Two-Way Linking of
HTML and Acrobat Files

By Don Lancaster

Copyright c 1997 by Don Lancaster and Synergetics, Box 809, Thatcher AZ, 85552 (520) 428-4073
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This is a simple demo of one method to link a HTML document to controllable points inside a .PDF file:

The method is fully legal and totally documented. And seems to be useful for online access.

The revised version of the Adobe pdfmark Reference Manual. Tech Note #5150 supports
Named Destinations using this format...

placed somewhere on the intended destination page. An optional /View key can be used to change
the position and the magnification on the page. Absolute pages (starting with 1, not 0) can also
be done with the /Page key. But this gets risky on rework.

To access from HTML, you just use the usual "#" named designation....

The LINKDEMO.PDF file to be accessed has four color coded pages. Each page has been marked
with a named destination of Redpage, Magentapage, Greenpage, and Brownpage.

Thanks to Kendall Whitehouse for his assistance and comments.

More details on the pdfmark operator in the Adobe pdfmark Reference Manual. Tech Note #5150.

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