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Wavelets are an exceptionally powerful new math tool.  One
causing revolutionary developments in most everything from
cardiology through seismology. But most significantly to new
methods of video and still picture compression.

Compared against the  "one size fits all"  mentality of older
Fourier Series,  wavelets supply both the big picture and fine
detail at the same time.

This library shelf holds tutorials, resources, and web links to
give you more details on this exciting new development. 

Most of my own work has been with DFT Fourier Techniques,
especially applying Chebycheff Polynomonials to my Magic
So, this library page will be mostly a lower key
gateway to the wavelets of others, both on and off the web.

Most library files require an Adobe Acrobat 4.0  plug in for online
viewing.  Offline, these may be accessed by an Acrobat Reader or
an eBook Reader or any other .PDF accepting program.

   Essential Web Wavelet Resources: .
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   Introduction to Wavelets Tutorial at IEEE Wavelet
 Online reprint of classic IEEE review paper on everything from
       history through Fourier through analysis through applications.
       An excellent starting point for learning and understanding wavelets.

  Wavelet intro summary at Wikipedia
 A wavelet is a wave-like oscillation with an amplitude that starts
    out at zero, increases, and then decreases back to zero. .It can
    typically be visualized as a "brief oscillation".

  Master Wavelet Resource at WAVELET.ORG
Offers many services to forward the exchange of knowledge and
    oviewpoints related to the theory and application of wavelets.
   Digests, discussions, galleries, forums .

  Superb Wavelet Info & Links at AMARA.COM
Gateway site includes the Wavelet Digest, blogs, patents,
     Fourier trivia, audio, software, beginners tutorials, links,
    and great heaping bunches more.
   Additional Web Wavelet Resources: .
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  IDR Ideal Data Representation at the IDR Center
Consortium of schools and universities with a strong interest
    in wavelets Worldwide resource includes lectures, publications,
   conferences and other meetings.

   Robi Polikar's Intro to Wavelets Tutorials
A superb collection of intro wavelet tutorials.Overviews,
    fundamentals, Fourier equivalents info, multiresolution analysis,
    discrete wavelet transforms, more.

   Grand Valley University's Discovering Wavelets
Tutorials, book reviews, undergraduate courses, files, links
    and applications, ongoing news and references, and general
    support resources.
   Guru's Lair Wavelet aps: .
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   New Wavelet Math Theory HACK38.PDF
One that is making wavelets. A first intro into time and frequency
      domain transformations
, including key early wavelet papers. In
       archive format; advance to column 38 after loading.

Click to reach the Hardware Hacker library.
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   More Wavelet Breakthoughs HACK42.PDF
     Accessing wavelet info. A new wavelet book. Understanding
    digital transformations. Video compression introduction. This is
archive format; advance to column 42 after loading.

Click to reach our GuruGram library.
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    Wavelet Video Compression in  GURU73.PDF   
Looks at video and picture compression fundamentals, comparing
      DCT, wavelet, and fractal compression
schemes. This is
archive format; advance to column 73 after loading.

Click for the Captain Video Secret Mountain Laboratory.
Click to reach our Ask the Guru library.

   Hardware Hacker #86  HACK86.PDF  (March 1995 )*
 The DNA computer language. Some wavelet book resources.
       Magic digital sinewave codes. Engineering economics review.
       Hot new fringe FM RBDS tuner.

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   New Wavelet Shareware via  HACK49.PDF 
Announces the new ultrawave wavelet shareware from Aware
     and includes info on several other wavelet topics. This is
archive format; advance to column 49 after loading.

Click here for athe Golly Gee Mister Science library.
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   More Wavelet Intro Info in  HACK50.PDF
A wavelets update. Includes review of Wavelets and their
and a number of other wavelet fundamentals. This
     is in
archive format; advance to column 49 after loading.

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   Tech Musings #90  MUSE90.PDF ( July 1995)*
Fourier Series analysis, alternatives to plated through holes,
      classic computer resources, a $200 GPS receiver, Newtek's
      new video toaster for Windows.

Click to reach our Tech Musings library.
Click for a Chebyshceff Polynomonials tutorial.

   Magic Sinewave Summary MSINEXEC.PDF #65
     An "executive summary" on magic sinewaves that gathers together
     the key featuers and development history from several earlier
     files. Magic sinewaves offer efficiency and power quality advantages.

Click here for the Magic Sinewave library.
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intro tutorial.

Click here for the GuruGram 65 source code.
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   Ultra Fast MagSine Calculator FASTMSSOL.SHTML #73
     The very first in a new series of ultra fast and nearly deterministic
     Magic sinewave calculators. These are hundreds to thousands of
     times faster and more convenient than before. Tutorial review.
Click here for the Ultra Fast MS Calculator.
  Wavelet Books: .
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An Introduction to Wavelets ( Charles Chui )
Applied Wavelet Analysis with S-Plus ( Andrew Bruce )
Fourier and Wavelet Analysis  ( George Bachman )
Fractal and Wavelet Image Compression Technique  ( Stephen. Welstead )
Handbook of Wavelet Transform Algorithms ( Carl Taswell )
Introduction to Wavelet Transforms ( Ramesh Gopinath )
Multirate and Wavelet Signal Processing  ( Bruce Suter )
Multiscale Wavelet Methods for PDE ( Wolfgang Dahmen )
Signal and Image Representation in Combined... ( Y. Zeev )
Signal Processing With Wavelet-Based Fractals ( G. Wornell )
Wavelet Analysis for Image Processing ( L. Prasad )
Wavelet Analysis: Scalable Info Structure ( H. Resnikoff)
Wavelet Basics (Y. Chan )
Wavelet Theory and Pattern Recognition ( Yuan Y. Tan )
A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing ( Stephane Mallat )
Wavelet Transforms & Applications ( Mysore Raghuveer )
Wavelets: A Tutorial in Theory & Applications ( Charles Chui )
Wavelets: Theory, Algorithms & Applications ( C. Chui )
  Wavelet Newsgroups: .
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  For More Help: .
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