The Pseudoscience Library 

These are resources from our Pseudoscience Library.

Pseudoscience is what the Houyhnhms politely termed
"That which is not so".  Ludicrosities such as free energy, 
 alien abductions, cold fusion, antigravity, UFO's, "not
even wrong" labwork,
perpetual motion, or outright scams.

There are three levels of pseudoscience:                               

  • Tain't likley, McGee.
  • Boy, a whole flock of 'em flew over that time.
  • What are they on, and where do we get some of it?

Because so much of it is so mesmerizingly awful,  much of
pseudoscience makes for wondrously fascinating reading.

My goal here is to place a big pile of pseudoscience onto a
large stage.  And shine a bright light on it.  And then get
you to personally conclude:  "Yup - that sure is a big pile
all right."

The only tiny problem is that an awful lot of it keeps
leaking out of the bottom of the pile. 

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