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This library shelf holds files and links mostly of scientific interest.
Some are archival; others are more recent.  We may be adding more
as time and banner advertisers  permit.

Most library files require an Adobe Acrobat 3.0  plug in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat reader, or
with use of any program (GhostScript, Transverter, Illustrator... )
that can accept v 3.0 or higher .PDF files as inputs.

Ongoing discussions of emerging scientific developments can also
be found in our What's New? blogs. 

  Featured "Must Read" Files: .
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   Energy Intro & Summary NRGLECT2.PDF #100
      Nearly everything you" know" about energy and alternate energy is
     "not even wrong". Slide show type tutorial gets the facts straight for
     you.. Focuses on the importance of exergy and net energy.          11/08      

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Click here for NRGLECT2.PSL sourcecode.

  Some Energy Fundamentals  ENERGFUN.PDF  #71
The basics involving work, power, & energy. Understanding sources,
    carriers, and sinks. Energy density. Thermodynamics. Efficiency. Exergy.
    Hydrogen realities. Electrolysis fantasies, Photovoltaics, more.    02/08

Click for a third party Exergy Tutorial.
Click for Wikipedias Exergy Fundamentals.

Click for additional Blatant Opportunist columns.
Click here for ENERGFUN.PSL sourcecode.

  More Energy Fundamentals  MORENRGF.PDF  #86
An update and expansion of our classic Energy Fundamentals tutorial
     Dimes versus kilowatt hours. Exergy. Net Energy. Amortization. pv.
     CIGS and new developments. Economy of scale. Grid Storage.    02/08

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Click here for MORENRG.PSL sourcecode.

   Hardware Hacker #64 HACK64.PDF (May 1993 )
     Steam calliope sources
. Micropower oscillators. Avoiding
energy scams. Thermodynamic basics. Communications trade
journals. Understanding process reversibility.

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   Tech Innovation Secrets TECHINOV.PDF #68
     A major tutorial on the Fundamental Factors driving recent technical
Decoupling. Accurate replication. Elimination of the
     gatekeepers. Computing power beyond awesome. More...             08/08

Click here for the Three Updates

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   Tech Musings #153  MUSE153.PDF (September 2001)
      Bouncy brick secrets. Privatizing mil surplus. Bogus water powered
      cars. Fundamentals of electrolysis. Reducing table lookup sizes.
      Quadratic interpolation. Bounty hunting patents for $$$$.

Click for additional Tech Musings columns.
Click here for MUSE153.PSL sourcecode.

   Trashing Auto Electrolysizers TRASHELC.PDF #93
     Reviews the fundamental technical reasons why onboard
     alternator driven vehicle hydrogen injection electrolysizers can
     not possibly work
and flat out ain't gonna happen.                        06/08

Click for a Bashing Pseudoscience tutorial.
Click here for the GuruGram 93 source code.
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       Not one net watthour of pv energy has ever been generated! Here are
     the facts on why pv solar electricity today is neither renewable nor
, Emphasis is on fundamental physics and CIGS.       11/08

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Click here for PVLECT2.PSL sourcecode.

   Magic Sinewave Summary MSINEXEC.PDF #65
       An "executive summary" on magic sinewaves that gathers together
     the key featuers and development history from several earlier
     files. Magic sinewaves offer efficiency and power quality advantages.

Click here for the Magic Sinewave library.
Click here for a Magic Sineave
intro tutorial.

Click here for the GuruGram 65 source code.
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   Ultra Fast MagSine Calculator FASTMSSOL.ASP #73
     The very first in a new series of ultra fast and nearly deterministic
     Magic sinewave calculators. These are hundreds to thousands of
     times faster and more convenient than before. Tutorial review.

Click here for the Ultra Fast MS Calculator.
Click here for the Angle Position Plots

Click here for a Magic Sinewave tutorial.
Click here for a Magic Sinewave
slide show.
Click here for a Magic Sinewave

Click here for the GuruGram 73
source code.
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   Blatant Opportunist #49  BASHPSEU.PDF   
How to Bash Pseudoscience. Meta studies. Looks like a duck. Binary
      consequence tree. Ockham's razor. Follow the Cash Avoid negatives.
      Roswell. Dowsing. Brown's Gas. Homopolar gens. Magic lamps.
Click for additional Blatant Opportunist columns.
Click here to reach thePseudoscience
Click here for Nokoli Tesla book info.
  Some Recent Tutorials: .
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   Resource Bin #63  RESBN63.PDF (April 1997 )
A painless way to scam a student paper. Fast web searching. Aerogels.
     Archaeomagnetism. Buckyballs. magnetic refrigeration. mass
     teleportation, the mystery band, Santa Claus machines, etc...

