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Water  Soluble  Swimsuit  Bargains
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We pride ourselves in being the web's premier source of water soluble
swimsuits. These are designer kits, actually. We provide you with
enough (about fifty yards) raw material to make thirty to fifty swimsuits
in your choice of style and size.

These are unconditionally guaranteed to fully dissolve in warm water.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you got here via GOOGLE, you are viewing
a software demo only! This PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

   Superb water soluble PVA film / bags / material:

pkg 25 for $19.50

Many unique possibilities with these water soluble and biogradable plastic bags. While intended as hospital laundry bags, these 35" x 37" bags can be opened to either 70" x 37" or 35" x 74" sheets.

Material is a mil or two thick, reasonably tough, and reasonably transparent. It is sort of heat sealable and is easily cut with scissors or a paper cutter.

Superb for needle craft projects, similar to commercial dissolvable sheets which sell for $2.50 for a 19 3/4" x 36" sheet, you get 3 1/2 times the material in each bag . They are easily markable with ballpoint, sharpies, pencil, felt tip, rollerball and darker highlighters. They dissolve in warm degree water, taking all markings with it.

Great for quilt layout, cross stitch, embroidery or other embellishment patterns. Besides water soluble swimsuits, other possibilities include compost bags, water alarms (tie a strip around a microswitch), potting soil binder, greenhouse plant wraps, other ag uses, magic tricks, rain detectors, bath salt packaging, etc.

I'm told the polyvinyl alcohol material is also useable as a fiberglass or other mold release.

Unique kid's summer or homeschool science project. For recipes for making polyvilyl alcohol "slime" check out Polyvinly Alcohol Slime Set up for classroom science projects.

MD Industries I-346 heavy duty 39x39 inches. Dissolves in warm water. List price is $208.55 per hundred. Your price is for ONE SEALED PACKAGE OF TWENTY FIVE BAGS. Which translates to over 460 square feet of film.

Approximate shipping weight: 5 pounds.
Available in quantity.

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