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Theater Lighting Books
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Concert Lighting: Techniques, Art & Business (James Moody)
Concert Sound and Lighting Systems  (John Vasey)
Control Systems for Live Entertainment (John Huntington,)
Discovering Stage Lighting  (Francis Reid)
Effects for the Theatre  (Graham Walne)
Handbook of Scenery, Properties and Lighting (Harvey Sweet)
Light on the Subject: Stage Lighting for Directors  (David Hays)
Lighting and Sound (Phaidon Theater Manual)  (Neil Fraser)
Lighting and the Design Idea  (Linda Essig)
Lighting the Stage: A Designer's Experiences  (Francis Reid)
Painting with Light  (John Alton)
Projection for Performing Arts  (Graham Walne)
Recommended Practice for DMX512  (Adam Benette,)
Scene Design and Stage Lighting  (Oren Parker|)
Stage Lighting Design: The Art, Craft, & Life  (Richard Pilbrow)
Stage Lighting Handbook  (Francis Reid)
Stage Lighting in the Boondocks  (James Miller)
Stage Lighting Revealed: Design & Execution  (Glen Cunningham)
Stage Lighting Step by Step (Graham Walters)
Theater Backstage from A to Z  (Warren Lounsbury)
Theater Lighting from A to Z  (Norman Boulanger)
Theater Technology  (George Izenour)