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January 16, 2018 deeplink respond

Here is a summary of many of our currently available
free eBooks...

Apple Assembly Cookbook I 
Apple Assenbly Cookbook II
Applewriter Cookbook
Cheap Video Cookbook
Enhancing your Apple II Volume I
Enhancing your Apple II Volume II
Incredible Secret Money Machine
Machine Language Programming Cookbook I
Machine Language Programming Cookbook II
RTL Cookbook
Son of Cheap Video
TTL Cookbook  
TV Typewriter Cookbook

We also have these "Director's Cut" demos of our
"Linotype Era" eBook restoration services...

DC Apple Assembly Cookbook
DC Applewriter Cookbook 
DC Archaeomagnetism and Paleomagnetism 
DC Machine Language Programming I
DC SigForth Intro to PostScript
DC Superclock 
DC Tearing Method 
DC Thermoluminescence 
DC TVT Image
DC Winning the Micro Game

Director's Cut" tutorials herehere, here, and here.

And this "one each of everything" USB...

Lancaster Classics USB Library

But we still could very much use your help in finding
new or improved scans of...

Micro Cookbook I ( autographed copy here )
CMOS Cookbook ( regular copy here )
Active Filter Cookbook ( autographed copy here )

January 15, 2018 deeplink respond

Here, here, and here are three of the latest artesian
canal photos. With their locations here. These are

It is not yet clear whether these have Bajada Hanging
Canal prehistoric origins. They certainly have "prehistoric
class" sizes and construction techniques.

And their purpose as a new historic project is not at all
apparent, compared to the much easier "dig out an old ditch".

These still flow to this day, but clearly are showing drought
stress. While the majority of the bajada canals are mountain
stream sourced, something around fifteen to nineteen
percent of them appear to be artesian related.

January 14, 2018 deeplink respond

Made a minor cosmetic correction to our Web Friendly
PostScript Colors. It is still GuruGram #119 and its
PDF file can be found here with it PSL sourcecode here.

The "best" web colors have been hex 00-33-66-99-CC-FF
on the red, blue, and green channels. You can put these
into a 6x6x6 cube for 216 easily set convenient colors.

Things get redder to the east, greener to the north, and
blueer to the up. Ferinstance, a 195 setwebtint gives you
a nice purple. Your grays check in at 0-43-86-129-172-215.

Our Gonzo Utilities are still not needed for the new code but
remain exceptionally useful for demos and other uses.

A color stays set until you change it. But a sneaky trick is needed
if you want to change the color of just one word inside a text line
when using our Gonzo Justification utilities.

/setred {mark 5 /setwebtint cvx ] cvx printlist exch 3
              index exch put exch 1 add exch } store

/setblack {mark 0 /setwebtint cvx ] cvx printlist exch 3
              index exch put exch 1 add exch } store

100 200 ( This |/setred word|/setblack  was red. ) cl

Such deferred execution is needed because the
position on the page might not be known until
the actual print time. Much more here.

Oh, yeah. Here's how the text B/W change gets done. Use
a stock PostScript currentcolor command and add the
three returned values together to get a result between 0
and 3. Then change from white to black above 1.5.

January 13, 2018 deeplink respond

Enough Prehistoric Hanging Bajada Canal bits and pieces
have now been field verified to suggest the possibility of
a fully integrated, multi sourced and multi destinated
Gonzo Supercanal of astounding length and complexity.

Such a supercanal would source from a yet unproven
Upper Frye Creek watershed crossing over and into
a presumed large spring in Spring Canyon, combined
with seasonal Spring Canyon runoff.

A similar watershed crossing has been verified in the
nearby Mud Springs canal, and a Forest Service pipeline
still uses a variant on these Spring Canyon sources.

Water would then be selectively routed down the
natural Spring Canyon drainage to become the Allen
Canal, or else routed down upper Frye Mesa to a
ponding area where it would be split into the Robinson
Canal and the spectacular HS Canal. The Robinson
Canal ( aka the historic "Robinson Ditch" ) might in
turn be an unproven source for the Reay Canal.

