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Solar PV

Synergetics is a Don Lancaster company which offers technical
, professional writing, engineering services, books, and
software for sale.

Areas of particular expertise include PIC Micro and PostScript
programming, Adobe Acrobat PDF, auction resources, Magic
, Digital product photogaphy, Book-on-Demand and
eBook Publishing, Patent Avoidance, PseudoScience Bashing,
Cubic Splines, exotic math, energy efficiency, our eBay services,
and extensive custom resource evaluation.

Plus Don's long history of superbly unique world class communication
of complex technical concepts.

Divisions include Synergetics Press, Synergetics Surplus, and
Abeja Software. Also offered are outstanding surplus product
. Of technical, collector, and general interest.

Synergetics is located at 3860 West First Street, Thatcher, Arizona,
85552. (928) 428-4073. Website is Don Lancaster's Guru's Lair you
will find at http://www.tinaja.com. Our email is don@tinaja.com.

Banner Advertising and Associate Sponsor programs are available.

Some library files require an Adobe Acrobat 5.0  plug in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat Reader or
an eBook Reader or any other .pdf" accepting program.

    "Cash and Carry" consulting InfoPacks 
Don's "by the hour" services on product development resource
       evaluation, web searches, programming, and concept studies.

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    Energy Efficiency Opportunity: Magic Sinewaves 
New digital synthesis of power electronics waveforms having the
       highest possible efficiency and the lowest possible distortion.

Click for an Energy Fundamentals review.
Click for our Magic Sinewave intro tutorial.
Click for Three Phase Magic Sinewave info.
Click to buy Magic Sinewave Evaluation Chips.
Click for a Magic Sinewave Development Proposal.

    A carefully gathered collection of Recommended Books
Synergetics is an Amazon Associate. By buyng your books through
       these links, you can support us at no additional cost to yourself.

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   Visit the Abeja eBay Auctions
      Outstanding prices on competitive time limited bidding of military
, community college excess and industrial bankruptcies.

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   Visit the Synergetics/Abeja eBay Store
      Fixed price immediate availability of everything from nuclear
      holocoust fashion accessories
to dimpled chad.

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Here's a sample of some of our current research and writing

   Tech Innovation Secrets TECHINOV.PDF #68
     A major tutorial on the Fundamental Factors driving recent technical
Decoupling. Accurate replication. Elimination of the
     gatekeepers. Computing power beyond awesome. More...             08/08

Click here for the Three Updates

Click here for the Blatant Opportunist library.
Click here for the Tech Musings

Click here for the GuruGram 68 source code.
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Much of what we do is based on unusual extensions of the
incredibly superb PostScript general purpose computing language.
Here's a tutorial and some guidelines...

   Gonzo PostScript Utilities Guide GONZOTUT.PDF #79
       The long overdue tutorial and directory to my Gonzo utilities. These
     are a combined PS pagemaking and illustration package that features
     super quality text justification, electronic schematics, more.         08/07

Click here for the Gonzo PostScript utilities.
Click here for the PostScript

Click here for the GuruGram 79
source code.
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Here's three example of our heretical thinking outside of the box...

   Simple new EM field solutions REBOUND1.PDF #43
       Total Heresy new "Rebounding" method of solving electromagnetic
     fields that requires NO fancy math!
Zero Laplacian solution tutorial
     includes printed circuit, busbar, and 3-phase conduit examples.  05/05

Click here for the PostScript library.
Click for the PS Rebounding utility.

Click here for the
REBOUND1.PSL source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly

   Fun With Fields FUNFIELD.PDF #39
      Using PostScript to quickly solve advanced field problems with some
    astonishingly simple math. Gradients, Equipotentials, Laplacians.  12/04

Click here for the FIELDS01.PDF field generator.
Click here for the FIELDS01.PDF field from.

Click here to reach the Math Stuff library.
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Click here for the FUNFIELD.PSL source code.
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   Real Time Acrobat Animation PDFANIM.PDF #47
       A tutorial and set of utilities that let you do real time Adobe Acrobat
using surprisingly compact files and easy commands. The
     specific example is of a Three Phase Power Simulation.              03/05

Click for the Three Phase Power animation example.
Click for the Rebounding EM theory tutorial.
Click here for the PostScript

Click hereto reach the Acrobat
Click for the PDFAMIN.PSL source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

And here's a sampler of our unique and incredibly powerful image
postprocessing tools...

   Image Post Processing Tools POSTPROC.PDF #88
     A tutorial review of all of our post processing and bitmap
     manipulation current tools.
Includes details of key variables
    and proc use details.                                                                            03/08

Click here for the GuruGram 88 source code.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

And here's us...

    A Brief Don Lancaster Biography 
Single page summary extracted from the Magic Sinewave
       Development Proposal.

Click to reach our Blatant Opportunist library.
Click to reach our Patent Avoidance library.

   Don Lancaster's Unauthorized Autobiography
      The saga of the TV Typewriter, the Incredible Secret Money
      Machine, theTTL Cookbook, and great heaping bunches more.

Click for the Worst of Marcia Swampfelder.
Click for Don's PostScript Beginner Stuff.

If you don't see what you need, please email us with your needs.
Or make use of our custom  InfoPack "cash and carry" consulting.

  Historic Archive: .
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At one time, we had a printed and mailed catalog to cover the
sort of hardware stuff we now offer in our eBay Auctions or in
our eBay Stores. Or our Amazon Book Access Pages. Plus our
research and development services found in our InfoPacks, the
Magic Sinewave Development or via our email direct contact.

These days, direct mail catalogs are wildly cost ineffective and
instantly go out of date. So we no longer offer them. But here is
our older Synergetics Catalog.

This remains a useful demo of our BodCat Duplex Catalog software,
still has some still useful tips and techniques on its inside covers,
and provides a historic record of where we were.

Items and pricing in this catalog are no longer valid!

    Synergetics Direct Mail Catalog  SYNCAT01.PDF 
   A summary of Don's books, software, hardware, consulting, seminar,
      and devleopment services
. Includes extensive free Hardware Insider
Secrets and PostScript Insider Secrets. No longer current!

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eBay Store.
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Click to email Don Lancaster directly.

At one time, we also had an extensive need for online catalogs for
our direct mail operations. Our eBay sales and auctions have largely
displaced this need. Here is some info and demos on our "Gally Slave"
gallery product exhibits from that era...

   Acrobat "Galley Slave" GALLERY.PDF #06
      Sourcecode and insider secrets for PDF thumbnail gallery
The many advantages over HTML include data base
     sourcing, single file delivery and fast images.            7/02

Click here for additional PostScript help.
Click here for more Acrobat PDF assistance.
Click here to view our eBay live auctions.

Click herefor the GALLERY.PSL sourcecode.
Click here to Contact the Author directly.

Once long ago and far away, it was often enormously difficult to find
sources and suppliers of obscure items or services. So we put a bunch
of time and effort into maintaining a huge Master Names & Numbers
of nearly every item we covered in the Blatant Opportunist,
Hardware Hacker, Tech Musings, or Ask the Guru columns.

I've kept the list here for historic purposes, but we no longer maintain
it and many of the entries are probably wildly out of date...

   Names & Numbers Directory NAMENUMS.PDF
      Don's extensive collection of many thousands of unusual and
      hard to find sources. A
compedium of all of the individual column
      names and numbers sidebars

Click to reach our eBay Auctions.
Click to reach our
eBay Store.
Click for our Consulting Services.
Click to order Magic Sinewave Chips.
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