Book-on-Demand  Resources

      At one time, Book-on-Demand printing appeared
      to be the "next big thing", but it has largely fallen
      by the wayside.

     Caused by the utterly overwhelming advantages of   
     eBooks. And made much worse by the utter and total
     failure of anybody anyplace coming out with sanely
     priced home shearing, binding, or jogging products.

      An extensive collection remains on our BOD page.
      Many of these remain eminently suitable for web
      design or paper creation. The library condinues to
      be offered as a historic repository.

   Main BOD Library Page
   Using Distiller as a PostScript Computer 
   EarlyBOD Stuff from Ask The Guru 
   Gonzo PostScript Utilities
   Gonzo PostScript Utility Tutorial
         Actual Gonzo Sourcecode 
   PostScript Beginner Stuff
   PostScript Secrets.
   Blatant Opportunist Library
   PostScript Library
   PostScript Startup Secrets
   PostScript Speedup Secrets 
   Some Thoughts on ezines
   Bound and Determined 
   Bookbinding Book Info
   A "new" bookbinding method 
   Revisiting Book-on-demand 
   Insider secrets of post justification editing r
   Book on Demand Resources I
   Book on Demand Resources II
    Spot Color 
    Options for Self-publishing
    Terribly tricky terrific toner techniques
    Guidelines for tri-mode publishing 
    Laser printer hard drive interface 
    Hand Bookbinding Resources
    Upgrade Print Catalogs with Acrobat
    Bodaciously better BOD bindings
    Terrific toner techniques
     A Superb New Color Printer:
     Imaginative Images!
     Web Imaging Secrets 
     Bouncy Bricks 
     Adding Website Bells and Whistles
     Exploring information distribution tools
     Step by Step Image Prep 
     Duplex Auto-addressing Catalog 
     Auto Trackng PDF Web Links
     Web Friendly PostScript Colors
      YouTube Introduction to PostScript Part I
      YouTube Introduction to PostScript Part II
  Spectacular Special:   
     USB with nearly all Guru's Lair files and tutorials