Meanwhile, the HS canal reach would continue down
Frye Creek proper, either as a natural watercourse
or a presently unknown canal structure. In the vicinity
of the Deadman road turnoff, the route would be split
into a western reach presently believed to underlie a
historic pipeline, and an eastern reach believed to
form the Lower Frye Construct.

This western branch would then become the Riggs
Braidings and proceed northward through the gap
formed by Riggs Canyon to eventually become
the Golf Course Canal. Beyond a rich habitation
area, the Golf Course Canal might or might not
become the Tailwater canal, followed further north
by the Reay Canal.

Returning to the Lower Frye Construct, an unproven
routing is postulated to eventually connect with the
historic Blue Ponds canal, which is presently believed
to be a "steal the plans" adaption of a portion of
the Freeman Canal.

Key issues in proving the Gonzo Supercanal would
involve proving the Frye watershed crossing, verifying
the Golf Course portions presumed underlying the
Frye Pipeline and the Riggs gap, strengthening evidence
of a routing between the HS Canal and the Lower Frye
Construct, and verifying continuity between Lower Frye
and Blue Ponds.

Many more details on the known status of these canals
is found here and on Researchgate. Along with a key
summary here.

Field mice and drone operators are urgently needed.

January 12, 2018 deeplink respond

Revised and updated our Fattail Utilities. Find the latest
.pdf demo here, its .psl sourcecode here, and its insertable
PostScript code module here.

Newly included are much shorter files, all relative data
values for all but the head tips, newly being offset
oriented, optional control point plots for debugging, and

full webcolor access.
Tip and tail tensions are newly
adjustable for any unusual uses.

Our Gonzo Utilities are not needed for the new code but
remain exceptionally useful for demos and general fattail
apps. In the demos, our gridding has been newly updated
for web friendliness.

A Gonzo tutorial here and much more PostScript here.

January 11, 2018 deeplink respond

An intermittent muffled yowling inside a laser printer can
often be cured by opening the lid and letting the cat out.

January 10, 2018 deeplink respond

Links to A Gila Valley Bajada Hanging Canal Directory
can be found here. It is also on Researchgate.

But I thought we'd make a few additions and corrections
here. Firstoff, we will add this to our GuruGrams as #125.

Virtually all of the bajada historic canals were "steal the
plans" or "borrow the blueprints" ripoffs of their prehistoric
In some cases, the proof is very strong. And,
at least in come cases - overwhelming.

 It is obviously much easier to "dig out an old ditch" than it is
to engineer a complete new canal system from scratch.
Especially if all the good canal routes were already taken.

A possible big exception: Evidence is accumulating that the
Roper Lake Canal is in fact modern without a historic or
prehistoric presence.
It turns out Roper Lake did not even
exist until the late 1960's. It seems orthogonal to the prehistoric
Henry's Canal and is largely cardinal oriented. Aggregate
appears newer and portions are excessively steep for a mud
Present still unverified thinking is...

12. RPC1 - Roper Canal N 32.75567 W 109.70885 to
                   32.74518 -109.74200. Modern feeder
                    to Roper Lake, presently presumed without
                    historic or prehistoric origins

Meanwhile, here are a few list additions...

83. DVM1 - Deep Vee Mystery. Loosely associated with
                     the Reay Canal, it is not yet even clear. Can be
                     found somewhere near 32.81888 -109.76930

84. HFD1 - Henry's Fields. Apparent intermediate destination
                    of Henry's Canal at 32.74319 -109.72803 Includes a
                    ponding area seemingly comparable to TB Ponding.

85. HTR1 - Historic Thunderbird Rework at 32.74350 -109.73386
                     Concrete and rebar deployment would seem to depend
                     on Prehistoric sources for its water access.  

86. GSC1 - Gonzo Supercanal Integrated System - Possible but still
                    unproven multi source, multi destination fully integrated
                    system that combines Upper Frye watershed diversion,
                    Spring Canyon, Allen Canal, Upper Frye Complex,
                    Robinson, Reay, HS Canal, a historical pipeline, Riggs
                    Braidings, Golf Course, Tailwater, Lower Frye Construct,
                    Blue Ponds, and Freeman Canals into a single managed
                    and possibly contemporaneous entity of spectacular size.

