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The key secret to eBay success is finding deeply distressed
unique sources of supply that are close enough to you they don't
rack up outrageous shipping expenses. As we've seen here,
here, here, here, here, and here, you should always seek out
a bare minimum of a 30:1 sell/buy ratio.

Sources that work well for me include privitized military surplus,
dot bomb bankruptcies, industrial auctions, business failures, city
and county surplus, and school & community college auctions.

I have created a new clickable directory of my secret Arizona
sources of supply
on our Auction Help page. One that I personally
use on a daily basis.

I'd like to roll this out nationally. Where you would have a clickable
US map and could find all of your best local distress supply sources.
We've already got this Eastern Pensylvania example online.

I can create a product finding resource for your exact region for
a one time flat fee of $89. This gives you an area on our Auction
page with around a hundred local resources gleaned from
state and national auctioneer associations, regional newspapers
national services with a local presence, community colleges,
universities, cities, counties, ad locators, and similar resources.
These are all carefully verified and only those resources with
working online links are included.

The size of the region varies with the popularity of auctions and
auctioneers. You also get a permanent clickable link to an eBay
, your home page, or your business. The list is created and
tested and cleaned once. You are expected to report any broken
links or new discoveries every now and then. At which time the
resource will be updated.

You can click here to order your regional auction resource listing.
Or y
ou can email us. Or call us at (928) 428-4073.


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