   The Saga of the Dripping Stalactites STALAC.PDF #35
        Celebrating the beauty of applied mathematics, first through a catalog
      of our more obscure "fun with long strings of numbers" topics and
      then by way of the Magic Sinewave timeline history.                   03/04

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Click here for a Magic Sinewave intro.
Click for a Magic Sinewave development proposal.

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   Fun With Fields FUNFIELD.PDF #39
      Using PostScript to quickly solve advanced field problems with some
    astonishingly simple math. Gradients, Equipotentials, Laplacians.  12/04

Click here for the FIELDS01.PDF field generator.
Click here for the FIELDS01.PDF field from.

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   Simple new EM field solutions REBOUND1.PDF #43
       Total Heresy new "Rebounding" method of solving electromagnetic
     fields that requires NO fancy math!
Zero Laplacian solution tutorial
     includes printed circuit, busbar, and 3-phase conduit examples.  05/05

Click here for the PostScript library.
Click for the PS Rebounding utility.

Click here for the
REBOUND1.PSL source code.
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   Fitting Power Curve Data Points POWERFIT.PDF #18
       Tutorial and guide to CURVEFT3.psl" utility shows how to exactly fit
     data points to a power series curve
. Ten or more points are easily
     and exactly fitted using a Gauss-Jordan elimination technique.      5/03

Click here to reach the PostScript library.
Click here to reach the Math Stuff
Click here for the
CURVEFT3.PSL utility.

Click here for
POWERFIT.PSL source code.
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   "Overunity" battery analysis OVERBATT.PDF #07
        Brief note iinvestigates recent web "perpetual motion"claims. A
     pair of credible explanations includes pulse recharging of lead
     acid batteries plus "not even wrong" rms measurements.      9/02

Click here for an Energy Fundamentals tutorial.
Click here to reach the Pseudoscience library.
Click herefor the OVERBATT.PSL sourcecode
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  Mostly Archival Tutorials: .
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    Tech Musings #120  MUSE120.PDF  (January 1998)
NewTek's new PIC Calibar tv generator, investigating Brown's
      Gas, television broadcast magazines, understanding meta studies,
      comparing energy densities, plastic injection molding book, more.

   Resource Bin #74  RESBN74.PDF (March 1998 )
Shaking down some seismic and earthquake info. Seismometers.
      Seismic associations. Magazines & journals. Books. Amateur
      Seismologist. AAS. Earthwatch. The web. Newsgroups. Contest.

   Resource Bin #90  RESBN90.PDF (July 1999)
A look at GPS and Navigation stuff. Fundamentals. Differential GPS.
     GPS World. Institute of Navigation. Navtech Bookstore. Trimble.
     Starlink. Free topo maps. Other sites and mags. For more help.

Click here for GPS Book access info.

   Tech Musings #139 MUSE139.PDF  (August 1999)
        Hot tub
economics. SETI at home update. Thermal energy basics.
     Radio astronomy books. Digital scanner "photos" Plastic working
     catalog. New GPS publication.

Click here for Radio Astronomy book info.

   Tech Musings #148 MUSE148.PDF  (May 2000)
  Algae hydrogen source. Applying Taylor Series. Surplus and auction
     update. Lithium polymer batteries. Understanding nonlinearity. Battery
     books. Cave radio site, Maxim chargers, more...

Click here for Battery book info.

   Tech Musings #130  MUSE130.PDF  (November 1998)
A look at rail guns. DNA error correction effectiveness. Some
     pitfalls of Windows 98. An air conditioning power servo using the
     Honeywell Modutrol. Faraday motion experiments.

   Resource Bin #91  RESBN91.PDF (August 1999)
A look at some Antenna Resources. ARRL. Other antenna books.
     Antennax and friends. IEEE publications. More magazines. Those
     "miracle" antennas. AM resonators. FM DX tricks. More info...

Click here for Antenna Book access info.

   Tech Musings #135 MUSE135.PDF  (April 1999)
Thoughts on brain parity. Fundamentals of impulse radio.
      A "new" bookbinding method. Some Richard Feynman books.
      MEMS nanotechnology CD ROM. Aerosence conference.

Click here for Richard Feynman Books info.
Click here for Age of Spiritual Machines info.

  Blatant Opportunist #68  EMERGOP7.PDF   
  Another in a continuing series of Emerging Technical Opportunities.
    Steplocked magic sinewaves. PostScript as Language. Intelligent web
    Technology. Scalable Vector Graphics SVG. Playing with pixels. More

   Blatant Opportunist #53  EMERGOP6.PDF   
Some more Emerging Technical Opportunities. These include pulse
      radio, meatlloradicals, "D" cell turbines, carbon nanofiber hydrides,
      EIS spectroscopy, RFID, massive FPGA's, and brain parity.

Click here for Pulse Radio tutorials and resources.
Click here for additional Hydrogen information.