85. CTW1 - Cottontail Artesian Canal - Possible unproven artesian
                    resource. Partially cardinal.

January 9, 2018 deeplink respond

Some molten salts such as binary sodium lithium nitrates
have long been used to store heat. Trouble is they are bulky
and  expensive, besides having a "memory" that trashes their
performance after a discouraging few cycles.

It turns out there are now some newly discovered materials
that just might be a major heat storage breakthrough.

Reported thermal energy densities are comparable to
lithium batteries, and hundreds of times higher than water.

Two recent papers here and here.

Much more on energy stuff here. and here.

January 8, 2018 deeplink respond

Here is an interesting approach to product liability notices.
With many more at

Meanwhile, a deli owner was unable to collect on his aviary
bill, so they had to take a tern for the wurst.

Well, maybe just the punch lines...

"The koala tea of Mercy is not strained".
"The thong has ended, but the malady lingers on".
"Pardon me Roy, is that the cat that chewed your new shoes?"
"Its a Hickory Daiquiri, Doc."
"Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear".
"Poncho Villa" is an emergency rain shelter for NM hikers.
"It's a knick knack, Patti Whack. Give the frog a loan".
"Its the only trick I know, Sis."
"People in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones"
"Couldn't hit the barn side of a broad"
Geologists recognize sedentary, metaphoric, and ingeneous rocks.
"Old MacDonald Farm computer interface is now an EIE I/O".
"Tarzan stripes forever"
A furry with a syringe on top. 
... handle so long no insect can "Fly above Cayuga's swater"
"The vet had to charge for the cat scan and the lab tests"
"Crossing a state lion with a gull for immortal porpoises"
"Opporknockity tunes but once."

Plus, of course...

"The sum of the squaw on the hippopotamus hide equals the
   sum of the squaws on the other two hides.

More here. Sort of.

January 7, 2018 deeplink respond

A reminder that we have a Google Custom Search on our
Guru's Lair homepage. One recent query was for a way
to convert PostScript numbers to strings.

The quick answer is number 10 string cvs

We've recently updated our Converting Between PostScript
Strings, Integers, Arrays, and Dictionaries
tutorial GuruGram.
Along with its sourcecode here.

Topics covered include...

Extracting a Substring
Merging two Strings
Inserting a Substring
String to Integers
String to Array
Inserting Numbers Into a String
Converting Between ASCII and BCD
Converting Between Strings and Names
String Dereferencing
String to Executable Code
String to Windows Filename
Gonzo Fourslashing
Adding Elements to an Array
Convert an Array into Integers
Convert an Array into a String
Sort Array of Strings Alphabetically
Sort Array of Subarrays by Popularity
Convert a Dictionary to an Array
Using PostScript to Write PostScript

Our usual reminder that a magic incantation of
//acrodist /F is required from the command line
if PostScript's Distiller is to be allowed to read
or write text files!

Additional PostScript resources here and here,
our Gonzo utilities sourcecode here, a Gonzo
tutorial here, and, of course, the PostScript
Reference Manual here.

Consulting and programming services available.

January 6, 2018 deeplink respond

Just added updated our Lower Frye Construct field note
on researchgate.

The other present bajada hanging canal docs now include...

Allen Canal **
Bear Springs Canal ** 
Cluffnw Canal   **
Deadman Canal **

Frye Complex ** 
Jernigan Canal
Longview Area ** 
Lower Frye Construct  ** 
Mud Springs ** 
Reay Canal  ** 
Robinson Canal  ** 
Tranquility Canal  **
Tugood Canal  ** 

Veech Canal  **

Intended for early major upgrade are...

Freeman Canal 
Henry Canal
Lefthand Canyon West 
Minor Webster Ditch 
Riggs Mesa Canal 
Sand Canal 
Smith Canal 
TB Ponding Area*

And many of the rest of the gang appear here

For sourcecodes, substitute .psl trailers above.

A catalog of most field notes can be found here and new 
additions are are first likely to appear here.

