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      As in Search for Extraterrestral Intelligence. You can
      visit RESBN67.PDF for a tutorial and more resources.

      Plus, of course, SETI@Home

Alien Life Search : Quest for Extraterrestrial Organisms  ( D. Jefferis )
Alien Life : The Search for Extraterrestrials and Beyond ( B. Parker )
Are We Alone? : Philosophical Implications of the... ( Paul Davies )
Are We Alone? : The Possibility of Extraterrestrial Civ... ( R. Rood )
Beyond Contact: A Guide to SETI and Communicating... ( B. McConnell )
Bioastronomy: The Next Steps ( George Marx )
Exobiology: Matter, Energy, and Information in the... ( J. Trieste )
Extraterrestrial Intelligence ( Jean Heidmann )
Is Anyone Out There? Scientific Search for Extra.. ( Frank Drake )
Life on Other Worlds : The 20th-Century Extra... ( Steven J. Dick )
Life Out There : The Search For Extraterrestrial Life  ( M. White )
Other Worlds : The Search for Life in the Universe ( M. Lemonick )
Planet Quest : Epic Discovery of Alien Solar Systems ( Ken Croswell )
Project Haystack : The Search for Life in the Galaxy ( Seti Institute )
Quest for Alien Planets : Exploring Worlds Outside... ( Paul Halpern )
Search for Extraterrestrial Life : Essays on...  ( Peter Day )
Search for Life on Other Planets  ( Bruce Jakosky )
Seti Pioneers : Scientists Talk About Their Search... ( David W. Swift )
Sharing the Universe : Perspectives on Extraterrest...  ( Seth Shostak )
Social Implications of the Detection of Extraterres...  ( J. Billingham )
Strangers in the Night : A Brief History of Life on... ( D. Fisher)