   Blatant Opportunist #44  EMERGOP5.PDF 
New ways to make a buck on upcoming technology. The baby PIC.
     Bodaciously better BOD bindings. Linearized phase controls. Three
     phase magic sinewaves. New directions for PostScript.

Click here for book-on-demand  tutorials.
Click here for bookbinding books info.

Click here for PIC Microprocessor  tutorials.
Click here for PIC Microprocessor books info.

Click here for PostScript tutorials.
Click here for PostScript books info.

   Blatant Opportunist #37  EMERGOP4.PDF
Fourth annual release of emerging technical opportunities.
     Push me pull you. The TeraHertz mystery band. PIC microcontrollers.
     Magic Sinewaves. Solitons. DNA computing. Binary chain codes.

Click here for Magic Sinewave  tutorials.
Click here for robotic books info.
Click here for pushme-pullyou Hexapod  links

     Blatant Opportunist #27  EMERGOP3.PDF   
  Some more Emerging Technical Opportunities. These include short
      haul telemetry, nonlinear editing, the Digital Bogey, FM RBDS,
      cheap air turbines, sonoluminescence, and Postscript robotics.

Click here for PostScript robotic tutorials.
Click here for additional video editing info.

   Blatant Opportunist #17  EMERGOP2.PDF
       A second review of emerging technical opportunities. Dye based
     solar electricity. Wavelets. GPS navigation. Spread spectrum comm.
     Switched reluctance motors. Aerogels

Emergop I can be found in this archive.

   Tech Musings #138 MUSE138.PDF  (July 1999)
PS web referral log reader. Life as we don’t know it. Fast access to
     data sheets. Small "miracle" antennas An impulse radar update.
     Fresnel vs Fraunhoffer. Fractal antenna designs.

Click here for Dark Life book info.

   Tech Musings #144 MUSE144.PDF  (March 2000)
  Temperature measurements. Thermocouple fundamentals.
     Working with newsgroups. PostScript Gambler's Ruin simulation
      Understanding "favicon.ico". Thermometry books. More.

Click here for Temperature Measurement bargains.
Click here for Live Auction Bargains bargains.

   Tech Musings #131 MUSE131.PDF  (December 1998)
Investigating position sensitive detectors. Error correcting code books.
      Secrets of optical rangefinding. Noisy ac power measurements. Some
      new stereolithography resins. RFID tutorial..

   Tech Musings #128  MUSE128.PDF  (October 1998)
A look at used test equipment. Some Tesla Turbine lit. How to
     buy military surplus electronics. Impulse radio communications. New
      Class D amplifiers. Merry-go-round horses.

  Tech Musings #137 MUSE137.PDF  (June 1999)
EIS impedance spectroscopy. Sources for radiation detectors.
     New flexible current transducers and sensors . Gun camera
     mechanism bargains. Fundamentals of spectrum analysis.

Click here for Patent Files book info.
Click here for Patent Avoidance tutorials.

  Tech Musings #119  MUSE119.PDF  (December 1997)
Miracle motor suppressed! Handheld data acquisition resources.
     A useful hydrogen book. Thoughts on electrolysis. Reactance
     limiting concepts. Web FM radio search service.

   Tech Musings #118  MUSE118.PDF  (November 1997)
Time saving laser printer testers. More on hydrogen developments.
      Inside a submillimeter telescope. Radio astronomy resources update
      Home Power's new SOLAR II CD ROM.

  Tech Musings #121  MUSE121.PDF  (February 1998)
FM Wireless Broadcasters. The Radio Shack 12-2051. Surplus
      and auction update. A homopolar traction motor. A new power
      measurement chip. Understanding the Faraday Disk. Cool cars.

  Tech Musings #117  MUSE117.PDF  (October 1997 )
Real PostScript for PIC Robotics. Shattering homopolar machinery
     myths. Six clicks to display PostScript. Motor and generator intro
     and fundamentals. Melody IC's and sound modules.

   Tech Musings #125  MUSE125.PDF  (June 1998)
Understanding crest factors. Temperature sensing circuits. New
      Battery Products trade journal. Great new SAW filter databook
      More on power measurement. Radiotron Designer's Handbook.

  Tech Musings #126  MUSE126.PDF  (July 1998)
AC line powered chips, Isolated power supplies, electric and
      hybrid automobile books. Transportation alternatives. Nitrogen
      powered cars. Better magnetic refrigeration.

  Tech Musings #116  MUSE116.PDF  (September 1997 )
 Reading web site log files. New self-calibrating op amp. Hand
       bookbinding resources. Interpreting HTML error codes. Making
       low level measurements. Source for wood microveneers.

   Blatant Opportunist #13  RESSCRTS.PDF
Classic Don Lancaster pre-web tutorial on Insider Research Secrets.
     The research contiumium. The grestest resource. Library stuff.
     Dialog. UMI. tech books. ervice info. Networking. Consultants net.