Our intent is to post many of these to ResearchGate.

Your proofing assistance and critique welcome.
As are field mice, drone operators, and 
ATV honchos.

January 5, 2018 deeplink respond

Here's a new collection of the most mind blowing and
stunning of our Prehistoric Bajada Hanging Canal

High Lebanon
High Lebanon B/W
Sand Takein
HS Canal ( aka "Holy Shit!" )
Deadman East
Lower Frye Construct

Field mice, ATV drivers, and drone operators needed.

January 4, 2018 deeplink respond

Some of the other stuff that Guru's Lair is into...

Studying spectacular and virtually unknown
Prehistoric Bajada Hanging Canals. Whose
engineering is stunningly beyond beyond. The
main link here, a useful summary here, and
ongoing outside posts here.

Having stuff for sale on eBay, mostly very hard
to find surplus electronics and rare collectibles.

A free but US only technical consulting helpline
at (928) 428-4073.

Maintaining a definitive Gila Valley Dayhikes
presence, along with its Lesser Known Denizens.

Offering the classic Lancaster Library on USB.

Being the definitive third party web PostScript resource.

The home of Magic Sinewaves which have negligible low
harmonics. Main page here and calculator here.

Plus fire service training, custom consulting, and caving.
Arizona, of course, has no caves to speak of.

January 3, 2018 deeplink respond

We also have a unique five acres for sale in an extremely remote
( think survivalist ) area immediately adjacent to the East Fork 
of the Gila River and nearly surrounded by New Mexico's
Gila Wilderness.

3 074 074 248 118 District-02N Section 11 Township 13 S Range 
13W PT NH 4.7Acres

Here is a topo. And here is the survey plot. And here is an
approximate combined overlay. 
Topo can be panned or
unzoomed for more area info. 

Taxes are currently $2.79 per year.
Access is by foot or horse only over National Forest land.   

You can email me for more details on this stunningly unusual 
opportunity. Asking $1973 per acre with financing available.

January 2, 2018 deeplink respond
We just relisted our stunning Southern Oregon Gold Hill
spectacular view property for sale with Realtor Alan
at 541-601-7677.

Asking $9900 per acre. This is the last remaining large
developable property immediately adjacent to the northern
Gold Hill city limits.

We have recently secured a new full access easement for
these 20 acres.
Power and cable on the property. We are
working closely with a professional land use planner and
fully expect Jackson County homesite approval.

Legal description is T36 R3W S16 Tax Lot 400.

Very attractive financing is available. Mid-size city
amenities are twelve minutes away at Medford. The
property borders directly  on the town of Gold Hill.
The Rogue River is very close; beaches and mountains
are an hour away.

Here's a brand new group of photos...

You can click expand these. Then click again.

This steep to sloping parcel is immediately adjacent to the Gold
city limits and offers absolutely outstanding views. It is in one
of the most in-demand rural areas in the country, and has really great
access both to recreation and to midsize city resources. Plus superb
climate, low crime, and good schools.

Here is a map. Property is the green rectangle "pointed to" by
Thirteenth Street.

Appraisal details can be made available to you  under NDA by
contacting us or else by phoning
(928) 428-4073.

This is the last remaining undeveloped large view parcel immediately
north of Gold Hill. You can click here for an aerial photo and flyby.

Additional older photos here. More info here and here.

January 1, 2018 deeplink respond

Closed out our 2017 Blog and started this 2018 one.

Here's a few of our published books and related items...

TTL COOKBOOK - Newly an ebook!
Well over a million copies in print. Should be
available at Amazon and technical bookstores.

A very few autographed copies are still available
from Guru's Lair and eBay.

Status unknown. Likely very hard to find.

Not even sure anymore which Asian language it was
released in. Status unknown. Likely extinct.

Approaching a million copies in print. Autographed
copies available from Guru's Lair and eBay.
Also should be available from Amazon

THE defining reference for the field. Still in print.
Autographed copies available from Guru's Lair and eBay.
Also should be available from Amazon.

