The Math Stuff Library
    I've long been fascinated by unusual mathematical
    topics. Here is a collection of algorithms and tutorials
    that range from old standards to the utterly unique...           

  The Math Stuff Main Library Page
  Magic Sinewave Ultra Speed Calculator
  The Saga of the Dripping Stalactite
  PostScript Fractal Fern
  Sudoku Form Sourcecode and Example
  Sudoku Solution Sourcecode and Example
  Gonzo PostScript Utilities
  Gauss-Jordan Stability Issues 
  Fibonacci's Golden Sunflower
  Bezier Cubic Spline Library
  Book Scanning Gutter Math
  Nonlinear Graphic Transforms
  PIC PostScript Flutterwumpers 
  Vector to Step Conversion
  Recent Developments in Magic Sinewaves
  Architect's Perspective Utilities
  Image Post Processing Tools
  A Digital Airbrushing Algorithm
  Some Inverse Graphics Transforms
  Pixel Interpolation Algorithms
  False Color and Rainbow Mods
  Cubic Spline Minimum Point Distance
  Gauss-Jordan Solution of nxn Linear Equations
  PostScript Numeric Reporting Improver
  Cubic Spline Catenary Approximations
  Solving Puzzles with PostScript
  Gonzo Utility Log Plots
  Two Phase Magic Sinewaves
  Cubic Spline Length and Subdivision
  Cubic Spline through Four Data Points
  The Math Behind Cubic Splines
  Cubic Spline Circles and Ellipses
  Improved Keystone Corrector
  Word Frequency Analysis Tools
  Simple EM Field Solution Rebounding Utilities
  Fun with Fields
  A Heap Sort for PostScript
  Fast and Efficient PostScript Sorts
  Fitting Data Points with Power Curves
  Exploring the .BMP Data File Format
  Cubic Spline Basis Function Image Interpolation
  Barker Codes (34)
  Digital Filters
  Binary Chain Codes
  Wavelet Intro Tutorial
  Bionomial Coefficients 
  Shuffling Alogrithms
  Fourier Series Tutorial
  Applying Taylor Series
  Drawing a Circle through Three Points
  Fitting Three Points to a Quadratic Curve
  Linear Phase Digital Filters
  4x4 Linear Equation Solver
  Using Chebycheff Polynominals
  Hyperbolic Cubic Spline Curve Fitting
  Cubic Spline through Fuzzy Data
  Max Min Slope Theory