   Tech Musings #115  MUSE115.PDF  (August 1997 )
 PIC chips now on CD ROM. Hydrogen car fact and fancy. A brand
       new, PIC friendly genlocking tv typewriter! Fuel cells and related
       resouces. Decade's BOB-5L design contest.

   Tech Musings #114  MUSE114.PDF  (July 1997 )
The energy density of gasoline. Digital temperature sensors.
       Measuring source resistance. Free online Ulrich's replacement.
       Some electrochemistry basics. New straw bale newsletter.

   Tech Musings #112  MUSE112.PDF  (May 1997 )
        A.C. power measurement
tutorial and basics. Aerogel resources
     and developments. 99 cent Telephone extension lockouts.
     Understanding RMS currents. Several column corrections

   Tech Musings #111  MUSE111.PDF  (April 1997 )
 Evaluating energy claims. the CIE Chromaticity diagram. Superb
       digital video book. Understanding color spaces. Innovative auto
       electronics. A new current monitor. A skeleton for your closet.

    Tech Musings #123  MUSE123.PDF  (April 1998)
AC power measurement new options and tutorial. $49 Acrobat
        source. Rapid simultaneous A/D converters. Solid state
        power meters. Home energy monitoring. DNA computing.

   Tech Musings #106  MUSE106.PDF ( November 1996 )
        Secrets of math determinants
, Power generation efficiencies, Solving
      larger linear equations, induction heating fundamentals, new BOD
      Book-on-demand binding opportunities.

   Tech Musings #105  MUSE105.PDF ( October 1996 )
 H-P 5SiMx laser printer hard drive interface, new video and audio
      chips, navigation resources update, understanding digital filters,
       triple tri-sample building blocks, linear phase techniques.

   Tech Musings #103  MUSE103.PDF ( August 1996 )
 New fluxgate sensors and chips, earth field magnetometry,
        Post-it note opportunities, introduction to vectors, measuring
        web site popularity, greeting card sound chips.

   Tech Musings #102 MUSE102.PDF ( July 1996 )
 A "colorizer" for PostScript; Using bionomial coefficients;
      Laser printer repair resources; magnetic field intensity paper;
      HP 5SiMX Book-on-demand printer, more

   Tech Musings #101  MUSE101.PDF ( June 1996 )
Using Delta-Wye transforms, Professional audio resources,
     Acrobat Amber beta software, Building your own Tesla coil,
     Three phase magic sinewaves, more.

   Tech Musings #100  MUSE100.PDF ( May 1996 )
 Internet magazine resources; understanding power factor;
      Antigravity and magnetic levitation; Bargain power module
      sources; your personal web page;more.

   Tech Musings #92  MUSE92.PDF ( September 1995)
 GPS Navigation update; picking a microprocessor, microcontroller,
      or digital signal processor; new internet directories, understanding
      pitot tubes, more on the mystery TeraHertz band.

   Tech Musings #90  MUSE90.PDF ( July 1995)
     Fourier Series analysis, alternatives to plated through holes,
       classic computer resources, a $200 GPS receiver, Newtek's
       new video toaster for Windows.

   Hardware Hacker #68  HACK68.PDF  (September 1993 )
Heart rate pulse monitor interface. New wireless communications
     magazine. An update on free energy. Aerobic excercise software
     thermoelectric module guidelines. Heathkit history.

Click here hydrogen resource info.
Click for consultant's network  referrals.

   Tech Musings #89  MUSE89.PDF ( June 1995)
BASIC Stamp Manuals. Secrets of Fibonacci sunflowers.
       New Bezier cubic spline book. Adobe's elegant Acrobat.
       E-field ac voltage sensing.

   Tech Musings #88  MUSE88.PDF ( May 1995)
Misconceptions of acoustic cancelling. Chip adaptor
       resources. PIC micro fundamentals and instruction set.
       Fast & easy SMD removal. Essential hacker nutrients.

   Hardware Hacker #77  HACK77.PDF  (June 1994 )
Thermodynamic Second Law violations. Soliton waves, references,
       and resources. Superb CD ROM directory. Santa Claus machines
       review and update. Some hacker opportunities.

   Hardware Hacker #86  HACK86.PDF  (March 1995 )
         The DNA computer language
. Some wavelet book resources.
      Magic digital sinewave codes. Engineering economics review.
      Hot new fringe FM RBDS tuner.

   Hardware Hacker #63  HACK63.PDF  (April 1993 )
Video game repair videos. Piezoelectric fundamentals. On not
     coming unglued. Understanding Curie Pointsx. Simple home
      EDM machining. Stunning new integrated circuit opportunities.

