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Listed below are professional consultants that Don Lancaster has
personally worked with and can honestly recommend. These folks
are, of course, expecting to be paid at professional rates for their
time and the services and the products they deliver to you. 

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  "Must Read" Tutorial:
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   Tech Innovation Secrets TECHINOV.PDF #68
     A major tutorial on the Fundamental Factors driving recent technical
Decoupling. Accurate replication. Elimination of the
     gatekeepers. Computing power beyond awesome. Bunches more...

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  The Consultant's Network :
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   Ethan Brand             Whitefield, ME          (269) 365-7744  
   Electronic power meters, energy awareness, custom electronic design.  

    Joe Jette                 Phoenix, AZ               (602) 438-9239  
   One up printed circuit breadboarding, PIC design, test, debug..

    Dave Johnson          Thorton, CO               (303) 252-9787 
   Electro-optic system design, prototypes, test fixtures, failure analysis. 

  Don Lancaster        Thatcher, AZ                (928) 428-4073
     Tech communication, PostScript, PIC, research & development services. 

   John Morrow            Gilberts, IL                (847) 695-5195
       PIC and other embedded system programming, consulting,and design. 

   Karl Schmidt            Lawrence, KS          (785) 841 3089
      PIC design, kits, Video Toaster apps, sensors, industrial interface.  

  Henry Schneiker       Tucson, AZ              (520) 325-3004
     Programming, environmental monitoring, LED's, world-wide consulting.

  Catherine Wanek       Kingston, NM        (505) 895-5652
     Video and movie production,  seminars, straw bale home construction.

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