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Abbey's Road : Take the Other (Edward Abbey)
Appalachian Wilderness : The Great... (E.Abbey & E. Porter
The Best of Edward Abbey (Edward Abbey)
Beyond the Wall : Essays from the Outside (Edward Abbey)
Black Sun (Edward Abbey)
The Brave Cowboy : An Old Tale in a New Time (Edward Abbey)
Confessions of a Barbarian : Selections from... (Edward Abbey)
Coyote in the Maze : Tracking Edward Abbey (Peter Quigley)
Desert Solitaire (Edward Abbey)
Down the River (Edward Abbey)
Epitaph for a Desert Anarchist : The Life... (James Bishop)
Fire on the Mountain (Edward Abbey)
The Fool's Progress : An Honest Novel (Edward Abbey)
Good News (Edward Abbey)
Hayduke Lives! : A Novel (Edward Abbey)
The Journey Home : Some Words in Defense... (Edward Abbey)
The Monkey Wrench Gang (Edward Abbey)
One Life at a Time, Please  (Edward Abbey)
The Serpents of Paradise : A Reader (Edward Abbey)
Voice Crying in the Wilderness (Edward Abbey)