   Hardware Hacker #62  HACK62.PDF  (April 1993 )
 Using cubic splines. Switchmode resources. Electrorheological
       fluids. National's simple switcher. Colorized avuncular sleezoids.
       Curvetracing contest. Non-ionizing radiation safety.

   Hardware Hacker #43  HACK43.PDF  (August 1991 )
Electric power research info. Focused X-ray breakthrough.
      C-60 and the new Buckyballs. Getting telephone information.
      Caller ID number delivery secrets and circuits.

  Some Useful Links : .
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   Abstracts and papers from Science Magazine.
      Leading US scientific journal
has definitive papers on just
      about any scientific or energy topic..

   Abstracts and papers from Nature Magazine.
      Leading International scientific journal
occasionally has definitive
      papers on
hydrogen and related technology.

Click here for an Electrolysis Fundamentals tutorial.

    Leading scientific publisher Elsevier.
The world's largest publisher of energy related scientific
        peer reviewed publications
. Most are quite expensive.

     Elsevier's many pubs include...

Applied Energy
Biomass & Bioenergy
Energy Conversion & Management
Fuel & Energy Abstracts
Fuel Cells Bulletin
Intl Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Journal of Wind Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Photovoltaics Bulletin
Solar Energy
Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells
Sustainable Energy Review 

   William Beaty's Science Hobbyist
    Extensive links to scientific and science education sites.  
      Scientific consultants, pseudoscience, UFO's, more.....

    Shawn Carlson's Society of Amateur Scientists.  
 Network with followers of Shawn's Amateur Scientist
      column from Scientific American magazine.

   Periodical Table of the Elements at Chem Elements
       Detailed properties, chemical, physical, optical, magnetic, history, etc...
       Seems a tad skimpy above element 112, though.

  Free Patent Repository via USPTO
      Official US Patent and Trademark office site offers patent searching.
      Images of all patents from 1790. Full text from 1976.

Click for Product Development assistance.

    An online Delphion (was IBM) Patent Repository
Studying patents is almost always an utterly mind-rotting waste of
Site offers instant patent searches and full text downloads.

Click here for Patent avoidance info.


  Newsgroups: .
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Subscription details will vary with your choice of news server...
Possibilities appear here and here.

alt.solar.photovoltaic sci.aeronautics.airliners


  Books: .
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Battery Applications & Advances ( Radhe Das )>
Battery Reference Book ( Thomas Crompton )
Battery Technology Handbook  ( H.A. Kiehne )
Electric Vehicle Battery Systems ( Sandeep Dhameja )
Electrochemical Cell Design ( Ralph White )
Electrochemical Power Sources ( M. Barak )
Electrochemical Supercapacitors  ( B. E. Conway )
Electrochemistry of Novel Materials ( Jacek Lipkowski )
Handbook of Batteries ( David Linden )
Handbook of Battery Materials ( Jurgen Besenhard )
Hydrogen Metal Hydride Batteries ( P. D. Bennett )
Lithium-Ion Batteries ( Masataka Wakihara )
Lithium Polymer Batteries ( J. Broadhead )
Modern Batteries: Intro to Electrochemical... ( C. Vincent )
Practical Photovoltaics ( Richard J. Komp )
RVer's Guide to Solar Battery Charging ( Noel Kirkby )
Sealed Battery Selection ( Michael Meurer )
2000 Battery Industry Directory  ( Webcom )

Carbon Nanotubes:

Carbon Nanotubes (Carbon , Vol 33) (Morinubo Endo)
Carbon Nanotubes and Related Structures (Peter Harris)
Carbon Nanotubes : Preparation and Properties (T. Ebbesen)
Fullerine Fundamentals (Henry Ehrenreich)
Fullerine Polymers (Joseph Shinar)
History & Physics of Fullerine C60 (Djuro Koruga)
Lecture Notes on Fullerine Chemistry (Roger Taylor)
Optical & Electronic Properties of Fullerines (Joseph Shinar)
Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes (R. Saito)
Physics of Fullerine Based Materials (Wanda Andreoni)
Science of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes (S. Dresselhaus)
Science &Technology of Carbon Nanotubes (K. Tanaka)
Science & Technology of Fullerine Materials (Patrick Bernier )
Synthesis & Structure of Carbon Nanotubes (M. S. Dresselhaus)