RTL COOKBOOK - available as ebook!
Good old number one. Currently available as a free
from Guru's Lair. Amazon usually has new
and used copies.

TV TYPEWRITER COOKBOOK- available as ebook!
The opening shot fired in the personal computer
revolution.. Currently available as a free eBook from
Guru's Lair. Amazon usually has new and used copies.

The TV Typewriter story by itself here.

Find out how I make money. Send $6.95 to...
Currently available as a free eBook from Guru's Lair.
Amazon usually has new and used copies.

Currently available as Volume I and Volume II of
a pair of free eBooks from Guru's Lair. A sample
Restoration Demo is also available. Amazon 
new and used copies.

When combined with Volume II, ends up surprisingly
applicable to the very latest of microcomputer fundamentals.
A very few autographed copies are still available from
Guru's Lair and eBay.
Amazon rarely has new and used

Currently available as a retitled Volume I and Volume II of
a pair of free eBooks from Guru's Lair. A sample Restoration
is also available. Amazon  sometimes has new and
used copies.

Insider secrets of the best Apple II word processor.  Out
of print and hard to find. A Director's Cut newly offered
Amazon  rarely has new and used book copies.

Rare Call A.P.P.L.E book was a disassembly script that
possibly could be re-excerpted from the AppleWriter Cookbook.
Status unknown. Not sure I still even have a copy.

Book and circular slide rule calculator exclusively for ultra fringe
Apple II machine language programmers. Produced and typeset
largely on a Diablo 630 Daisywheel! Amazon  rarely has new
and used copies.

Collection of construction projects and programming ploys.
Included the "tearing method" of program disassembly.
Amazon  very rarely has new and used copies. A Director's
Cut of its classic "Tearing Method" can be found here.

Collection of construction projects and programming ploys.
Included the "vaporlock" field sync technique. Amazon 
sometimes has new and used copies.

Sneaky "Gee whiz" tricks to add ultra low cost video displays
to KIM-1 and similar low end microcomputer trainers.

Amazon  sometimes has new and used copies.

SON OF CHEAP VIDEO- Newly an ebook!
Supplement to the Cheap Video Cookbook covering ultra
low cost video displays. A secondary
eBook candidate with
funding welcome. Amazon  sometimes has new and
used copies, some at outrageous prices.

Collection of IC data from the TTL Cookbook. Exceptionally
rare and possibly extinct. No eBook plans at present.

Collection of IC data from the CMOS Cookbook. Exceptionally
rare and possibly extinct. No eBook plans at present.

Reprints from Don's Midnight Engineering columns. Once
Book-on-Demand published. Now freely available online as
individual columns.

The entire concept of low end BOD  publishing largely died
stillborn, owing to the utterly overwhelming advantages of
web distribution. Combined with sanely priced binding
systems and and trimmers never getting available online here.

A three year editorial stint for the Central Arizona Grotto.
Very low priority eBoo
k plans at present.

Reprints from Don's Computer Shopper columns. Once
Book-on-Demand published. Now freely available online
as compilations here, here, and here.

Reprints from Don's Hardware Hacker columns. Once
Book-on-Demand published. Now freely available online
as compilations here, here, here, and here.

A collection of "where to go to get stuff" monthly columns
from Nuts & Volts magazine. Early compilations can be found
found here and here with individual columns available here.

One of the first ever developments of low cost analog circuits
to be used for hobby electronics projects. Free copy here.

Can be found here. Good old 3,149,561. And drove home the
utter ludicrosity of the US patent system for virtually all
individuals and small scale startups.

Once Book-on-Demand published compilation of my anti
patent diatribes. Also freely available online as individual

Many hundreds of highly obscure neat places to go and
things  to do in and around the Gila Valley.
With the main
free  directory here and images of some of the more obscure
candidates here.

Newly discovered obscure math tricks that allow dramatic
low harmonic suppression of digitally generated power
sinewaves for pv panels, power controls, and similar apps.
Find the magic calculator here and lots of support here.

