Classic  Reprints

     These construction projects and "how to" tutorials were
     from the "Golden Age" of hobby electronics and mostly
     appeared in various issues of Electronics World, Popular
     Electronics, Modern Electronics,
and Electronics Now

  Construction Projects:
     Build thiis TV Typewriter
     Solid State 3 Channel Color Organ
     IC-67 Metal Locator
     Low Cost Decimal Counter
     Numeric Glow Tube DCU
     Universal Frequency Counter I
     Universal Frequency Counter II
     Build a Shift Register
     Build a Signal Injector
     Build the Psyctone
     ASCII Keyboard and Encoder
     Popular Electronics DVM
     Ultra Electronic Stopwatch
     Function Generator
     Superclock III
     Digital Logic Microlab
     Spots Before your Eyes
     Musician's Pitch Reference
     Tic Tac Tronix
     Bit Boffer
     Light Dimmer & Power Control
     Bounceless Pushbutton
     100 kHz Standard
     Two Tone Alarm
     Build the Sports Timer
     Nixie DVM
     Build the Supertrol
     Analog Frequency Meter
     Psychedelia I Color Organ
     Musette Color Organ
     Second Color Organ
     ASCII Keyboard Encoder
     Improved ASCII Keyboard Encoder
     Dual Photoflood Dimmer
  Electronics World
    Solid State 3 Channel Color Organ
    Capacitance Nomogram
    Four & Five Layer Diodes
    Plastic Power Transistors
    Heatsink Design Chart
    The Differential Amplifier
    Simplified Color Organ 2
    New SCR Developments
    Chirp - A new Radar Technique
    Multipurpose Electronic Control
 Modern Electronics
   ME Hardware Hacker 2/86
   ME Hardware Hacker 3/86
   ME Hardware Hacker 4/86
   ME Hardware Hacker 7/86
   ME Hardware Hacker 9/86
   ME Hardware Hacker 10/86
   ME Hardware Hacker 1/87
   ME Hardware Hacker 2/87


     Experiments with WWVB Part I
     Experiments with WWVB Part II
     Electronic Metal Locators
     Byte_Serial Interface_TVT
     New SCR Developments
     John Dvorak's Pioneering Hardware