Advances in Electrochemical Science (R. Alkire )
Analytical Electrochemistry ( Joseph Wang )
Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry ( Brian Conway )
CRC Handbook Series in Inorganic Electroc... (Louis Meites)
Electroanalysis ( Christopher Brett )
Electroanalytic Chemistry ( Allen Bard )
Electrochemical Cell Design (Ralph White)
Electrochemical Hydrogen Technologies ( Hartmut Wendt )
Electrochemical Interfaces: Modern Tech... ( Hector Abruna )
Electrochemical Engineering Principles ( Geoffrey Prentice )
Electrochemical Engineering : Science & Tech... ( Hartmut Wendt )
Electrochemical Methods: Fundamentals.. ( Allen Bard )
Electrochemical Process Engineering: A Guide... ( F. Goodridge )
Electrochemistry (Philip H. Rieger)
Electrochemistry for Chemists (Donald Sawyer)
Electrochemistry in Mineral & Metal Process... ( R. Woods )
Electrochemistry on Liquid:Liquid Interfaces ( P. Vanysek )
Fundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition ( Milan Paunovic )
Liquid State Electronics of Insulating Liquids ( W. Schmidt )
Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry #33 (Ralph White)
Modern Batteries : An Introduction to... ( ColinVincent )
Principles of Electrochemistry ( Jiri Koryta )
Solid State Electrochemistry ( Peter G. Bruce )
Structural Effects in Electrolysis ( D. Scherson )


The Meaning of it All: Thoughts of a Citizen... (Richard Feynman)
The Beat of a Different Drum (Jagdish Mehra)
The Character of Physical Law (Richard Feynman)
Feynman Lectures on Computuation (Richard Feynman)
Feynman Lectures on Gravitation (Richard Feynman)
Feynman Lectures in Physics I-III (Richard Feynman)
No Ordinary Genius (C. Sykes)
Photon-Hadron Interactions (Richard Feynman)
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (Jeffrey Robbins)
QED: The Strange Theory of Light & Matter (Richard Feynman)
Quantum Electrodynamic (Richard Feynman)
Six Easy Pieces (Richard Feynman)
Six Not So Easy Pieces (Richard Feynman)
Statistical Mechanics: A Set of Lectures (Richard Feynman)
Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman (R. Feynman)
Theory of Fundamental Processes (Richard Feynman)
Tuva or Bust. Richard Feynman's Last Journey (Ralph Leighton)
What Do You Care What Other People Think? (Richard Feynman)


Alternate Energy Sources VII Bioconversion... (T. Veziroglu)
Combustion (Irvin Glassman)
Corrosion of Metals and Hydrogen-Related Phenomena (J. Flis)
DOE Hydrogen Fuel Energy Info Series.. (NREL)
Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles... (James MacKenzie)
Fuel From Water (Michael Peavey)
Gaseous Hydrogen Systems at Consumer Sites (NFPA)
Hearnessing Hydrogen (James Cannon)
Heat Engines (John Sandfort)
Hydrocarbon Synthesis from Hydrogen (Edwin Kugler)
Hydrogen & Metal Hydride Batteries (P. Bennett)
Hydrogen as a Transportation Fuel (Gene Berry)
Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier (Carl Winter)
Hydrogen Embrittlement: Prevention & Control (L. Raymond)
Hydrogen Energy and Power Generation... (T. Veziroglu)
Hydrogen Fuel for Surface Transportation (James Hefflel)
Hydrogen Power: An Introduction... (L. Williams)
Hydrogen Storage Materials (R. Barnes)
Hydrogen Storage Materials Batteries & ... (Electrochem Soc)
Hype About Hydrogen (Joseph J. Romm)
Symposium on Hydrogen Storage, Batteries, & ... (D. Corrigan)
Solar Hydrogen Chronicles (Walt Pyle)
Solar Hydrogen Energy System (Eduard Justi)


Demon-Haunted World : Science As a Candle in...  ( Carl Sagan )
Encounters With the Paranormal : Science, Know...  ( Ken Frazier)
Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience ( William F. Williams )
Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries : Science and Pseud... ( Ken Feder )
Galileo's Revenge : Junk Science in the Courtroom ( Peter Huber )
The Hundredth Monkey : And Other Paradigms of... ( Ken Frazier )
Junk Science Judo : Self-Defense AgainstHealth ... ( Steven J. Milloy )
Logic and Methodology of Science & Pseudoscience ( Fred Wilson )
Pseudoscience and the Paranormal : A Critical Exa... ( Terence Hines )
Quantum Leaps in the Wrong Direction  ( Charles M. Wynn )
Sanctified Snake Oil: The Effect of Junk Science... ( Susan Sarnoff )
Science: Good, Bad, and Bogus  ( Martin Gardner )
Science or Pseudoscience : Magnetic Healing,... ( Henry H. Bauer )
Science Versus Pseudoscience ( Nathan Aaseng )
Weird Water and Fuzzy Logic ( Martin Gardner )
Why People Believe Weird Things : Pseudo... ( Shermer & Gould )


