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This was an ancient page in sore need of revision.
Please check back later.

These are my favorite web access tools. Included are search
engines,  newsletters & ezines,  phones & people,  reference,
registration & promotion, shareware, and surfing links.


   A meta search engine at Inference FIND
     Doesn't find everything, but sure arranges what it does find
     in a nice and convenient format. Parallel searches the best engines.

Click to reach the search engine at Northern Lights

   Find who is linking you by using Hotbot
     Besides being a very powerful and convenient search engine, you
      can use their search for "links to this url" option.
   A very useful web snooping utility at Alta Vista
     My second favorite search service, right behind hotbot. Hint:
     for url site links use link:www.zorch.com as your entry.
   Search all sites all at once at lookup.com
     Free master service lets you simultaneously access seventy search
     engines. Mix and match what you need all on one screen!
   The yahoos at yahoo.com
      Early and high profile web search service. Includes selection guides
      and links to other major and minor search sites
   Another meta search engine at Dogpile
    Site simultaneously searches selected major search engines, then
    attractively and intelligently arranges the results.
   Search engines tutorial and help at Search Engine Watch
     Evaluates and compares all the major search engines. Gives lots of
     usage tips and insider power tricks.
  Unique web history archive at Alexa
     An archive of sites that aren't there anymore. Your court of last
     resort when something vanishes without a trace.

Newsletters & Ezines: 

  The definitive ezine list from John Labovitz
     Nearly 2000 ezines searchable on topic, subject, keyword,
     or person. Also includes an ezine tutorial.
   Handy ezine locator at Dominis.com
     ezines are online electronic published magazines that may or may not
     have printed versions. Here is a useful master ezine directory.

Visit yet another ezine directory at E-Journal.

   Find most online newsletters with P.A.M.L.
     Lists over 12,000 public accessible mailing lists now on the net.
     Search alphabetically, by subject, or just browse.
   Seth Friedman's Factsheet Five
     The "must have" underground review guide to 'zines, newsletters and
      labor-of-love pubs. There's something here to offend everyone..
  Master newsgroup directory at Deja News
     The definitive guide to all newsgroups. Search on author or title or
     group. Or find out which groups cover any particular topic.

Phones & People: 

   Find phone numbers by using Lookup USA
     American Directory Assistance and American Yellow Pages from ABI.
     Includes 88 million households and 10 million businesses.
   More phone numbers faster from Switchboard
     Here's an alternate phone directory that seems fast and friendly.
     They also offer a fee based greeting card and message service.
  Electronic Industry Telephone Directory at EITD
     Long my favorite source of technical names and numbers, and
     now online searchable from a new publisher.
  Toll-free phone numbers from Ma Bell
     Standard source master directory for Bell 800 numbers. Not sure if
     it includes non-Bell entries from competitors
  Find personal internet addresses with WhoWhere
     Searching service and directory that gives you useful tools to
     pin down individual email (and sometimes snailmail) locations.

Also quite useful are Four11 or Bigfoot or Infospace.

  The official USPS Zip Code Directory
      Did I ever tell you about the time I sent a UPS package only to have
      a postman grab it after delivery and return it for no postage?
   Backwards phone numbers at InfoSpace
     Enter the number and find out who it belongs to. Personal, business,
     fax, or toll free. Especially handy with Oxbridge numbers only.
   More backwards phone numbers from AnyWho
     This one can even find the phone number of everyone on your
     street. Business or personal. Zoomable maps are included.


  Magazines and trade journals at Oxbridge MediaFinder
     Ulrich's move over. Here is a free online search service to find all major
     magazines, trade journals, newsletters, and newspapers.
   Jeffrey Bezos' Amazon Books
     Instantly search over a million books on author, title, subject.
     Includes many reviews by reader, author, and publisher.

Using the above link for all your book buys
supports the Guru's Lair at not cost to you.

  Who makes what at Thomas Register of Manufacturers
     Great source for old line info of firms not yet fully web literate.
     Free, but you do have to remember your user ID and password.
   A US Government search robot at GovBot
Service from NWBuildnet enables fast searches of US government
     web pages, documents, statistics, agencies, departments & resources.
  An online IBM Patent Repository
Studying patents is almost always an utterly mind-rotting waste of time.
    This site offers instant Patent searches and full text downloads.

Click here for Patent Avoidance workarounds.

   Online magazine and news articles from Hermograph
Access to free or cheap online reprint archives. Also sells their
      own printed Internet archive directory.
   A great reference service at The Reference Desk
Access to major newspapers, encyclopedias, reference works,
     and experts in many fields. An extremely useful site.
  Papers and Abstracts from pubsci.osti.gov
A Department of Energy service that gives you free access to many
     technical and scientific papers and abstracts.
  Publishing companies online from www.edoc.com
Hot links to various electronic publishers, including academic,
     computer scientific, technical, medical, and others.

   Click here for Book-on-demand Publishing resouces.

   Assorted business tools from University of Idaho
Annotated hot links to many dozens of business, marketing,
      telephone, government, industry, and related sites.
   Internet Public Library from University of Michigan
 Created by librarians for traditional library users, has a lot of
      worthwhile research links but is strangely uneven.

   Also try the Internet Pointer Guide for key tech references.

   Online books directory from Carnegie-Mellon
L:ists all free full text books available online. Extensive master
      directory, monthly updates, searches, lots more.
   Periodical Table of the Elements at Web Elements
     Detailed properties, chemical, physical, optical, magnetic, history,
     etc... Seems a tad skimpy above element 112, though.

Registration & Promotion: 

   Register your web site at internic.net
      This is the place to go to create a "real" web site. The cost is $50
      per year for your own exclusive and portable url.

   Use Internic's whois feature to check name availability.

  Test your web pages at  Doctor HTML
     Free service scans individual web pages, reports programming errors,
     finds bad links, suggests spelling mistakes, lots more.

An Acrobat link checker is available here.

  Robot's rules of order from webcrawler.com
     FAQ's and examples of how to control robot site visits. To
     all or part of your site or inside individual HTML files.
  Promote your site via www.2com.com
     Quickly do a free "add url" registration to the dozen most important
     search services. Also offers more extensive fee-based promotions
  Announcing your site FAQ from ep.com
     Good tutorial and hot links to site promotion services, newsgroups,
     newsletters, books with web site listings, magazines, etc...
  Master Internet ISP directory from The List
     An Iworld.com feature that lists all known Internet Service
     Providers by state, area code, or geographical region.
  A handy Internet country list from Four11.com
     Three pages worth of two-letter Internet country codes.
     This is arranged alphabetical by country.


   Shareware, software, and games from Biondo Software
     Thousands of downloadable programs. Includes nice collection
     of screen grabbing utilities, great heaping bunches more.
  More shareware software from File Pile
     Lists over one million free files. Ms-dos, games, win 3.x,
     win95 os/2 mac, images, media, and others.


   A random jump to Heaven knows where
     Hitting this button jumps you to a url somewhere in hyperspace.  
It's really nothing but the Yahoo dice in drag. Only much faster.
   Links to links to links to links from Laser's Web Site
       Extensive linking to best WWW sites, magazines, newspapers,
       There's quite a collection here.
  For more help: .
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