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Electric Car Books
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Batteries and Fuel Cells for Stationary and... (Electrochemical Soc)
Build Your Own Electric Vehicle (Bob Brant)
The Car that Could: Inside Story of GM's... (Michael Shnayerson)
Convert It! (Michael Brown)
Electric Vehicle Battery Systems (Sandeep Dhameja)
Electric Vehicles: Driving Towards Commer.... (Ronald Simms)
Electric Vehicles: Technology, Performance... (Intl Energy Agency)
The EV Encyclopedia: A Guide to Electric... (Bob Batson)
Future Drive: Electric Vehicles and Sustai... (Daniel Sperling)
Green Cars: Earth-Friendly Electric Vehicles (John.Coughlan)
History of the Electric Automobile: Battery... (Earnest Henry)
The Keys to the Car: Electric & Hydrogen.. (James MacKenzie)
Life with an Electric Car (Noel Perrin)
Near-Term Electric Vehicle Costs  (Janet Sawin)
The New Electric Vehicles: A Clean & Quiet... ;(M. Hackleman)
Taking Charge: The Electric Automobile in... (Michael Schiffer)