseware links.
   Art based on math from the American Math Society
     Exhibits of many forms of mathematically derived art submitted
     aby dozens of entrants at a conference.

   Ultra small art at the Nanoworld Gallery
      Australian site has an amazing collection of highly magnified
      works of technical art. Think small on this one.

     Essential hacker nutrients at Mo Hotta Mo Betta
       World's greatest assortment of hot sauces. Watch out for the Scotch
       Bonnets. Make sure you secure your necessary state HazMat permits

Also be sure to check out www.cosmicchile.com.
Or here for essential hacker nutrients.

    American Assn of University Women www.aauw.org
       Subversive underground group dedicated to stomping out creeping
       momism in remote rural communities.

  Travel and Hot Springs : .
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    Topos and satellite photos from at Acme Mapper
      Your best source for backcountry travel info. Combines
      USGS topos with the best of satellite photography.

    Maps, trip directions & mileages at Google Maps
       Usually finds you the best route from here to there. Also has
       useful zoomable maps and street views to just about anywhere.

   Some Gila Valley Day Hikes GILAHIKE.SHTML
A collection of favorite local day hikes gathered and tested
       over the years. Many of which the locals never heard of.
 Or click here for a Gila Valley Restaurant guide.
   Guide to all federal recreation areas www.recreation.gov
       Master directory links all the National Parks, Forest Service, BLM,
       Bureau of Wrecklamation and Army Core of Engineers sites.

   Pilot's insider airport info from Air Nav
      Technical details covers all US airports, no matter how small.
       Elevations, runways, fuel, comm, lighting, nav, etc.

   A highly useful AM & FM Radio Station Finder
      Besides obvious FM DX uses, print this out for each town located
      fifty miles further into your trip! Local, distant , fringe., or utlra.

   Hot Springs Directories from Jayson Loam 
       Long the best source of guidebooks to western hot
In several collected volumes.

Or check this Master Geographical Hot Springs List from NOAA.

Here's some published Hot Springs Directories...
Colorado's Hot Springs (Deborah Frazier)
Enchanted Waters : A Guide to New Mexico's... (Craig Martin)
Great Hot Springs of the West : Arizona... (Bill Kaysing)
A Guide to Japenese Hot Springs (Anne Hotta)
Healing Waters (Linda Troeller)
Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest (Evie Litton)
Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Southwest (Marjorie Gersh )
Hot Springs of Nevada (George Williams )
Hot Springs of Northern California (George Williams )
Hot Springs of Western Canada (Glenn Woodsworth )
Spas and Hot Springs of Mexico (Mike Nelson)
Touring Montana and Wyoming Hot Springs (Jeff Birkby );
Touring California and Nevada Hot Springs (Matt Bischoff);
Umbrella Guide to Northwest Natural Hotsprings (Tom Stockley)
Yellowstone Geysers and Hot Springs (Carl Schreier)


  Weaving Resources : .
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   Home page of the Handweavers Guild of America
       Lists HGA programs, "convergence" seminars and workshops.
       Includes links to regional, state, and local weaving orgs.

  IWC conferences from Intermountain Weavers
       Major fiber arts gatherings often held mid summer at
       Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado.

  AZ Weavers & Spinners Federation Guild Directories
       MIndexes and links over a dozen Arizona based weaving guilds,
       plus alternates Fibers Thru Time conferences with IWC

  Other craft links at Crafts Fair 
       Dozens of links span the entire craft field. Everything from
       tole painting to ceramics to beadwork and jewelry

   Weaving supplies from Cotton Clouds
       Carries 100% Cotton yarns, rayon yarns, kits, looms, lots of
       weaving and knitting tools, projects, books, magazines.


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