I am very much into disproving such ludicrosities as free
energy, alien abductions, much of cold fusion,antigravity,
"not even wrong"
labwork, perpetual motion, or
outright scams. Find the
main resource here and my
special hell reserved for hydrogen here

I very strongly feel that Powerpoint is mesmerizingly awful,
so I wrote my own PostScript emulator that complete blows
it away on all counts. A tutorial here and examples here.

Reprints from Don's Computer Shopper columns. Once
Book-on-Demand published. Now freely available online
as a compilation here.

Started out as a flashcard lecture of the underappreciated
wonders of the general purpose PostScript programming
language. Now available as a free web resource.

A compendium of projects from our beginning PostScript
community college programming class.

Custom routines that give you exceptional Postscript-as-language
typography, schematics, and great heaping bunches of related stuff.
Find the code here, use guidelines here, and lots of apps here.

Being summarized here, here, and here.

Newly improved here.

Marcia tended to do my April Fools columns for a number of
years in Popular Electronics and Modern Electronics. The
secrets of how she did the tapioca pudding scene in the cross
genre Godzilla versus the Night  Nurses film classic remains
under strict NDA. A revised and updated free online copy of
Marcia's finest work appears here.

And our very newest...

A USB crammed full of some 8000+ files spread
over more than 2 Gigs of tight code, along with nearly
a thousand open source and fully unlocked source code
documents. Classics through current. Available from
Guru's Lair and eBay.
Newly expanded and revised!

Published versions of our ongoing projects, papers, and
such have largely been replaced by the GuruGrams on our
Guru's Lair website. Announcements on their availability
can usually be found here and on our similar earlier and
later blogs.

A work in progress. See the latest info and updates here.

And here's a few of our free additional online resources...

Guru's Lair website access:

Assorted Neat Stuff:
Auction Help:
Blatant Opportunist:
Blogs and What's New:
Bezier Cubic Splines:
Book to eBook Conversions:
Classic Reprints:
eBay Secrets:
eBook Library:
Energy Tutorials:
Gila Valley Day Hikes:
Hardware Hacker:
Incredible Secret Money Machine:
Latest Additions: 
Libraries by Subject:
Magic Sinewaves:
Marbelous Stacks of Pancakes:
Math Stuff:
The Case Against Patents:
PostScript Resources:
Powerpoint Emulations:
Prehistoric Bajada Hanging Canals:
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Recommended Books:
Resource Bin:
Santa Claus Machines:
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Main Libraries:

Abeja Shelf:
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Web Links ( outdated ) Shelf:
Wavelets Shelf:

And newly available samplers of our Director's Cuts...

DC Apple Assembly Cookbook
DC Applewriter Cookbook
DC Archaeomagnetism and Paleomagnetism
DC Machine Language Programming I
DC SigForth Intro to PostScript
DC Superclock 
DC Tearing Method
DC Thermoluminescence
DC TVT Image
DC Winning the Micro Game

Director's Cut" tutorials herehere, here, and here.

December 31, 2017 deeplink respond

Expanded and revised our directors cut for the Applewriter
Cookbook. Find its file here and its sourcecode here.

Director's Cuts are my method of restoring Linotype era
books and stories to well beyond their formal glory. The
major benefits include astonishing low file sizes, "perfect"
typography and backgrounds, color addons, full URL
linkings and clickthrus, image click expansion, dehyphenation,
paragraph ledding, and great heaping bunches more.

The process starts with a scan fed to Acrobat .PDF followed
by text recognition and optimization. Pages are then cut
to clipboard and fed to my Gonzo Utilities. Gross scanning
typos are then fixed, followed by reformatting. Surprisingly
little rekeying is required. As many figures as possible are
regrouped into standard box procs of one sort or another.

The method does have a steep learning curve and is quite
labor intensive. It is also not suitable for legal documents
or "Shakespearean" quality originals.

A different and complete Director's Cut example here.

Full services available.

December 30, 2017 deeplink respond
The smallest 4K resolution screens are apparently 24
inches. And, yeah, you'd have to be about three inches
away to actually have your eye see this resolution.

But there is a major hidden advantage. Your print
screen key now can have four times the resolution!
significantly improves your capturing the uncapturable.

And renders the concept of IP rights "quaint" at best.

