Guru's Lair: Catalog of
           Directories By File Types

     These textfiles list most of the Guru's Lair files by
     file type. They should be useful in finding any "lost"
     or "misplaced" files. Or files not fully linked.

    This is an ongoing project with additional file types
    getting listed or activated as time permits. Please
    report any omissions.

   The best and most convenient way of accessing all
   Guru's Lair files is with our USB Classics Library.
   Exhasutive searching (all words everywhere! ) is
   now greatly simplified.

        .asp web files 
        .aspx web files 
        .bas Basic files 
        .config web files 
        .bmp Bitmap Image files 
        .eml email files 
        .gif compressed image files
        .gz compressed winzip files
        .htaccess files
        .htm files
        .html files ( most redirect to shtml )
        .ico fast nav icon files
        .jpg compressed image Adobe Acrobat files
        .js JavaScript files 
        .kml Google Earth files 
        .lnk shortcut files 
        .log files 
        .png compressed image files 
        .ps PostScript Language files
        .psl "PostScript Lancaster Sourcecode" files
        .pdf Adobe Acrobat files 
        .shtml html + include files 
        .txt text files 
        .xml files