PostScript  Resources

      We pride ourselves in having the finest PostScript-
      as-language programming resources anyplace ever.
      This is a superb general purpose computing language
      that is easy to learn, fun to use, and has an astounding
      number of uses.
It is even rumored that PostScript
      can be used to dirty up otherwise clean sheets of paper!

     IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Gonzo Utilities and many
     other of our unique PostScript aps DEMAND the
     ability to read or write disk files. This ability has
     been factory disabled in recent PostScript versions.
     One workaround is to use GhostScript instead. A
     second is to run Distiller from the command line
     with an appended /Fsuch as...

       "C:\Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Acrobat 11.0/
          Acrobat/acrodist.exe" /F run

   Custom consulting and PostScript services here.

   Our older and classic PostScript library page can
    be found here.

   Gonzo Utilities:
       Gonzo Utility Sourcecode
       Gonzo Utility Tutorial   
       PS Empty Program Pilot
       PostScript Reference Manual
   Latest Files:
      PS Fontname Snooper Demo
      PS Fontname Snooper Sourcecode
      PS Fontname Snooper Ongoing Notes
     Master List of PS Fontnames
     SmoothStep Polynominals and Sourcecode
     Simplified Step & Repeat and Sourcecode
  The Big Four:
      Architect's Perspective Sourcecode
      Background Auto Vignetter Sourcecode
      Bitmap Typewriter Sourcecode
      Web Friedly PostScript Colors
      Web Friendly PostScript Colors Sourcecode
      Hundreds of Big Four Examples
  A few Gonzo Examples:
      Prehistoric Canal Engineering
      Prehistoric Canal Engineering Sourcecode
      Prehistoric Bajada Hanging Canals
      Prehistoric Bajada Hanging Canals Sourcecode
      Prehistoric Hanging Canal Image Tour
      Prehistoric Hanging Canal Image Tour Sourcecode
      Prehistoric Hanging Canal Summary
      Prehistoric Hanging Canal Summary Sourcecode
      Prehistoric Hanging Canal Update III
      Prehistoric Hanging Canal Update III Sourcecode
      Prehistoric Hanging Canal Lecture
      Prehistoric Hanging Canal Lecture Sourcecode
      Lagrange Bezier through Four Points
      Lagrange Bezier through Four Points Sourcecode
      Absolutely Marbelous
  Guru's Lair Resources:
      Using Distiller to run PostScript!
      Main Classic PostScript Library
      Main Acrobat PDF Library
      Gonzo PostScript Utilities Guide
      PostScript Beginner Projects
      PostScript Show and Tell
      Acrobat PDF Post Doc Editing
      PIC PostScript Flutterwumpers
      Simple New em Field Solutions
      Fun with Fields
      PostScript Fractal Fern
      PostScript Secrets
      Image Post Processing Tools
      Gonzo Powerpoint Emulator
      PS Web Validation Utilities
      Real time Acrobat Animation  
 PostScript Youtube Video:
     Don Lancaster's Introduction to PostScript
  Spectacular Special:
      USB with nearly all Guru's Lair files and tutorials