Electromagnetoelasticity ( V.Z. Parton )
Electromagnetoelasticity of Piezoelectronics ( V. Z. Parton )
Fracture Mechanics of Piezoelectric Materials ( Qing-Hua Qin )
Fundamentals of Piezoelectricity ( Takuro Ikeda )
Materials for Smart Systems ( Marilyn Wun-Fogle )
Medical Applications of Piezoelectric Polymers (K. Schengil-Roberts)
Piezoelectric Materials ( Carmen Galassi )
Piezolectric Actuators and Ultrasonic Motors ( Kenji Uchino )
Piezoelectric Ceramics (K. Schengil-Roberts)
Piezoelectric Ceramics ( Bernard Jaffe )
Piezoelectric Resonators and their Applications ( Jiri Zelenka )
Piezoelectricity ( Carol Zwick Rosen )
Piezoelectricity  ( R. Smithe )
Smart Materials ( K.H. Hoffmann )
Theory of Piezoelectric Shells and Plates ( R. Smithe )

Radio Astronomy:

Boffin: A Personal Story of the Early Days of Rad...  ( Brown )
Extragalactic Radio Sources: From Beams...  ( J. Roland )
High Sensitivity Radio Astronomy   ( N.Jackson )
History of Radio Astronomy. ( Benjamin K. Malphrus )
Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy ( Ralph Spencer )
Introduction to Radio Astronomy  ( Bernard F. Burke )
Invisible Universe Revealed : The Story... ( Gerrit Verschuur )
Radio Astronomy ( John D. Kraus)
Radio Astronomy (Above and Beyond)  ( Adele D. Richardson )
Radio Astronomy Projects  ( William P. Lonc )
Radioscience Observing ( Joseph J. Carr )
Science With Large Millimetre Arrays : Proc.. ( Eso Iram )
Submillimetre Wave Astronomy  ( John E. Beckman )
Tools of Radio Astronomy ( K. Rohlfs )
Variability of Active Galactic Nuclei  ( H. Richard Miller)
Very Long Baseline Interferometry : Tech... ( Ralph Spencer )


Acquiring Better Seismic Data  ( William Prichett )
Anatomy of Seismograms  ( Ota Kulhanek )
Designing Seismic Surveys  ( Dale Stone )
Digital Seismology & Lithosphere Modeling   ( R. Cassinis )
Earth Soundings Analysis   Jon Claerbout )
Earthquake Forecastng & Warning  ( Tsuneji Riktake )
Earthquake Prediction ( David Tyckoson )
Earthquake Public Information Materials ( S.C.E.P.P. )
Earthquake Survival Manual ( Lael Morgan )
Earthquakes ( Bruce Bolt )
Earthquakes & Geological Discovery ( Bruce Bolt )
Elementary Seismology ( Charles Richter )
Exploration Seismology ( Robert Sheriff )
The Geology of Earthquakes ( Robert Yeats )
Introduction to Seismology ( Peter M. Shear )
Modern Global Seismology ( Thorne Lay )
Principles of Seismology ( Augustin Udias )
Seismic Waves and Sources ( Ari Ben-Menahem )
Seismology ( H. Doyle )
Seismology & Plate Tectonics ( Gubbins )
Why the Earth Quakes ( Matthys Levy )


Alien Life Search : Quest for Extraterrestrial Organisms  ( D. Jefferis )
Alien Life : The Search for Extraterrestrials and Beyond ( B. Parker )
Are We Alone? : Philosophical Implications of the... ( Paul Davies )
Are We Alone? : The Possibility of Extraterrestrial Civ... ( R. Rood )
Beyond Contact: A Guide to SETI and Communicating... ( B. McConnell )
Bioastronomy: The Next Steps ( George Marx )
Exobiology: Matter, Energy, and Information in the... ( J. Trieste )
Extraterrestrial Intelligence ( Jean Heidmann )
Is Anyone Out There? Scientific Search for Extra.. ( Frank Drake )
Life on Other Worlds : The 20th-Century Extra... ( Steven J. Dick )
Life Out There : The Search For Extraterrestrial Life  ( M. White )
Other Worlds : The Search for Life in the Universe ( M. Lemonick )
Planet Quest : Epic Discovery of Alien Solar Systems ( Ken Croswell )
Project Haystack : The Search for Life in the Galaxy ( Seti Institute )
Quest for Alien Planets : Exploring Worlds Outside... ( Paul Halpern )
Search for Extraterrestrial Life : Essays on...  ( Peter Day )
Search for Life on Other Planets  ( Bruce Jakosky )
Seti Pioneers : Scientists Talk About Their Search... ( David W. Swift )
Sharing the Universe : Perspectives on Extraterrest...  ( Seth Shostak )
Social Implications of the Detection of Extraterres...  ( J. Billingham )
Strangers in the Night : A Brief History of Life on... ( D. Fisher)


Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineers   ( Kenneth, Jr. Wark )
CRC Handbook of Thermoelectrics   ( D. M. Rowe )
Evolution of the Heat Engine   ( Ivo Kolin )
Feynman Lectures on Physics: Kinetics and Heat   ( Richard Feynman )
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer  ( Frank P. Incropera )
Heat Engines   ( John F. Sandfort )
Heat Transfer in Gas Turbines   ( B. Sunden )
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics   ( J. M. Smith )
Introduction to Stirling Engines   ( James R. Senft )
Introduction to Thermodynamics of Materials   ( David R. Gaskell )
Introduction to Thermal-Fluid Engineering  ( Z. Warhaft )
Modern Thermodynamics : From Heat Engines ...  ( D. Kondepudi )
The Second Law   ( P. W. Atkins )
The Stirling Alternative : Power Systems, ...   ( G. Walker )
Thermodynamics and Thermostatistics   ( Herbert B. Callen )
Understanding Thermodynamics   ( H. C. Van Ness )
Warmth Disperses and Time Passes   ( Hans Christian Von Baeyer )


CRC Handbook of Thermoelectrics ( D.Rowe )
Electronic Refrigeration ( H. Goldsmid )
Fundamentals of Temperature Measurement ( Robert Benedict )
Handbook of Temperature Measurement ( Robin Bentley )
Industrial Temperature Measurement ( Thomas Kerlin )
Measurement of Temperature and Humidity ( W. Wylie )
Measurements in Flames ( J. Chedaille )
Practical Temperature Measurement ( Peter N. Childs )
Practical Thermocouple Thermometry ( Thomas W. Kerlin )
Principles of Temperature Measurement ( Thomas McGee ) 
Temperature Measurement ( Amer Society for Testing )
Temperature Measurement ( Bela Liptak )
Theory and Properties of Thermocouple Elements ( D. Pollock )
Thermocouple Temperature Measurement ( P.Kinzie )
Thermoelectric Materials ( Marshall Sittig )
Thermoelectric Materials 1998: The Next Generation ( T. Tritt )
Thermoelectricity: Theory, Thermometry, Tools ( D. Pollock )
Use of Thermocouples in Temperature Measurement ( ASTM )


2000 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium ( FEFCS IEEE )
Clinical Sonography : A Practical Guide ( Roger Sanders ) 
Diagnostic Ultrasound... ( Stewart Bushong )
Fundamentals of Ultrasonic Nondestructive Eval... ( L. Schmerr )
Handbook on the Ultrasonic Examination of Aus... ( Am Weld Soc )
Micromachined Ultrasound Proximity Sensors ( Mark Hornung )
Nondestructive and Ultrasonic Testing for Aircraft ( FAA Staff )
Piezolectric Actuators and Ultrasonic Motors ( Kenji Uchino )
Power Sonic and Ultrasonic Transducer Design ( B. Hamonic )
Three-Dimensional Ultrasound ( Thomas Nelson )
Transducers for Sonics and Ultrasonics ( M. McCollum )
Ultrasonic Bioinstrumentation ( Douglas Christensen )
Ultrasonic Communication by Animals ( Gillian Sales )
Ultrasonic Instruments and Devices ( Emmanuel Papadakis )
Ultrasonic Liquid Atomization ( Harvey Berger )
Ultrasonic Measurements for Process Controls ( L. Lynnworth )
Ultrasonic Measurement Methods ( R. Thurston )
Ultrasonic Methods of Non-Destructive Testing ( J. Blitz )
Ultrasonic Motors: Theory and Applications ( S. Ueha )
Ultrasonic Sensors for Chemical and Process... ( R. Asher)
Ultrasonic Transducer Materials ;( Oskar Mattiat )
Ultrasound: Biological Effects and Potential... ( A. Williams )


An Introduction to Wavelets ( Charles Chui )
Applied Wavelet Analysis with S-Plus ( Andrew Bruce )
Fourier and Wavelet Analysis  ( George Bachman )
Fractal and Wavelet Image Compression Technique  ( Stephen. Welstead )
Handbook of Wavelet Transform Algorithms ( Carl Taswell )
Introduction to Wavelet Transforms ( Ramesh Gopinath )
Multirate and Wavelet Signal Processing  ( Bruce Suter )
Multiscale Wavelet Methods for PDE ( Wolfgang Dahmen )
Signal and Image Representation in Combined... ( Y. Zeev )
Signal Processing With Wavelet-Based Fractals ( G. Wornell )
Wavelet Analysis for Image Processing ( L. Prasad )
Wavelet Analysis: Scalable Info Structure ( H. Resnikoff)
Wavelet Basics (Y. Chan )
Wavelet Theory and Pattern Recognition ( Yuan Y. Tan )
A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing ( Stephane Mallat )
Wavelet Transforms & Applications ( Mysore Raghuveer )
Wavelets: A Tutorial in Theory & Applications ( Charles Chui )
Wavelets: Theory, Algorithms & Applications ( C. Chui )
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