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The following bajada hikes could greatly assist world class
research on the hanging canals. Typical total and return lengths
are one to three miles, often in very difficult or brushy terrain.
Needed are field verification, photos, and GPS coordinates...

DEADMAN EAST - Evaluate the Acme Mapper suggestion
of a canal between N 32.75284 W 109.78537 and N 32.75679
W 109.77612
. Find link to main Deadman west canal. Find out
how water gets off the mesa. Find destination. Save energy
for the steep return trip.

VEECH CANYON- Flag a feasible route through heavy brush
from N 32.65007 W 109.73410 to N 32.64348 W 109.74235
Evaluate presumed canal further south to N 32.64252 W 109.74288.
Optionally determine if linear features around N 32.64276
W 109.74087
are natural or man made.

MUD SPRINGS - Working north from the fence at N 32.79167
W 109.85383
, and following the canal, try to find the missing
portions as you approach resumption at N 32.80451 W 109.83872.
A SUV shuttle eases the return.

FRYE WATERSHED DIVERSION - Try to prove or disprove that
Frye Mesa water was routed into a watershed crossing (!) canal from
N 32.74422 W 109.83930 to N 32.74472 W 109.83843 to N 32.74555
W 109.84016

FRYE PINCH POINT - Try to verify a hanging canal portion from the
pinch point at N 32.74747 W 109.83897 to N 32.75114 W 109.83728 or
N 32.75128 W 109.83736

ASH CREEK SOURCE - Starting under the fence at N 32.79167
W 109.85383
try to find the takein somewhere near N 32.78767
W 109.85468
Tropical Storm Octave may have obliterated any trace
of this obviously used routing.

MINOR WEBSTER - Starting north from N 32.79790 W 109.87270
and following the canal, determine where and why it changes from
historic to prehistoric construct architecture. Follow further north to
try and determine destination. Avoid getting close to private property.

TUGOOD SOUTH - Starting with the canal at N 32.81338 W 109.86993,
trace it south to try and find a takein between Shimgle Mill Canyon and
Merrill Wash, possibly around N 32.79074 W 109.88925. Canal Portions
are under the road, and others may have been obliterated by tropical
storm Octave.

TUGOOD NORTH - Starting with the canal at N 32.79074 W 109.88925,
trace it north to see where it goes. Try to find its field destination.

Avoid any private residences.

FREEMAN MID SECTION - Starting at N 32.78744 W 109.76588,
trace the canal North to where it likely disappears at N 32.78988
W 109.76252
and resumes at N 32.79066 W 109.76163.

ALL LEDFORD & GOAT- Centering on N 32.68640 W 109.74308 ,
survey photograph the extensive hanging canals. An ATV might be
useful, as might a drone.
Many trips will be needed.

MISSING MUD SPRINGS - Find out how the Mud Springs Canal
gets from N 32.83062 W 109.81560 to N 32.83878 W 109.81128.

MID GOLF COURSE - Attempt to prove that the Golf Course Canal
routes from N 32.79832 W 109.78278 to N 32.78187 W 109.78707
Otherwise find an alternate mid routing.

ALLEN DESTINATION - Find out where the Allen Canal goes north of
the slight saddle at N 32.83347 W 109.80302 You might have to start
at the more obvious Cubelara Cut at N 32.83567 W 109.79810.

MUD SPRINGS DESTINATION - Find out where the Mud Springs
Canal goes north of N 32.84797 W 109.81104.

ALLEN MESA FALLOFF- Find out how the Allen Canal gets from
N 32.81187 W 109.81131 to N 32.83398 W 109.79544

NUTTALL WATERSHED CROSSING - Determine if a prehistoric
watershed crossing is physically possible at N 32.77780 W 109.95534
Seek out evidence that it did or did not occur. Latest evidence has
made the need for this crossover somewhat less likely. But it still
needs checked.

HENRY'S EXTENSIONS -- In and around N 32.73702 W 109.74305
need  explored and documented. It is not yet clear whether Henry's
Canal starts at N 32.73709 W 109.74241 or if it has a still unknown
Marijilda feeder.

LAMB TANK CANALS - Rumored canals in this area have yet
to be verified and documented. In and around N 32.82184
W 109.92386

SAND TANK BRANCHES - Explore one or more possible canals in
the area of N 32.83082 W 109.92993 and N 32.83455 W 109.92705.

STOCKTON PASS WASH - Seek out evidence of prehistoric canals,
especially near to N 32.61789 W 109.72822 and N 32.61979 W 109.72836

Note that these only show up on high magnification.

          Please send resultss to don@tinaja.com or (928) 428-4073.