You will have to make sure you have the latest Window
version, the latest screen drivers, and a display board
that can handle 4K.

December 29, 2017 deeplink respond

Our latest pseudoscience bashing post has been newly
revised here. With its sourcecode here. Along with a
historic third party coverage

Some rules...

NEVER attack pseudoscience with manic
religious fervor.
Or you become what you
think you are attacking.

NEVER directly confront a pseudoscience
. All this does is piss them off
and get them into a "shoot the messenger"

ALWAYS try to give third parties useful,
authentic, and genuine scientific resources.

Such as here and here. Let them fight the
actual battles.

ALWAYS remember that rectocranial inversion
can be both acute and chronic at the same time.

Especially when they are "not even wrong".

And some links to our other pseudoscience stuff...

How to Bash Pseudoscience
How to scam a student paper
      This one is only "slightly"
       incorrect. But which?

Supraluminal Dowsing for Brown's
      Gas in Roswell.
Trashing auto electrolysizers
Debunking water powered cars. 
Arguments AGAINST the hydrogen
Investigating Brown's Gas 
The bogus magic lamp.
The actual bogus magic lamp paper. 
My very first perpetual motion machine
Our main Pseudoscience library

December 28, 2017 deeplink respond

Time for our usual end-of-year predictions...

Long overdue public increasing awareness of power
and energy consumption, partially brought about by
power utilities making meter readings owner accessible.

Total elimination of "unintended consequence" federal
price supports and marijuana farm subsidies dropping
street prices under a cotton comparable 59 cents per
pound. With standardization on 500 pound bales.

Unlikely third world countries very soon dropping their
pv panel prices to the utility grade twenty five cents per
peak panel watt demanded for true renewability and

Major increase in home butane honey oil explosions.

Expanding interest in "water from air" devices.

The sudden and total demise of coal.

Controversial but credible detection of extra-terrestrial
mid-level intelligence "real soon now". Perhaps a planet
full of asparagus. And more "WTF" signals yet to come.

Full width static self-duplexing printheads that can offer
dramatic printer simplification and speedups.

Reduction in traditional auctions and auctioneers brought
about by explosive online popularity. Many traditional
auctioneer  skills are clearly no longer useful.

Dropping relevance of ISO fire ratings, combined with
volunteer daytime response problems, dramatic cost
increases, and major funding issues. ( But - hey. TFD
just got a three! Which is the best it can get. Top dog.
It seems the paid departments hog all the twos and ones. )

Strong sales of ultra resolution smart tv's despite zero
available content. Whose largely unintended  side effect
will dramatically increase the quality of IP print screen

The terabyte revolution being largely ignored, moving
directly instead into the petabyte revolution. One thumb
drive to hold all movies, or all books, or all history. With
emerging utterly disruptive IP issues.

Increasing climatic and weather variability, combined
with size and frequency of outrageous fires. All clearly
caused by human activity.

Dramatic increases in near field power transmission.
Wireless chargers going from fraction of inches up
to several feet. Driven by WiFi contactless charging.

Total self-destruction of traditional politics.

Merging of tv sets and monitors into identical products.

Substantial medical breakthroughs, especially in the areas
of cancer, diabetes, female sexuality, dentistry, nootropics,
and Alzheimers.

Santa Claus rapidly becoming politically incorrect.

Social media eye siphoning dramatically cutting into more
traditional website present and future use.

Dramatic increase in the popularity of hackerspaces, fab
labs, and makerspaces.

Memory availability increasing exponentially, while
memory needs are only increasing linearly. "Throw
another million calculations at it".

Rapid demise of conventional desktop computers with
laptops utterly dominating.

AI Artificial Intelligence soon crossing a self-awareness
threshold. Boy, are they gonna be pissed.

Computers that are so cheap there is no longer any point in
charging for them.

Stunning new HVAC efficiency breakthroughs by way of
nanotechnology and other new or yet unapplied concepts.

The stranglehold on technical research publication finally
being broken, with open source dissemination dominant,
low access costs, easy publication, long term retention, and
peer review taking place after publication rather than before.

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